Depending on your point of view, one poll counts, and the other does not. Or neither count. Or there is no such thing as a genuine national championship in college football. In the USA Today Coaches’ Poll, USC is No. 9, and Clemson is No. 15. In the AP poll, which isn’t included in the BCS formula, Carolina is No. 10 with Clemson at No. 13. Either way, September has shaped up to be a nice one in Palmetto State football.

The Tigers lead the ACC Atlantic Division, thanks to the win over Florida State on Saturday and a sparkling 4-0 record. Only Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech are also still undefeated in the conference. As well, Sammy Watkins is making an early play at the Biletnikoff Award for the best wide receiver in the country. But even the Biletnikoff voters didn’t expect Watkins’ impact — he was added to this year’s watch list after the first three weeks of the season. So far, Watkins has 29 receptions for 433 yard and six touchdowns, including an 8-for-141 and two touchdown performance against the Seminoles.

The big break for Clemson, as it were, will be if the team can pull the upset in Blacksburg against the Hokies this weekend. Virginia Tech (No. 10 USA Today, No. 11 AP) comes into the game with one of the best defenses in the country, allowing an average of only 10 points a game. Granted, that’s over such juggernauts as Appalachian State, East Carolina, Arkansas State and Marshall. The Tigers are scoring an average of 37.8 points, with two 30-plus totals put on ranked teams.

“You try to contain them. I don’t know if you can stop them,” Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster said to The Washington Post. “Keep them to a minimum, but I don’t know what that minimum is. Can you keep them to 20 points? I don’t know. They’re just a talented group.”

Going into October, Clemson may well be in the driver’s seat for the ACC championship and a BCS bowl.

Carolina’s set up well, too, as the highest-ranking SEC East team, with its own mistake-prone quarterback and a Nov. 12 date with Florida separating the Gamecocks from a consecutive division title. USC scores a lot of points, but gives up a lot as well, frequently depending on its defense and special teams to make the difference between a win and an embarrassing loss. As a matter of fact, on Monday, staff released its “one good thing” video about the SEC, discussing the Carolina defense.

While national eyes look to premier running back Marcus Lattimore, The Daily Gamecock’s sports editor says defensive end Melvin Ingram should be the subject of a Heisman Trophy campaign.

“‘I owe it all to my teammates,’ said Ingram of his 15 minutes of fame on everybody’s favorite social networking website, which came after yet another stellar night at defensive end,” James Kratch wrote. “This one ended with four tackles, two sacks, a tipped pass and a fumble recovery for a touchdown in the end zone. Guess what, Melvin — the South Carolina athletic department now owes you something as well: a Heisman Trophy campaign.”

It’s not often that the state’s two top football programs combine for an 8-0 record through September. Hopefully, October will bring more of the same.

J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr [BA 1985, Clemson University; JD 1988, University of South Carolina School of Law]

with Wes Wolfe. He’s written for 11 publications in five states, and is the proprietor of The Five Points Flood.

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46 thoughts on “Gamecocks +Tigers = POSITIVE PALMETTO PRIMETIME!!!

  1. Ed on said:

    I wonder if Tigers like to eat VPI turkey gobblers as much as they like to eat USC chickens?

  2. Barbara on said:

    I have a daughter at Washington and Lee, so we are going to try to swing by the Clemson game if we can make it “swingable”. Go Tigers!

  3. John on said:

    Either way you slice it, it is good for us to retain our athletic talent in the state so there is not any language barrier. If we keep all of the slots filled with talent that escapes our state and goes elsewhere it also keeps the yankees from thinking of settling here. Of course they can spend their money here but there is a time limit on how long they can stay..

    • Robert Holmes on said:

      Right on John! Go home Yankee!

  4. BR-549 on said:

    at the end of September, I would have like to have seen the Clemson offense from last weekend vs the USC defense of last weekend. That would have been a great game. There’s a lot of football left to be played. Go Gamecocks and Go Indians errr Wolves!

  5. Robert Holmes on said:

    This is great for the state of SC! Having two major Universities in the top 15 puts a positive light on both schools. It will also, I predict, make the annual Clemson/Carolina football game one of the most anticipated in years, maybe ever! Go Tiger!

  6. Mary Alexander on said:

    Go Citadel!

  7. MikeG on said:

    Finally some positive comments about both teams’ success so far!! It would be great for OUR state if both teams go into their November game undefeated!! So to that end, I will….reluctantly say, “go tigers?” :)

    • Terri Mostiller on said:

      love your comment MikeG

    • Randy on said:

      I agree Mike! That would be one more awesome game. So I reluctantly say go cocks………that’s until clemson loses. :)

  8. Kem on said:

    I love seeing positive comments about both teams. This state is and always has been at such a disadvantage with recruiting being surrounded by states like Georgia, Florida, and Tennesee- a regular strong showing of both teams will certainly put a new light on a destination for young talent.
    Now my only question is what exactly Barbara (above) meant by “swingable”? :-)

  9. Jules on said:

    Well said MikeG, I too will have to reluctantly say “Go Tigers.” Keep the posts coming Bubba!

  10. Andy Dickinson on said:

    Even though I am a USC graduate and gamecock fan, we should all support any great achievements from SC colleges! Congrats to all!

    • Bubba Cromer on said:

      Andy you aren’t ANGIE’s boy are you? She locked me up a few times in Middle School!

  11. Pat Chisum on said:

    I would like to see the state of South Carolina sweep Auburn like they did last year to us. Also, BOOOO! Clemson

  12. walter carr on said:

    Tigers are magnificant creatures that cause us to marvel at the wonders of nature.

    Chickens are lowly creatures that eat their own fecal matter. Col. Harland Sanders is my hero, orginial recipe please.

    • Mark on said:

      defending a mascot against ours
      its a mascot walter.
      don’t put schools head to head on academic
      usc journalism school
      law school
      and number one in international business

    • Terri Mostiller on said:

      lol my sentiments exactly

  13. Mary on said:

    Gotta love that BOTH the red and orange are making strides this month for our state. Me, I am a Carolina Fan. However, I come from A House Divided. So this is going to get really interesting in the next few weeks. I’d like to see the Gamecocks pick up their game just a bit though, they have some major games coming up!! A little humor, I am going to my nephew’s high school football game Friday night as they play MY| Alma Mater!!! And his momma (the Carolina graduate/fan) sent an application to USC for him for next year!!! Hope he gets an acceptance and I am there when they tell his dad (my Clemson graduate brother) that he got accepted at USC!!

  14. Andy Dickinson on said:

    Even though I am a USC graduate and gamecock fan, we should all support the great achievements from SC colleges! Congratulations to both teams!

    • Bubba Cromer on said:

      Andy, you wouldn’t be ANGIE’s boy, would ya?!?

  15. BA on said:

    Go Tigers! Beat the Hokies!

    Biggest game for the Tigers in a generation. Boyd, Watkins and the Clemson offense give us a legit shot at our first win over Virginia Tech since 1989 when we beat the Gobblers 27-7 at Lane Stadium in Danny Ford’s last season as the Tigers coach.

    Should be fun!

  16. Blondie on said:

    Proud to be from South Carolina and a CLEMSON TIGER!

  17. Jason on said:

    The time has finally come nearly twelve years late. I remember both school being all hyped up over the hiring of Timmy Bowden and Lou Holtz to bring the programs to national prominence. Well here we are each school with a different coach and we may finally have a Palmetto showdown worthy of a GameDay appearance as bar a collapse from either school could have major BCS implications. I am a die hard tiger and I admit I find it painful to pull for the chickens but for the state this should prove to be huge for recruiting and the futures of both schools.

  18. LBJ on said:

    If USC plays like they did against Vanderbilt this weekend against Auburn, it could get messy……..for USC!!!!

  19. Andrew Williams on said:


  20. Ben P on said:

    As a Gamecock (Class of ’03) I love my team but think they are currently over-rated and we are destined for a big upcoming let-down. Spurrier should have benched Garcia way before halftime last Saturday and his miscues (I will leave my comments to on field, off-field is a different story) are affecting the performance of the offense. With the passing game effectivly shut down the Gamecocks are forced to over-utilize Marcus Lattimore while leaving the passing game anemic and under-utilizing Jefferies and Sanders. If Spurrier would only wise up and bench Garcia who is a talented quarterback but shown time and time again that he is too immature to lead the team and put Shaw under center I think the Gamecocks would have a legitimate shot at an SEC title.

    • Terri Mostiller on said:

      Ben great analogy. I am not a fan of Garcia. He could be a magnificent player if he’d concentrate on his game and stay out of trouble off the field. I personally would’ve benched him or not let him start for a few weeks. He’s not that great in my opinion

  21. Bill Rabon on said:

    I have always pulled for USC and Clemson, unless they are playing each other. I do however have to admit to enjoy ribbing Clemson fans when the opportunity arises. When I attended USC in the early to mid 70′s, the rivaly was, I think, even stronger than it is today. I believe it was because they were both in the ACC. I remember one year, when I lived in Easley, coming to Columbia for the South Carolina / Clemson game. Seams like all the way down 276 and I26 all the overpasses had Tiger paws painted on them. Also on the hiway. That kinda stuff was always happening. One last thought;

    Why do Tennessee fans wear orange?

    So they can dress that way for the game on Saturday, go hunting on Sunday and wear it to pick up trash on Monday.

  22. carolyn on said:

    Go Tigers, Rock em Cocks. Both schools are doing great. Think of a team with Lattimore and Sammy on it, Va. Tech is really tuff at home and Auburn certainly is no push over .Interesting weekend coming with great football weather.

  23. Charlie Callari on said:

    You gotta love both South Carolina teams being highly ranked right now. I can see a collision course for these 2 teams at the end of the season where the game will not only be about “state pride” but national implications of BCS rankings.

  24. Mark on said:

    Bubba, Get off the fence! I know youare in a unique situation graduating from both schools, so pick Gamecocks for Football (SEC, nuff said!) and Baseball (Backtoback). Clemson has agreat soccerr program and some incredible players on their golf team.
    What is baffling about our Gamecocks is Spurrier is a QB! He is an offensive guru! So why are we relying on an underacheiving Garica.
    And, Spurrier does not trust Shaw for some reason. Frustrating to watch Garcia throw picks and make foolish mistakes.
    This is SEC football! Come on man!
    We have weapons!
    Our defense has been improving with each game and we are running blitz packages and coverage is better in secondary.
    Special teams and Garcia are the two factors that are keeping us from top 5 football in the country.
    Go Cocks Class of ’88.
    Bubba, go sit on fence. Columbia is full of lawyers and there are only four with clemson ties. Cut the tie brother and hop on board with the Cocks!

  25. Jamie on said:

    I feel bad for Clemson’s offence. Rumor has it they are only feeding Clowney once a week.

  26. Ed on said:

    I was on the phone with a client a Buckeye yesterday and he asked me whether I was for Clemson or Carolina. Both are great! My son graduated from USC and since then I we have been fans. But I was wondering, other than living near or attending either school, why are you a fan?

  27. Polly on said:

    Everyone just needs to accept the fact that Marcus Lattimore RULES and all others (except Alshon Jeffries and Jadaveon Clowney) drool. Who do the Tigers have? Sorry to all the Clemson fans I hold dear, but its the truth.

  28. Kim Watson on said:

    I have Orange Tiger Blood running through my veins… Because its a great day in South Carolina.

  29. Tummy the Giraffe on said:

    It’s a great day in South Carolina at least for football. Everything else is going to shit but oh well…

  30. Bonnie on said:

    My money went to Klemson, but my heart goes to USC. I absolutely love the Gamecocks and Spurrier too. Hey Bubba, love ya you as well!

  31. Julie Smith on said:

    Furman for undergrad, USC for grad school, but my heart belongs to that big orange Tiger Paw and that sea of orange on Saturday afternoons. And Lord save me from EVER AGAIN having to listen to that obnoxious crowing rooster over the PA in Williams Brice.

  32. TX-Chicken on said:

    Verdict still out on both teams. This weekend should reveal a lot. G&B grad / but pull for both teams till they go head to head. It would be GREAT if both teams had a GREAT deal to play for in the final game. Kickin Chickin

  33. Mark Compton on said:

    From an out of state “born and raised” native, just glad to hear SC being spoken about on a subject other than our religious far right crazies and trips down the Appalachian Trail.

    As a USC graduate I say “Go Cocks!”- Not “Go Gamecocks.” It’s the pleasure of the offense, double entendre intended, that makes points.

  34. Chris M on said:

    Bubba what do you mean she locked you up in the Middle?

  35. Nancy on said:

    Thanks for the share!

  36. Mark on said:

    Well, Dabo stepped over a win.
    Wow! You guys are world beaters!
    I compare this team to the ’81 team!
    Why? Because you are undefeated!
    Look out LSU, Oklahoma, Alabama and Wisconsin.
    Win out the season and Clemson still can not play for the BCS. You are in the ACC, so your strength of schedule and lower RPI will put you back in the Chic-Fila Bowl. It is ACC football,
    Knew better than to boast about my GameCocks on your blog!
    Unlike you, I pull for one team and I am an alumni of USC.
    You will go back and forth with both schools and I bet in baseball season you will brag about Ray Tanner and your beloved Gamecocks.
    Doesn’t work that way.
    You are a redneck from Clemson, so stick to what you are good at. Drinking cheap liquor and bragging about Danny Ford days!
    Garcia is our biggest opponent and he is our starting QB!
    We are 5-0 without his lame ass. Hell, I will take Boyd over screwball Garcia at this point.
    We are a baseball school!
    So, let your writer friend keep writing your fodder and you can get credit for your brillant insight to college sports.
    Go join the other 1,000 lawyers in Columbia at California Dreamin for lunch and leave GCocks to creditable sources to comment.
    It is tough being a Gamecock, no doubt. I have been through more heartache, but I am loyal and I will stay with them through good and bad.
    Go ahead and book your hotel room for Atlanta for bowl season! Mark my words NC State will give you a night mare game and you will drop two out of the next five games

  37. ImageInksc on said:

    I’m definitely not a Clemson fan, but commend them on their strong performance thus far this season. Hopefully the Gamecocks can show some improvement in our O line with the help of Shaw this wknd as we attempt to pummel Kentucky.

    Go Cocks!

  38. Danna Rohleder on said:

    Sending major props to ImageInksc for saying what I wanted to….and saying it well. and I sooooo ditto you on that Goooooo Cocks! Close your eyes and HEAR “Sandstorm”…..SEE white Cocky cloths waving in the stands, and FEEL the ultimate excitement just before kickoff at the BEST lead in for any team in the nation. Now, if we could just get the team in on this. (Danna grins here.) ; )

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