Move Over Tracy Morgan! It’ s time for Scare Tactics: Government-Style!

  Social Security Offices Closing 30 Minutes Early!!!   

Can’t you just picture it? Our tired. Our Old. Our weary. Those arthritic fingers curling in excruciating pain as the SSI Customer Service Window slams shut on them at 4:29 pm. O-U-C-H! Why the elder-abuse, you ask?  Well, to quote the official press release  ,

“Congress provided Social Security with nearly $1 Billion less than the President requested for the budget this fiscal year, which makes it impossible for the agency to provide the amount of overtime needed to handle service to the public as we have in the past.”(emphasis added).

But wait a minute? Everyone else is running scared of losing their jobs, retirement pensions, health insurance for themselves and their dependent kids. Surely these Federal Employees will just take one for the team, win one for the Gipper, or just go that extra mile and work another 30 minutes “on the house”? Oh that’s right… THEY CAN’T. Federal Labor Law prohibits it!  What about this for a nouveau concept: STAGGER your shifts. You know, like they do in the Private Sector? That’s probably against some Labor Union Regulation as well. But enough already on the batting practice with The Social Security Administration. Let’s play ball.

This Spooky Senior Setup is  just the most-recent episode of Government Bureaucracy’s favorite reality show: Scare Tactics! (That’s right, it’s not just a series on SyFi featuring that whacky Tracy Morgan anymore). 

 Think about it: When the US Postal Service is running low on dough, they start talking about cutting mail delivery to a meager three (3) days per Week!

When Education Funds might take a whack, do we  initiate conversations about consolidating School Districts  or launching  Year-Round Schools as a way to save millions of dollars?  Hell-to-the-no we don’t! “Teacher’s Getting Axed” and “40 Kids Per Classroom” are the Chicken Little Faves! Seriously, how many times do we hear “School District Cuts will Hit Classrooms”?

And, to use my favorite Old Testament Conjunction, LEST we forget the Department of Transportation!?!  When the coffers ain’t coughing up much over there, what’s the usual drill: Laying off State Troopers! and “Deteriorating roads and Crashing Bridges”  are the types of Mothman Prophesies  most often cried out. And lines at the DMV –Let’s not EVEN go there!

 So what do today’s  abortive Federal Window Services headlines and these other matters have in common? THEY SCARE US. Does Government Bureaucracy err on the side of frightening us into submission so they can get what they want in order to continue providing us the services as they are charged to do? Are pragmatic, permanent solutions to fiscal problems often circumvented by threatening us with the things we value most: Security, Communication, Children & Safety? Just some thoughts. What are yours?

by J.L.Mann Cromer, Jr. [Former Independent House Representative from South Carolina's  Eightieth District]

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20 thoughts on “Move Over Tracy Morgan! It’ s time for Scare Tactics: Government-Style!

  1. Pat Chisum on said:

    When I watch an episode of Seinfeld, I laugh at it and remember the days before the internet and cellphones, when my CofC freshman neighbor watches it, she doesn’t get it. What was funny 1994 isn’t the same what is funny now. This is the same with government spending and funds. What made sense in 1994 doesn’t work now. Our government needs to start focusing on things that need to be funded. Schools, Roads, bridges, infrastructure need a higher priority. We either need to make the post office profitable or turn it over to the private sector. We need to reorginize our social security system and medicare/medicaid so that it will work longer or that it phases out. Our government is over spending and we need to figure out how to make it work before our Chinese overlords call in our debts. I hope we can find a solution or I hope that you find your stay at the re education camps…..

    made sense in the 1990′s but have become

  2. Bilenda on said:

    Congress should start using scare tactics on every one of these agencies- PRIVATIZE.

    Absolutely the worst possible approach imaginable is used to scare people- the more vulnerable the better- so” the bureacracy” can do whatever it wants. All the recent vampire movies have missed the biggest blood sucker of them all- “the bureaucracy” sucks the life out of anyone it can just to stay alive.

    The more people under the control of “the bureaucracy” the less chance of defeating it. More government employees less production in the private sector (because fewer people working there) as soon as most people are working for government there will be no hope of changing the economy. Government job creation does not stimulate the economy- just the opposite because that means more money is needed from the private sector to support “the bureaucracy” So- PRIVATIZE. That would be job creation and reduction of “the bureaucracy” in one fell swope.

  3. Mary Brandes on said:

    When it’s all said and done, the scare tactic worked, millions of senior citizens were worried,
    not to mention the disabled and unemployed.
    No Job I have had considered the time between 4:30 and 5:00 overtime!!! Oh, yeah, that’s right, the government work days are only 7 hours…..
    Lines at the DMV, oh no…..they just got that right!!
    Tracy Morgan is funny, our Government Bureaucracy is NOT!!!

  4. Polly on said:

    Here is a radical, Warren Buffet sponsored itea: tax the uber wealthy along the same lines as those of us working for a living. Even better, bring home our men and women from two unjust wars and save trillions! The fear mongers don’t want to consider either of those options, they only want to punish the poor, elderly and children. After all, the poor and elderly dont vote right? Save the scare tactics for Wes Craven Congress, do what you were elected to do!

  5. carolyn on said:

    Could we possibly scare our elected officials into doing more of their work for the pay they receive, Don’t think their retirement is in jeopardy, hopefully some of their re-elections will be.

  6. Andrew Williams on said:

    Let us pray Michele Bachmann is not elected, or else the elderly will not be the only ones that have anything to fear in this area. It is scary enough, without her in the mix. That woman is as crazy as a bag full of wasps!!

  7. Ted Newsom on said:

    The Commies are going to invade us any day! (It wasn’t true. Ever.)

    All Arabs want to rule the world under Sharia law! (Untrue, and impossible, anyway.)

    Der Juden haf destroyed the glorious Vaterland! (for our elder German neighbors.)

    All welfare is sucked up by fat black mamas in Cadilacs.

    The hated Capitalists plan to atom-bomb Moscow! (Well, that might have some truth.)

    All Democrats are traitorous socialists trying to take your money!

    All Republicans are Bible-pounding fascists trying to take your liberty!

    We’re warring against the Confederacy only because of slavery!

    Imperial Germany is the only guilty party in the Great War! The Huns rape little babies and eat our women!

    That old woman with a wart on her nose put a spell on my crops!

    It’s far easier to manipulate people if you get their emotions up and their brains turned off. The Big Honchos learned that a long, long time ago.

  8. Karen on said:

    How many private sector employers consider a 7-hour day full time? God forbid that a govenment employee work an 8 hour day without being paid overtime.

    I’m outraged that there are milliions of children in America who don’t have enough to eat — that millions of Americans do not have access to even the most basic health care — that our elderly are treated as second class citizens — that about one-third of the US population is functionally illiterate and all the while schools are laying off teachers and cutting art programs — and that billions of our tax dollars are spent on an unjust war that most of us do not support.

    Our tax system needs an overhaul. More than 1,500 US citizens who make obscene incomes didn’t pay a penny in income taxes last year. We need to tax the wealthy to the same degree that the worker bees are taxed.

    Our political representatives are out of touch and do not feel accountable.

    We have every reason to be scared.

  9. Linda Amick on said:

    Bubba, don’t even get me started on SS! When it was set up, it was a separate fund and used only for SS. Had it been left intact, there would be no problem with SS. Our leaders forget who they represent – American citizens. America is being destroyed from within and I hope every American citizen remembers this when election time rolls around. Let’s take care of American citizens first and foremost with all benefits, which should be the same as our esteemed leaders. A country as great as ours (was) should not depend on any other for anything and our citizens should have decent wages for decent working conditions. No citizen should be without good healthcare, adequate housing and safe food and water. Stop the handouts to illegal aliens – why do they have entitlement? If they want to live here, they should learn and speak the language, pledge allegience to this country, work and pay taxes – in other words, become legal citizens with the same benefits and responsibilities – or go home. Simple. And put God back into government!

    • Mike Warfield on said:

      Excellent reply, couldn’t have said it better!

  10. John on said:

    Something happens to me every morning that never happened before, I wake up and wonder WTF is going to happen today to our country.

    When I was growing up in the 50′s there was no welfare and very limited unemployment. There was only a program by the government called “relief” that would keep food on your table while you got over the hump. If you were to collect any unemployment benefits you had to prove weekly that you had visited employers and they refused you a position “any position” that would provide for your family. No proof you got your butt out of bed and looked for work… no money. The relief system provided powdered milk, flour, dried beans, canned meat and some awesome government cheese. Not the best situation but it kept you from starving. You as a child were expected to go to school daily and try your best so you could go into college. The thing looming over your head constantly was the draft, if you did not go to college you were drafted into the military for a minimum of two years where they would teach you a trade and/or provide training on how to be mature, then you were cast out into the system to find a job. There were incentives for people to be active and responsible at all levels, something there is not in today’s society.

    We are becoming a society of the greedy needy. We elect people that do not go to washington with our concerns but only those of themselves and those that truly get them elected with campaign financing from special interest groups, such as green, gay, oil and protecting the very wealthy in our nation. Also those that service these groups are very well involved. It made my head spin when I found that these groups only comprise 30% of the population = 5% Gay+ 13.6% Black + 11.3% Hispanic. How does 30% of the total population of our country control the other 70%—————> FEAR and Intimidation and our elected officials are expert at spin and denial.

    Another recent statistic that I found interesting was 57% of households in which immigrants live are collecting at least one welfare check. This number refers to both legal and illegal aliens living in the United States. The report found that the majority of people on welfare are not even residents or citizens of the country. Only 39 percent of Americans are receiving welfare compared to the totals for immigrants. Why does this happen? Because we allow it to happen.

    We sheep have allowed the wolves to make the rules and regulations that allow such behavior and control by the minority of the population, when this is threatened they start scaring the crap out of the elderly and the groups that control and benefit from programs they administer.

    It’s time to lead, follow or stand aside for the 70% of the population of our country, put prayer back in school along with a few ass whippings to get our youth back in line and if they don’t graduate put them humping it somewhere protecting our country and learning some discipline. Pass regulations eliminating unemployment benefits to those that sit on their proverbial fat asses unless they can prove that McDonalds refused them work (any job) and if you are not a citizen of our country, no drivers license, no federal or state welfare should be paid. We should also stop paying people to give birth into poverty……. beans and canned meat is good enough provided they can prove they are looking for work.

    It’s time to put our fingers in our ears and stop listening to the threats and fear mongering our government spews daily from the hill and send our message to stop. The 70% must rise and take back our country from those that are the greedy needy.

    • Mike on said:


    • Randy on said:

      Ditto John you got my vote!

  11. Mike on said:

    There’s no doubt that government bureaucracy (the people who lead there) and the elected officials use fear to inhibit reform. It’s like they do not believe that there is a limit to what the US economy can support, and they can continue to be in a large part a parasite to America’s growth and prosperity. But, why is it so hard for people who want more government involvement to understand that even countries cannot infinitely spend money that it does not have? I have no issue with increasing taxes on the super wealthy. But who gets to decide who that is? To the person making $25,000/year, that may be the person making $50-75,000/yr. What is rich? But we should also have a system that puts more Americans into the game! Why do almost 50% of Americans pay NO taxes? All but the truly impoverished should have at least some skin in the economy. However, no matter what is done to increase revenue through taxes, the problem is spending more that the US makes – period! What happens it you do that in your family budget, your business, your city, or state? You will go bankrupt.
    The US has been spending what it does not have for quite a while and especially since 2006 and providing more and more “benefits” to people. Too many people think that “gravy train” will go on forever – Just keeping taxing the rich! There will be a pay day some day and our economy will collapse without REAL spending cuts. And if some people lose benefits that they were promised in ignorance by some government agency or politician, I hate that! I don’t want to see people hurt, but sound economic common sense laws will not be beaten. There is a price to pay for our governments and our citizens poor stewardship of the US economy.
    Ultimately, the real issue is a spiritual one. Our country continues to collectively turn its back on the one true God, the God of the Holy Bible. Without living according to His wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, we are lost. Proverbs 1:7

  12. Buford Pusser on said:


  13. Buford Pusser on said:

    sorry, trying for my best Joe Wilson…I wish they would deliver mail only three days a week because half the shit I get is for the Vietnamese fella down the street…Note to Dang Phan, ‘Cooking with rice’ is not difficult…We need to take this country back folks…Do I really have to choose between English and Spanish for purchase at the society Pig?…Don’t raise my taxes bro!

    Don’t tread on Me


  14. Terri Mostiller on said:

    Wow! some of the greatest (truest) comments ever! How do you top what everyone has said in this blog?? It is obvious we are tired of being taxed to death, corporate taxes are the highest in the world, our elderly and children not being taken care of, the wealthy getting weathier, illegals being in the country illegally and not learning the language? WTF? What do we do about it? We as Americans need to stand up on election day and take our country back. If we keep voting the same people into office every election we’re going to stay where we are. We need an MBA in the White House that can control our money and get us out of the mess we’re in. We as American’s of the United States of America need to take our country back!

  15. Lisa Jones on said:

    Privatize….privatize…PRIVATIZE!! Labor unions have no business in government. We need someone in the WH who can cut all of the waste out of government – duplicative programs, AND programs and departments that just do not work – with surgical precision. A democrat has never met a program or department they didn’t like, and pseudo-republicans have also spent too much trying to be all things to all people. Enough is enough. Tax the rich isn’t going to do it. Distibution of weath CERTAINLY isn’t going to get the job done. Bring in Rick Perry or Chris Christie who has run a state government…knows how to cut spending…knows how to incentivize and bring in new companies with JOBS for people. Then you have the added revenue that democrats are dying for, and people get off the food stamps and unemployment roles…which is GOOD for AMERICA. Increasing taxes IS NOT THE ANSWER. Cutting spending and shrinking the size of government – both on the national level and state/local levels – are options 1 and 2 in my book.

  16. cromeradmin on said:

    I sincerely believe that a blog’s strength is derived directly from the substance, as opposed to the sheer number, of it’s comments. In that regard, I feel that this could be the STRONGEST blog out there right now and I have you folks to thank for it.

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