ACC Grows,Clemson SHOWS!

What a difference a week makes. After the less-than-awesome showings against Troy & Woffard, This guy — along with a host of other Clemson Grads — was scratchin’ his head about the Tigers and their 2011 toughest-season-since–Frank-Howard’s-days schedule. I was so put out with Clemson’s O-Line I even posted a pic on Facebook making fun of them! Similarly, the ACC as a conference offered nothing to raise my pulse either.

On the other hand, My USC Law school Alumn’ Alter-ego was doing his best impression of Michael Myers’ character DIETER on SNL: Happy as a little GURL! With eight teams ranked in the top 25 to start the season, the SEC was rockin’ their best Jolly Green Giant while the ACC, was barely managing to impersonate the red-headed little green step-sprout (ok…with a just smidge of Human Growth Hormone.

And as for the Cocks, I actually thought the Ol’ Ball Coach purposely sat Garcia’s ass down, knowing full-well that he’d fall behind by at least two touchdowns, which they did, and then pluck him off that bench to commence cuttin’ ECU’s natural ass, which they did: All by a brilliant –albeit cocky– design. (I STILL think that by the way.) Then there was Georgia: Pure classic smash mouth football at its best. …And then came last weekend.
I repeat:What a Difference a week makes! What’s that ROAR I hear? Get ready for the Big Atlantic East Coast Conference, or something to that effect. The ACC, which had made raids into the Big East before, claimed Syracuse and Pittsburgh on Monday, consolidating its position as the preeminent college sports conference on the East Coast. As the Big XII’s disintegration has led to jockeying by the SEC and Pac-12 — and the 12-team Big Ten standing pat — moves by the ACC have shown that the power has gone to the hunters. And the ACC apparently has a license to KILL!

The real power in college athletics is in major football and (postseason) men’s basketball, according to Taylor Branch’s piece on the NCAA. Syracuse and Pitt represent programs which contribute historically at both. And according to Orange men’s basketball coach Jim Boeheim, there will be more to come.

“I think UConn will be in the ACC, if I had to guess,” Boeheim said in The Birmingham News. “I think Rutgers could be. I think some people are thinking of leaving. … Why would Florida State want to go to the SEC when you’re in the ACC and you win banners? Doesn’t make sense.”

Becoming the first legitimate 16-team superconference in football — and NO folks, the old WAC doesn’t count — and blowing up the Big East’s 17-team men’s basketball roster would mean the ACC would have one foot in the BCS bacchanal while using its other foot to kick the Big East into oblivion . Adding in UConn and Rutgers would mean having New York, D.C. and Miami media markets. As it is, Florida State and Clemson have no want to join the SEC as it tries to find a groom for Texas A&M.

There’s now no need, either.

And love me or hate me, I cannot let this piece end without throwing out some major Orange-and-White Paw-Props to DA MAN, DABO Swinney! With his bottom lip just a quiverin’, Former Clemson football coach Tommy Bowden UNFORTUNATELY parlayed “must-win” games into several more years on the job during his Tenure of TIGER MALAISE. Last Saturday on National TV, Current coach Dabo Swinney had the first of what will inevitably be many of his “signature wins” when his ORIGINAL Tigers pounded Auburn and let them find out what a REAL Death Valley tastes like!

The good news for Clemson going into that game is that the team it played was an eight-win version of the one that had 14 last year. As well, the win proved two necessaries for Clemson: Winning at home against a good opponent, and surging ahead after suffering an early deficit.

The bad news is that a quality Florida State squad comes in to town this weekend. But you know what folks? I ain’t scared a no NOLE. I guess it’s Official: This Redneck has turned Orange for the Fall! What are your colors looking like at he moment?

* J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr [BA 1985, Clemson University; JD 1988, University of South Carolina School of Law]

with Wes Wolfe. He’s written for 11 publications in five states, and is the proprietor of The Five Points Flood.

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27 thoughts on “ACC Grows,Clemson SHOWS!

  1. Polly on said:

    Yall may add Syracuse (another crappy orange team) and UConn (a basketball powehouse only in reality), but the SEC will still dominate the polls and the games. Anyone with half a brain tied behind their backs (Tater fans?) knows that this year is Auburn’s massive rebuilding year. They built the whole champion team around one player, and Scammy Scam is off in the NFL. Now, if Clemson had beaten Alabama, Florida or USC then I’d be impressed.

    I will say Dabo is a class act. I know many people who know me might be shocked but he is. He publically supports his players and remains positive.

    NOW: How about worrying about graduation rates, or percentages of new graduates with non-minimum wage jobs? Isnt that more important than football???? (I’m waiting for the ghost of Bear to knock on my door).

  2. Mary on said:

    For me, it’s strictly cause I am a Gamecock Fan that I say no orange runs in this redneck blood, however, I have two brother who are Orange graduates, one with a PhD. So, on RARE occasions, I will tell them that so-and-so played an excellent game TODAY. I don’t care if the Gamecocks never win, I will be a fan. BUT….if they want to keep looking good out there, get ‘em fellas. Gotta give Dabo his props too! Shhhhh!!

  3. Tricia on said:

    ACC Grows, Clemson Shows! Hmmm… My daughter and her friends say, “Gamecocks Rule, Clemson Drools.” :)

  4. Teresa Edwards-Karr on said:

    I am a true Clemson fan win or loose.I knew when Dabo took over the team it would be a slow process to get them where he wants them.I am so proud of what he has done considering loosing so many seniors and gaining so many freshmen.All I can say is if they are this good with all of these freshmen just wait until they are juniors & seniors..GO TIGERS!!!!!!

  5. John on said:

    I will always give props to the ACC for Basketball as they have some great teams that are always in the hunt for the championship like Duke, etc. BUT, don’t ever think for a moment that the ACC will ever be considered a powerhouse in football and if you do you will be caught in the next random drug screen. Perhaps they may whip up on a few of their weaklings in their conference but when they have a winning season and get to a BCS bowl the light is shined on their competition they faced during the year. Just look at their winning percentage in comparison with other conferences in BCS bowl games.

    The SEC with 12 wins and 9 losses in comparson with ACC 6 wins and 16 losses is the tell tale sign of a weak conference. Big Ten 10-9, Big East 10-7, Pack 10 10-7 and Big 12 3-8 can be used in a comparison as well. So it seems that the ACC sends it’s best and it falls flat in competing with other conferences. So why is this? Don’t they have enough money to recruit top talent… Sure they do. They have top talent and have great recruiting classes and fail to produce championships. It’s not just Dabo, it’s all of the ACC combined that fails in this category.

    Going out and getting more weak football teams to join their conference of the Athletically Challenged won’t help this problem, it only gives them more opportunity to succeed in their conference schedule and be shamed when it comes to major competition.

    So you always wonder how do they change what they are doing and become successful? Change your recruiting strategy for starters. Clemson and Carolina are both guilty in a failed mindset when it comes to recruiting. They fail to get the true talent that is available in our state and they fail to properly educate those that attend the universities. It should never be a puppy mlll for the NFL, it’s a education system that should focus on the education of these kids so they can do more than wash cars when they graduate, if they do. Case in point as I sat in the stands watching the Wofford / Clemson game my son leaned over and said ” I bet Woffords’ quarterback is smarter than Clemson’s entire offense”.. He is right actually since Woffords’s quarterback is Phi Beta Capa with a 3.8 GPA in Physics. Heck, wasn’t Dabo talking not long ago that he had to go get dry erase boards for the team and not one of them could draw up a play, much less read the playbook or lick the boards (cause it tastes good) rather than use the eraser… sorry had to go there, LOL.

    If they were to go after the smart big talented players they would spend less time with their tutors and more time watching film. Believe me I know from experience this occurs first hand. Funny thing is that Auburn is also a victim of their recruiting since the football program recruits into the university rather than being qualified to attend first and play second. I have the letters and I know this to be true. I really wonder what Clowney’s GPA was…. really and really do you think he will stay long enough to graduate with a degree in Engineering…. sure, more like general studies whatever that will get you in the real world.

    I am certain that the Clemson nation is thrilled to play a supposed big time SEC team and win, but the Auburn this year is not the Auburn of last year. It didn’t work out so well for Clemson last year did it. But the problem will still exist… sure win big in your conference and then become a statistic in the looser column in the BCS.

    But it’s just football now isn’t it.

  6. Rod Simmons on said:

    Let actions speek louder then words or screaming like a gurl! GO GAMECOCKS!!! :D

  7. Robert Holmes on said:

    The amazing thing, or scary if you’re going to be playing Clemson in the next several years, is that half the team are either true freshman or Red Shirt freshman. The aggressive recruiting job Coach Dabo has accomplished, to get some of the best High School Players in the country, cannot be underestimated. This team is a sleeping, or developing, giant just waiting to wake up! I think the alarm clock went off last Saturday in Death Valley!

  8. Tummy the Giraffe on said:

    I can’t agree with you that the ACC has no improved themselves in the college football world with the addition of Syracuse and Pitt. Syracuse has been terrible over the last 10 years and Pitt has be mediocre at best. I would prefer to see Clemson, FSU, and GT all jump to the SEC but I don’t see all 3 going anywhere. There is a really good read on why Clemson should go to the SEC written by a UGA fan at

  9. MikeG on said:

    SEC still rules!! But I will say this about Dabo (and I’m a Gamecock fan) everything I have heard about Dabo is that he is a really good person, very down to earth and everybody, including his players, like him alot…As far as coaching goes, I admit that while I love football, I am no expert on the x’s and o’s but Dabo seems to do pretty well with the recruiting…With all that syrupy niceness out of me, GO GAMECOCKS!! :)

  10. Lisa Jones on said:

    Sorry, not a college football fan, and not a Clemson fan. Kentucky basketball is my game. Wish you and the Tigers’ fans all the best!

  11. Grayson Marshall on said:

    It was a great time to show progress in the football program. But if we lay an egg this week against FSU we will be singing the same old song that we have been for years, Can’t win the big one and lose the ones we should win, a recipe for mediocrity. It is time to enter in to the best of the best.

    • Ed on said:

      Grayson, my man, good to see you posting on Bubba’s site. Hope all is well!

      Ed Bleynat

  12. Thomas on said:

    Obviously all that matters is SEC football, so let’s not worry about the ACC until basketball season starts

  13. Ed on said:

    Like Abby Hoffman said to Forest Gump after an inaudible speech, “Man, you said it all!”

  14. Dawn on said:

    My blood runneth orange forever! Auburn was an awesome win for us. Yes, for those who are saying (or nay-saying?) that Auburn is not the same Auburn as last year, I say Clemson is not the same Clemson as last year!! We are moving forward o both sides of the ball. Given that, Florida State is a formidable foe! They played the #1 team last Saturday and faired pretty well even though they ended with a L. We need to be ready!!

  15. Barbara on said:

    I am so impressed with your blog Bubba! great job!

  16. Hunter on said:

    My blood runneth orange – matches my hair, it’s tue! But also sometimes garnet or gold or even blue. Confess it’s often the social I crave, bored at times with sports rants and raves. No more, my friend, if you keep this up – updated, entertained, and paws to you!!

    Thanks, Bubba!

  17. Dixie inabinet hicks on said:

    I love all your photos Bubba! All of your effort too! I just loved my days at CU. Oh to be there and do a few things again. I sure would have appreciated my front door delivery in the Defender bus a lot more! XO Dixie

  18. Randy on said:

    What goes around comes around or vice versa. Statistics can go in many directions. All this ACC SEC Big 10 Big 12 Big 8 , you can slice it however you want it but might as well just call it Big $$$$. That is what it is all about. The term student athlete is a joke. I apologize to those who are in for the education but you are in the minority and know it well.

    As for the SEC powers and going around coming around. Congrats to the mighty Alabama. Ride the wave while you can lest you forget 1982 8-4 ’83 8-4 ’84 5-6 ’87 7- 5 ’90 7-5
    ’93 1-12 ’97 4-7 ’98 7-5 2000 3-8 2001 7-5 2003 4-9 2004 6-6 2006 6-7 2007 8-5. And with the exception of Florida you can do this for all of them… as well as anyone in the ACC.

    For all of you gamecock/SEC? in the same sentence folk. I would hate to post the mighty gamecocks past but the future looks pretty good. Again ride the wave it is your first. With the SEC East not even in the ocean to catch a wave you should have it all to yourselves.

    As the years pass, the internet is going to have to expand the use of the * as these conferences battle for the real power $$$$$$$$.

    Good luck to you all.

    • Mike on said:

      Excellent rebuttal to all the SEC history junk. Its funny how the Chicken fans love to use the history statistics of their beloved SEC conference, but refuse to do the same for the history of beatdowns that Clemson has over USC! They are way to proud for their own good. There is a humbling coming. GO TIGERS!!!

  19. Danna Rohleder on said:

    “Gamecocks Rule, Clemson Drools.”

    So happy the Clemson football team is recovering from it addiction to DRUGS. I understand that being DRUG up one side of the field and down the other is no fun. The Gamecocks have been there and done that for many years….we own the right to the tee-shirt. But don’t get too “Cocky” you old “Tiggers”…..we have a showdown coming up..November, is it?
    Gooooo Cocks!

  20. Linda Shivers Bleckley on said:

    How ’bout those Tigers!! Sat, the place was electrified before the game started. Tiger fams were prepared and ready for a great show. Which they received starting in the 2nd quarter when the tigers came together. They finally got their act together Sat., We will continue to see them struggle since they are so young but Dabo has put together a good team and they will continue to grow and improve. ACC is the conference to be in that’s for sure. Thanks for your article.

  21. Andrew Williams on said:


  22. Scott Gosnell on said:

    The ACC added two less than stellar football schools but they did gain long term stability with the move. To be honest, I could not care less about the perception of the ACC vs. the SEC. What I do care about is Clemson and Clemson only. If they can’t win the ACC, does it really matter what the SEC is doing? We get a couple of opportunities every year to see how they do against SEC opponents. That is enough for me.

    Nice to hear from you Bubba and I hope all is well. I would like to see you in Columbia at the game this year. I am looking for a nice place to stay while there. Any suggestions? I hear the Whitney Hotel is nice and the rooms are very affordable…….

  23. Irb on said:

    Way to go Tigers!!!

  24. Irb on said:

    Sooo proud of CLEMSON TIGERS !! Their synergy is their mojo!!

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