Just How “Mad” Is this Tea Party Anyway?

The time was December of 1773. The City: Boston Massachusetts. A formerly SILENT majority was done with being quiet. Pump up the volume, Pump up the volume, Pump up the volume: DANCE DANCE! The name of the dance, of course, was “The Tea Party”. And the rest would be History.

How righteous is a Revolution based on taxation without representation? Seriously? Who can argue against that? Talk about being on “God’s Side” of an Issue! So, in 2009, when a political activist group formed by the same name, with the same “revolutionary undertones”, it definitely rang our Liberty Bells.

The menu: THE PEOPLE taking control of their own runaway government.THE PEOPLE fed up with taxes. THE PEOPLE sick and tired of a near-bankrupt Nation continuing to hemorrhage public money at unprecedented levels. Sounds tasty, huh? What can now be only described as an historical political phenomenon, The Tea Party was off and running. And it’s still galloping at a pretty fast clip.

But has it turned out that CRAZYHORSE was the Philly let out of the gate back in 2009?

No New Taxes, Less Government, Drastic Cuts in Spending, Individual Freedoms & Strict Constitutional Construction are all noble and enticing causes held by The Tea Party, but just how, exactly, do we provide the core services of Government to its people if the funds are just. not. there.? Assuming, arguendo, that a stampede of wasteful government ponies desperately needs to be corralled, real taxpaying people still provide services, and real taxpaying people must be paid for their work. Does America still bear the responsibility to its Citizens to provide a climate for each of them to pursue happiness and to protect them from collapsing bridges, faltering schools, and dwindling social security coffers?

To say that our dark, demonic domestic woes are all “fixable” by Christine O’Donnell casting a spending cut “spell” or Barney Frank sprinkling debt-reducing fairy dust over them would be a non-sequitur of the highest order.

Alas, let’s lasso this conversation back to The Tea Party. Objectively speaking, the Freshmen Tea Party victors changed the composition of the U.S Congress, elected a Governor in South Carolina, and are still – at least SUBjectively—kicking ass and taking names. And South Cackalacky still proves to serve as her bailiwick.

U.S. Senator Jim DeMint is the undisputed show horse of the Tea Party. To wit: He even threatened to withdraw from the Republicans and form a third party if the GOP didn’t buck up and pull up its socks! And then there was Lindsay. Positioned as South Carolina’s  next “Strom Thurmond”, Senator Graham was everywhere: You’d be hard-pressed to flip on a Sunday Morning News Program and not see S.C.’s Lindsay Graham, saddled and harnessed, usually plowing a moderate, middle ground.

Nowadays, especially over the past year, Lindsay Graham has been chomping at the bit trying to patch things up with the Tea Party, who has made no secret of the contempt they hold for him. What are Graham’s re-election chances at this juncture? Pony-up and place your bets, but the Tea party is far from forgiving at Senator Graham the moment. In fact, if he breaks his leg before 2014 and sees Michelle Bachmann with a shotgun, Brother Graham better hop his ass outta the way. And quick!

There’s no doubt that our Nation is going through a rough patch not seen in over a generation. In 2008, we wanted to switch gears and we did. In 2010, change had not come soon enough and America witnessed another shift at the Polls. It doesn’t take rocket science to discern that our country is at a critical and volatile crossroad. Why, just this past weekend, Rep. Maxine Waters had a “Joe Wilson Moment”, further illustrating our Nation’s stressful problems. [Editor's note: I sure hope that "Tourette's Syndrome" is covered under their health insurance!]

Does the Tea Party offer the solutions we need to move onward and upward? What do you think?

J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr. is a General Practice Attorney in Columbia, South Carolina, concentrating in Probate & Estate Planning, Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Law.
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28 thoughts on “Just How “Mad” Is this Tea Party Anyway?

  1. Amanda on said:

    I think I would rather just stick with my good ole Luzianne ice brewed sweet tea…. jfs ;)

  2. John on said:

    The tea party was formed because our government representatives have stop listening, pass regulations that are not needed and a burden to business in our country. America, from the early beginning became great because of our capacity to build things, manufacture things and be a good steward to other countries.We have removed ourselves from this standard by smothering those that make these things happen and have rendered our country impotent in competing globally through over regulation and increased taxation. We are in a similar area to those in our infant years of our country where we are taxed, burdened, smothered and certainly not represented by those we elect. I have grave concerns for my children and what legacy we leave them. I have grave concerns just as those that dumped the tea as a symbol of refusal to be continually ignored. But the concern we all must have is when and where the first shot will be fired, which in our current climate will lead to violent division in our country and potential civil war. We as citizens of our country need to continue replace those that are deaf to the advancement of our nation and remove our path to a society of followers.

    As far as Lindsay “as the wind in the willows blow” Graham, he has lost touch with us all long ago and should take his impotent actions into retirement with the rest of them.

  3. Mary on said:

    So, if we don’t like our government representatives present ideas/agenda/ etc. we can just make a new “party”? The “Tea Party” will still have to have some money to make it all happen. How about a good old fashioned AMERICAN PARTY!! And yes, America IS responsible for making sure it’s citizens have the ability to pursue happiness and be protected from bad bridges, bad roads, failing schools and lets don’t even go there about the dwindling social security!! My folks had 6 children who can help them if something happens with Social Security. I had one! Is she gonna have to take care of me and her dad when we are old and there is no social security? She already is talking about partitioning her land for setup of two campers, one for me and one for her dad!! And she is serious. Some pursuit of happiness, I’m gonna end up in a camper at the back of my child’s land!! I am afraid this is going to get worse before it gets better. I think I ‘ll go with Amanda and have me a nice glass of ICED TEA!!!

  4. Wonderwoman on said:

    They all seem to be self-serving and it’s time to clean house (not just House, Senate, too). They forgot who they were elected to represent decades ago – it’s the American citizens, ya’ll! No one should be in Washington long enough to gain the power some of these folks have – we need term limits. We need to take care of American citizens and put God back into the way government is run, and stop pandering to others, afraid of stepping on unpolitical toes. Fix SS, Medicare, healthcare – no American should be without adequate housing, healthcare, food – stop sending our jobs overseas and accepting poor quality merchandise in return. Send illegals back “home.” If they love our country, let them enter legally, learn & speak the language, get jobs, become citizens, pledge allegiance to this country, honor our flag, pay taxes – then and only then enjoy the benefits our forefathers meant for American citizens – we welcome them under those circumstances! Bring our troops home and give them the support they need to have healthy, productive lives. Stop sending billions of US dollars earned by the sweat of American citizens overseas before taking care of American citizens!

  5. Danna Rohleder on said:

    I vote for some new parties. Who want to drink Tea all day? There is a new Beer Party out, but I prefer the Wine party or perhaps we should just start with The COCKTAILS PARTY. People seem to be more reasonable and willing to compromise when not so stressed because they have had a mild amount of alcoholic libation. So for those of you entrenched in the Tea Party, let me suggest a FIREFLY Tea Party. You will find that problems are more easily solved when you actually work WITH someone who has opposing ideas to yours instead of trying to stay so far right that you are wrong. (Same goes for the far left Dems. They are so far left that they have LEFT the room of common sense. How many of you out there want a new party? Please respond to Bubba’s posting.

    And what great timing: The Cocktails Party would also already have a mascot. Who needs elephants and donkeys when we have a Gamecock. Go COCKTAiLS! The season is nearly upon us.

  6. Larry Reid on said:

    I’m not sure that the Tea Party has all the answers either. Maybe some forum will bring the far left, far right and the far middle together for real, workable solutions for this ailing country. That said, I’m like Martin Luther King. I have a dream, but I know it’s only a dream, “where one day, this nation will stop sending it’s taxpayer’s hard-earned money overseas to despots in third-world backwaters, where our own citizens can cross a bridge without plummeting to the river below, where it’s older citizens can actually afford a meal and housing, and our education system is once again the envy of the world”. Wake up Larry, there’s another lobbyist at the door.

  7. Garry on said:

    Good post, Bubba! I am glad to see the debate continuing and we can all thank the Tea Party for that. What ever you may have thought of Mark Sanford that is one thing he did also, get people talking about big issues. The Tea Party has done the same. I think that is a good thing.

    Lastly, do not think that the Tea Party is just a fringe group that has no organization and will fizzle out. Trust me. The party is organized and growing. I think the Tea Party is poised to make a impact on the 2012 elections.

  8. Worker Bee on said:

    I want to join Danna’s party….the COCKTAIL PARTY–sounds great–sign me up!!

  9. Pat Chisum on said:

    I wish, we lived in a time when a 3rd party could be formed and it to be successful. However, thanks to Karl Rove and other Lee Atwater types, we are living in a society that is so polarized that even the thought of splitting one of the two sides would mean victory for the other side for years. I left the republican part years ago, not because of I didn’t believe in its core principals but because it was tainted by Jesus. I could not mesh the need for smaller government and less interference in day to day life with the GOP’s stance on abortion and homosexuals.

    Back when I was working on some presidential campaigns, I was able to meet Ron Paul. I liked him and I thought he had some good ideas. However, then I met his supporters. They seemed like they had just crawled out of their parents basement to travel the world to support this man. I feel the same way with the Tea Party. They seem to be the kind of people who that have such a warped sense of reality that it is hard for me to stand with them. One thing I find amazing is that the Tea Party wants to be like our founders but most do not understand what is in the constitution. The most telling is that they demonize lawyers epically trial lawyers. I wish they would look at the bio of Thomas Jefferson, and a majority of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

    I guess at the end of the day, I see the Tea Party as they are. A bunch of scared/angry white folks that fear the fact that they are no longer the majority. I feel like their fear is justified, considering how they acted as the majority….

  10. Bilenda on said:

    Everyone who has comnmented so far has said some very true and important things. This is a complpicated isue. Lindsey Graham is the poster boy for the problem of elected representatives deciding they know better than those who put them in office. All elected officials have this to some degree at some time or another but the U.S. Senate members appear to have it worse than anyone ever in history, and they have for quite sometime.

    I think we know where that woman got the plastic testicles she had hanging on the back of her truck ( see one of Bubba’s previous posts) they belong to Lindsey.

    What ever the name of the party, it is clear many Americans are sick of the “Let them eat cake” attitude of far too many of our representatives. Party does not matter- they are all disgusting in the Senate.

    Then there is the House of Reps. No one there seems to understand that compromise is not just having the other side agree with everything you say. It means putting aside personal interests (oh wait- were they not supposed to do that when they took office?) and actually finding somewhere in the middle that will work for both sides. Too many are practicing for when they get to the Senate. And they start by listening to lobbyists instead of those who elected them.

    Until we find new people to be elected who understand they are not better than those they represent but instead work for them the only thing to do is to join Danna’s party. Whether it is the tea party or some other moniker I think Garry is correct that the public will speak at the polls in 2012. When that happens many may end up like Blanche Lincoln the former Senator from Arkansas who so justly deserved the early retirement gift she received from the electorate. The best way to make this happen is to run good honest candidates against them and that is where we usually fail in efforts to change the corrupt status quo.

  11. Ted Newsom on said:

    I’m quite pleased with the comments thusfar here. Is there reason enough to resent a government which seems unresponsive? Sure. Has this “grass roots” movement been manipulated by major fatcats to serve their own greedy ends? Yup.

    Ron Paul is seen by most as a loon, but this “tea party” movement would not exist without him. Since he’s intelligent and pressing for genuine, logical change, no wonder the powers behind the throne have made him a non-person, in favor of single braincell gofurs like Bachmann and her ilk.

    What astonishes me is support of this movement by the people who will be most hurt by them. The goals of the puppetmasters like the Koch brothers are public and have been right there for anyone to see. One of those miserable bastards briefly ran for President in ’08, and said explicitly his goals were to eliminate (not IMPROVE, eliminate) public education, public service (like gas, electricity, libraries), replace police and fire departments with hired hands (Can’t afford a fireman? Sorry– your house and kids are toast.), throw out ALL laws governing food and drug purity, poisonous pollution (screw the groundwater. So what if your kid has leukemia at 9 years old– hire yourself a doctor), federal laws on money scams, and every social program insitgated over the last 70 years, including Social Secuity and Medicare.

    THAT is the kind of asshole who’s pulling the strings– THAT is what they want: license to steal. And the uninformed masses cheer them on, as if it’s a good thing.

    No taxation on the rich? Why, oh, why do working class people think that is logical? No taxes on corporations? Well, that’s because “Corporations are people, too.” In a pig’s eye.

    Why do they blind themselves to the evil these creeps plan? There’s a line in the play 1776 that I remember, spoken by the snooty, slave-owning conservative from Carolina: “Most men with nothing would rather protect the possibility of becoming rich, rather than face the reality of being poor. And that is why they will follow us– to the Right.”

  12. Lisa Jones on said:

    I do not believe the Tea Party has ALL the answers, but we, as AMERICANS, do…if we work together. Here are a few points that would sincerely generate MY interest and my vote:

    1. Privatize each and every department in the Federal Government, and get the unions out. Make them EACH accountable to the AMERICAN people for their spending and their programs, and the success thereof.

    2. Get rid of lobbyists.

    3. Make each and every politician report each and every donation of more than $100, and limit donations to that amount. That way, a corporation does not have more say than your neighbor down the street, which legislation gets passed and which legislation gets tabled.

    4. New requirements for President: They must have ran a business, had military experience, and be a Governor for a full term. That way, we have their records of successes and failures, and have a better way to judge possible future successes and failures.

    5. Adopt a Balanced Budget amendment to the Constitution: a no-brainer in my opinion.

    6. (and possibly the most important) Do away with Washington, D.C. as the hub of government. With our technological advancements, Congress can vote via computer, and have debates via web cam. Make them telecommute. Make them ACCOUNTABLE to their people “back home,” because they NEVER leave home. They will have to LIVE with their decisions, and get immediate response for their decisions/votes.

    More to come…looking forward to everyone’s comments.

  13. Mike on said:

    Folks, I’m sorry but how do you “compromise” with ideas and philosophies that are detrimental to America and obviously unconstitutional?
    #1 – Increasing taxes, on anybody, will NOT fix the problem. It’s is SPENDING that is the issue.
    #2 – Mark Rubio described our situation the best I have heard when he gave a speech in the Senate that described the two Americas. In summary, it is the producers against the users. And regrettably our nation is about 50-50 between the two.
    #3 – We have too many who take advantage of a check from the “government” and none of them want the gravy train to stop. However, for us to survive as a country, the train must stop.
    #4 – We need to increase the producers. We have too many public jobs sector jobs, i.e. government. Public sector jobs do not add to the GDP because they are paid with money from the producers. It’s common sense. I’m not saying that some government jobs are not needed. I am saying that we probably have at least 30-50% too many.
    #5 – If you are a producer, limited government helps you profits and growth, which grows the job market.
    #6 – Term limits would be great! For both parties. I think there is a corruptive power in DC that is very difficult to withstand overtime. Eight to twelve years max.
    #7 – Take away the perks of the reps, senators, etc. They should have the same options as others.
    Oh well, I’ll stop there. But, I don’t believe in compromise when what you have to accept is crap and detrimental to the US. It’s kind of like a certain pan of brownies. If I cooked it and put just a small amount of “doggie do” in it, would you compromise and eat it?

    PS One final thought: Why is it so bad to have a group to express the beliefs that the “Tea Party” members do? The NAACP has their group. The Unions have their group. The Latinos have their group – La Raza, The Muslims have their groups, The Gays and Lesbians have their groups. Why is it that in America if there is a conservative/constitutional group that it is slammed and persecuted and demonized? I have my thoughts, what are yours?

    • Mike Warfield on said:

      Mike, all of the groups you listed in your PS would fall under the “Liberal Umbrella” and therefore protected by the so called main street media. Can you imagine how the Tea Party would be treated back when to only news sources was ABC, NBC & CBS?

  14. Cooter Brown on said:

    Amerika iz ova– bin ova!

    Thee T-partie, most ov whom ( at least in SC), are against Warshintun all-togetha, wuz th’ last grasp ov air in th’ death throws ov whut wuz ultimately losted in 1865, but pretended t’ bee a republick until th’ last 50 yeers or so…

    bye-bye empire!

  15. Bilenda on said:

    Mike- I agree with you. I think things that are detrimental to the US should not be considered when it comes to compromise. A major part of the problem is that the people who are there in congress don’t understand that. Too many factors other than what is good for the country/constituents are in play and that is why so many bad ideas/options are put on the table.

    I also agree that the Tea Party has every right to have a voice- just as other groups do. Those who believe in and practice free speech do not have a problem with listening to other perspectives. A big problem is that the users are about to surpass the producers and some places in this country they already have.

  16. Lisa Jones on said:

    @ Mike – you’re right on!

  17. Buddy on said:

    The Tea Party has accomplished one big thing.. before ANYTHING gets through Congress now, it will take real negotiation. No more of Obama’s “we won” crap. Republican or Democrat.. It will take Tea Party support to get through Congress. I don’t believe that Tea Partiers, for the most part, are opposed to tax reform. We ar opposed to simply spending more and more and just assuming that the taxpayer will bend over and say thank you. Bush was no better than Obama.. Both spent/spend like drunken sailors, to use an overblown expression. I wish DeMint would get a third party started, then NOONE would get elected without support of one of the other groups.

    GO TIGERS!!!

  18. Thomas on said:

    The TEA party is not so much a party as a movement to try to bring fiscal sanity back to Congress. Both parties have guilt in the mess. I think it’s hard to argue, of late, that the democrats were off the chain in spending. The Pelosi-Reid Congress, with a democrat president, made the Republicans appear to be misers in deficit spending.

    Forming a third party will only assure the democrats unending control of Congress and possibly the White House. With that go the activist judges appointed by them for life which will only make the nation worse off.

    The TEA Party people need to memorize Alinsky’s Rules for radicals and use the tactics just as adeptly as the democrat party does. They are alread being called extremists so go ahead and fight like “progressives.” Good (fiscal concern) vs. evil (growing the government plantation). Throw some RINO’s and democrats overboard as if they were boxes off tea.

    Pansy Graham has some seniority that would be missed by SC. I’d not mind see him be defeating by a true conservative. I’d happily support a primary opponent unless said opponent was a flake. At that point, I’d support the lesser of two evils. That only indicates that evil is still a choice. haha Next year may be interesting.

  19. Andrew Williams on said:

    We’d be better off with THE LIZARD MAN PARTY being involved with the Republican Party nationally and in SC. Overall, these people are all as crazy as a bag of wasps, and not qualified to work at a Shoney’s, let alone be “advising” a national party on what to do. Some are decent, but most are toothless rednecks with no life. Like me.

  20. Tummy the Giraffee on said:

    If Michelle Bachman actually looked like that picture, I would love to see her hands wrapped around the barrel of my gun.

    Lindsey will be reelected. Getting rid of him would be the absolute worst thing SC could do for themselves. I would prefer to see him stay his middle ground, us moderates in SC are the real losers with our current crop of Congressional representation excluding Graham.

  21. Thomas on said:

    *regrets that he combined two thoughts into one flawed compound thought and will work harder to doublecheck before posting*

  22. John on said:

    Our government representatives have our country so far in the hole it is now causing earthquakes.

  23. Phillip Moore on said:

    I’m thinking of starting the Long Island Ice Tea Party. There’s a 2 drink minimum to join.

  24. Hedo Rick on said:

    @Phillip That’s a party I could get behind as long as they served Firefly Sweet Tea. It helps me get in the mood for my rippin’ and tearin’.

  25. robin on said:

    Please let us keep this little known fact in mind (well, ok, two).

    When Clinton/Gore left office in 2000, the government had a SURPLUS of $300 million. After eight years of Bush/Cheney, we went form a surplus to a $3 TRILLION debt. This same scenario happened in the transition from Carter/Mondale to Reagan/Bush. The Republicans don’t lower the costs of Big Govenment, they shoot them through the roof. (And before you bring up the Iraq War, that is a whole nother animal which I’m not going to get into.)

    Secondly; The (so-called) Tea Party was starteded by and continues to be funded by the Billionaire Kock Brothers. It is not a “grass roots movement.” It is in place simply for the amassing of billions more for these filthy rich and their cronies (for which the list is too long to mention here).

    Tea Partiers aren’t in search of a “good govenment” (which they don’t want until a flood or other disaster happens, or their farm subsidies or Medicare/Social Security benefits dry up), it’s about a “good” fantasy.

    All hail the new Emperor without any clothes!

  26. carolyn on said:

    Tea is delightful in the afternoon, but coffee is still my choice for getting the day or economy started in the morning. Wouldn’t hurt this country to say a blessing before indulging in either.

  27. Jeff Jordan on said:

    So really, is cool to be a tea party member or cooler to just vote ones conscience. After all conscience is the moral goodness and it just seems that the tea party is a tertiary comment in Merriam-Webster.

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