Guilty or Not, Should Casey Anthony be able to make millions off her daughter’s death?

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Sadistic and Soon to be Rich?

In the wake of what America has collectively deemed a horrific trial, chronicling the death of Caylee Anthony; her mother, Casey, may be the one with a happy ending.

A happy ending in the form of hundreds-of-thousands, if not millions of dollars, for her first interview, book deals, and her new-found infamy. After ABC has already shelled out a reported $200,000 for images, videos, and other information about the Anthony family reporters and news networks are now jousting for first interview position and for all the juicy details that most people would never openly admit they really want to hear, but networks know they will tune in to watch. Do you think it’s right for a mother (guilty or innocent) to profit so unabashedly from her daughter’s death?

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37 thoughts on “Guilty or Not, Should Casey Anthony be able to make millions off her daughter’s death?

  1. Ms. Barr on said:

    I personally do not feel it is right for this mother to profit from her daughter’s death, whether she be innocent (which I do NOT believe she is) or guilty. However, the question that should be asked is, why is she being enabled to profit so easily? Or how do interviews, book deals, photographs, videos, etc., focusing on Casey Anthony honor the tragic death of her child Caylee and prevent a potentially equally tragic death of any child in the future? One other important question, why are people going to watch, view and/or read any interviews, photos or books (because you know they will)? But after all, by the thousands, ancient Roman’s watched people fight to their gruesome deaths. In short, I feel it is terribly wrong. But it is also terribly human and very typically American. Profit is good; if there is a market, exploit it. JMHO

  2. Ruthanne on said:

    Personally I would like to have the footage of her personal “accidental drowning,” but as far as her making a ton of money (which she will,) it is “our” own fault. America is based on the supply and demand cycle and if americans weren’t frothing at the mouth waiting to here more about this decade’s OJ, then ABC, NBC, CBS and whoever else would have no reason to report this garbage.
    The same rule applies to our food sources. The reason why every farmer is growing genetically modified, six winged chickens is because me and my obese family can’t put enough of them in our mouths. If we were demanding organic vegetables and grass fed cows they would have to grow what we want or they would go bankrupt.
    The question of whether or not she should make millions off of her daughters death isn’t really the issue. WHY is she able to make millions off of her daughters death? Who in their sick mind wants to listen to anything she has to say?! For me, listening to her story would be like listening to a child molester trying to tell me why molesting children isn’t a crime and why what they are doing is ok.
    I know I am done with this case and will not invest a dime reading or listening to whatever pile of rubbish she wants to vomit into the public. I am obviously not the majority of america.

  3. Terri Mostiller on said:

    Do I think Casey Anthony should profit from her child’s murder? A murder that they could not pen on her because there was too much reasonable doubt? No I don’t. I for one will not watch anything associated with this unless it says they have found new evidence to bring her back to trial. A book deal nor millions of dollars will bring back a precious child that should have been loved unconditionally. There are so many loving couples that have struggled for years to have a child and couldn’t, any one of them would have given Caylee a loving home, she didn’t have to be murdered. It just makes me sick to see a child taken advantage of, abused, mistreated, etc. Children don’t ask to be brought into this world and they can’t defend themselves, responsible adults need to do that. Where were Caylee’s responsible adults?

  4. John on said:

    I am a proud parent of four children ranging from 13 to 30 and at no point in their lives have I ever not known where they were. There have been moments when 30 minutes went by and an explaination was necessary from them regarding their absence from my oversight. I would never think of not knowing where any of my kids were for 30 days nor would I ever think that a parent with even limited parenting skills would do so either. That being said to quote another historic case” there is something far more sinister here” at play otherwise this woman would not have covered up or created the illusion that her child was otherwise absent when she was rotting in a trash bag. A true sociopath has no conscience and kills without remorse. To place this woman in the light of being a celebrity or becoming rich at the loss of her daughter will strike the hearts of all parents that do care and love their children. There is no stopping her from profiting from the death, but at no point has there been any mention of determining how this child died and how her body was dumped to decompose in a trashbag.

    If there would be any level of sanity for anyone the money should be used to find how this child died as was discarded and all the money should be spent to prevent this from occurring in the future. Perhaps the news outlets should make this offer to her and if she shows greed they should walk away. This child needs justice to be served and at this point it has not been rendered.

  5. Amanda on said:

    This is America, and unfortunately out there there is someone willing to pay Casey Anthony for her “story”. There are also those of us that will be waiting with bated breathe to hear her “story,” whether it be because we want to see how well she can continue weaving her web of lies or if she will, knowing that double jeopardy protects her, will fess up and tell the truth for once without having to be pushed to the brink to get it…. Sad to say, I don’t think it is a matter of should she be able to, because in the end she will…. It is a matter of are the rest of us willing to allow her to profit from it.

  6. Barbara W, on said:

    Definitely not. It is a shame and a disgrace what was done to this innocent child and to think to make money off of a death, is not only disgusting but sickening. The jury found her not guilty, so be it, but I still don’t agree with it. She is a proven liar,so why enable her more. Any profits to be made should go into a fund for the children that really need it.. She is no celebrity(SP) , so don’t treat her like one.If it has come to this, then I am ashamed to be called a citizen of the U.S. Where is the justice in all of this?

  7. Ted Newsom on said:

    Of course she should have the right to sell “her story,” and she should have the right to get paid as much as the traffic will bear. Hey, where’s everybody’s support for the “free market”? Heaven knows she’s been practicing telling it and re-writing “her story” long enough.

    If some theiving, soulless publisher or movie company has the bad taste and amoral judgment to pay her for “her story,” and thinks they can make a profit off pedalling the cock’n’bull tale to a paying public, they certainly have the right to do that, too.

    Who knows? Since she can’t be tried twice for the same crime, maybe she’ll actually tell the truth with some dough on the table.

    Whether the public wants to support these enterprises or not is another matter. Remember, a jury did find her “not guilty,” at least by the material presented in court. It’s not as if an accused defendant is forbidden to profit on a “crime” for which they were not convicted.

    The nice thing is, everything in the trial and the media is public domain, which pretty much assures that is if there IS an “official Casey Anthony story,” there will also be several unofficial ones. The same thing happened with that “Long Island Lolita” case: multiple books, multiple, competing TV movies.

    People WILL profit from all this (including the death of a toddler). They already HAVE. The tabloids and that idiotic Nancy Grace show have sold a boatload of newspapers and/or had millions watch their shows (ergo, they earned millions in advertising revenue). Ours is a cometitive society. If the little party girl wants to jump into the pool (so to speak), that’s her right.

  8. Ted Newsom on said:

    “competitive”, of course.

  9. Christopher Burns on said:

    I think that it is sad that Casey Anthony got off so easily when common sense says she shouldn’t and to hear about a huge payoff for her as well is just sadistic! I believe in Caylee’s law insomuch that if a guardian, parent, caregiver, etc. doesn’t report a child missing within the first 4 hrs. and the child ends up dead then yes, I believe that a prison sentence should be dealt out! If a mother or other willingly hides a death and is found out later then yes, I believe a prison sentence should be dealt out! I understand that sometimes parents, etc. allow their children to play with friends and goes certain places like clockwork day after day as well as I am aware that children lie at times about where they are or simply run off for one reason or another, but this law should be carefully constructed taking into account the minds of children and the ordeal of everyday parents and should involve the age of the child as well, for Caylee there was no excuse and even one day is too long for her, let alone 31 minutes!! I support a well constructed Caylee’s Law please put one on the ballot or order it so, soon!!!

  10. Coop on said:

    She will receive her justice at some point in the future. God knows the truth and He always takes care of these things

  11. Kim Watson on said:

    Sure….let her make money, it will keep her off of welfare and she can pay taxes.
    I can’t believe she hasn’t already cut off that long hair to auction it off on Craigslist.

  12. Jason Pruitt on said:

    I am appalled that Casey Anthony will soon be become very wealthy selling the story of this tragedy. I do in fact believe she is at fault either by intentional malice or by careless neglect she in some way had is to blame for her daughters death.Not only will she become wealthy from this story but the producers who are willing to give her these sums of money to get the rights to her story. It’s sad to think that the fastest way to become known in America now is to do something horrendous. I think there should be a further widening of the Son of Sam laws that would set aside a large sum of any profits made from such a tragedy to be given to charities and foundations trying to prevent such evils.

  13. Buford Pusser on said:

    make money make money make money, yo!….yes, get your rich on Casey!…It’s America and just like she can make money from the death of her child, imma gonna make money on her making money on the death of her child.

    beleee dat!

  14. Cooter Brown on said:

    Does wee realie wanna dern law t’ tell folks dat dey caint write buks cause dey was charged wit a crime?

    Iz it tackie an’ unladie-like, why sho it iz! Poor taste? Yep.

    Legal, sho iz an we dont need t’ bee messin wit hoo can rite whut an when!

    ‘Sides, sheeze only gonna git rich because of da moral depravitie ov da amerikan peoples. Supplie an’ deman, folks. Dont like it, dont buy da dam buk!

    Mayhap, if’n sheeze ignored, she will go away….


  15. Buford Pusser on said:

    Can’t wait for the sex tape…that’s where the money be

  16. Providence Manning on said:

    If we say it’s wrong that she profit from her child’s death, aren’t we really saying that we think she’s guilty? The fact that we’re all bothering to comment shows that there’s story interest. Where’s there’s story interest, there’s media profit potential. It’s that simple. Of course it’s wrong. But we all want to know what she’ll say so we can rely on our own personal verdict of innocense or guilt. It’s all quite sick.

  17. carolyn on said:

    I would hope that the talk shows, as well as the public, would refuse to give her the necessary publicity and audience required to make any publications, interviews etc, of hers profitable. I assure I will not watch or purchase, but the general public will. What a terrible precident to set.

  18. Mike on said:

    Many say that she should not make money on her daughters death. Yet, many Americans are willing to spend money to see a movie or buy the book if one is published. The question I would ask should the media make profit from this crime.

  19. Thomas on said:

    I think most, self included, feel this awful woamn is guilty of something far more than lying. We just can’t be certain to what degree. Unfortunately, the prosecutor probably over-tried this given the circumstantial nature of the case. When I heard the jury foreman on Greta’s show he made very compelling reasons why they didn’t go first degree. I’d have been the one in the room holding out for manslaughter.

    The State of Florida ought to be a judgment out on her to recoup the expense of any legal fees if she signs a book deal or any other deal that could bring her profit.

    It’s a shame she couldn’t have spent some time in general population to get a fuller sense of what jail is like. Ultimately the final judgment will come from the good Lord. I realize I have some fill in the blank questions to answer for Him. This woman has essay questions awaiting her.

  20. Thomas on said:

    Profit from it? No. No. What kind of pathetic people want to hear this awful woman’s pack of lies. I feel sorrow for those that do.

    If she makes enough to turn into a partyhound, perhaps it will be her own undoing. Just a thought.

    I do try to be a bit optimistic on occasion.

  21. Danna Rohleder on said:

    NO NO NO NO! Now, I let me tell you how I really feel. HELLo NO!

  22. Kim on said:

    I think she accidentally killed that baby through her neglect. I don’t believe anyone should be able to benefit from a tragedy regardless if they were involved or not.

  23. Casey Estridge on said:

    C.A. has been found innocent by a jury of her peers. After being riveted by the OJ trial and then so let down by his acquittal, I decided to stay far away from this case. I have no idea what the evidence was or wasn’t. It is not RIGHT that she will profit from this but it is LEGAL. Unfortunately, this is how this crazy country has turned out. All I can say is that I am not her judge…a much higher power is and that is who she will have to stand in front of one day. I will not directly pay to watch, listen, look at anything that will directly benefit C.A.

    I hope she and OJ get together soon so they can collaborate on how to find the real killers.

  24. Bilenda on said:

    Casey Anthony is appealing her convictions for lying and she states she is indigent so that she will not have to pay for the investigation that was a wild goose chase because of her lies.
    The State of Florida should hope she gets that big money soon so she can pay them back.

    The “Son of Sam ” laws to keep people profiting from their crimes have been pretty much washed out and they never applied to those found not guilty.

    Far worse than making money off this situation is the statement has been attributed to her saying she cannot wait to have another child.

    There was a death sentence in this case- the victim served it whether by accident or calculation. If she makes money that may be disgusting but it is a reality of the free enterprise system and will even serve to pay some court costs. If she has another child that will be the real crime.

  25. Pat Chisum on said:

    Honestly, I don’t feel bad about Ms. Anthony profiting off of this story after Nancy Grace and the rest of the news media made so much from their coverage. I hope that Ms. Anthony fade away into obscurity or bolivian(for the Tyson fans) and she lives as much of a normal life as possible. If she makes some money off of the story it will only be a fraction of the money already made off of little Caylee’s death.

  26. Dr. Sturran on said:

    Well only in America does all the media seekers of doom and gloom come out of the wood works to profit from things of this nature. I myself never followed the trail as I never followed the trail of OJ. Whether she is innocent or guilty, I find it whacked to make a profit from such a case. The unfortunate thing that will come from all this ….is if she is in fact guilty but was proven innocent, she will be able to commit this crime again without conviction. (double jeopardy).I really think the Media creates more problem’s in our society by promoting criminal activity for profit. Who is sicker the Media for promoting her story or Casey for accepting a financial deal for profit ? It remains to be seen.
    The the irony of all this ,if she takes the offer from this Hollywood movie company, will the State of Florida , make her pay restitution for all the 100′s of thousands of wasted money filming this case. I personally hope that they then all that time she invests to make this movie she will still end up a Vagrant jus as she is today getting out of jail. jus sayinn

  27. Mary Brandes on said:

    Well, this is just my opinion: in our country you are innocent until proven guilty. PERIOD. What we feel does not matter, it’s about the facts. I have many “girl” friends who were so adamant about her guilt I started watching the trial. Had to say there was an enormous amount of reasonable doubt. If those prosecuting has offered up other options besides murder or nothing, it would have ended differently. They didn’t and that is that!! Should she make money on it, no. Can she, YEP!!!

  28. Bob on said:

    Of course, Casey Anthony should be “free” to make money off the murder of her child. After all, our laws do not allow infringement on a person’s right to “free enterprise.” It’s that right that ONCE made the U.S. the most powerful nation in the world. HOWEVER, while Casey Anthony is “free” to market the story of her “exploits,” Americans are also “free” to NOT purchase her book, watch her interviews, etc. Casey can’t make millions….if people don’t buy her junk! Unfortunately, the morality of our society has declined to the point that the majority of Americans are nothing but television “voyeurs” watching one reality show after another (someone PLEASE tell me why “Kate plus eight” STILL pollutes the airwaves and even worse….WHY are the “Kardashians” on the air…or rather…WHO are the Kardashians??!!!). I have no doubt that Casey will make several million dollars from the sale of her claims of her innocence, the story about the fantasy abduction, possibly the allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of her father and brother. I also believe her parents will end up following suit, wanting to a piece of that “cash cow” for themselves. IF that happens, the only one to blame are the Americans who bought it. Anyway, I have no doubt that Casey is incapable of using that money for anything other than her wanton pleasures. Within five years tops, expect to see her panhandling on the streets of Florida because she blew those millions on fancy cars, clothes, jewelry, and lots of drugs and alcohol! I wouldn’t put it past her to have another child so she can repeat the whole thing and write a second book, after she gets free of the second murder charge. Let us hope and pray she does NOT decide to move to SC and force us to pay the costs of a second trial! No matter where she goes, she’s going to cost the taxpayers BIG bucks!!!

  29. Vinny on said:

    While this entire case has been draining to hear about, the fact that Casey Anthony stands to make “Millions” is a non-factor. She’s unemployable! The jury decided that she is Not Guilty. I didn’t follow the specifics of the case, but what I know for sure is that Casey will be haunted for the rest of her life (assuming she is responsible). Even when the coverage subsides, her conscience will remind her daily about what she “could” and “did not” do. I think the longer this discussion is held, the longer the healing will be delayed. Think about the family; what if these were your family members? My hope is that this family receives closure (or some kind of peace) so that Caylee is celebrated for her short life instead of remembered for her very tragic death.

  30. Chris M on said:

    Hell no she shouldn’t make any money off of her daughter’s death. What kind of parent would want that? Me being a parent of three would rather have my kids then all the money in the world, she on the other hand would probably want the money so she can go out and party and get a million more tattoos. Her dad said she wasn’t allowed at home now. I wouldn’t allow my child at home either after the Child Molestation accusation or along with Baez’s comment about George Anthony’s penis in her mouth. She is definitely going to need money so she can go into hiding so someone doesn’t find her and put a cap in her ass. I can guarantee someone out there is itching to do it. She probably won’t get hired by anyone but then again she has a lot of fans so someone might hire her just for the publicity

  31. Anita on said:

    We are reaping the fruits of our justice system and overly ambitious prosecutors. Ms Casey was deemed Not Guilty by a jury of her peers. Therefore, she is entitled to benefit from any story/movie/etc detailing the events surrounding her child’s death and her trail. Too bad the prosecutor failed to provide adequate proof of murder or motivation! But not guilty, is Not Guilty — weather or not we like it! We can always choose not to watch/read anything she might collaborate on in the future!

  32. Garry on said:

    To profit from her daughters death reveals the sick personality that she has. While most would shun such attention, and prefer to be among friends & family in mourning she heads for the spotlight looking for attention.

  33. Gregg on said:

    All she gets is 15 minutes and it already feels like 14 to me. She better hurry . . . tick . . tick . . tick

  34. Buford Pusser on said:

    i wanna see her rack!

  35. Jeff Jordan on said:

    I skipped through the comments so as not to bias my comments. Cutting through to the chase….. if you are continuing to follow the woman, you are contributing to her 15 minutes. Should she profit, HELL yeah… it’s the fools that buy the product that should be shamed.

  36. Phillip Moore on said:

    I have to hope that fate and karma will catch up with her, as it did with O.J. Simpson. She doesn’t deserve to benefit from her daughter’s death in any way. I’m certain that her infamy will be fleeting, and any profits she may receive will be short-lived. God has a way of taking care of people like her in the strangest ways. Al Capone went to prison for tax evasion. O.J. went to prison for stealing his own shirts!