Should Stephen Garcia be Kicked off Gamecocks Football Team?

Wednesday the NCAA’s Rick Sheridan announced that they may have found the third party go-between responsible for allegedly paying Cam Newton to play football for The University of Auburn. Thursday Auburn head coach Gene Chizik was assaulted with questions at SEC Media Days

about the still-ongoing investigation, which would be any coach’s worst nightmare.  The legal ramifications for Auburn could be endless if the NCAA is competent enough to connect-the-dots. Auburn could stand to lose their 2010 National Championship Title, their SEC title, and Newton’s Heisman trophy, which collectively could set back Auburn’s recruiting program for years.

All this begs the question…

Could the Gamecocks be next on the growing list of college football scandals? After a slew of drunk’n misadventures from The University of South Carolina’s “newly reformed” quarterback Stephen Garcia, Gamecock head coach Stephen Spurrier must have some anxiety about the future well-being of his players.  This fall Spurrier will be debuting the #1 recruit in the nation, Jadaveon Clowney, and Gamecock fans can’t wait to see Marcus Lattimore take the field for another season. Could all this be for naught if the Gamecocks get wrapped up in the next newsworthy scandal?

Some people view Cam Newton and Stephen Garcia as having fundamentally different problems, while others believe they stem from the same tree of collegiate-sports-corruptness. Is Garcia capable of throwing the Gamecocks into the middle of an Auburn-sized scandal? What are your thoughts?

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25 thoughts on “Should Stephen Garcia be Kicked off Gamecocks Football Team?

  1. Blake on said:

    To try to compare a pay to play scheme of 200,000 to stephen garcia idiotic actions is apples and oranges. A college kid making bad decisions….a preacher pimping his son to the highest bidder…..yeah there the same…….NOT

  2. Jon on said:

    This so over the top. This article is as stupid as Garcia’s stupidity. Seriously. Wow.

  3. Garry on said:

    Garcia has done some stupid things in the past and needs to step as a leader this year, however, as far as I know he has not done anything to the level of pay for play like Newton.

  4. Gamecocks1 on said:

    If yall dont see the similarities, then this is clearly a race

  5. Gamecocks1 on said:

    If yall dont see the similarities, then this is clearly a race ISSUE..sorry

  6. Mike on said:

    I think Gracia will just bring disgrace to himself.

  7. John on said:

    Garcia started out making bad decisions and has continued to do so. He is not a true team player, otherwise he would have thought first of the negative attention it would bring the program and those that do play by the rules. Newton never stayed anywhere long enough to fail or to have anyone in the football league figure out his weaknesses and move him down a few notches. I suspect he will fail in the NFL after he gets his bell rung by Clay Mathews and others that have no respect for cheaters.

    Clowney is another story and this guy has trouble written all over him. The way he handled his recruitment to USC was similar to “the decision” brought to you by the self professed king Lebron James. Attitude galore and sure thinks he deserves to be handed a few bucks under the table or his momma getting a new car from some booster. He would have been more at home at Ohio State where they seem to breed this kind of stupid in their football system. Clowney may be a player, but he won’t be there after his second year, because he will deserve the “good life” in his eyes and he will be too good for USC. Maybe they should have a stipend for players and that may prevent some problems.

    One thought that came to mind ( and could be an excellent opportunity for discussion ) was the repayment of scholarship money, training and space that these bozo jocks take up. Perhaps when they commit to a school they should have them sign contracts that they will be there for 4 years and graduate. If they fail to graduate or go off to the NFL early they should have to pay back the university, it would make them think twice about their choices or refund a program that gave them fame they would not otherwise have and give the university the opportunity to rebuild from many areas.

  8. Ted Newsom on said:

    Feh. The world of football– professional ans so-called amateur– has always been filled with payoffs, sliding morality and a combination of “team players” and miscreants. Back when the game started, the line between alledgedly amateur and professional was already blurred. “Amateur” athletes — bruisers from the local gym– would make up the “amateur” team, and play another set of “amateurs.” Each would get no pay– gosh, that would make them professional, and we mustn’t have that!– but would be awarded a gold watch. Which, of course, they’d take down to the hock shop and get their twenty bucks.

    The involvement of Jim Thorpe in supposedly “professional” ball playing and the subsequent reclaiming of his rightly-earned Olympic medals (because he wasn’t considered an “amateur”) is another example of the sliding scale of morality.

    Subsidizing “amateur” athletes to skate through college without cracking a book or attending a class is an old story. Party all you want, guy, but go out there and win one for the Gipper– ’cause I got $10,000 down on the team and the odds are 5-to-one.

  9. Pat Chisum on said:

    I feel like Garcia is small potatoes compared to other more notable scandels. Although he has committed petty crimes and has been loud and disruptive at team functions, it is nothing compared to paying players(auburn), giving players free tattoos or cars(OSU), allowing them to sell their jerseys(OSU), and players assaulting their girlfriends(every college football program ever). WIth that said, Carolina’s year is depending on Garcia getting his poop in a group and playing like he did in the Alabama game.

    Sidebar: Did anyone else see/hear what Southern Cal’s Marc Tyler said? When asked why USC has so many running backs, he replied: “We all win our Heisman’s… we all gonna ball, and we all get in Kim Kardashian.” When asked which pays more , the NFL or USC, he replied: “USC, they breakin’ bread!” He also stated that U.S.C. stands for “University of Sexual Ballers,” which has to be true if everyone is gettin’ in Kardashian.

    Is it me or did this guy become my favorite college football player for 2011?

  10. Terri Mostiller on said:

    I feel like ALL colleges need to start making examples of these young football stars. If they get arrested or do something against the law, dismiss them from the team. If they get themselves together or are cleared of the infraction, then and only then reinstate them to the team. What kind of example are they setting for other kids coming up. These players know if they get into trouble that nothing will be done, there are no consequences for their actions. So we lose a few games or the season. It’s all about accountability

  11. Bigfoot USC fan on said:

    Garcia is nothing compared to Newton. Newton is/was an elite athlete worth 100K…Garcia might be able to drink 100K worth of beer. Garcia off field problems are all his fault…..Newton’s problems are the university’s.

    Look into this: Mark Ingram was involved in a car wreck in Alabama last night/early this morning. I have a good friend who works in law enforcement in Huntsville and was on scene. His 2008 Infiniti he was driving(that he had during college) is still showing the owners as a local Nissan Dealership. Shady stuff right there. Google the news article….its already been covered up.

    Bottom line is college football is shady. Kids get paid and everyone knows it. Social Media is going to be the downfall of collegiate football.

    LSU is going to lose the last 2 years for players living in paid places, Alabama is going to get in trouble for getting free stuff from some men’s clothing store….list goes on.

  12. Kim Watson on said:

    There are a lot of good kids out there that would love to be in his position and would be a better team player so lets give someone else his job and Garcia can sit the bench.
    Or what ever little punishment that Spurraria hands out to him as long as he dosnt affect the
    rest of the team.

  13. Mary Ann Lykins on said:

    I am not a Garcia fan, mainly because of all the interceptions he throws. In addition, he has not exhibited Gamecock qualities. My dad, rest his soul, the biggest Gamecock fan ever, would not be pleased. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, Cocks.

  14. Buford Pusser on said:

    i think folks are missing the point…south carolina has repeatedly issued garcia warning after warning, yet they still allow him to play the most important position in the most important conference…mind you, the SEC has shown it’s willingness to play athletes regardless of circumstance just to win games…even if you believe it’s apples/oranges as far as situations, it’s apples/apples as far as scandal…the headlines this guy has created have done nothing but bring about bad press, even to the point of having him banned from the media during certain times of the year when athletes typically comment on the upcoming season…the ball coach chose to ban garcia, this time, from workouts and team activities until “stephen figures out what’s best for stephen”

    now that is the third time i have heard this come from this coach…this coach, who is a hall of famer, an offensive genius, a guy i would take any day to gameplan one game to win it all…a guy who never felt he had to mince words, protect players, and certainly make excuses about stat lines.

    bringing this together is far more difficult…it might be tough for some to digest, but here goes…cam newton, auburn, the machine of traditionally good football went through and is in the middle of a shit storm with the ncaa…they have people on site, they live big time football, they can survive questions during a year when you have an athlete leading a team through weeks of sec football…not to mention, this was the best college football player in the country in 2010…they could and did weather a storm because they are equipped to do so….south carolina is not built this way…if garcia has poor outings vs top level teams, the gamecocks lose, period…gamecock fans can crow all they want about lattimore and alshon on offense, but if garcia isn’t focused, they aren’t being the all-sec performers they should be…if garcia is not focused it sits at the table of spurrier and his decision to keep him eligible…behind garcia is a guy who couldn’t stay in a game after a hit.

    the problems exists, do you trust garcia and his ability to be there every week beginning now?…if not, it will be spurrier keeping a player who most likely wouldn’t be on a fb team close to winning a title…i know spurrier didn’t put up with this at florida, is he that desperate now?

    • Bill Rabon on said:

      I really don’t understand the Auburn can survive scandle, but USC can’t win without Garcia having a good game comparison. Are you saying that Auburn would have had the success they had last year without Cam Newton playing the way he did? Auburn is built to withstand scandle?
      The truth about Garcias trnsgressions is out there for everyone to see. Eventually, we will ,I hope, find out the truth about Cam Newton and Auburns alleged transgressions. As far as Garcia is concerned, I don’t know the kid personally. He has obviously made some very bad choices, and seams to be really unlucky in getting caught when he does so. I’m just glad that all the things I did in college aren’t public knowlege. In my opinion, the most troubling thing Garcia did was to get mad and vandalize someones car over a parking space. That could signal anger issues that could be self destructive.

      • Kim Watson on said:

        Vandalizing someones car is what I first think of when I here that boys name…
        who does that…

  15. Mary Brandes on said:

    I come from a family that is “a house divided” and Garcia does not help me defend my side any. In fact, he gives fuel to the Orange Side to use against me, a Gamecock with garnet and black blood!! I personally cannot believe he was given chance #5, but I guess Spurrier sees something we don’t. Stephen would not have been missed if he had not been reinstated as there are plenty of good players (Marcus Lattimore, Alshon Jeffery, Stephon Gilmore and Conner Shaw) who are going to be known for their abilities on the field and not for their extra curricular (sometimes illegal) activities!! So on that note, Please Stephen, stay out of trouble so you are not compared to Cam Newton. At the moment there is a big difference between the two in that Cam’s issues are going to ruin his team, Garcia’s issues are just going to ruin him as he sits his behind on the bench or get booted for the (what should be) last time.

  16. Mary Brandes on said:

    To answer the original question, “Is Garcia capable of throwing the Gamecocks into the middle of an Auburn-sized scandal?” No, because whereas Garcia’s actions have been an embarrassment to him and the Gamecocks, there is a big difference in …”allegedly paying Cam Newton to play football for The University of Auburn.” and ” the drunk’n misadventures of Stephen Garcia.”

  17. mariann harsey on said:

    no i dont see a scadal but who nos bout these guys and the decissions they make look what they let garcia come back and come back again and again heck i might even had tried that if they kept giving me chances also, who wouldn’t should have been gone 3 strikes ago has no respect for his team mates nor the university of south carolina

  18. James Hartman on said:

    Yes. This can happen to any of the football factory schools- – - -and it should happen! Many of us are disgusted with the pampered “college athletes” who can’t spell their own names no less put together a meaningful sentence despite their college “education”. It is time for colleges to begin to understand their function and responsibility. Kick the hubris out of the professional athletes posing as college men.

  19. Dr. Sturran on said:

    I have never been much of a Gamecock fan, I am a native of Columbia, went to USC and earned a degree, however I see the Gamecock program as a whole a total waste of money. Hundreds of thousand’s of dollars are poured into this constant loosing team. If they aren’t loosing there is some scandal going on amongst the player’s. If the Million dollar man Sprurrier could get some professional minded players as Ray Tanner has, with the discipline on and off the field, then the Gamecocks would be something to rave about. So for me,I am not a good candidate to give a Rat’s Ass about what I think regarding Garcia and what he does or doesn’t do. However if he doesn’t shape up send his happy ass on his way. Next……………….. jus sayinn

  20. Casey Estridge on said:

    Garcia is a modern Joe Montana or Steve Tanneyhill…the aforementioned pigskin hurlers didn’t have to deal with sensationalized media, cell phones with video or cameras, instant media which comes with instant info when a drunken college student farts in the wrong direction. Do I think Garcia is a mental midget and a poor team leader, yes…is he a detriment to society, not hardly. There’s no doubt in my mind that Newton was auctioned to the highest bidder by his own father; if they do not get caught, great for them. I think it’s wrong and despicable but it is not related to Garcia and his tricks. I sure am glad that I finished college in 1990 as I’m sure in this day and age I would have embarassed myself at some point by being snagged by the instant media.

  21. Francis on said:

    Could Garcia embarrass the University on epic proportions? Yes, he’s done it at least 5 times, three of them occurring off the field. In order for Garcia to “throw the Gamecocks into the middle of an Auburn-sized scandal” the University or well-funded booster would’ve had to have paid or attempted to pay for his “skills”. If THAT happened, I don’t know which would be more embarrassing, that they paid for an athlete or they paid for Garcia.
    Now, could Garcia throw USC into the middle of an Ohio State-sized scandal? You bet your spurs, he could.

  22. Cooter Brown on said:

    Caint polish a turd, Mista Bubba.

  23. Bob on said:

    To echo another’s remarks, the comparison is truly “apples and oranges” you compare what “Cam Newton, Inc” did to market him and what Steven Garcia did to himself (one screwball antic after another).

    Regardless, college football IS big business! Anyone who doesn’t believe that is fooling themselves. It matters not that the team win the national title. With all the donations that come from the big “boosters” that support their alma mater’s team (especially for football), all the revenue generated for the tourism industry in each city (think of the restaurants, the hotels, the parking lots, that get filled EVERY home game), the football program is important to every college and university in the country. Now, I’m an academic. Never did college sports. So, sure, for the longest time, I wondered why so much “hype” was placed on the football team by each university. Until it was explained to me how much revenue the team generates (indirectly), I too thought emphasis on team sports vs. academics was misdirected. So, it is understandable why coaches may have to give second, third, even fifth “chances” to come back from their errant ways and play.

    As for the Cam Newtons who want to cash in on their talent…..while it may be somewhat “unethical,” I can’t say I blame them for trying. These guys go out on the field each Saturday, hoping to play well, and win games. How many have aspirations for the pros? How many get career ending injuries or else get injured go on rehab hoping they MAY get back to their former conditioning? How many of them are never the same player after the injury? I can’t blame any of them for financially looking out for themselves. I will say that it would be better to go for the NFL draft than to try to extort money out of a university. Actually, I think Spurrier is right about wanting to pay a player for playing. When I think of all the millions that the team generates and the very, VERY little they get in return, it does make sense. Oh…for those who think I’m wrong, explain how a university can pay their football coaches MILLIONS in salary but can so easy cry poverty when they cut other programs. What the university pays in salary to a winning coach reaps them major financial gains in return.

    Oh to Gamecock 1 who says the difference in the way Newton and Garcia were treated is a “race issue…” Get SERIOUS! You must be trippin’ on acid to make that claim.