Tigers ARE what we thought they were!

Cue up Denny Green, because after another week of high drama, The Clemson Tigers are who we thought they were: A contender eying championships.

Clemson may not make it look as pretty as Oklahoma, or as brutally dominant as Alabama, but hearts of champions were beating under jerseys of orange and white Saturday Night. What do you do when your dream season is on the ropes, inexplicably down big, late in the game, to a bad team? Georgia Tech took it on the chin from Virginia, but the Tigers went back to the first rule of football. The ghost of Al Davis says, “Just win, baby.”

I have been to Key West many times in my life. But I have never thrown up in a bar on Duvall Street. From nerves, that is… Until this past Saturday night.

The staff at Cheeseburger’s could not have been nicer. They que’d up ESPNU for me & the sparse crowd who braved the sheets of rain that night actually looked like they felt sorry for this middle-aged, overweight orange-clad Clemson guy with his Tigerpaw- bandanna’d dog.  After all, midway through the third quarter, Clemson looked at 18 points separating it from woeful Maryland, and you could hear the calls nationwide. “It’s ‘the Clemsoning!‘” Cynical sports scribes and jealous rivals couldn’t wait for the game to end for them to declare 2011 the Year of the Paper Tiger. The Terps were on the Clemson Tigers like a happily-retired Ralph Friedgen on a Triple Whopper with Cheese!

Clemson was down. Big time.  Somebody had to make a play. It wasn’t gonna be Bubba Cromer:  I couldn’t take the pressure. I grabbed my Golden Retriever and scooted into the narrow bathroom  and hurled. Poor Cromer. Poor Casper. Poor Clemson… right?!?


“The biggest play of the night might have been Bashaud Breeland’s interception,” CU head coach Dabo Swinney said after the game. “We were down 18 points and they had the ball. One more score and it would have been very difficult. That play turned the momentum.”

This was the first game I just watched. It’s not like I had a choice in the matter:  The TV was muted. (Cheeseburger’s wasn’t THAT generous). So I had the chance to observe the team. Their chemistry. Their conduct. Their character. What I saw was pretty amazing– and that ain’t just the club sodas talkin’! The players and the coaching staff had confidence in themselves and each other. They NEVER lost faith. Quarterback Tajh Boyd completed 11 of his last 12 passes, making it count in the clutch, less than a week after a scary hip injury that carried him off the field like John Paul II!  And in only his seventh game as a Tiger, playmaker Sammy Watkins broke C.J. Spiller’s single-game record for all-purpose yardage.

“I’m just glad to see the guy is human because he made a couple of boneheaded mistakes out there,” Swinney said. “He made some mistakes tonight where he actually looked like a freshman. It was kind of good to see to be honest with you. The guy was clutch, though. He did not panic. He came back over here. I told him he owed me one and that he will get another opportunity. He more than made up for the one mistake. He is just a special player.”

This weekend Clemson celebrates the 30th anniversary of the 1981 national championship, playing host to UNC. They’re already doing a good job: 7-0, No. 7 in the first BCS poll.

Unfortunately– and this USC Lawschool Grad means that sincerely–It’s not going so well for the Gamecocks. When the Head Ball Coach should be taking responsibility, he blew up at The State’s Ron Morris instead — later joined in his bad behavior by USC athletics director Eric Hyman — and announced the end of the Stephen Garcia Experiment. A few superstars are keeping Carolina’s head above water, but I fear that can only last so long. It could be over, as a matter of fact, with the announcement of a season-ending injury to running back Marcus Lattimore. Not only was that a devastating blow to Carolina, it was a sad day for NCAA College Football. Lattimore is a gifted team-centric athlete (as opposed to , say, a lucky, me-centric brat). Marcus is in my prayers for a speedy recovery and I hope he is in yours.

One thing’s for DAMN sure: Clemson and Carolina have a recent history of being overhyped. After watching the gutsy historic comeback that marked Saturday’s victory in College Park,  at least the Tigers’ talk is based in reality. Sadly, for now, it doesn’t look as if the Gamecocks are ready for primetime thanks to the men at the top, making their 14-12 escape from Starkville fitting as the SEC’s early game last week.

As for Clemson, they have the makings of a Champion.

by J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr , an Attorney licensed to practice in South Carolina, California &The District of Columbia. He received his BA in 1985 from Clemson University and his JD in 1988 from the University of South Carolina School of Law.

with Wes Wolfe. He’s written for 11 publications in five states, and is the proprietor of The Five Points Flood.

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72 thoughts on “Tigers ARE what we thought they were!

  1. Andrew Williams on said:

    GO CITADEL BULLDOGS! Better than any “9-9-9 Plan” ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!

  2. Dawn and Jim Carr on said:

    Yes, the news Saturday for Carolina was sad,but not as sad as the new for Clemson on Nov 26th. Vote Daba number one cheerleader on the sidelines or give him a tiger hat and he could be number 1 mascot.. per Jim C.

  3. Sgt Vegas on said:

    Someone needs to check watkins hands for super glue. THat kid hasn’t dropped a pass yet. Somehow Clemson always does it. They come up with these amazing athletes from nowhere. People we have never heard of until they explode on the scene and then it is like holy bejebus!!!! Where did that man child come from. Congratulations to CLemson. THat game was amazing. And I have to say as a Carolina fan, I really like Dabo Swinney. He personifies what a coach is and should be. Ductus Exemplo, Leadership by example. He gives his kids attaboys when they do good and coaches em up and gives them a pat on the back and says get em next time when they make a mistake. He is a true leader. Some people demand respect and some people command respect. I think he is the latter. And on that note I am sad to say that Carolina’s season may well be over. Once again we have a one demensional offense with no creativity, no drive, no enthusiasm , no experience and now no running game to boot. Just frigging great. Maybe spurrier can smack his gums and suck his teeth some more and say we have to play better and coach better. Really?!?! You think. You are a genius. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they pull a rabbit out of there hat and work hard during this BYE week, otherwise it’s goign to be a long rest of the season.

  4. Paul Abrams on said:

    Might be hard to remember Bubba, but please leave me out of the Clemson who ha , I’m not a fan. From what I understand with the BCS there’s no way Clemson has a shot at a National championship this year, even if they win out.

  5. Lib Tucker on said:

    Bubba, You know that I’m a Gamecock, and I’m broken up about Lattimore, but I’m really pulling for the Tigers to remain unbeaten, because I really love Dabo Swinny. I think he is a first rate coach. They showed so much heart, coming back from such a deficit. Let’s both pull for both teams for the remainder of the season, untl the last game and may the best team win. So glad that you and Casper got back safely from the Keys. Give him a kiss from me.

  6. Joseph Maxberry on said:

    As I was watching the 1st half, I thought to myself, “It’s a trap game and you guys STILL fell for it!” I really felt that the Tigers finally had drunk their own Kool-Aid and are now suffering the consequences. I must say that I am proud of the team for not giving up and showing a lot of heart. I hope the Tigers realize that for the rest of the season, they will no longer be the hunter, but the prey.

    The Maryland game brought back memories of two games for me; one the Tigers lost and the other they won, both on the road. In 1984, the tigers came back from 21 points only to lose to Georgia Tech 28-21. In 1992, the Tigers did climb all the way back, down 28 points to beat Virginia 29-28, in the team’s largest comback win.

    I am sorry about the Latimore injury, not because he won’t play against the Tigers in Columbia, this November (PTL), but because Marcus Latimore has always shown humility and class throughout his two years with the Gamecocks, particularly on camera. The State of South Carolina needs more players like him, especially playing in Orange and White.

    The Tigers starting the season 7-0 is a testament to Coach Swinney, Coach Morris, Coach Scott, and the rest of the coaching staff for getting the players to buy-in and play at such a high level. It’s a long season, particularly for 18 to 22 year olds on a college campus with so many possible distractions. I hope Tigers fans enjoy this wonderful ride and remember that this year’s football season is already a success, regardless of the results for the remaining games.

  7. Mark on said:

    Tigers are unbeaten and come from behind to avoid upset from Maryland and Bubba is ready to crown Clemson the national champs! Gotta love hillybilly stubborness.
    Fact: There are at least 12 teams better than Clemson. Plain and simple, Beating Marylandn BC and Virginia is all you got! Win the ACC will get you Number 5 at best. Remember it is the ACC, bsketball confderence. Oh that’s right your bbal team is a contneder too.
    As far as Gamecocks, we are over rated but our defense is top 5 in NCAA. Lattimore is tough loss and I am not Spurrier fan. With our talent, we should have dominated MS.
    Dabo is a recruiter who gives a great speech. Without your top freshman, you are .500 at best. You will lose 2 out of next 4. Wake up. You should have stayed in Key West.

    • Glen Gotts on said:

      Wow– so negative. Sounds a lot like Spurrier. Rise above your negativity and envy; and show some good sportsmanship. Dabo is the real deal. He is a great coach, teammate and role model. With Dabo and his team of coaches, his great talent of players and their faith in each other, great things are bound to happen.

  8. Chris M on said:

    So what will USC do without Lattimore? To bad dumbass Garcia was booted, if I were Coach Spurrier I would booted him long time ago…look what the D-bag has done to his team with him immature and childish ways…Sorry Bubba I know this isn’t about Garcia, but I missed your last post and wanted to comment about it and felt it would fit in with this one as well(well Kinda) Who is that fat dude up top? How in the hell can you be a coach and be that freakin fat, seriously? He would tell me you need to do this and that…my response would be can you do it…if not shut the hell up.

  9. Tummy the Giraffee on said:

    The Ron Morris blow up was a way of distracting from the Stephen Garcia announcement to come later that afternoon.

    • cromeradmin on said:

      I see, said the blind man! That is strangely LOGICAL. I have always thought the Ol’ Ball Coach was brilliant. Seriously. That would make sense of a bizzare turn of events.

    • Tummy the Giraffe on said:

      I don’t have any proof of it but that is my opinion. Forgot to add that little part.

      • cromeradmin on said:

        Tummy your opinion has made me thousands of dollars with my financial investments! oooops–don’t want to disclose your identity

  10. Robert Holmes on said:

    Yes they are! In 1981 our hardest challenge was against UNC! We won 10-8 & the rest was/is history! We face UNC this weekend, will history repeat itself? I hope so, Go Tigers!

  11. Charles Saverance on said:

    Great blog!

  12. Mary on said:

    Yep gotta agree with Tummy the Giraffee, it was a ploy to re-divert attention!! And then one of the best, Marcus Lattimore, gets hurt and won’t be playing anymore this season. Both those games Saturday were nail biters, and NOT being a Clemson fan, gotta say they pulled it off well. I also agree that Dabo is top notch. If the Gamecocks can’t pull it off, it’s okay :(, I will just be in the hall of shame with all my other friends if Clemson comes out looking as good as I think they are going too. Shhhhhh….don’t tell anybody I said that!!!

  13. Jake on said:

    It might take a BCS miracle, but it should would be great to see 1981 happen again for Clemson! That being said, it is a huge bummer what happened to Lattimore. He is a true player.

  14. Buford Pusser on said:

    hopefully carolina(north) shows up for once this year. lame duck coach leads players to water, but they won’t drink because the purchaser of water is a weasel mutha fucker who will sell his sole for the “integrity” of the university. he fired butch w/o cause and now we see the results, shit.

    maybe this will turn out like it did in 2007 after a 52-7 ass whipping sent john bunting to maine. i can only hope.

  15. May May on said:

    Curse of the gamecocks! Boo! I wish the tigers well but have a feeling they will crumble like always…focusing by time and energy on the St Louis cards in the world series!!!!

  16. Mike Warfield on said:

    NY Giants all alone at the top of the NFC East.

  17. ben Moise on said:

    With a name like Dabo Swinney, you gotta be good. Bravo Tigers! Word was going ’round that Coach Ford has been warmly received around Tiger Town recently, ending a long arm’s length posture that has gone on for years. If true, it says a lot about Coach Swinney’s confidence level and his high level of natural born good-guy factor. Pity about Lattimore, however one man does not a team make. Lets hope that Shaw, Cunningham, Clowney, et al will come up with a plan that includes some blocking, tackling and TDs.

  18. Mandy Perro on said:

    Oh, Bubba, I am so with you on the emotional roller coaster last Saturday. I am so glad that they pulled it together & started playing with heart. Someone mentioned that they couldn’t understand how Clemson managed to snag all of these amazing recruits. Clemson is such a special place from the beautiful scenery to the amazing community. I grew up in the upstate & couldn’t wait to get away. My parents put their foot down & told me to go one year to Clemson, and after one year, I could transfer. I went & I stayed without regret. Now, I’m putting my foot down & have told my husband that I want to go home to Clemson. My husband & I both graduated in 1984, and my son is a freshman there now. I don’t know if we will repeat the miracle of 1981, but this year’s squad is proving to be champions already, even if they don’t win the Naitonal Championship.

  19. Dixie inabinet hicks on said:

    It’s all about being a South Carolina loyal resident. Yes Clemson is doing it right and Dabo is leading His Team with a positive attitude and compliments where deserved. Spurrier needs some positive reinforcement for His boys. Both teams consist of our S.C. boys! Let’s always pull for all of our State of SC players…except when we play each other…then wear your colors! Go Dabo!

  20. John on said:

    Maryland had the game won but their adjustments to their defense at the half lost them the game. Not sure that Dabo is any kind of football rocket scientist but I do know he is the greatest gift there ever was to the Carolina Gamecocks. Lattimore is a great player but there are others that are waiting to play and prove themselves. You finally got a taste of a true spurrier offensive plan during the Kentucky game There may be a learning curve during the season but I suspect they will have learned all of their lessons when the season turns to the state rivalry game which is all about who lands the bragging rites and top recruits. A great defense stops a good offense from scoring my prediction Clemson 13 Carolina 21. AND, Carolina will win their bowl game, Clemson most likely not.

    Is IPTAY funding this blog now…..

  21. Gamecock.Girl on said:

    Wonder how the Tig-gers would do playing USC’s schedule? We play Florida…NOT Florida State. We play Georgia, not Georgia Tech. We play Arkansas and Tennessee, not North Carolina and Wake Forest. I am glad they are doing well for SC, but USC and Clemson are way over-rated….especially Clemson.

    • cromeradmin on said:

      You’re right Gamecock Girl. The only similar opponent we have this Season is Auburn. Who unfortunately beat the Gamecocks. Thankfully, Clemson beat the dog shit out of them and ended the Nation’s longest winning streak. That being said, I hope that neither team loses another game until we meet in November. Then it’s anybody’s bet. Thanks for commenting as always.

  22. Gamecock.girl your an idiot on said:

    First of all you sound so dumb bubba should delete your comment. If your attempting to go for the old-schedule strength dis, it’s not the year. Tigers went into the season with the twelve hardest schedule in the country pre-season. Not saying all the teams we’ve beaten have been what was expected that’s for sure but the examples you used are absolutely idiotic. 1. Georgia tech is alot better than Georgia and anyone who knows football and sec football knows Georgia is bad this year. 2. Florida is not the Florida team we are used to seeing. Now they’re quarterback is hurt and they are a one man team this year with chris reinie. Tennessee!?!? Seriously? Tenesee is horrible. Navy? I was at that game and y’all should have lost. Auburn… Well yeah Clemson beat them and y’all lost. Congrats on putting up big numbers against Kentucky they have one of the worst defenses in the country. Please… Save us from the misery from reading your ignorant comment. Your embarrassing yourself

  23. Polly on said:

    OK, first. Congrats Taters, you beat Maryland. In the ACC thats like beating (pardon me fellow Blue Devil) Dreher in Columbia. The fact is the Terps gave Clemson a serious run for the money! Best of luck, and watch your backs.

    On to Lattimore. Marcus is an amazing player, a polite, humble, friendly young man. He is not, however, the entire USC squad, even the entire O Line. He is terrific, and a potential Heisman winner next year (or heck, this year), but come on! Alshon Jeffries is amazing, DJ Sweinger is fabulous and Ellington can run like fury. With Connor in as QB instead of “that person” we will see passes to many different recievers.

    And Bub, club soda?????? Your nose is growing!

  24. Gamecock.girl your an idiot on said:

    One other thing. Florida state whipped yalls ass in yalls bowl game last year. Idiot

  25. Bilenda on said:

    Don’t forget USC has to go through Fayetteville

  26. Spivey on said:

    hey Bubba,
    how is this for a comment.

    Actually I am not going to say much because I was shredded on FB the other day when I “liked” a news story about Lattimore being done for the season–I had a bunch of people asking why in the world I would like a kid getting hurt. Well because I “liked” it is a reminder to come back and read the comments people are making on the story not that the kid got hurt. Some people don’t get FB.

    be cool Bubba

  27. Linda Shivers Bleckley on said:

    My blood pressure is slowly returning to normal. That game was a test of how strong the heart is, both physical and emotional. It was hard first half to watch, but the love for my tigers kept me in the game. I didn’t give up, but my hope was fading. Thanks for the great blog. Glad you reeturned home safely.

  28. ACE on said:

    As a lifelong Gamecock fan, I now have a niece who graduated from Clemson and is working on her master’s degree, and a son who wants to attend Clemson next year. On Saturday, I had my husband, son, brother, and father (ALL Clemson fans!) over to watch the game. While I grilled wings, the boys hooped and hollered and cursed at the television. By halftime when I sat to watch the game and witnessed the unity and determination of the Tigers bent on winning, I found myself rooting for the team to succeed. I was as involved as in any Gamecock game ever, and felt pride and delight when the Tigers reigned successful. Great game, Clemson.

  29. Tom Smith on said:

    This year Clemson has a team of stars, some super stars, but the emphasis is TEAM! We have the usual ones that stand out every game, but the thing that makes us successful this year is that others step up their game and anyone can be a game-changer, even when they mess up earlier. Yes. Dabo is the real deal because he truly believes in his players and coaches.
    Being a Clemson Graduate, I am always PROUD.
    I will say this, I do hope Marcus Lattimore does heal up well. Even though he is a Gamecock, every indication is that he is a great person and one of the few student-athletes they have at that “University of Second Choice”.

  30. Mike on said:

    It’s so funny to here Gamecocks fans fall for their own delusion time and time again. Granted, they do have/had some awesome athletes this year. But to anyone who has watched football anytime, they have issues. The may have the 5th defense at this point, but that makes some sense since every team they have played has had the 100th ranked offense or worse. They 5 ranking will go by the wayside when they play Arkansas. And I promise you, Sammy Watkins, Jaron Brown, Dwyane Allen, Matavius Bryant, and others will school Swearinger, Gilmore, and the rest. If Tahj is on as he has been for most of the season, it quite possible for another 63 – 17 type beat down. And one more thing, yes, the SEC top teams are awesome, Alabama, LSU, but the rest are no better than the ACC teams. As a poster stated earlier: FSU is better than Florida, Gerogia Tech is better than Georgia, Tennesse? Really? This year we claim back rent from the Gamecocks at Willie Brice. Get ready!

    On Lattimore, 1) I hate he is injured because from everything I have seen, he is a class act. All about the team and not a “look at me” type player at all (The opposite of Gilmore). 2) I love to see him play. He is the real deal, and I feel sure he will make a come back. 3) I wish he were playing so Gamecocks wouldn’t have the loss of him as an excuse as to why the Tigers take them out.

    Bottom-line, the best teams can afford to have set-backs in player injuires. A team is ALL the team and not just a few starters. This goes for Clemson too.

    Have a good day. Go Tigers!!!

  31. Walter Carr on said:

    Lets cut to the chase; THE Tigers are the Johnny Bad Asses of South Carolina-make no mistake about it.

    I have channeled the ghost of Col. Harland Sanders and he asked me to convey a message to all: The chickens are on the menu and will be cooked up come November using his new secret Tiger Sause recipe. Think about it, shredded chicken dipped in Tiger Sause, chicken done right!

    Go Tigers!

  32. Carlos Blanco on said:

    Bubba, you watched in the wrong bar. Capt Tony’s would have at least put on the sound for you.

  33. Cadillac Barbie! on said:

    Go Clemson Tigers! You know I don’t really follow football Bubba, I’m too busy drinking vodka and shopping for clothes, shoes and newer versions of Ken! LOL!

    Cadillac Barbie

    • cromeradmin on said:

      Cadillac Barbie is welcomed on my blog any day (or nite)! I saw a few queens on Duvall Street this weekend who coulda used a “cadillac Barbie 101″ crash course! Please let me know if she is scheduled to make an appearance in the Midlands anytime soon. Miss Ellie tells me she is currently on tour with Sommer Clearance!

  34. Jamie Cuddihy on said:

    i watched the game on mute starting in the 2nd quarter until the late 3rd quarter bc i couldn’t expose myself to the sure half time bashing / “clemsoning” descriptions…

    the game is interesting on mute with nothing but the participants influencing your mood…

    we are a team who graduated a bunch of defensive players many to the nfl and you can see that we have a good defense athletically from top to bottom and we could make progress but not just slam the door…

    but we have something that we haven’t had in some time… truly dynamic and effective quarterbacking… though he got us in trouble with a rare sketchy early game which i think that he was afraid of his first hit post his injury maybe… once in the groove he showed what good qb’s can do which is keep you in games and bring you back in games…

    also receivers make plays for good quarterbacks who by they way also throw catchable balls…

    thus every receiver made a great grab… duane allen 2 pt conversion, jaron brown td and first down, charon peak, humphries showed me why they didn’t redshirt…

    and of course SAMMY WATKINS, MR RIDICULOUS who is perfecting the new jump and barrel role catch…

    can’t not mention Andre Ellington did break out… which is good bc we need a new element at this point in the season to keep them off balance…

    now the biggest game of the season is the first 1/2 of unc followed by the 2nd half…

    go tigers — a rare ride where the chips are falling our way and they are prepared and disciplined enough to take advantage — all i want is to not overlook a capable unc team on sat…

    • cromeradmin on said:

      A to the M-e-n Brother! And a big five apples to ya!

  35. Sherry Shealy Martschink on said:

    Great post, Bubba. I enjoy reading all of ‘em.

    • cromeradmin on said:

      Thanks Lady! Miss you. That means a lot. It’s a lot of work but FUN! P-l-e-a-s-e pass the link along to your Tiger Peeps! Hope to see you in Colatown soon!

  36. Pat Chisum on said:


  37. Beth C on said:

    It’s the year of the Tiger!!!! 7-0 and 4-0!!!! Go Tigers!!! Hoping my tigers remain undefeated the entire season!!!

  38. Hunter on said:

    Well written/said/visualized and leave even more inspired for the Tigers on Saturday – thanks Bubba!

  39. George Ritter on said:

    I agree Clemson is for real and had a good comeback against a scrappy Maryland team. I like USC, but think they would do better without Spurrier’s micromanaging. And I say this as a Florida boy.

    • cromeradmin on said:

      Florida boy by way of COPE SOUTH CAROLINA, California and now a neo-
      RAZORBACK! Great to see you in here George!!!

  40. Mark Reamer on said:

    Curious which 12 teams Mark (USC fan from an earlier post) thinks are better than the Tigers? Actually, not “thinks” but says it is a “fact”. He also forgot to list that Clemson beat FSU and Auburn and VT, 3 highly ranked foes 3 weeks in a row…As he stated: USC should dominate with their talent on the team. Clemson is winning by using all their talent, freshmen or not. Maybe J Clowney will decide to transfer over to the Orange side…Bubba, as we discussed in August before the season, we will be undefeated this year! Or at least very close to that record. Good old “hillbilly stubborness” as Mark says above. Go Tigers!!!

    • Mark on said:

      read the truth son

  41. Amanda on said:

    They may not make it to the BCS Championship for may reasons, and that is ok… This team has done great things and THAT is what makes them champions, no MATTER the bowl game or the score at the end!

  42. BA on said:

    Go Bubba! Dabo’s Tigers are starting to look like Danny’s National Champion Tigers from our freshman year in 1981! Go Tigers!

  43. Terri on said:

    I am so proud of the Clemson Tigers beating Maryland! What a game and what a team of strong determined winners! Dabo is a great coach, and I love his interaction with his team. It makes them want to do better! Go Tigers!!!!

  44. Mark on said:

    Clemson fans are drinking the Danny Ford juice again!
    12 teams better than Clemson (too easy)
    Oklahoma State
    Michigan State
    Kansas State
    Notre Dame

    Clemson would lose to each one of these teams on any given Saturday this year. Hell, I could have added 5 more teams.

    Do Clemson fans really believe they are one of the top teams in college football? You are one of the top three teams in ACC. Its the ACC people.

    Listen to the experts. Watch ESPN and they will give you an unbiased opinion of college football and the current landscape. Clemson is on winning streak against average teams.

    National championship talk? BCS title? Not a chance in hell.

    Bubba, I will make your mortgage payment till you die if Clemson wins the national championship this year! Promise, I got no problem with that bet!

    Have you watched the difference between SEC football and ACC football. I will make this easy on you rednecks. SEC dominates college football!

    You guys are playing good in an average conference. I will give you your 15 minutes in the limelight. FSU was overrated going into season. VT was a trap game.

    As a USC grad, my hatred is not for Clemson. My rivalry is Georgia.

    And, I am not a Spurrier fan. I know my role, average team in the SEC East. But, we are finally bringing in talent and Lattimore is the role player for Gamecocks. Quiet, powerful and delivers results.

    If Garcia was unselfish and concentrated on class and football, we would have made a run at top 10 this year (realistic goal)

    My grandfather went to Clemson and was an engineer. I am proud to be his grandson.

    I went USC for Journalism school and grateful for my time there. Clemson has engineering and agriculture. USC has the #1 international business school and top 10 J school.

    Congrats on beating VT and FSU, but you are not a top five team. Clemson is not a top 10 team at end of season.

    Clemson will drop two games before Thanksgiving and we can concentrate on SEC football again.

    Bubba you are a delusional lawyer who is intoxicated with a brief winning streak! Nothing more and nothing less.

    • cromeradmin on said:

      Wow! Mark! I sure am glad that every single sportscaster, ranking service and legitimate sports enthusiast with anything to publicly say on the matter disagrees with you. Without exception.
      I’m just glad to have you participate in the blog. Keep ‘em coming!

  45. Mark on said:

    Which football commentator is picking Clemson to finish in top 5?
    Show me a clip where Kirk or Lee picked you guys to battle for BCS.
    Where? Who? Where? Who?
    Please give me reference where any sportscaster has Clemson playing for championship?
    Show me our send me the link, where Clemson is favored to win anything but the ACC!
    Facts, Bubba, facts
    Then, and only then will I give you credit
    Clemson football is going to finish 10-2 at best and that does not give you a BCS title game.
    Sorry, ACC basketball starts next month, maybe you can contend for the ACC title in basketball too. Make a run for the national championship!
    Hard-headed rednecks, that is what I remember about my Clemson friends. Just ignorant and living in fantasy world.

    • cromeradmin on said:

      Mark I don’t judge you for sniffin’ a little too much glue in Middle school, but you you need need a check up , from the neck up!!
      You are the one jumpin up in this house telling my peeps that Alabama
      Oklahoma State
      Michigan State
      Kansas State
      Notre Dame
      are all EASILY better than Clemson. You need to do one of two things
      1.show me ANY legitimate source substantiating that statement. or
      2.Put down the CRACK pipe because you need to keep your job so you can pay BOTH of my Mortgages!

      • Mark on said:

        No alcohol or drugs here brother.
        You will see.
        At Thanksgiving, you guys will have two losses and have a maybe a shot at the ACC title, something Bowden could not bring you.
        You are too funny!
        Clemson folks need to be reminded everyday, it is ACC football. ACC. A basketball conference.
        And, do you really think Clemson can go toe-to-toe with LSU or Alabama? Come on man!
        I will stick to my statement that those 12 teams are BETTER than Clemson.
        When the dust settles, Clemson will finish 14th or worse in the nation and SEC will take home the BCS title again.
        Every one of you rednecks will eat crow. Reach out to me December 4th. I beg each one of you to reach out to me by ACC title game. Average football conference at best.
        Bubba, go sleep on the couch in your office.

      • Mark on said:

        I thought you had a direct line to the Gameday team. Corso or Herbsteit.
        No, your research team found an obscure article written by Heather C.
        Did you see who wrote the article? No, just Googled Clemson title chances and found this fodder.
        Heather C? Really
        And, the article was written week ago when 64 teams could have been a contender for BCS title
        Really, so that is your football expert. A chick who writes for ESPN.
        Too funny!
        Did she go to undergrad at Clemson?
        A chick!
        Good, you need to hook your wagon to everything she writes. She is the Dick Vitale for college football!
        I would hang on her every word, stupid!
        You stepped in it!

  46. Buford Pusser on said:


    there is no difference between #3-15 or 16 so your argument makes no sense…clemson isn’t lsu or bama, but they are every bit as talented as the rest, even your gamecocks…i’m not sure you want any of clemson right now, have you seen your offense and your secondary?

    you are a clown…that is all

    • Mark on said:

      Clemson math. “There is no difference between 3-15 or 16?”
      OK. So, the #3 team in the nation is the same as the #12 team in the nation?
      Get ready to back peddle
      Good news is if UNC beats you this weekend, then this entire “Bubba Blog”chatter will end.
      It will get real quiet soon. Hold on, Wait…there it is………crickets in pasture outside Easley.
      Look, my rivalry is Georgia. I do not hate on Tigers, but you are not Alabama. Watch them and honestly tell me your Tigers are on same level. Watch them.
      Don’t get all worked up folks. Reality Check!
      Trying to keep you Tiger fans humble. 3 quality wins early in your season does not put Clemson in title chase.
      In the past, two or three teams from ACC were considered for BCS. VT, FSU and maybe Miami.
      I like Clemson, because I went to USC and you guys are engraving the BCS trophy, someone needs to STEP UP and tell you guys the TRUTH.
      Clemson is between #5-20 team in the nation. Let’s see what happens over the next three weeks and then you can host ticker tape parade.
      By the way, my friend Joe Swinfford was a linebacker for Clemson in the 82-84. Toughest man I know, great guy. He loves this team and he feels good about this team’s chances too.
      Funny thing, he played t Lees McRae in ’81 when you guys won the national chanpionship. His coach, Paul Johnson (GT coach) Great offensive coach
      As long a you guys don’t talk about my mom or one of my teenage daughters (humbling) then I encourage the banter.

      Clemson football is good, but it is SHOCKING to hear BCS talk.

      • Scott A on said:


        Just wanted to comment/admire your tenacity and as born/bred Clemson fans…I won’t even attempt to banter w/ you because you know more about my team than I do (Bad scott) I agree w/ you I hate… (strong word can’t think of another) Georgia worse than USC.When we were in school and still played them every year. I think their rednecks are worse than ours (note we’re proud of ours).

        And I also agree w/ you … I’m not a huge Spurrier fan… after live in FL for now 30 years and listening to the Gator Fans ..still worship him sorta… I hate when he throws his hat down… and whine… Does he still do that?

        • Scott A on said:

          Oh yeah… Hopefully Bubba doens’t have too big of a house!

  47. John C. on said:

    Hoping that Clemson comes into Columbia with a undefeated record and that USC has only 1 loss. That would be something! Of course, I hope that USC would win that game by 50 points, lol!

  48. Redneck Riviera Royalty on said:

    Whew! I was waiting to see how you were going to trash the Terps – but you were kind! Your friend in Maryland – SA xoxoxo

  49. Buford Pusser on said:

    south carolina might be the only team in the country that wear conference hats.

  50. Ms. Barr on said:

    What an exciting read. Wish I’d actually watched that game because there is nothing like good football. In fact, you ALMOST make me like Clemson. Almost. :)

  51. carolyn on said:

    another week another game, lets hope the streak keeps on for Clemson, makes me nervous

  52. Glen Gotts on said:

    This Mark guy is really full of animosity. Not only does he hate Clemson, but he sounds as if he hates rednecks and female sports reporters. He sounds just like one of those suspicious characters off of Investigative Discovery– you know, the ones who lose it and commit violent crimes? I think he needs to be disallowed to blog, for everyone’s safety. Creepy!!

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