14 Years “cruel & unusual”?!? A Blog on Blago.

Crooked Illinois Pols should be getting their own CELLBLOCK soon. Rod Blagojevich became the second consecutive Illinois governor to head to the hoosegow, sentenced on Wednesday to 14 years in prison, though he could be released in 11. Blago was convicted on 18 counts of corruption related to him selling elected offices like Donald Trump handles real-estate deals. In behavior similar to South Cackalack’s own Thomas Ravenel, he knew right from wrong, but just-didn’t-care. (If you didn’t catch that analogy, please see prior post titled “Ravenel or Rugrat: On Tommy’s Temper Tantrum“)

On Blago nominating a temporary office-holder for President Barack Obama’s former Senate seat, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg wrote:

It is a big responsibility; a senator is a state’s key advocate in Washington, determining how much federal money comes back to fund programs that millions rely on. I believe that any random Illinoisan, any housewife, cabdriver or busboy would instantly recognize the gravity of the task, and 99.9 percent would have acted accordingly.

Not Blago. He viewed this as an opportunity to profit, period. “I want to make money,” he said. That was the beginning and end of the his calculation. That isn’t “horse-trading,” that’s barratry, the selling of an office. Not just a crime but a sin.

Were I the judge, I’d have given him less time in prison, because he is a pathetic figure, a lost soul, cut off from self knowledge.

Fitting with his character as we’ve come to know it, the “reality TV/Pistachio-cracking commercial governor” asked his attorneys to appeal the conviction. It’s like a bad trip through the Alice’s looking glass. According to the Chicago Tribune, “They cited issues of judicial bias by (U.S. District Judge James) Zagel and a tainted jury pool. The defense has also long contended that there was critical evidence the jury never heard, including some from witnesses and some from the recorded phone calls that Zagel did not allow to be played during the trial. They have also argued, for example, that Blagojevich’s own testimony was restricted by Zagel’s rulings.”

The big-top circus morphed into a theatre of the absurd when Ivanka Trump lept to Blago’s defense while doing a publicity tour for the new season of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” saying of her former co-star, “Fourteen years seems pretty excessive … that is one stiff penalty. We’ll see what happens, but I am definitely thinking of his family at this point.”

Well…Let me be the first to say “thank you Ivanka, it was burning a hole in me to learn your opinion on Blago . Also , do you have a good recipe for Christmas Oyster Stuffing this Season?”(sarcasm added).

What Blagojevich committed was the political equivalent of a player betting on baseball : The cardinal sin of the profession. Fourteen years in the clink is a fair sentence. But he deserves more. If anything here is cruel and unusual, it has been being subjected to his slick, unrepentantly-arrogant ass on TV for the past two years. (discuss)

 by J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr., an Attorney licensed to practice in South Carolina, California & The District of Columbia. He received his BA in 1985 from Clemson University and his JD in 1988 from the University of South Carolina School of Law.

with Wes Wolfe. He’s written for 11 publications in five states, and is the proprietor of The Five Points Flood.

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21 thoughts on “14 Years “cruel & unusual”?!? A Blog on Blago.

  1. Paula Talley on said:

    You think this is gonna be the end? Are we going to see him for 14 years while in Prison, like we did Martha Stewart?I am sick, sick, sick of him!

  2. Paul Abrams on said:

    Before its said and done Obummer and most of his staff will be in the same place Fed Med

  3. Rob Holmes on said:

    This guy is one of the biggest sleaze balls that has ever lived, so why do I love him so much!?

  4. Greg Crouch on said:

    Chicago politics have always been crooked. I know this guy is a crook. However, I could not help hoping he would worm his way out of it. I don’t know why. I do know this. It’s a great day in South Carolina!

  5. Lib Tucker on said:

    Finally, Blago will get what he deserves. He’ll wish he hadn’t auctioned off Obama’s seat when a three hundred pound inmate approaches him one night wanting to get a “little bit closer” to the Guv.

  6. Paul Abrams on said:

    Just so you know he won’t go to general lock up people, he will be in Fed Med. Low security federal prison is a cake walk compaired to living in a state run prison

  7. BW on said:

    This is one of the biggest problems in politics now, thinking you can do anything and get away with it. When it has been proven to be the fact, then do your time because you did the crime. It seems that lying has become the norm and this is so wrong. Politics has become BS to me . You really don’t know who is telling the truth or not .No wonder we are in such a mess.

  8. Tummy the Giraffee on said:

    I think Blago got a more harsh sentence than he deserved but I’m still very jealous of his hair.

  9. Tummy the Giraffee on said:

    With a swoop like that he could play QB at Alabama.

  10. Bill Rabon on said:

    Got more time than many rapist and child molesters. More time than the dr. that killed MJ. Go figure.

  11. Andrew Williams on said:

    Not a fair sentence at all, for a non-violent offense where the accused had no prior record. The federal sentencing guidelines are grossly unfair and need to be overhauled. I imagine the governor wishes that he had killed Michael Jackson instead.

  12. Terri Mostiller on said:

    My opinion, there are many more that need to be where he is going and for a very long time! Do I think the sentence is fair? Yes as long as he serves the time and serves with the general population like other crooks do. Not in some posh pad

  13. Stephen E Dalton on said:

    There are two things I’ve been sick and tired of the last two years: Blago and MJ! Now that Jackson’s doctor and Blago’s trials are over and done with, can we please not hear anything about either of them for at least ten years?!

  14. Chris on said:

    Someone at work told me hey since Blagojevich is going to the big house they are going to change his name to urmybitch….although I have to say his punishment is totally out of line. You hear of people getting less time than that for doing more violent crimes, but hey this involved politcis so WE MUST MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF HIM in hopes no one else decides to do this. He will get out in way less time than that, look at Ravenal, isn’t he out already and he was busted with cocaine, thats a big no no. I guess if you have that kind of power why not see what the hell you can get away with right?….(not) If your never get caught, hey good for you, if you do get caught well then that just sucks…remember someone is always watching you regardless of what the hell your doing.

  15. Polly on said:

    Jail is still jail, due to the lack of freedom. he may be spared certain indignities, such as shakedowns and dealing with child molesters, but he was in a position to do damage to millions. He and his wife both drip sleeze when they walk and speak. Im sure he really is wishing this was and episode of “I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here” . I want all my time back that has been poluted by this horses patootie!

  16. b-ho on said:

    He just better make sure he doesn’t drop the soap.

  17. John on said:

    For someone that modeled his hairstyle after the big boy hamburger boy he actually got hammered by the chicago mob. Obviously he did not pay off the right person to get off as well as anytime you have an issue that may shed light on the corruption in our current administration you will go down and go down hard. I can’t stand the guy. Justice was served and they could add more cell mates in my opinion.

  18. Cooter Brown on said:

    14 yeers? Why, fer cheetin’ an’ dee-fraudin’ th’ peeples ov dat state, he shuld swing from a tree. Yung folks git mo’ time fer sellin’ da mary-a-wanna!

  19. Charleston Port on said:

    Hum, this story has a familiar ring right here in SC. Wonder whos next?

  20. ACE on said:

    I’m tired of politicians and their own personal agendas. I thought they were elected BY the people to REPRESENT THE INTERESTS of the public, not to achieve office then forget what they’re there for.

  21. Thomas on said:

    politicians suck

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