Monthly Archives: December 2011

Maybe it IS ‘a great day in South Carolina’

Gov. Nikki Haley issued a directive in September that, according to The State, “…will boost the morale of state workers, remind them they work for the callers on the other end of the line and help her sell the state […]

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14 Years “cruel & unusual”?!? A Blog on Blago.

Crooked Illinois Pols should be getting their own CELLBLOCK soon. Rod Blagojevich became the second consecutive Illinois governor to head to the hoosegow, sentenced on Wednesday to 14 years in prison, though he could be released in 11. Blago was […]

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Whenever an especially ugly reality raises its hand and SMACKS me upside the head, I become a creature of habit: I lapse into a catatonick numbness, for a spell. Figure the shit out. Then– in the now infamous words of […]

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