Sammy Watkins Arrest:Can you say OVERKILL?

It was announced today that — perhaps the best player for Clemson going into the 2012 season — Sammy Watkins, was arrested for possession of marijuana and Adderall and an Vyvanse. Sound the siren, call the Feds. It looks like Watkins was DWS (a/k/a driving while a college student.)

If you know anyone who went to college in the past dozen years, the only thing more common than weed and Adderall was booze– IF THAT! As a matter of fact, it would be silly to count the former two as any less available than the latter one.

Personally, I think I may have been the ONLY guy in my S.A.E. Fraternity who never smoked weed. In fact, that was a source of embarrassment for me for a spell. Now DON’T think I was nominated for “Choirboy of the Year” or anything. I probably drank enough to FLOAT the Titanic, but enough about me…

The NCAA likes to say “student-athlete,” because it allows colleges to straight-up use athletes for their own gain. If you’re going to use “student-athlete” as a serious phrase, you can’t freak out about every football player associated with “demon weed.” Or Adderall, a widely-used and abused study aid — the old joke on campuses is that it’s easily found from sorority sisters.

So, before you judge Sammy Watkins, realize what he is. A student-athlete. With the “student” part coming first, with all its good and bad qualities. Whether you’re a “Flock-of-Seagulls” 80′s college guy like me or from another collegiate “era”, you surely have some thoughts on this matter.  Please share them with me!



by J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr., who served as the only true independent member of the South Carolina General Assembly from 1990-1998. Currently, he is a general practice attorney in Columbia, S.C., concentrating in probate and estate planning, criminal defense and personal injury law.

With Wes Wolfe. He wrote for 11 newspapers in five states and is the marketing coordinator for ACEC Virginia.

3 thoughts on “Sammy Watkins Arrest:Can you say OVERKILL?

  1. Pat Chisum on said:

    shouldnt student-athletes be held to a higher standard than normal college students?

    (see what I did there?)

  2. Thomas on said:

    Just think of his poor mother. The shame he has brought.
    It’s early enough for him to make it to the summer practices.

    Maybe there’ll be some brownies at the bake sale to pay for his lawyer. *g* Get on the horn and make it all better for him.

  3. Bijan Ghom on said:

    Great article. I agree. There is nothing cops like more than arresting college students(especially in SC).

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