BCS 5th Ranked Clemson is America’s Team

As Clemson’s historic football season rolls on, the Tigers are becoming America’s Team. By the time the game clock hit triple-zeroes in the 59-38 win over North Carolina, they’d earned the respect of former Florida coach and two-time national champion Urban Meyer. Emerging as the best college football analyst on television, Meyer said that an undefeated regular season virtually guarantees Clemson another shot at the national title.

“With the environment here and the type of players, Clemson should be playing in BCS games regularly,” Meyer said. “Heck of a place.”

Reflecting on the honoring of the 1981 championship team at Saturday’s game, Columbia sports reporter Drew Stewart said those Tigers are ready for a new team of standard-bearers. “[I]n 2008 when Dabo was named Clemson’s head coach, I remember the numerous comparison’s to Danny Ford such to the point when I produced a story on the comparisons between Coach Ford and Coach Swinney, Coach Ford was so tired of hearing about them, he refused to take part in my story.”

Why not this team? “We have been special before and we will be special again,” CU head coach Dabo Swinney said. “They are enjoying our team. Even though our style might be different, hopefully we can get the same results. Who knows how good we can be? I don’t know if they knew how good they would be at this time.”

Wisconsin and Oklahoma have dropped from the ranks of the unbeaten. Only one team can emerge from the SEC and Big XII without a loss, while Boise State hasn’t, and won’t come close,  to being tested like the Tigers have. In the event there are more than two unbeaten teams after the conference championships, Clemson’s got the advantage.

You just need to tune in any Saturday this season, and you’ll see the most exciting team in college football. For three quarters yesterday, UNC outscored Clemson 31-24.  A 35-7 third-quarter hammering of the Tar Heels was the difference, aided by one of two touchdowns by defensive end Kourtnei Brown. Incidentally, Brown became the first CU defensive player to score two touchdowns in one game in 57 years, and it’s the first time Clemson’s put that many points up in one quarter since –guess when???–Oct. 31, 1981 against Wake Forest.

Dropping 50-plus points on teams in consecutive weeks, the Tiger offense is arguably the most explosive in the game right now. And unlike the punitive way Steve Spurrier’s Florida teams would do it, Clemson seems more like Gen. George Patton, going hell-bent toward its objective.

It may be a cliche, but these Tigers are hungry. Just ask the quarterback.  “We got the potential for this to be a great season, but we are not finished yet,” Tajh Boyd said. It’s good to see that Clemson’s “Crown Jewel” is still grounded in reality, especially with the growing “Heisman-Hype” I watched hatch last night on ESPN.

Don’t misunderstand ME either. I know that Clemson could get their asses whipped in Atlanta next weekend. Lord knows I’ve seen that before. And if anyone can ramble around and WRECK an 8-Game winning streak, the Yellow Jackets have been there. Done that. Clemson is FAR from perfection. To be sure, the game this weekend punctuated some patent defects: The defensive backs make mistakes they should not, and opposing offenses are practically spotted 21 points at kickoff.

Notwithstanding those probs, Saturday revealed that the D could give it back just as tough, forcing six turnovers and Brown’s two touchdowns. It takes big risks to make big plays, and the Tigers are willing to take the risks they need to win.

“We’ve been working for two years to develop a mentality to handle adversity and success. There have only been four 8-0 teams in the history of Clemson football,” Swinney said. “It’s a special time to be a Clemson Tiger. We have to learn from this tape and just keep doing what we do. We have to empty the tank this week in practice and then leave it all on the field at Georgia Tech.”

Win or lose Saturday Night in Atlanta, this Tiger couldn’t be more proud. As a Clemson Alumnus, I am walking around with a new pep in my step, and pride in my stride. I know it’s silly in the grand scheme of things, but The 2011 Tiger Football Program is the wind behind my back this Fall and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Everything that people love about college football is on display on Frank Howard Field. If you haven’t been paying attention this season, you ought to. Being a part of America’s Team is  too much fun not to be shared with everyone.

by J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr , an Attorney licensed to practice in South Carolina, California &The District of Columbia. He received his BA in 1985 from Clemson University and his JD in 1988 from the University of South Carolina School of Law.

with Wes Wolfe. He’s written for 11 publications in five states, and is the proprietor of The Five Points Flood.

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40 thoughts on “BCS 5th Ranked Clemson is America’s Team

  1. Freehawk on said:

    Bubba – Really?

    When Meyer said Clemson should be playing in BCS games regularly, he wasn’t making a prediction — he was begging the question of why you haven’t. Being the sports historian that he is, he probably remembers last year’s losing season.

    Otherwise, your team is currently on top of the ACC, which is like being the tallest midget.

    You give up a lot of points, can’t run the ball, can’t complete short passes, but so far are reasonably good at the deep ball. Spurrier’s offenses at Florida, heck, his offenses at Duke, didn’t get in 3rd and long as many times as Clemson’s current offense does.

    America thinks that sweatshirt boy has a dumb nickname, had no coordinator experience, let alone head coach experience, when Clemson’s other candidate for dumbest man in America made him head coach because Dat boy stabbed his boss in the back and because said AD (“dumber”) apparently wanted to do the same things, cheaper. Dat boy does have insurance sales experience to fall back on, if he gets caught by the NCAA doing the stuff that got him run off from Alabama.

    Clemson is ranked, because somebody from the ACC has to be. Good luck with the rest of your season, you won’t play a ranked team until the last game.

    • cromeradmin on said:

      Long answer:
      That’s OKAY Freehawk! You go ahead and hate all you want. I know what it feels like to have a team you love and think is great, that NO ONE ELSE is talking about! I’m just really thankful–and proud beyond words–that folks are talking about my team NOW eight games into the Season.
      Short answer: Yes. Really!

  2. Gerald Head on said:

    That Comment was just topical rhetoric from a gamecock fan who only wishes they had the season Clemson has. Its in there blood to spew hatred towards Clemson at any cost. Its a shame, you would think a more civilized society could produce free thinkers instead of towing the ABC mantra just because there “daddy” did mentality. Go Tigers, congratulations on the GREAT SEASON 8-0. #5…….just think it has take Dabo half the time to make it into the top 5 than “The Ole Head Coach” spurrier since being in SC. Way to go Dabo taking your first Head Coaching job to the TOP :)

    • Ann Head on said:

      Yep, Go boy’s Go tigers!

  3. Sherry Bradshaw on said:

    Clemson University is one of the most unique and exciting enviroments for college football. It is understandable why we have attracted some of the most talented football talents in the country. Even in Tim Tebow’s book, he talks about Clemson would have been the right fit for him but he didn’t think that Clemson could compete for a National Title. While respecting and admiring Tim Tebow as a person and as a player, we all know Clemson has and is cable of doing just that,Winning a National Title. Personally, I love seeing a head Coach like Dabo, who is unashamed and outspoken about his faith, succeed!! Whether we win a National title or not, remains to be seen, but it is fantastic for our loyal fans, students, and administration to be a part of something so exciting. Our coaches and players deserve the credit for all their hard work and deep belief in themselves! As a parent of 3 student ahtletes, I know first hand, how hard these kids work and the sacrifices they make each and everyday to be the best they can be and sometimes no matter how hard a team works they don’t come out on top so to some it up, my hat is off to the hard work that has been put in for all of us Clemson fans to enjoy the 8-0 Season so far! Go TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. BA on said:

    Seeing Dabo’s 2011 Tigers on the field with Danny’s 1981 National Championship team was a great day for Clemson fans! This is turning out to be a very special season for Clemson, just like our freshman year of 1981.

    Keep the updates coming Bubba! Go Tigers!

    • Ann Head on said:

      I agree it was great!!!

  5. Eddie B on said:

    Can we change the Alma Mater words to “where the orange hills yawns it’s greatness”?

  6. Darra on said:

    Anyone have Georgia Tech tickets? I’m looking for two.

  7. SirBigSpur on said:

    Big Ole Cock fan here and all I can do is sit here and watch the Solid Orange Nation thoroughly enjoy their undefeated season unfold in front of them. I’m very happy for my felllow orange clad brothers and sisters. I’m still rooting for the Gamecocks but I just have this eery feeling in my gut that here, in Columbia, we are dealing with a brittle house of cards…one strong burst of wind can bring it all down. I hope I’m wrong but with all the preseason hype and now losing 2 of the 3 reasons why they won the SEC East last year by midseason is making me feel uneasy at best. I like that the Cocks are taking on the “Win Anyway” mantra that the baseball team took on. I hope it works…right now hope is all I have because the facts are stacking up against my preseason SEC East champions! Good luck to the Taters and please just hang on Gamecocks!

    • Ann Head on said:

      You know true fan see’s the writing on the wall!

  8. James on said:

    Great read, Bubba. I’m with Dabo, why not us? I’d be ecstatic with an ACC championship (detractors be damned!), but I wouldn’t turn down a trip to New Orleans. Let’s Shock the World, Tigers!

  9. GeorgiaBullDawg on said:

    America’s team? How so? They are not even South Carolina’s team! They are playing great but dont get carried away. Good luck in the A SHE SHE conference championship!

    • cromeradmin on said:

      As much as I hate the Tiger-bashing in here, I gotta give Georgiabulldawg FIVE *****5 stars for the “A SHE SHE” comment! That’s a first! Awesome man!

  10. John on said:

    Clemson seems to be the Auburn of this year. They have won many games that they deserved to lose, they brought in a recruit that has amplified their offense, and people are calling them “America’s Team”. But let’s not get carried away here. True, Clemson has been involved in no recruiting scandal, but then again, Cam Newton is ten time a better football player than anyone currently on Clemson’s roster, and easily would have been worth the money that Auburn “paid” him. Clemson doesnt’t have much of a defense, and most of the players that show promise are too young to lead a national championship defense. Does anyone really believe that Clemson deserves to be in the same class as Alabama or LSU? No. But some folks convince themselves that they do so that they dont cry themselves to sleep every night. Now all we have to do is wait until November 5th, when the national championship game is being played in Tuscaloosa.

  11. Thomas on said:

    Wake Forest is 4-1 in the ACC, and they lost to Syracuse. I’ll leave it at that.

  12. Callie on said:

    Great article! Go Tigers! I truly hope Clemson makes it to the National Championship – it’s been too long!

  13. b.bugswatter on said:

    You can count on the Tigers to always rise to the top.; Like a giant oak tree in a forest of adversity gently bending with the winds of change but like the frail bamboo-always returning to the stalwart position of leadership. Thus it was,thus it is and thus will it ever be. GO TIGERS!

  14. Rob Holmes on said:

    America’s team?, I hate the Cowboys! Go Redskins! America’s COLLEGE team, yes, Go Tigers! The parallels between this team and the 1981 team are obvious. Teams that win Championships have the X-Factor (Tuesday night on FOX, 8 eastern/7 central) and this team has the X-Factor! Should I clear my calendar for at or about the first week in January?

  15. Ann Head on said:

    Go Tigers.

  16. Tom Smith on said:

    All the clucking hens and chickens in the area around the State Capital are still in denial. They still believe Steve Spurrier is the best in the world and just waiting on the funding for his statue to immortalize him. Get Real.
    All these CLEMSON TIGERS have done is expose some elite teams of their weaknesses and whupped them (and others learned from them). Yes, they are not a great, complete team … yet … but they are getting there. I would rather have a coach that pushes me hard and believes in me than one that sulks and is so critical of everyone else. Clemson had major letdowns, but has overcome them. Who knows how this year will turn out, but is sure fun watching them play!

  17. Randy Page on said:

    Great post, Bubba! It’s been a whole lot of fun to be in Death Valley for the Auburn, Florida State and North Carolina games. GO TIGERS!

  18. Mandy Perro on said:

    I was a freshman at Clemson in 1981, and I still remember that eletrifying feeling of that season. This team reminds me of the 1981 team. Just like in 1981, we are flying under the radar. No one thinks we are good enough to win the National Championship. That’s okay. They thought the same thing back in 1981. On a personal note, I do hope they win this year. My son is a freshman at Clemson this year, and I would love to have history repeat itself. For all the hate mongers out there, I feel sorry for you. If you ever had the chance to experience Clemson, you would truly understand why Tiger fans are such die hard fans. It is much more than just a ballgame to us.

    • Mike on said:

      I’m with you Mandy. I was a sophomore in ’81 and my son is a sophomore now! A repeat after 30 years would be awesome. Regardless, I am proud to be a CU graduate and a Tiger! Most of the chickens love to find ways to put us down and try to elevate themselves in the process. Life shows us that we reap what we sow. I say to our USC folks, be careful what you are sowing.Clemson has been dominate over the Gamecocks from a historical standpoint and will be so again. (Regardless of USC’s obsession with being in the SEC – Southern Egotistical Conference). Go Tigers!!!!

  19. Kelley on said:

    How can America NOT love these Tigers???? Even when they are down they are NOT out….they find a way to come back, fighting their way to a victory with passion and dedication!

  20. Cooter Brown on said:

    Yaaaaaaahooooooooooooo!!! Da south iz a risin’ again!

  21. Reid Treadaway on said:

    Go Tigers

  22. Ryan Solomon on said:

    When you have #10 and #2 steering our offense, you can expect safe arrivals into the win column. This week, it will be all about taking the sting out of those GT Bumble Bees. Go Tigers! Let’s make it 9-0!

    - Sauls

  23. Oran Smith on said:

    Bubba: Your post (and Sherry Thrift Bradshaw’s comment) have articulated everything I have been keeping to myself all fall. Thanks! –Oran ’85

  24. Zenee Miller on said:

    Very proud of our Clemson Tigers! Goooooo Tigers!!!!!!!!

  25. Vilinda on said:

    Bubba, I’m a big cock fan but just for you I guess I will pull for your Clemson Tigers.

  26. John C. on said:

    Clemson will be undefeated when they visit Columbia. When they leave, they will have 1 loss. Period. Dot.
    Carolina’s defense will keep Clemson’s offense to 24 or less points. Cocks will win the game… and ruin Clemson’s season.

  27. Cadillac Barbie on said:

    I was there when Clemson was #1 in the nation! We celebrated in the streets and partied until the wee hours of the night! Those were the days baby!
    Love you
    Cadillac Barbie

  28. Andrew Williams on said:


  29. Bill Watkins on said:

    Great read! Keep up the good work.

  30. Lisa Rollins on said:

    Love ‘em now and always! Grew up as a tigereette with Daddy and now the mom of a Clemson Grad … and while I have been there all along…winnin sure feels better! LOVE IT! GOOOOOOOOOO TIGERS!

  31. Spivey on said:

    Bubba–I have been listening to the SCAR people talk about the SEC so much. Moreso than most any other set of fans in the SEC. In fact it reminds me of the old cartoon with the 2 dogs and the little “yippy” one(SCAR fans) constantly talking about how awsome “they” were and the big one Spike (the big boys of the SEC) wondering what an annoying little cuss you are but you are my friend so ok what trouble do I need to bail you out of now.

    “We’re awsome aren’t we Spike”

    For all the talk SCAR fans need to understand that they(SCAR) in the eyes of most of the SEC are about a half tick above Vanderbilt

  32. Kimberley Cashdollar on said:

    Bubba, it looks like we need to get our Hater Shades for all these Lamecocks who just want to spew word vomit!


  33. Jim Hardy on said:

    Loving the weapons that Tahj Boyd has in his arsenal! I was there in 81′ and will be there again in 2012 Celebrating the New Year.

  34. Vanzell on said:

    great idea and initiative, exactly what I would expect from a fellow Tiger!! and as I expect, we will run the table the rest of the way and take the conference championship.

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