Should’ve listened to Ackbar — it was a trap

The Clemson fan message boards lit up following Saturday’s dismal loss to N.C. State, which put an end to the Tigers’ long-shot bid to split the SEC triumvirate at the top of the BCS standings. Misery loves company.

Maybe we are going for trophies like in a video game. This one is win a game after no fewer than 3 fans die of heart attacks.

Bowden never dies.

I’m not writing the postgame, I’m just going to go kill somebody.

Playing a 5-5 conference foe on the road was enough to create anxiety — the Wolfpack are the sort of team this year’s Clemson squad would have trouble with, if earlier games were of any indication. Following the upset, head coach Dabo Swinney added his own quick assessment.

“I was really disappointed in the way we played. There are no excuses. They wanted it more than we did. It is that simple, ” he said. “In the game of football, when you do the things that we did, you are going to get beat.”

It was a classic trap game for the Tigers. With the division title wrapped up the week before, upcoming three games had impact on the program: the South Carolina game, the ACC Championship and the bowl. N.C. State, on the other hand, was playing for bowl eligibility. Add to the mix injuries to wide receiver Sammy Watkins and left tackle Philip Price, and the circumstances leading to a 37-13 loss become clearer.

“We did not get it done today,” Tiger quarterback Tajh Boyd said. “Give N.C. State credit. They came out with more energy and were fired up. That kind of sums this game up.”

The goals of beating USC, winning the conference and taking home a BCS bowl victory are still on the table, so Clemson will need to get the ship righted and back on course quickly.

“I told our team that we are a family,” Swinney said. “Families hurt together, they celebrate together and they grow together. That’s what families do and that’s what this team will do.”

 by J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr, an Attorney licensed to practice in South Carolina, California & The District of Columbia. He received his BA in 1985 from Clemson University and his JD in 1988 from the University of South Carolina School of Law.

with Wes Wolfe. He’s written for 11 publications in five states, and is the proprietor of The Five Points Flood.

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3 thoughts on “Should’ve listened to Ackbar — it was a trap

  1. John on said:

    This almost reads like an apology, so let me do the same I’m sorry in advance for your loss on Saturday. Sorry, just had to go there.

    • cromeradmin on said:

      Perfectly applied salt in the wound! Brumdaddy rocks!

  2. Mary on said:

    Here is just a wee bit more salt for ya!! Go Gamecocks……

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