Note to Clemson Tigers: We’re Still All-in!

Following a loss to Ole Miss on the fourth Saturday in September, three years ago, Tim Tebow said of his Florida Gators, “You will never see a team play harder than we will the rest of the season” as part of his “promise speech,” that marked the turning point in Florida’s National Championship season.

While it may be too late for Clemson to follow in that path to a National Championship — after Saturday’s loss to Georgia Tech — make no mistake: There are several more Championships within the Tiger’s grasp. And, incidentally, EACH of Coach Dabo Swinney’s Team Goals is still up on the locker-room wall. This Summer, if Monty Hall or Wayne Brady had told me “Behind Door #3 is a November  8-1 Clemson Team within a win of a division Championship” I’d jumped on it like a pigeon on a french fry in Columbia (or a duck on a june bug in Walhalla, for that matter!)

Ironically, if Clemson wants to get through November with success– in my numbnut’s opinion at least– it only has to look at how Georgia Tech recovered from its losses.

We just pulled together,” Georgia Tech defensive back Jemea Thomas said to The Sporting News. “We knew we had to use each other to get through it and get it done. With adversity, you’ve either got to stand up or lay down. I think we’ve got the type of team where we’re going to stand up and come back and fight no matter how hard the situation is.”

Tech was the best team on the field last Saturday, because they were ready to be. Clemson has a bye week to think about that, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“It is disappointing, but I’m a player that hates to lose more than I like to win,” Tight end Dwayne Allen said after the game. “Anytime a loss comes on the record board for me, I’m sick. But, everything we want to accomplish from a team standpoint is still out there and that is what we are focusing on.”

Last week I said  “…win or lose against GT” I was unconditionally thrilled with Clemson this year. While I’d hoped that prophesy didn’t get tested, it has. And I am. That’s what makes Clemson different. And Better. The Clemson family knows how to rally. So let’s Git ‘er Done folks: Championships are still there for the taking. One setback isn’t going to stop that, or shake our faith in the team. And that’s why we’re all-in.

by J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr, an Attorney licensed to practice in South Carolina, California &The District of Columbia. He received his BA in 1985 from Clemson University and his JD in 1988 from the University of South Carolina School of Law.

with Wes Wolfe. He’s written for 11 publications in five states, and is the proprietor of The Five Points Flood.

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50 thoughts on “Note to Clemson Tigers: We’re Still All-in!

  1. Mary on said:

    Because Clemson is a SC team, and I have a flock of family that graduated from there, and even though I am a GAMECOCK FAN, I still wish them the best, so they lost one, it’s ok. Cause they are gonna lose another one when they play the GAMECOCKS!!! Sorry Bubba, I just had to do it!!!!

  2. Bonnie on said:

    Love the blog, Bubba! Tigers may be down, but they are DEFINITELY not out! Go Tigers!!!

  3. ASP on said:

    I totally agree,Bubba. I really can’t understand why some of these Clemson fans (some even graduated from Clemson!) are throwing in the towel. I just don’t understand how they can only cheer for Clemson when they win. I’m sorry, I just can’t understand it. Maybe, it is because I grew up in Pickens County, and graduated from Clemson, but I am a Tiger fan, win or lose! I’m all in!

  4. Vilinda on said:

    Love Clemson and I’m sorry they lost but the Tigers are still in it for a great bowl bid and the ACC Chamionship. Also, I’m glad the Gamecocks won. I hope both teams continue to kick ass.

  5. Pat Chisum on said:

    Clemson is Weak and the ACC is weak. Connor Shaw and the Cocks are on the rise as the Boyd and the Tigers are fading.

    • Tiger One on said:

      Bwaaaa haaahaaahaaa

  6. Paula Talley on said:

    Here we GO!!! Bubba’s blood really is ORANGE

  7. Amanda on said:

    My blood runneth orange… But I will be the first to admit, I love to yell GO COCKS as much as possible, even if it ain’t at Carolina Athletics participants…. ^_^

  8. Paul Abrams on said:

    Stay off the Kitty Litter Bubba and the kat nip, Just kidding. G T has opened a door on how to beat the Taters, now who else will join the band wagon.

    • Jason on said:

      So everyone else on our schedule will toss out their offensive playbook and switch to a triple option and run it as well as GT from here on out? I don’t see that happening. Clemson had an off night and GT did the best defense they could keep the ball away from our offense. This Clemson team is so young the next two seasons should be very exciting. After getting and Orange Bowl win I see a top start to next season with a quick rise. The SEC is a one sided conference always has been. the pendulum just swings east to west every so often.

  9. Melinda on said:

    Of course no one likes to lose…coaches, players, fans…but it is a game, and one team has to lose. It is difficult for any team to go undefeated during the season. Clemson did not even receive one vote at the beginning of the season to be in the Top 25. So, to accomplish all that we have done so far this season and now be 8 – 1 & have all of our goals still achievable is awesome! I have been, I am, and I always will be a Clemson Tiger! I love my Tigers & I am ALL IN!…win or lose!…:)

  10. Sam Fagan on said:

    These Tigers are the best group since 1982. They are very, very young. While this win is painful in a chase for the National Championship- we could have run the table and still ended up 3 or 4- this loss will prove vital in the maturation of this team. Gamecocks still stink- and I love to say that! This Tiger team will learn from this challenge, run out the rest of the year and yes… I will see you all in Miami for the Orange Bowl – We are proud of you men! Kick Ass and make us even more proud! Go Tigers!

  11. Terri Mostiller on said:

    It was bound to happen. They need to shake it off and get ready for next week. The whole team needs to play all 4 quarters and not fumble the ball. It just came down to who wanted the game the most and it appeared that Georgia Tech did. Better luck next week

  12. Terri on said:

    That’s Ok Tiger fans, we are still on our path to the ACC Championship! One loss will only make us want to work harder for what our sights are set on. Go Tiger’s…..

  13. Rod Simmons on said:

    When you stop being humble, it’s the kiss of death in sand lapper football! With that, I am one Gamecock fan that has learned to stay focused on my team! Go Gamecocks, win anyway!

  14. Donna Givens on said:

    Have faith one and all. You really can’t win them all. Never in my wildest dreams did I envision and 8 -1 season for these Tigers. It has been a great year and there is more ahead. The potential of this young team for this year and the seasons ahead is as yet not fully realized. I think the Tigers and Coach Dabo, who is a breath of fresh air in the negative coaching environment we have in Cola town, will pull this team through the rough spots and they will emerge from the other side, victorious either in fact or in team spirit or both. GO TIGERS. Signed….USC graduate and wife of Clemson graduate, mother of a Clemson graduate to be.

  15. Teresa Edwards-Karr on said:

    I am soooo proud of our Tigers they are having an AWESOME season..

  16. BW on said:

    I hate they lost but sometimes it happens this way. If you are going to call yourself a true fan, then you have to be in it regardless whether you win or lose. If not you can’t call yourself a die hard fan. They are tough and I’m sure they will come back stronger than ever. Good luck !!

  17. May May on said:

    I am so sorry that clemson lost on Saturday. But am glad my husband has quit blabbing 24/7 about the national championship. I am also glad to have family dinner conversation back at the dinner table instead of him looking at Clemson message boards! At least my team was able to win a national championship this weekend..Go Cardinals!!!

  18. Spivey on said:

    yep the word is out on how to beat the tigers now all SCAR has to do is go get an option QB in the next week or 2

  19. Bill Rabon on said:

    Seams that Clemson has already over achieved what most people were realistically expecting of them. Everything from here on is gravey. They will win all their remaining games, except one. GO GAMECOCKS !!!

  20. Bill Rabon on said:

    Why wont Clemson football players buy Japanese cars? Because they are afraid they wont be able the understand what’s on the radio.
    Why did the Clemson alumni get fired from the m&m factory? He threw out to many w’s.
    (he he he)

  21. Andy on said:

    As I have shared before, we should celebrate any SC team who is shining nationally. I am a Gamecock but wish the Tigers well. Many of my friends are Clemson graduates. HOWEVER, I hope the Cocks crush the Tigers. Sorry Bubba….

  22. B Shep on said:

    Of course we are still All In. We win out and we are in the Orange Bowl with a top 10, maybe a to 5 finish…that is what I am talking about..

  23. John on said:

    It should not have been a surprise to anyone after they barely won against Wofford which also runs the same offense. I suspect if Wofford would have not rushed in the last few minutes of the first half and sacking Clemson’s QB back to back they would not have been tipped off that they were vulnerable. Ever notice it is always the high academic standard colleges that run the triple option? Something that Clemson could never do and certainly cannot defend against.

    How about a rematch for the ACC title against GT.. I bet GT will come out on top again.

  24. Buford Pusser on said:

    clemson better win the acc or it will be one helluva disappointing year…i don’t care what anyone says, to be 8-0 and not win the acc, that would suck.

    no worries clemson, you still have south carolina on the schedule.

  25. Beth on said:

    I’m ‘all in’ !! I love Clemson win or lose. I love everything Clemson stands for. I think we’re having an awesome season. 8-1 is a great season! I believe we’ll pull out the remainder of our games and meet the goals Dabo set for his team. Go Tigers!!

  26. Alden on said:

    Go Tigers! 11-1 is my prediction.

  27. Spurney on said:

    I am so proud of our Tigers…Keep it going and “We will BEAT THE GAMECOCKS!!!!”

  28. John on said:

    one old gamecock fan once told me ” you can lick our cheerleaders but you can’t beat our cocks” !

  29. punydevil on said:

    All you USCjr fans who think GT gave you a roadmap to victory, unless you start running the option in the next few weeks that game’s getting ugly for you. You’ve got a very good defense, but no offense whatsoever. Our defense is sufficient against current (versus GT’s arcane) schemes. And our offense is better than any offense USClite will face this year.

  30. TODD L on said:

    I always enjoy reading your weekly posts.

    Clemson will be just fine. They never gave up down 21 pts and again showed alot of heart. That interception in the endzone was the killer. 7 pts there and the game’s momentum totally swings in our favor.

    The week off will do the team some good and get everyone back to 100%.

  31. Grayson Marshall on said:

    It was a week of maturity. We have experienced over time the demise of the Tigers in the past, but I think last week as frustrating as it was was still a sign of an emerging program. We had a human week ans so did Oklahoma the week before and others that have fallen. We are putting together a national power again and I am glad to see us in contention. It is how you react to the lost that will tell where we are and I think we will show ourselves mighty.

    • Ed on said:

      You nailed it, Grayson!

  32. Bob Grigsby on said:

    Bubba, thanks for your blog. We love the Tigers. We’re all in. All the way to the Orange Bowl!!!

  33. Beth C on said:

    Still proud of my Tigers!!! I think some of our players stayed on the bus!!!! I am all-in!!!

  34. Merritt Rechichar on said:

    All in, All Orange, All the Time! I am still as excited about this season as I was before last week’s game. You don’t learn until you experience loss and I can bet you we learned all about how we will take them in the ACC championship if it comes to that. Love reading your posts Bubba! Hope you are doing well.

  35. carolyn on said:

    Our state is blessed with great football teams this year. Let’s enjoy and keep it coming. Tigers have shown a spirit and shall win the ACC championship. Dabdo needs to keep their moral up this week and win the rest of their games. Go Tigers.

  36. Alison on said:

    Tough night for the Tigers but an unbelievable season.Great things ahead for Clemson!

  37. Bill Spurgeon on said:

    Clemson will bounce back. Everyone in my family is a Gamecock but me. So unless SC plays Clemson I’ll cheer the chickens on. Too bad the coverage of the ACC is not too good in Texas!

  38. BA on said:

    You’re right absolutely right Bubba! The Tigers will win out to finish an 11-1 regular season capped off by a win over the Gamecocks in Columbia.

    Not bad for a very young team. One that arrived one season ahead of expectations.

    Going 11-1 and playing in the ACC Championship with a chance to go to the Orange Bowl is a great season. Even better, the Tiger football program is poised for a run of excellence we have not seen since Danny’s heyday. We have another top ten recruiting class coming in and Boyd, Watkins, Bellamy, Anthony and Steward will be better next season.

    Go Tigers!

  39. Blondie on said:

    Rest up this weekend Tigers, re-group, then KICK SOME BOOTY!!!! (including arrogant Gamecocks)

  40. Stephen Cromer on said:

    When I watched the Tigers struggle with Wofford earlier this year I started to worry about Georgia Tech. Our defense, and many others, has been built to defend against a high powered spread type offense. Defending against an option offense requires the defense to play their assignments perfectly or there will always be something open. We are a young defensive team and I hope last Saturday was a good lesson.

    I am impressed with this group of young Tigers, and with the class that they demonstrate when dealing with the media. Dabo and the staff have done a great job creating and atmosphere where playing and winning is a humbling experience. Great job Tigers!!!

    • Ed on said:

      That option of Georgia Tech’s reminded my of the Clemson option in the 1980′s, Stephen.

  41. Larry Reid on said:

    I can’t get all bent outta shape because the Tigers lost a helluva football game against GT- they’ve looked better this season than in recent memory, they’re young and they are very entertaining to watch! I don’t think that we’ll see a better football team this year than this past week’s Georgia Tech team. They were focused and hungry for the homecoming win. That said, it speaks volumes for a Clemson team to psych up an opponent to that level of preparation and play. Now if only the Tigers will take a lesson from Tech, then we’ll see only wins the rest of the season!

  42. Polly on said:

    Well, it had to happen. The Tigers just aren’t strong enough to be undefeated. They beat a fourth rate Aubrn team, beat UNC and Md, wow! That’s like beating a high school team. Sorry, but the ACC is simply no match for the SEC. When you defeat teams like Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, or Arkansas then give me a call! I did really want the GAMECOCKS to be the ones to hand yall a defeat! And we WILL!

  43. Thomas on said:

    By far Clemson’s best year in recent memory. Clemson to me has always been the team that oozed talent, but never lived up to its potential. This year clemson seems to be playing better than what they should be capable of, especially when so many of their key players are so young. Clemson is not a national title contender, nor should they be, but the Fighting Dabo’s seem to be developing their talent much better than dumb dumb Bowden.

  44. Tom on said:

    I was sad to watch the TIGERS loose one but it had to happen some day. Not every game came be won and I believe the TIGERS will use this opportunity to improve. I was still proud of my team and will always be ALL IN! GO TIGERS.

  45. E Miles on said:

    Bubba, I was at the GA Tech game, great experience even with a lost. After we lost, we walked out being very optimistic. We have so many young players with talent,other teams should be worried going forward. Go Tigers…..

  46. Larry Durham on said:

    Do some of you shamecock fans ever go back and read what you’ve written. Must I remind the misguided poster above that the same “forth rate” Auburn team that “Clempsun” waxed, beat your vaunted roosters on their home field. What are you smoking?

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