Television Morality, Elvis’ Pelvis, & All That Chaz!

Television has been around for a LONG time.I am on the front end ofGeneration X. You may be a Baby Boomer, A Millennial or “other”. Regardless, please bear with me while I try to flush out a few TV censorship facts before gracing me with your spin on this particular  situation. There’s just so much to digest here. It’s like a complicated Boxing Match.

First, for the undercard,  in a nutshell. Ladies & Gentlemen of the Jury, please presume the following facts into evidence :

*In 1942, The Hays Office of Censorship, or Hays code,  forced animator Bob Clampett to effectively clothe a heretofore “naked” Tweety Bird in “A Tale of Two Kitties”;

*In 1952, Lucy Gets Knocked up on The Lucille Ball Show , but industry standards would not allow use of the word pregnant. As a result, “with child”, “having a baby” and “expecting” punctuated the scripts of the time; and,

*In 1956, Evlis’ PELVIS was shoved off the screen on the Ed Sullivan Show when he started to gyrate.To avoid getting American Audiences too worked up, the camera shots abruptly jerked from crotch to face in a not-so-seamless edit!

Now, for the Main Event.

From 1961-1966, the undisputed heavyweight champ on television was the “Dick Van Dyke Show”. The Main character, played by Van Dyke, was Rob Petrie, a TV script writer happily married to his beautiful wife Laura, played by Mary Tyler Moore. This couple lived during  a different time but were — by most accounts– pretty normal. Except for one glaringly-odd occurrence: They never slept in the same bed. You know why? BECAUSE TELEVISION STANDARDS DID NOT PERMIT IT.

In September of 1965,  a feisty featherweight  named “I Dream of Jeannie” entered the ring. In this early “sitcom,” the star, the shapely, velvety- smooth Barbara Eden played the role of “Jeannie” who–GASP– appeared before America exposing her MIDSECTION! But how’s this for a sucker-punch:Like her contemporaries Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island and Gidget, She could not expose her bellybutton. You know why?  BECAUSE TELEVISION STANDARDS DID NOT PERMIT IT.

I guess that was the poop hit the fan because, in 1968, ground was broken when the audience heard– not to be confused with saw, mind you– a toilet flush on “All in the Family” . This show soon spun out a brand new welterweight of its own  named “The Jeffersons” ,who bounced off the the ropes swinging– with an interracial couple named Tom & Helen Willis: Oh the Social Horror! And you know what? THE TELEVISION STANDARDS ALLOWED IT!

This piece could spend pages detailing all kinds of “Television Pioneers” running the gamut  from sexually frustrated aliens to racially mixed families to odd-ball threesome roomies …all the way to an openly-gay man living in Melrose place, for goodness’ sake. But we can utilize the first three examples to solidly illustrate the undeniable FACT that industry standards for television censors have been seriously loosed over the years. Let there be no doubt that tolerance is a good thing. But for the love of God, just how much… is TOO much… of a good thing?

ABC’s recent decision  to cast transgendered Chastity-Chaz Bono in this year’s Dancing With the Stars Competition has the  “entertainment world’s” head been spinning like Bazoo-zoo’s Ragin in Exorcist II! The Fundamentalists are — YAWN– united in calling foul for ramming this  “freak of nature” down America’s throat, in a blatant attempt to DE-sensitize the public from any trace of morality still lingering around in it’s bloodstream. Conversely, the liberal extremists are taken aback,  Iraqi-like in their  Shock and Awe  by this “backwards”  monolithic expression of hardcore intolerance–EXHALE!

There are pragmatic considerations too. Will television’s lifeline– the advertisers– finally pull the plug and draw the line this time, or are they as “worked up” and excited a a sex-starved, moist palmed pre-pubescent at an advance screening of Blue Lagoon?

Has Morality received a final TV TKO? I don’t have the answer, others may.

Feelin’ like Cinderella,  Nancy Grace is Dancin’ this year. And her take on the Chaz Controversy is “If he doesn’t have yellow police tape around him, I could not care less”. Well Chaz is clearly no felon, and neither is the most hated person in America,  Casey Anthony for that matter. Would Nancy be so cavalier if she were doing the watusi next to that “mother of the year”?


Again, I don’t have the answer, but it is clear that television has certainly either  Evolved or Devolved over the last fifty years, depending on how you view it. Which is why I am asking for YOU to WEIGH IN to the ring,  as it were.

James”Bubba” Cromer is an attorney, admitted to practice in South Carolina, California & The District of Columbia. He has Written, Produced & Directed two Multiple Award-Winning Feature Films: The Long Way Home: A Bigfoot Story & The Hills Have Thighs: An Appalachian Comedy. Bubba and his critters live in Columbia, South Carolina & Brevard, North Carolina

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40 thoughts on “Television Morality, Elvis’ Pelvis, & All That Chaz!

  1. Wonderwoman on said:

    All I can say is that they don’t make shows like they used to, and I don’t watch them, for the most part..

  2. Pat Chisum on said:

    I am going to go out on a limb, and saying that fundamentalist Christians need to get a better hobby. Why are they always so upset about everything? It is like they spend their entire existence upset about something. Last week evolution, this week Chaz Bono, next week Hardee’s baloney biscuits?

    Is it worse that Chaz Bono is transgender or that this show is still on tv? Honestly, this show is terrible. I don’t remember the fundamentalist getting upset over the 5 former contestants with sex tapes? or the fact that the brother of a sex tape star is now on the show? Or that Nancy Grace is now on network tv? Seriously, Ron Artest is on the show and he started a riot. A RIOT!

    Seriously, all these terrible people on tv and Chaz Bono gets them upset? What has Chaz Bono ever done? Got raised by Sonny and Cher? Frankly, I expected him to be even more messed up.

    Fundamentalist can be so misguided sometimes, is this really something we should be up in arms over? How about when they edited Mark Twain or they added LOL to the dictionary? Those are bigger signals of the end of days that Chaz Bono dancing.

    I almost hope that in Chaz Bono’s first dance, he brings on the rapture so not only dancing with the stars is no long on tv but the fundamentalist will be taken away to allow the rest of us to live in peace. (I think that is how it works, I read that in the bible once),

  3. Barbara Whitmire on said:

    There are more pressing issues than who is on DWTS..You have a choice… if you don’t like it then don’t watch…plain and simple.What is worse … the half naked women or a gay person…black person dancing with a white person…regardless there will always be controversy…the morals of T.V. have definitely gone down the tube. How does anyone know that there has never been another gay person on there….you don’t. There is to much sex, violence and profanity on T.V. today. I’m sure Chaz is not coming out dressed like CHER did…good luck on that one…and if a gay person can compete and win so be it…I haven’t watched the show and probably won’t….never have been into all the reality shows..Not only T.V. needs to be cleaned up… the mess the country is in should be on list of priorities….above this should be all the people that are creating more problems, start working together and we would have a better to live.

  4. Wonderwoman on said:

    Barbara, you hit the nail on the head!

  5. Jay on said:

    Looks like Chaz is going to have to cut down on those 32oz steak dinners if he wants to trip the light fantastic. I say let the “man” have his moment though. He has as much right to be up there making a fool of himself as anyone. If he gets paired up with that babbling goat Nancy Grace I might just have to tune in for once.

  6. Cooter Brown on said:

    Tee-vee iz but a reflectshun ov public moralitie or lack thereov…
    No bodie iz a makin anie-one turn on th’ Tee-Vee an’ ye dont need a gobmint agencie policing da tube– ye needs a people a willin’ to vote wit thare remote…

  7. James Hartman on said:

    What was once described as a “vast wasteland” (TV) has become even a larger waste land. Although the prudishness of bygone programs was no doubt excessive, the current unrestrained license has gone overboard. Hey, kids watch these shows!
    Whatever the salacious content of the so-called entertainment, the plots, acting, directing etc. are so bad as to have turned me into a voracious reader and that is a good thing. What TV has done for me is to teach me to turn it off and, hopefully, to improve my mind.

  8. Larry Reid on said:

    As a baby boomer (born 1957), I have indeed seen everything that you mentioned in your fine blog. From Jeannie’s bellybutton to Chaz’s transgender operation, TV has come of age. I am more shocked, however, at the fundamentalist view that it’s either their way or the highway. The ‘good book’ is available to anyone who has ever checked into a motel room, and this same book says ‘judge not, lest ye be judged’. If an 11th commandment were added, maybe it should read: “thou shalt pluck out thy TV if it offends thee”. That said, I know that we all have the option of switching channels, or turning the damn thing off!

  9. Kim Watson on said:

    I believe that television has done both evolved and devolved, its according to the individual
    Audience’s take on each program and also their own personal ethics.
    So that being said….
    I agree with you Jay … Let Chaz dance.
    I personally do not watch DWTS unless there is someone that is challenged performing,
    such as the one legged woman that was married to one of the Beatles, the Karate Kid and let’s not forget the voluptuous Kirsty Alley. I’m just saying.
    As for me I’m looking forward to see Chaz dance to take my mind away from the everyday all day worries of the world.
    Unlike the show that I feel is promoting teenage pregnancy “16 and Pregnant” they show
    most of these kids laid up in their parents house eating their parents food, too young and
    to pregnant to get a job. To a 16 year old mind watching this, this is a great life because they don’t think about the future nor do they show it on this show.
    And what a life it is… after the baby is born there is free cheese for everyone “the end”.

    Thank goodness we have a choice in what we watch on TV.
    And thank you Bubba for this Blog.

    “God Bless America”

  10. John on said:

    Good topic and one that has been bothering me for some time now.

    Lets start with commercials. Do my kids really need to know what E.D. is? Why do we need to even discuss Sexual Dysfunction at 8 o’clock when your kids are around the TV? You always get the question “What is an erection what do you do with it for up to 4 hours”. Why expose our children to this pandering? It should be limited to timing after 11PM, end of story.

    Next tune into the Disney Channel or Nick and get ready to learn about more sex, interracial relationships and the “it’s OK to be Gay” mentality. What ever happened to Bugs Bunny slapping Elmer Fudd around? We have weak shows that have absolutely no plot and it’s my belief is that they don’t want your kids to think past the number two or have any grasp of thinking out of the box, they want to control their minds and dig into their belief system. My kids were talking about a show the other day about a character on Disney that “came out” to his parents…. WHAT? Why promote this idea in the first place unless it is to drive a agenda and plant seeds. What ever happened to the strong competitive spirit in our youth, you know, the football player athletic type? They have been replaced by little flitty twits that are just one of the girls. Wrong message again. Welcome to the Adam Lambert era, where if it feels good do it, regardless of the lack of morality it presents.

    Then there is my wife’s favorite show “Gays Anatomy” and others like them where someone is getting dry humped in some closest or two women getting married… come on. The people that write this dribble only have an agenda and it is to promote their own beliefs and views. You would have never seen two guys going at it in a tent on Mash! But who knows what the modern version would look like in today’s society that has a absence of moral focus. How about tune into cinemax and see things like Hills have thighs x rated version after 11 at night, whatever happened to not having this stuff on TV and you had to pay extra for a playboy channel subscription.. that’s right.. you would be harming someone by denying them their soft porn.

    I actually set a ratings block on my TV and I’m always having to unlock a show for my kids that for some reason won’t work. But Disney and Nick always get by with what they promote as well as Gay’s anatomy and others. It seems it’s ok to have a male/male or female/female relationship but you better not say the F word.

    I sure do every time I watch….. come sensor me.

  11. Stephanie on said:

    TV is meant for entertainment. Networks want ratings because it brings in the advertisers. If you create a buzz around one show or another, then you generate some revenue. It really is just about that simple.

    The “morals” of this country are not really dying because of it. Everyone has the right and ability to self censor their TVs. You can block programming, you can turn it off or, if you so desire, you can remove TVs from your home all together.

    As for all the extremes either crying because there is too much shown on TV or not enough shown on TV, well, that is just for them to argue. Personally, I think there are some things that do not need to be discussed on TV, but discussed between the parents and their children. Your personal views dictate your children’s morals and values, not what is shown on TV. I also believe that if your child does see something that is against your views, then you discuss it with your kids. Kids don’t need to be protected from everything, but they also dont need to be told everything either.

    Lastly, on the Chaz issue. I could care less if he was transgender or a drag queen or a gay or lesbian, greedy (bi-sexual) or straight. Does anyone really look at everyone they encounter and wonder to themselves what their sexual preference is? Is it really that much of a need to know? The only reason why it is such an issue is because it causes controversy and helps to derail the general public from discussing and finding a solution to real problems facing our nation today. If we put as much effort into discussing those topics as we do Chaz Bono’s sexuality, maybe our nation will be in a better situation all around.

  12. Amanda on said:

    I will be the first to admit I am a very spiritual person. I have a deep belief in God, Jesus, and the sanctity of life. With that said, I know that my next few statements will probably piss off A LOT of people. So I believe that God wants us to push our beliefs, or lack thereof, down other peoples’ throats? OF COURSE NOT! I believe that God gave us the gift of free will for a reason- to think for ourselves, decide what we do and don’t want in our lives, and to live our lives as we see fit. If that means loving someone of the same sex, or living as ‘man and wife’ without the whole wedding fiasco, whether you want to dress as the opposite sex, or dance with them… It is your life to live, your choices to make. You have to deal with the consequences. If that involves using that off button on your remote because something on TV offends you, then use it. Yes there are some things that have NO place on TV, but really folks, God gave you the ability to think and decide for yourself for a reason.. Please use it appropriately.

  13. Karen on said:

    If a know-nothing, trailer-trash, twit like Bristol Palin can be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, why not a genuine human being like Chaz Bono? Both are likely to raise the ratings and generate big advertising revenue — and that’s what it’s all about.

    With regard to Chaz specifically … I can’t imagine how it must feel to be trapped in the wrong body, but I’m sure it’s torture. Being a high profile individual had to make the journey even more difficult. With amazing poise and grace, Chaz brought transgender issues front and center. I admire his fortitude.

  14. Stephen E dalton on said:

    I don’t hate Chaz Bono, I merely feel sorry for her. The ones I really dislike are the morons who encouraged her to destroy herself with psychobabble and surgical mutulation, telling her she was a man inside. Wrong, this poor young woman, no matter how masculine she makes herself with surgery and hormone treatments will always be a women. Her sexual idenity is encoded in her DNA. No amount of psychology or chemical doses will change that. Like all deceived persons who have taken this route ,she will end up depressed, angry, and suicidal. Hopefully, she will come to her senses, realize how she was deceived, and learn how to live a happy life.Otherwise, her future won’t have a happy ending.

  15. Sunny James on said:

    change over the years has been slow & people dont like change

  16. carolyn on said:

    loved the caption with Cher!

  17. michael on said:

    I want to see Chaz and Jennifer in a re-make of Blue Lagoon!! :)

    • Sid Bream on said:

      That made me howl! Nice.

  18. Lisa Jones on said:

    Honestly, I couldn’t care less what’s on TV. I’ve never watched DWTS, and don’t know anyone who has. I also don’t watch any of the so-called reality shows, because they are just a waste of time. I realize that “mainstream” people are looking for a good distraction sometimes, and they are entitled to do what they want. I even saw where a psychologist on Fox News was warning people not to watch DWTS because of Chaz Bono. It’s called exercising your rights, people. If you don’t want to watch something, TURN IT OFF. If you don’t want your kids watching something, TURN IT OFF. You can block programming or whole categories of programming with the v-chip, or whatever it’s called now. Be a parent. Be responsible for what you do, and what you allow your kids to do. If we were each personally responsible for our actions, our words, and our attitudes, then the so-called fundamentalist Christians wouldn’t feel as if they have to be everyone’s conscience. I am a Christian and happy with the decision I’ve made, but I also believe in personal responsibility and adhering to ones’ values and opinions. If you’re absorbing all of this television, perhaps it’s time to turn off the box and get into more enhancing activities like….well….TALKING with your children, and playing with them. Get to know who they are. They grow up way too fast, anyways, and those opportunities are lost soon enough.

  19. Polly on said:

    OK, I am a DWTS fan. However Chaz cant dance! Neither, btw, can Nancy Grace. To me that is the issue. Who cares whar surgery he had, what adjustments he made or anything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Ritch on said:

    Lucy and Ricky slept in separate beds too. Dick Van Dyke and I Love Lucy are my all time favorite shows. My name is actually spelled the way it is because Rob and Laura’s son’s name was spelled Ritchie.

  21. David on said:

    If it isn’t AMC, Food Network or ESPN then I don’t watch it. I don’t care who is on any reality show, it just doesn’t affect me.

  22. BR-549 on said:

    First thing I want to know is…does the Chaz prefer men or women? If she is now a he and prefers women does that make him…err, her…Chaz a heterosexual or a trans-gendered lesbian? Not that everyone requires a label; I’m just trying to keep it all straight in my head. I have other questions but an answer to that will probably answer the rest…

    All I can say is that I know what I Believe in and I am not perfect. I teach my kids what I Believe. I turn off the obvious (what I consider) “over the line” TV shows and if something slips through, I address it at that time. If I don’t let them watch something, I’m sure at some point they will hear about it at school and I will then have to un-do what someone else has done in the way of an explanation.

    The world is closer to the end than it was yesterday but how close that is, no one knows. I just don’t know how anything like Jersey Shore, Flipping Out, Big Brother can be topped before that happens but as Bubba pointed it…we have come a long way in 50 years; I can only imagine what the next 50 will bring…we probably won’t even have TV; it’ll be some wacked out form of entertainment like a pill or something.

    That is all folks!

  23. Rob Holmes on said:

    My wife and I have a hell of a time trying to watch what our kids are watching. The parental controls on our Direct TV helps, but my girls have sleep overs and then there is the internet which is a whole other subject. I can’t control what they watch all the time. The old shows showed us that you don’t have to be gratuitous to be good!

  24. Andy Dickinson on said:

    I agree with an earlier comment that their are more serious issues than DWTS. I do, however, think it is interesting that this program is called DWT STARS! I do not call most of these people stars. I mean really, Chaz, Bristol Palin, Nancy Grace and athletes. I also do not consider reality folks….stars! Whatever happened to real stars!

  25. Ann on said:

    I don’t watch ANY sitcoms or reality shows. It is disgraceful that such foul language and suggestive scenes are allowed to be telecast. Sporting events and newscasts are about all I watch.

  26. Buford Pusser on said:

    i gotta say, i’m truly appalled at the public reaction to this…chaz has serious mental issues and didn’t need a surgeon, he needed a psychiatrist…clearly this show has jumped the shark…we get kirstie last season, who in my opinion needed that 200lb tumor taken off her ass, jump around like a mini cow prodded by an electric louisville slugger…now we have a dude who still has resentment from his last show “celebrity fit club” trying to dance his way into the hearts and minds of america.

    i’d enjoy a show with these same folks sitting in a padded room with unannounced intense shock therapy.

  27. Mary Alexander on said:

    I love Dancing with the Stars and loved Chaz on Oprah…not quite two great tastes that taste great together like a Reese’s peanut butter cup, but interesting and entertaining just the same.

  28. Sine Qua Non on said:

    You must. stop. with the television trivia. mmmm, I love it sooo much. Too much, maybe? MORE MORE MORE. Oh yes.

  29. Tricia on said:

    I cannot say it any better than BR-549.

    My 9 year old is still only allowed to watch Nick Jr., shows I select (Little House on the Prairie, Andy Griffith, etc.) or the movies I buy for her. It is a shame that you cannot even channel flip without needing to ear-plug and blindfold your child until you come across something not inappropriate for your child to see or hear!

  30. Paula Harris on said:

    2 things…in a nutshell- Television does owe the public( defined as everyone watching- including the toddlers) some sort of obligation- though frankly I am more horrified by all the blood, gore and killing young children are exposed to than I am to various lifestyles. so I don’t have a problem with Chaz dancing because of a sex change…but that brings me to my next point

    If Chaz is defined as a “star” they are seriously scraping the bottom of the barrel in Hollywood. I think ” Star” need to be a bit more strongly defined to exclude anyone who’s only claim to “Fame” is a famous parent or a controversial sex change. Dancing takes a certain amount of athletic ability…Chaz and athletics are obviously not well acquainted..and he really isn’t what most would consider “famous” MUCH LESS a “STAR” I don’t get why they would invite him to compete unless they were HOPING to stir up the fundamentalist pot- who have reliably made a mountain out of…well.. not even a ” molehill” Than again I never understoof thewhole Bristol Palin thing either..she’s not a star by the same token. She sure as heck wasn’t the first un-wed teen to get preggers….Now is SARAH PALIN was competing THAT would be a show!

    I say set up parental controls on your TV and don’t support shows you don’t like. Bottom line…if they get views( for whatever reason) the show is seen as a success. Personally- I;d MUCH rather see Mario Lopez than Chaz Bono….talk about going from steak to dog food! What a lowering of standards! I’m tired of seeing people who have no talent – other than stirring up controversy- or who have a knack for being related to or hanging out with famous people- being labeled as “Stars” I’m just saying….

  31. Gary Brackett on said:

    I was born at the end of the baby boom – 1960. I have watched TV for many years. I find the discussion (particularly the comments) interesting. I think it is terrific that TV has “grown up” and is not being censored as much. Personally, I don’t find very much interesting on “regular” televsion (the big free over the air networks – CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, etc.). I tend to watch cable series like “The C Word,” “Nurse Jackie” and “Weeds”. I find them to be better written and non-censored. I certainly can’t stand those “reality” shows where people fight with each other all the time. I’m an English major. I like to watch well-written, scripted matieral.

    Parents – not networks or the government – are responsible for what television their children watch, what sites they visit on the internet, what books they read (I hope they still read), etc. My parents and the parents of my generation knew what we watched, what we read, etc. However, parents in the past 20 or so years seem to think that it is the government’s role to “protect” their children – especially the highly religious evangelists. Parents need to use parental controls and discipline their children. There is no discipline any more. That’s why we have a generation of young people who think that the world owes them.

    Television has a responsibility to entertain – that is ALL. At times, they do that and sometimes they even educate the public. Entertainment is a personal choice. If people do not like what is being broadcast, then TURN OFF THE TV. Noone is forced to watch any program.

    I am an adult. I want to see programs with adult themes. I want to hear people talk as real people do – sometimes even using profane language. This is reality.

    So what if Janet Jackson had a wardrobe “malfunction” – she has a nipple. We all do! It was not the end of the world.

    If you don’t want to see Chaz dance -or anything else that bothers or offends you, then don’t watch it but don’t try to censor what I can watch.

    Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!

  32. Vicki Ringer on said:

    Bubba, you never cease to keep me hootin’ and hollerin’ over your posts! Ok, I admit it. I’m addicted to TV. I watch too much. Perhaps there’s 12 steps for this. I think anyone who gets bent out of shape about Chaz Bono on DWTS needs a serious life adjustment. Don’t know what church they go to, but I want to stay far away. All they’ve succeeded in doing is ensuring his stay on the show for much longer than I’m betting he deserves (a la Bristol Palin).

  33. Danna Rohleder on said:

    Well, Bubba, you have outdone yourself with this one. TV is what it is because millions of people watch trash. I subscribe to the theory that whatever you fill your mind with is what you will come to accept, believe, and think is the norm. Garbage in—-Garbage out. If you feed yourself a steady diet of junk food, you will not be healthy. Americans have fed themselves a steady diet of Junk TV for years. What can you expect? Junk thinking.

    We have a new norm with accepted television shows today in this country. And as for Chaz, I truly feel sorry for the beautiful young girl who never had a normal childhood. Those formative years (NOW considered to be Womb through Three, not 1-5 anymore) are THE key to having healthy, productive children. No telling what Cher was taking, or smoking, or doing when she carried Chastity. No telling what that child was exposed to from ages 1 – 3 either.

    Sorry this post is not filled with my usual sarcasm and critical commentary, but this one deals with a child, born innocent and pure who was corrupted by others. I just can’t joke about that.

  34. Blondie on said:

    Love remembering all of the old shows and realizing what my three now-almost-adult children have grown up watching. Thanks Bubba!
    My husband wasn’t allowed to watch “Get Smart” as a kiddo, due to the violent content. My family watched: “The Waltons”, “Little House on the Prairie” and “The Andy Griffith Show”. At my grandparents, we loved to watch “Ponderosa” and “The Lawrence Welk Show” — ah, the memories…. Occasionally I’d come home from a date (in the early 80s) to find my parents watching SNL — oh the scandal!

  35. Freehawk on said:

    I all the time watch TV and say “They CAN’T say that!” but they do these days.

    I once read the book “The Making of Star Trek” which discussed these kind of arbitrary 60s things. For instance, you can show the top of a breast but not the bottom of it.

  36. Freehawk on said:

    P.S. I have seen Barbara Eden’s belly button, and it is real and it is SPECTACULAR.

  37. Mary on said:

    There was a period in my life where I was re-attending college trying to get some paper, and I didn’t watch much TV……Until my then teenager said “Oooh Ma, check out this video.”
    I saw some chickie with long hair singing “Welcome to the Jungle”. Well, as you know, that ain’t a chick!!! I’ve been unbiased about ANYTHING I see on TV since!! If Chaz wants to Dance with The Stars, I say, you go dude, and at least this time I got the gender right!!!!! Personally, I HATE reality shows.

  38. 8675309 on said:

    DUHHHHH – it’s all about the ratings & sponsors. The more “out there” a topic is the more rubber neckers or vicarious thrill seekers hype it & watch it. DWTS is not alone but they really are sinking pretty low this entire season of “celebrities”… I remember watching Chastity Bono as a cute little girl…as a parent, I’d want my child to be happy but who’s to say what road to happiness should be travelled? Remember…when you come to the fork in the road, take it!!!

  39. Dr. Sturran on said:

    well all I can say on this is…………gives a whole new meaning to a “chick with a dick ” I guess the Bono family is jus all about body rearrangin.

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