Newt Gingrich: He found love in a hopeless place!

While Rihanna clearly wasn’t thinkin’ Newt Gingrich when she cut her newest off-the-chain smash hit, the reprise sounds SPOT ON tonight!

Thirty-two years. Six contested primaries. Trends. History. Conventional wisdom. Will history reflect that this was all sacrificed on the alter of Newt today? South Carolina has, since 1980, played the firewall for the Republican establishment, stopping the party from going into a hair-on-fire “Thelma and Louise” moment like in 1964. In six presidential campaigns, it thwarted social conservatives bolstered by Iowa, and anti-establishment challengers propelled by New Hampshire. South Carolina’s Republicans picked the solid, the heavy, the guy with the best chance to win. Here they go:

The Big Six
1980: Ronald Reagan
1988: George H. W. Bush
1992: George H. W. Bush
1996: Bob Dole
2000: George W. Bush
2008: John McCain

But that changed today. Former U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich — a gentleman who removed from politics still may be assessed by his haters as reprehensible for his personality and behavior — came into South Carolina with zero delegates on the board and left as the front-runner for the Republican nomination. Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney was such a milk-toasty, mediocre candidate that GOP voters proved to be ravenous for an alternative with a pulse.

The S.C. Republican base, for better or worse, has been conditioned over the last decade to be more vicious and aggressive. With the final round of debates, Gingrich fed right into that zeitgeist, making him the man of the hour. Let me say that in plain “horse talk:”  Newt kicked natural ass!

One of my favorite permanent literal additions to the English language that stemmed from politics surfaced in the 2004 presidential campaign. Nowadays, whenever a candidate starts getting his (or her) ass kicked and they fail to get out in front of it, they are getting what we now call “swift-boated!” Remember that gem? Poor ol’ John Kerry. Well we have a new one folks.  After Thursday night’s debate, whenever a journalist throws a poorly constructed softball question to a politician and get’s an atomic elbow drop in reply, they shall heretofore be deemed to have been “John King’d!” This warrants a little discussion.

People’s sex lives, fetishes, lovers’ quarrels, orientation proclivities and yes, even “unit sizes” are not news. Not fair game. Not relevant. UNLESS, that is,  they expose hypocrisy. Once hypocrisy enters into the equation, all bets are off. So this arm-chair politico-wannabe has a question for John King. And I ain’t addressing my man, Rep. John “Aura” King. (D-York). I’m talkin’ to the big dawg CNN journalist who held the distinct honor and privilege of single-handily  moderating what has proven to be the most important GOP presidential debate of the year. And provoking the most poignant candidate response in modern political history.

Mr. King:  Why the Hell’s Halfacre would you not ask your opening question like this: ” Mr. Speaker, your ex-wife says you wanted an ‘open marriage,’ yet you are touting yourself as the right choice for the Christian evangelicals of South Carolina. Some view that as a  contradiction. Do you?” Or, maybe, “Mr. Speaker, at the same time you were leading the movement to impeach Bill Clinton on moral grounds, your ex-wife, in an interview today, claims you were asking her for an ‘open marriage.’ Do you not view this as hypocritical, sir?” It’s not rocket science, man. And I don’t even have an entire NETWORK at my disposal to figure this stuff out. But enough already, here’s what happened.

John King looked downright “Keith Olbermann smug” when he opened the debate by lofting Newt a slow-pitch, underhand middle-school softball: “Your ex-wife has made accusations today that you asked her for a ‘open marriage,’ would you like to take some time to respond to that?

Newt: “No. But I will.” And then — check out this EPIC performance:

So let’s take Newt’s two Herculean performances in this week’s debates and couple them with Mitt Romney’s anemic week. After numerous “I’m not going to apologize for being successful” statements, he pretty much started apologizing for being successful. [You read that right.] After being stymied Tuesday when asked about disclosing his tax records, “Mittens” went into his usual full-panic in front of the cameras and got walloped a second time Thursday night when asked– again– if he would disclose his tax records, a campaign move that was a signature of his father. Mitt’s nervous response: “mmmuh muh muh maybe!?!” Then proceeded to kick the can down the road a couple months. COME ON DUDE! Now, he announces he will disclose 2010 taxes on Tuesday, the State of the Union Speech Day. Too little too late for S.C., Pal!

Newt trounced Romney in South Carolina. It wasn’t quite  a “Orange Bowl Ass-Whuppin’,” but it wasn’t far from it, folks!

With 2,126 of 2,129 precincts reporting:

Former U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich | 40.45 percent (23 delegates won, 25 total delegates)
Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney | 27.83 percent (0 delegates won, 33 total delegates)
Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum | 16.98 percent (0 delegates won, 14 total delegates)
U.S. Rep. Ron Paul | 12.97 percent (0 delegates won, 4 total delegates)

Could Romney rebound? Anything’s possible, as this GOP nomination fight sets a new paradigm. With the candidates moving on to Florida, Real Clear Politics had a 18.5-point advantage for the man from Massachusetts. But as of Monday, that lead is GONE and Newt Gingrich has soared to  the lead: 41% to 32% accouring to the latest Rasmussen Poll.Talk about a South Carolina BOOST!!! Newt Gingrich whipping Mitt’s ass like the honey badger on a cobra: and as Randall has told us ,  “the Honey Badger just don’t give a shit!” (and this ain’t a link to the Gabriele Giffords retirement video folks!)

So, while the honey badger don’t care, the Bubbster sure does. About YOUR opinion, that is. So whether you’re fired up about the Newtster, deflated and embarrassed for Romney and Ron Paul (My Man), or  feel like your prayers went unanswered for St. Santorum, I wanna hear from you. Hey, even if you’d rather be suckin’ down a cold one with U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz than reading this, I still want to hear what YOU think about this historical moment in politics.  So hit me!

 by J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr., an Attorney licensed to practice in South Carolina, California & The District of Columbia. He received his BA in 1985 from Clemson University and his JD in 1988 from the University of South Carolina School of Law.

with Wes Wolfe. He’s written for 11 publications in five states, and is the marketing coordinator for ACEC Virginia.

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145 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich: He found love in a hopeless place!

  1. Ted Newsom on said:

    Boy, after that intro, Bubba, what is there left to say? Seems like you’ve nailed each and every point. The people of SC have chosen the lesser of two weevels.

  2. Cadillac Barbie on said:

    Once again I am so glad I left SC. You people are so f@cked up! You want to vote for an add-hole who screwed around on both his first two wives. Yet he claims to be a devout Christian. He is a cheat and a list! I have been with my husband 30+ years. Yet Newt and Brittany and Kim can have these funking meaningless marriages because they ate heterosexual. Once again SC has shown their ignorance and voted for an a-hole scumbag. I hope you are proud.

    • Bob on said:

      Hey….WHAT is your problem!!! Who are the “you people” you are referring to? Do you know the percentage of “us” that voted? You generalizing those remarks to all of us? Do you really think any of these primary races matter all that much??!! The “powers that be” are going to select their candidate, not “mom and pop America.

      Frankly, I am VERY glad you left. The state has enough negative people like you hitting on the insecurities of the people whose families have been here for generations. People here are no more “ignorant” than anywhere else in this country. At least WE didn’t vote in people like Hilary Clinton as Senator, like the people of New York did.

      BTW, I’m a “transplant,” born in Brooklyn but call South Carolina, MY HOME! You are entitled to spew your venom here…but I am also entitled to tell you to …..SHUT UP!

      Oh….and what does sexual orientation have to do with this election???!!!!

    • cromeradmin on said:

      it’s all good Barbie? Now go get ur self a brown liquor drank before u blow a gasket . And don’t break a heel on the way to the ice maker! Xxoo

    • Hawnstonian on said:

      south carolina…. you make the baby jesus cry!! South Carolina PROUDLY representing it’s # 1 trait once again…. IGNORANCE. Conservative Christians voting for an adulterer and a man who was fined $300,000 by his own Republican Congress for ethics violations and disbarred by his fellow Counselors. Once again, SC making Mississippi and Alabama look like a brain trust! Fast tracking back to the stone ages… Ooops, forgot we are already there. would love to blog more, but just leaving church and have to go cheat on my third wife before I go wooly mammoth hunting!

    • AREALKEN on said:

      Cadillac Barbie must have spent a lot of time downing hot ones.

    • HAPPY IN SC on said:

      I am proud to be a South Carolinian and proud of Newt. I am also glad that you chose not to stay here in South Carolina. Newt will be the next president of our country. I’m sorry that you feel almighty. God hates arrogance.

      • The Monz ... aaayyy on said:

        How do you know God hates arrogance? If he does, does he hate it more or less than adultry? Please do tell, speaker with God.

  3. Paul Abrams on said:

    Looked kinda like the Orange bowl beat down.

    • cromeradmin on said:

      Paul you will note i sucked it up and put that in the blog!

  4. TruthBeTold2U on said:

    You guys are really missing the story here. There will be an open convention at the Republican show, I think in FL. If that happens there will be an overwhelming move to draft Jeb Bush as their candidate and he will succeed. BO will really be in trouble if that happens. Voters have very shorty memories and the South, especially, is notorious for rewriting history.

  5. Jon Jost on said:

    First, unless you are implying that all other Indian women aside from the one you mentioned are indecent, I suggest you do a spell check and change the word to what I believe you meant, and write “descent.”

    Which brings us to the rapid descent into which GOP politics has crashed, not only in SC, but everywhere it has raised its livid little head. In “debate” after debate they have revealed their inner weirdness, their sociopathic inclinations, and perhaps quite unintentionally have assured their defeat in November, whomever they put up. Unless, perhaps, in a fit of rabid social disease, the entire country turns into SC-like critters and decides to commit an All-American form of societal hari-kari. Well, come to think of it, at this point I wouldn’t put it beyond our citizenry.

    • cromeradmin on said:

      Thanks Sir!

      • cromeradmin on said:

        That was real descent of you. You comment anytime.

  6. Amanda on said:

    It was the same people that think Mark Sanford was an awesome governor that voted for Newt…. Apparently it is ok to f*** a woman other than your lawfully wedded wife but god forbid allowing a woman to have the legal right to choose what she wants for her body…. The conservative right needs to actually read the bible and live by it and not just try to shove it down everyone’s throat… And Bubba, who is this Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and could it be Malibu instead of beer?

    • Bob on said:

      FYI….there are very few people in SC that think Mark Sanford was a good governor. People have a right to vote for whomever they please….even if YOU don’t think they ought to.

      You want a shock? Mark Sanford if a FOX new political analyst! Saw him last night and THANK GOD…the feed was cut off after he said “Good evening!” I was VERY delighted that happened!

  7. Bill Rabon on said:

    Bu Bu Bubba, you are a Bitch boy.You been suckin up to Obbumer for to long.

  8. Debbie Gibson on said:

    Nothing surprises me. After the ultimate surprise 3 years ago I am numb!

  9. Dave on said:

    You nailed it. I’ll also add that I think that John King not only phrased the question incorrectly, but also shouldn’t have asked it as an opening question. He should have made Gingrich sit on his response for a while as the debate went on. The question was inevitably going to be asked anyway…. He could have sunken his own ship easily that way.

  10. Pluff Mud on said:

    Total delegates after tonight:

    Romney 31
    Gingrich 24
    Paul 10
    Santorum 8

    At this point, anything can happen…and will.

  11. Irb on said:

    Yay SC!

    Since there is not a Jeb Bush in it —yet

  12. Mike on said:

    I am American by birth and South Carolinian by the grace of God. I am even happier to be a South Carolinian today because Newt stood up to the left wing media and told them to kiss his Obama and we showed our appreciation.

    • The Monz ... aaayyy on said:

      I think that it shows that any minority in this state: gay, black, brown, jew, mormon… is not accepted. This is a very bigoted state, especially in the GOP. Mitt Romney should now realize this.

      • steve leonard on said:

        Monz you’re the bigot and extremely ignorant.. I have lived in Charleston since 1983. I am Jewish and have NEVER experienced being unaccepted…even from those South of Broad.

        I also received no less than a dozen negative robo calls daily from the Mitt Super Pac. You don’t stand taller by trying to step on someone else’s shoulders. Take your northern attitude and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

        • The Monz ... aaayyy on said:

          Mr. Leonard, you are obviously bigoted against fictional charachters from the hit show Happy Days. You hurt the Monz aaayyyy!!!!

          It is nice to see your world extends all the way south of Broad. You surely are a great traveler of the Palmetto state! Maybe the sun don’t shine there, and I could find a comfortable home for my Northern attitude. Everyone know the FOnz lived in Milwaukee with Laverne and Shirley, which is WAYYYY North of Broad.

          Sit On It Potsie!

  13. steve on said:

    Nice Blog. I appreciate your humor, but who is this chic I would want to drink beer with?

    BTW- SC has always been a whacky state when it comes to politics. Who could expect anything less than what happened yesterday? However, frankly, I think the choices for the Republican nomination are kinda like deciding which turd seems the least offensive.

    Keep blogging Bubba!

    • elrae on said:

      Amen Steve/ you hit it right on the head. They sat the truth can set you free. Think?

  14. @ghostcreektom on said:

    7 – 3 hour debats sent DC into panic. Pony up for Newt.

  15. @ghostcreektom on said:


  16. Vanzell on said:

    Signs of the Apocalypse: the social-fiscal-moral conservative christian south carolina GOP chose polyamory over polygamy to lead the election charge up to Capital Hill. But the irony in all this is the fact that Romney does not practice polygamy, has been with one wife for 30+ years, but is a practicing mormon was found to be so much less appealing than Larry Flint’s amoral inspiration.

    The next time ANY GOPer tries to spout how conservative they are, I’m going to pull out a picture of Newt and say “PROVE IT!!”

  17. Ed on said:

    The New York Times today said it best: “‎It is still hard to imagine a path to the nomination for a divisive candidate like Mr. Gingrich, let alone one to the White House. If he continues along this muddy road, there is still time for Republicans in upcoming states to repudiate him, and demonstrate that South Carolina has become an aberration rather than a bellwether.”

    • steve leonard on said:

      Yeah right you read the NY Times, agree with them and we’re supposed to believe you’re conservative? ROFLMFAO

  18. Kenny on said:

    Man I love this state – I had two friends from Virginia texting me last night asking “what the $#@% is up with you people?” All I could say is that you’d have to live here to believe it. At the end of the day, this will be nothing more than a bump in the road for Romney as there’s no place in the country outside of Utah (which I assume will overlook Romney’s lack of conservative credentials since he’s a member of the tribe) that’s nearly as conservative as upstate South Carolina. I am growing sick of hearing political commentators comment on how endorsements must not mean much since Governor Haley’s endorsement of Romney was so ineffective. Again, if you live here, you realize that a political endorsement from Haley is like Jerry Sandusky weighing in on who Penn State should hire as a football coach.

    • cromeradmin on said:

      You missed your calling. You called this when Romney was ahead by 15 points in the polls. You’re a sage!

  19. thorne compton on said:

    This was not an upset. A fellow southern white politician who is a “racial conservative” beat a man from Massachusetts who refused to deal in racial stereotypes…Why is anyone surprised?

  20. Aunt Miss on said:

    On the reaction of our Governor to Mitt’s double digit loss…..
    She said she is…….”SARI”…….

  21. John Sitton on said:

    Congratulations! As with “out of the mouth of babes” you have tapped into a scary, entertaining and always startling candor… in this case of disgruntled losers who are looking to salve their wounds. Many of these replies would make great fodder for “The Gong Show”! Admittedly… South Carolinians don’t want and have historically… never sought to comply with convention and “bleat” along with the rest of the lambs who crowd together to have their minds shaped into popular and comfortable slots by the national media pundits. I’m proud that yesterday, South Carolinians continued the tradition of leadership for the rest of the country by overwhelmingly voting with their own minds… and helping to influence and shift the paradigm of undecided voters in the rest of this country. Newt gives us great conservative leadership based on the constitution. He has laid out a clear and balanced platform to regain stability in this Country with his proposed New Contract with America. He passionately communicates his conservative values and this connects with responsible Americans… and I’m proud to have helped him carry great momentum from SC going into Florida. Anticipating Giuliani to add to that momentum by endorsing Newt and helping to unleash the American people to vote for Newt. That’s our best bet to make the new acronym “OMG” (Obama Must Go) a reality!

    • gmaiswatchingu on said:


      • gmaiswatchingu on said:

        btw. i love the OMG!!

  22. Joan Adams on said:

    Hooray for SC and Hooray for Newt!! I am so proud of my state and so thankful for Newt Gingrich!

    • James Hartman on said:

      You Bet !!!

  23. Lib Tucker on said:

    Dont’cha just love South Carolina politics?? Only in SC could the leading candidate go from 10 points up to lose by 12 in less than a week. I’m no expert but I have my own ideas as to how that happened. First of all, whoever paid Mrs. Newt II to give that interview on Thursday night, wasted their money, as it backfired in their faces. Whether she was paid by the Romney camp, the DNC, or the media, SC voters were smart enough to see it for what it was.
    Then there was the DEBATE. Newt hit it out of the ball park and Mitt tried a bunt that didn’t work. After John King started the debate with his first question to Newt about the interview, Newt blasted him back into his seat, where he stayed the rest of the night to he wouldn’t step on his d–k.
    I don’t know who the final nominee will be – doesn’t really matter to me if only the final one can beat Obama, the biggest failure as POTUS since the Carter administration.

  24. Dick on said:

    I grew up in SC, so I know of what I speak. There is one reason and only one reason why South Carolinians voted for Newt. I will say this in their on words…words that South Carolinians have either said out loud or thought to themselves…

    They voted for Newt because…

    “he’s gonna open up a can of whoop-ass on that uppity nigger in the White House!”

    I even think that South Carolinians are okay with Newt not winning the general election, just so long as he beats the shit out of Obama.

    Boy, am I glad I left SC!

    BTW, it also shows how politically stupid South Carolinians are that a few of your readers didn’t know who Debbie Wasserman Schultz was…really!? Really!?! No wonder Fox News and Rush and tell out-and-out lies about Obama and you guys believe ‘em all. Stop acting like you have “made history” by voting for Newt. All you have done is confirm what I have said ever since I left the state…you guys are just a bunch of stupid, red neck hicks!

    • GWB on said:

      Dick it looks like the person that didn’t know Debbie Washwoman is one of your libtard buddies. We are very glad that you left the State

      • cromeradmin on said:

        Dick sounds like
        1. He’s appropriately named, and
        2. He needs to git him sum’!

    • Bob on said:

      Oh….I know who Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is…….Unfortunately, I’ve heard who ultra liberal remarks WAY too often on the FOX News! She’s so far to the left, I’m amazed she can walk straight!

    • AREALKEN on said:

      BTW DICK we hope the h&ll you stay out of SC. Your sorry analysis is typical of why outsiders say we are ignorgant, because you are more than ignorgant.

    • steve leonard on said:

      You name fits you perfectly!!!! Actually there are more and more Northerners moving to SC daily. Your post spewed more venomous comments than I hear by people who voted for either Mitt or Newt in SC. Maybe you should move to NY! You’d fit right in.

    • Jimbo Henry on said:

      See Dick Jump, see Dick tell it like he see’s it, I like DICK!!!!

      I am glad Newt won SC, I was a little nervous because I was beginning to think Mitt was going to sew it up way too early and give the Republicans what they have been missing , UNITY! It is amazing to me how the majority of republican’s have not figured out that its the moderates that elect a President, and after the mess that the last Redneck (I can use that term since I am a redneck myself) made of this country its going to be a cold day in Hell before a majority of moderates and independants vote for another one. So cheers to Newt, I just hope you pick Santorum, or maybe Michelle Bachmann as his running mate. Oh wait heres an idea, Newt / Coulter 2012 That would be my dream team for a guaranteed re-election of my President Obama. (REDNECKS FOR OBAMA) I need to get me a bumper sticker made up!

  25. Cooter Brown on said:

    Dey kuld naugh hab picked a betta SCALAWAYG if’n dey had tried! Heeze a big gobmint, Lincolnite, insider hoo I wuldnt trust wit my garbage. Itz sad that th’ once proud an’ free peoples of South Carolinie iz now naives fer da amerikan empire!
    Dat’s how I sees it, Mista Bubba.

  26. Bob on said:

    There is one factor that might also explain Gingrich’s win and Romney’s loss: Romney is Mormon. While it’s not a problem for me, I know an awful lot of people who have problems with the Mormon faith (even calling it a “cult”) and a few who even fear it (heard a story years ago of a woman who left instructions in her will that NO descendant could name a child after her….she feared being converted to Mormanism, posthumously!).
    As Gingrich said, he sinned but asked “forgiveness” and sought “reconciliation.” Fact is, conservative Christians strongly support people who do (in fact…aren’t ALL Christians supposed to “forgive those who trespass against us?”).
    I read a lot of SC and some Christian bashing here from people who obviously favor the “liberal persuasion.” Correct me if I’m wrong….but aren’t the “liberals” supposed to be more “accepting” than the “conservatives??!!” Or is it you ONLY “accept” those people who believe only what you believe and abhor those who don’t.

    • gmaswatchingu on said:


  27. Michele Patterson on said:

    Whether it is the Spotted Salamander or the Multi-mated Newt, South Carolina has had a long love of amphibians, so it comes as no surprise that so many in the Palmetto State would flock toward the mud-slinger with wild abandon. Gingrich as the nominee? Maybe… What is likely is that name recognition played a big role in his win over the Tin Man and Mr. Sweater Vest In Every Drawer – that and the fact that the media has all but ignored Ron Paul as the looney in the corner. Paul just doesn’t have a poignant personal story like the unknown Obama did. Cast the old guy aside. Go for sensationalistic pay dirt!

    There is an awkward yet creative logic that if Clinton could get away with hanky panky in the White House, Newt has a leg up…maybe even two legs. Word on the street is that the good ol’ boys of this state want to see a debate between Gingrich and Obama. Talk about getting fired up! Gingrich is the best orator of the Republican crowd (since Ron Paul isn’t really being given the chance he deserves). Romney would sound more like Mel Tillis stuttering his way through a debate against Obama. Slinging money just won’t help us ignore the fact that Romney’s offshore accounts in the Caymans are really not helping America. We can be sure Obama wouldn’t put Bo on the roof of ‘The Beast’ as he drove down Pennsylvania Avenue.

    And what about Santorum? He may have won Iowa, but he wears a sweater vest, for God’s sake! Do we really want him to lead us as a nation? Scrappy Doo believes that mutually consenting adults actually do NOT have the constitutional right to privacy in the bedroom. Are you kidding? The only way he’ll shine is to toss glitter on him. Oh wait…that’s been done!

    Did South Carolina choose the Republican nominee or has our former impeccable train of thought gone careening into the trees? It’s tough to say at this point. We’ll have to wait and see.

    So who can win over Obama? This time around, probably no one. Even if ‘The Donald’ jumps into the race at the end of ‘The Apprentice’, it will only serve to spice up the already splintered faction that is the current Republican party. Cue Judy Collins…

    Don’t you love farce?
    My fault I fear.
    I thought that you’d want what I want.
    Sorry, my dear.
    But where are the clowns?
    Quick, send in the clowns.
    Don’t bother, they’re here.

    (from ‘Send in the Clowns’ by Stephen Sondheim)

    • Jimbo Henry on said:

      Great READ!

  28. Steve Douglas on said:

    At. Least as to right wing South Carolina conservative “ewe-vangelicals” who voted for Newt, sad to say, Dick’s got it right. There isn’t the first christian or patriotic impulse in a vote for Newt Gingrich – not one.

  29. Steve Douglas on said:

    Bubba, you clearly have an international audience!!!

  30. Man Man on said:

    Bubba I did vote for Newt…..I mean at least he had the decency to ask for an open marriage that shows respect, right??
    I think a lot ppl are overlooking that.

    • cromeradmin on said:


    • Mike on said:

      Bill Clinton probably didn’t ask Hillary. He just did it. Liberals – forgive Bill, but take the moral high ground against Newt. So typical!

      • Steve Douglas on said:

        Bill’s method was much more considerate. Ask a psychologist.

  31. Walter Carr on said:

    Ok, I am depressed, yup depressed My man Ron Paul had a bad showing and then to add too my missery you offer up the image of drinking beer with the semi human blonde cocker spaniel Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

    The Newt is a world class debater and he would trouce Tela Prompter Prez in any and all debates. The Mitt has done the almost impossible and gotten progessively less effective in the debates. Santorum has been getting better in the debates.

    With The Newt, Mitt or Santorum the Republicans have the choice of a statist of the right to run against a statist of the left. And that my friends is a loose loose situation. I am beginning to beleive that there migfht be something to the Mayan Calendar thing???

    Drinking beer with Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Maybe after say 24 high gravity brews she MIGHT start seeming to make sense, but I doubt it.


  32. James Hartman on said:

    I have not read all the comments, but let me say congrats to the people of SC. There is no question that they chose the winner of the debate, and he won because 1) he answered the questions directly: no dancing around being or being cute like Mitt ; 2)Newt knew the answers to the questions he was asked;3) he is obviously brighter than the others and discussed things that were relevant instead of trying to out “Christian” the competition. Will someone remind everyone that even evangelicals realize that our government is separate from our churches and we can get rid of the “my God is better than your God” thing; 4) he let the moderator, John King, have exactly what he deserved.

    I will say Ron Paul is straight forward but somehow he may be a little too straight forward. Santorum gets tiresome with his religiosity and endless family values. Righteous people do not have to boast about their righeousness. Sometime, I think he protesteth too much.

    There you have it . Newt is the man

  33. May May on said:

    I completely agree with what Newt said about that question being despicable, however I find it quite odd that a few years back he was the same man who was OBSESSED with Clinton being impeached for cheating on his wife. But now it’s despicable to bother the common public with such rubbish! What a creepy crook!

  34. Bob Rogers on said:

    The Biggest effect in South Carolina is that Nikki Haley got her ass kicked by endorsing Romney. Did she even deliver a single vote other than her husband’s? Her reputation is so bad in this State, that she lost Romney as much as 15 points.

    Now Newt is positioning Sarah Palin to be a head-to-head competitor with her buddy Haley in the (non-existent) future Administration

  35. carolynCAROLYN on said:

    John King, however intended, gave Newt the best gift with that posssible with the infamous question. Poor Mitt, I use the term poor figuratively, really is not one of “the people”. ‘Perhaps” he will outspend everyone in Florida. What a roller coaster! S. C . plays our role well, always interesting.

    • steve leonard on said:

      Mitt way over spent all the candidates in SC and it didn’t buy his primary win. Even his obnoxiously negative Super Pac spending failed. It’s not about the money, it’s not about the religion and it’s not about being negative. It’s about being able to fight the incumbent.

  36. Old Green Tom on said:

    Newt won the SC primary mainly by attacking capitalism, Juan Williams, and John King. I’m afraid he won because people voted based on emotion rather than logic. Romney is clearly the best candidate to defeat Obama. Remember, the national election will be decided by independents.

  37. The Monz ... aaayyy on said:

    For a state with high unemployment that calls itself a Right To Work state, it makes total sense that evengelical Christians would support a guy on his 3rd marriage, who cheated on a wife while she was getting treatment for cancer. Also any time the Former Speaker of the House of the United States of America rails against the “DC establishment” you just now the the SC GOP is just plain dumb. Y’all just voted for a lobbyist, enjoy!

  38. TruthBeTold2U on said:

    The Chuckie Doll is coming to a graveyard near YOU!

    South Carolinians prove my theory all year long. The Civil War killed off all the bright, articulate men and left behind the deformed, mentally unstable and interfamily breeders to seed the future generation. Thus you have the “HICKS”!
    You make a true South Carolinian from solid, unblemished roots, ASHAMED!

    • steve leonard on said:

      I’m confused. You say you’re a ” true South Carolinian from solid, unblemished roots” but you also say, “The Civil War killed off all the bright, articulate men and left behind the deformed, mentally unstable and interfamily breeders to seed the future generation.” So you’re an oxymoron or just the moron?

  39. Pat Chisum on said:

    I think newt’s victory is a testament to the fact that people do not like Romney.

    I personally voted for Herman Cain because he knows how to treat a lady.

  40. Mary on said:

    Would have like to see Ron Paul higher up on the poll, Lordy, Newt and Obama in a debate, this should be good!!!

  41. Mary on said:

    As far as Newt, can we all say baggage!!!

  42. Raven Roulete on said:

    The USA is in trouble folks. OBAMA has been a disaster waiting to happen and did..Mainly because the Main Stream media did not do its job and vet him . Obama has all of his records hidden and sat on by HIS Attorneys and he is paying for them with OUR tax dollars..At least NEWT has his records and past open to us..I will tell you sincerely that If we do not elect A TRUE PATRIOTIC AMERICAN as POTUS in 2012 OUR economy will NOT have a chance to come back..WE HAVE A SPENDING problem and Obama and his buddies at THE CENTER FOR AMERICAN PROGRESS were finding everything and anything to spend spend spend to put our country in crushing debt. This is the perfect way to destroy a society break it down and then REMAKE it with a Dictatorship . It has been done all throughout history and the ALINSKITES know this full well..So I do not care if you are a lesbian or an anti Christian rightwing hater all I care about is Digging for truth and passing it on to save America. ANYONE BUT OBAMA 2012

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      Raven, you’re more than slightly tetched. Step away from the FoxNews.

      • Bob on said:

        Oh…yeah right….and get the “truth” from the likes of Rachel Maddow all her cronies on MSNBC???!!! At least FOX tries to present SOME semblance of News. All MSNBC presents are “haters” who viciously attack ANYONE that doesn’t follow their ultra liberal beliefs.

        Pretty obvious what channel you watch.

        • The Monz ... aaayyy on said:

          Bob – I have sent your catch phrase to Roger Ailes. “FOX NEWS: We present some semblance of the news” If they start using it, we can split the royalties.

          • Steve Douglas on said:

            Monz, Bob didn’t cop to even being interested in “some semblance of the news”, which he surely isn’t if he watches Fox. That was the most accurate thing in his post by far, though.

        • Bob on said:

          Sorry I wasn’t clear to you….trying to be a bit facetious. Must have gone over your head.
          I don’t believe that there is any news program that is free of bias. However, in MY opinion, FOX News is closest to being impartial. CNN is better now that it has been in the past. MSNBC is nothing but a stage for ultraliberal rants from “haters.” I stopped watching the big three (NBC, CBS, ABC) for national news a LONG time ago. Their programming borders on being more “reality show” than news.
          While I may watch primarily FOX News, I also scan the other news programs, trying to at least hear what others have to say. I get SO amused by the ultraliberal haters of FOX News. Actually, I think they FEAR FOX News more than HATE it. They fear that others in the country may watch it and decide FOR THEMSELVES what to believe in (rather than follow like sheep, the ultraliberal beliefs and opinions).

          • Steve Douglas on said:

            It’s clear you’re a little nutty with your “liberals fear Fox” notion, but more generally, as to its merit as “news”, Fox belongs on your viewing list like an e-coli burger belongs on a health food menu. If you see any merit to it at all, you’re beyond redemption.

    • The Monz ... aaayyy on said:

      Raven – who is the main stream media? Because all I saw the first 2 years of Obama’s presidency were stories on the “Tea Party.”
      On to Newt, the record of the House Ethics investigation on Speaker Gingrich are not open, please join me in demanding Newt release this. Also, how bout his contract with Fannie and Freddie, just like Mitt has demanded. So “at least it is open to us”
      OK, I’ll let you get back to your paranoid mind

      • Bob on said:

        Man….did you even LISTEN to those news programs? All you heard about were the “evils” of the tea party and how kind, bright, and benevolent Obama was. Obama could have blown up the Capitol and the main stream media would have found some way to justify his actions.

        If I recall, the media used the outlandish actions of a few “nuts” that showed up to Tea Party rallies to brand the people there as neo-Nazi racists.

        Guess you were at the refrigerator when those clips aired….right?

        • The Monz ... aaayyy on said:

          Give me the letters of those main stream media that exist in your world that you are watching. Is it GE News (NBC), Disney News (ABC), Viacom News (CBS) or Time Warner News (CNN)?
          So you do admit there were Neo-Nazis at Tea Party rallies. Those there are your words bubs.

          • Steve Douglas on said:

            Perfect riposte, Monz. The Tea Party were and are rabid dullards, buoyed solely by corporate money for corporate ends. A “Hire-a-Mob”, despite all their pretense to grand American ideals.

          • Bob on said:

            Typical liberal thinking….looking for the “hate” in anything people do or say. Even “nut jobs” are free to go anywhere in this country. What you and the liberal media failed to recognize is that the “nut jobs” were not members of the tea party groups attending those rallies. However, the media USED their presence to prove that people of the tea parties are just that: racist, neonazis. I’m not a tea party member. However, I recognize the right of ANY group to gather and express their feelings provided they follow the law. What I hear from you, others here AND the media is CONDEMNATION of any expression of opinions and beliefs that are contrary to yours.
            You ask me, the ultra liberal left act more like “neonazis” that any other group they condemn!

        • Steve Douglas on said:

          We didn’t have to ask. We recognize the noxious and otherworldly script you’re bloviating from. “The Right Wing Prattle Hour”, with your hosts, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

          • The Monz Aayyyy on said:

            Bob – The Occupy movement needs you and your beliefs! That way you could at least be yelling at the right building.

            Still trying to figure out this new boogie man, the liberal media. You yourself admitted that you haven’t watched network news in years. So you are primarily railing against MSNBC?

            That last line about neo-nazis is over the top. What liberals are putting people in concentration camps? What liberals build facilities on Gitmo to detain people without trial? You just don’t get history or refuse to understand what Nazi and Fascism is.

            And I don’t hate, I love. I am the Monz Aaayyyyy! I love everyone and everything, even that drivel on Fox News (and their foxy hosts) and Joannie Loves Chachi reruns!

          • Steve Douglas on said:

            Show me an American neo-nazi and I’ll show you a white racist who wants Obama out. This is just elementary.

  43. Bilenda on said:

    Next is from Georgia- Which helped him a lot- after all they got whomped in their bowl games just like Clemson. Jeb Bush has not endorsed anyone in the Florida primary- Why is that? Is he hedging his bets or pulling together his team?

    As far as how these early primaries impact who will be nominated at the convention- well they don’t really give us any clue.

    As for Newt’s womanizing- are you going to tell me one of those has never been elected President in this country? Although Polly Thompson had the best comment on Newt of anyone- the only thing attractive about him is his credit line at Tiffany. I say we draft the Honey Badger he at least gets the job done and if people don’t like how he does it – well Honey Badger don’t care.

  44. Big Al on said:

    Good score for Newt, but the assist goes to John King for being a predictable lefty.

    The race has a long way to go, and Newt will not be able to ride the Media all the way to the nomination. He’s going to need a lot of money and Mitt’s non-commitments and good looks will eventually carry him to victory.

    • The Monz ... aaayyy on said:

      Are you stating that Newt has good looks?

      • Steve Douglas on said:

        Newt looks like the Pillsbury Doughboy on meth.

  45. CrueverCrue on said:

    South Carolina voters boiled it down like my old uncle Oloff did at his white lightening still off of Long Mountain in Virginia. The people are soo sick of Obama’s nuanced and fake intelectualism. South Carolina instinctually reacted and pushed Newt to the head of line because they sensed he is a real piss and viniger SOB/intelectual that will stand up to the media mutts and Washington lap dogs. To put it into the parlance of our times, Newt Has Some Balls! Romney NO! Rick NO! Paul Maybe but not sexy enough.Thanks for the cup check South Carolina.

    By the way, I did not vote for Newt. He is a real piss and viniger SOB.

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      Nuance is not bad, and the intellectualism of the Editor in Chief of the Harvard Law Review is rarely “fake”. But thanks for your input.

      • CrueverCrue on said:

        I can’t find the Editor in Chief’s of the Harvard Law Review college transcripts anywhere. I’m glad you are proud of his esteemed scholarship. He certainly is not.

        I agree. Nuance is not bad. Thank you for your nuanced handling of the spelling error in the previous comment. You are welcome.

        • Steve Douglas on said:

          The giggle lies in the very fact of suspicion among some that one can become the Editor in Chief of The Harvard Law Review….with lousy grades. It’s a uniquely racist notion – conspicuously so – utterly manifest among southern right wingers – “No nigguh kin possivly git grades good enuf tuh git inna school wifout uhffirmytive akshin!!!”. Right? Riiiiiggghhht.

  46. Spivey on said:

    Newt the A$$ will show up again –in the last setting republicans just loved that he teed off on a liberal reporter

    against Obama he will just be an A$$ with the left and middle getting pissed at him

    • Jimbo Henry on said:

      Thats the way I see it also!!!

  47. Steve Douglas on said:

    That fat little bastard in The Hangover who tazed Fat Jesus in the face at the police station looks just like Newt.

    Newt’s extremely glib because he had to avoid ten thousand play ground ass whippings, but as Paul Krugman said, he’s a stupid man’s idea of what a smart man sounds like. When he starts yammering about his futuristic vision of electric dog polishers and gasoline powered turtleneck sweaters in a debate with Obama, The Prez is gonna snatch his stupid throat out and stomp on it. I can’t wait.

    • Walter Carr on said:

      Steve is apparently willing to overlook the baggage of the Kenyan born, Indonesian raised, Muslim, Marxist in the White House while attacking any and all possible Republican candidates, all of whom have a much lighter baggage load.

      While not a Newtite I have not the slightest doubt that he would run circles around the Teleprompter Prez in any debate.

      • Steve Douglas on said:

        Walter, you’re certifiably insane. Blah blah blah blah Rush Limbaugh blah blah Fox n Friends blah blah blah hate the nigra usurper blah blah. How do you people look at yourselves in the mirror, I’ll never know. Sometimes, you’re not really out of the “flow” because you’re “Mavericks” marching to your own drummer, still deserving of equal dignity. Sometimes you’re on the outside because that’s where you belong, unfit for human companionship. Romney/Gingrich – Polygamy and Polyamory, 2012. Brought closer to you Sunday by South Carolina right wing Republican yeech-vangelical “christian” racists. And don’t kid yourself, the whole planet “gets” that that’s what it’s all about.

        • Bob on said:

          Maybe the “planet” that you “orbit” gets it, but the planet earth doesn’t “get it” that way.

          Explain to me why the most outlandish, judgmental, critical, insulting, berating comments ALWAYS seem to come from the “enlightened” liberals? ANYONE who disagrees with any part of your beliefs comes under such intense attack. You would think that such “liberal” thinkers would embrace diversity and not rail against it. Sounds like anyone who doesn’t agree with your political opinions is to be denied the same freedoms you enjoy: the right to speak your mind and stand up for what you believe. Call it what it is: “liberal arrogance.” People who think they are SO intelligent that if anyone doesn’t believe exactly as they do….they are “idiots.” Seems to me you and some others here are acting worse than those people you choose to condemn. Why point to the speck in your neighbor’s eye when you have a log in your own!

          • Steve Douglas on said:

            Bob! So fragile! Funny, in that vote for Newt, one detects no hint of fragility, but instead, a sociopathic determination to destroy American political and social integrity. A vote for Newt is to arm a suicide bomber and send him into the crowded public square. Good and evil aren’t two “choices” deserving equal dignity. I’m surprised God- saturated right wing Sandlappers can’t “get” that.

          • Bob on said:

            Steve….amazing you don’t get it. EVERY American has the right to believe what they want to believe, even if it is NOT the opinon of the majority. What gives you and ANY ultraliberal person here to think they don’t? I’ve heard this time and time again from those who say they are a “democrat” or a “liberal.” They get SO upset/emotional when they hear others expressing beliefs contrary to their own. For all the condemnation dumped on the conservatives, I never hear the same rants from the ultra right conservatives.
            I was taught long ago to stand up for what I believe in but to allow others the right to do the same….and not condemn them for it. This country is built on the diversity of beliefs, opinions, viewpoints of all Americans. Majority rules, even when the minority doesn’t like it.
            If Gingrich won the primary because the majority voted for him, I accept that. It is the right of the people in this state to vote for whomever they wish. However, I DO reject the your opinion and the opinion of others here who think they do NOT have that right and that they were fools for doing so. If you don’t like the way people think/believe here, there are 49 other states and a few U.S. territories you might prefer to live in, with people who think more like you do.

          • Steve Douglas on said:

            Bob! It’s 5 am, and you’re obviously writing in your sleep! That Ambien is a mofo!!

      • The Monz ... aaayyy on said:

        Walter is right, Newt will destroy Obama in a debate (for those who listen to the high pitched sounds only dogs really can hear). The rest of the voters, including the independets will see through the false world Newt is living in and Obama will crush him. PLEASE NOMINIATE NEWT, it almost guarantees another 4 years of Hawaiin born Obama. Oh, and South Carolina’s 7 electoral votes will go to anyone with an (R) after it…

        • Jimbo Henry on said:


    • Jimbo Henry on said:

      Steve Douglas, Your Right, whats more, you made me laugh out loud.

  48. Gnome Sane on said:

    Bubba: Thank you for sharing all the data you have collected from your subjects. It certainly supports your opinion that the “wider perspective” is not perceived nor the “higher ground” taken in politics. Nevertheless, I believe there is a large constituency not represented here, and will report that the study is far from finished. The proposed demolition of “The Earth” as you know it will be postponed until conclusive evidence is collected. PS thanks for all the fish. Gnome Sane

  49. Steve Douglas on said:

    CNN crawl says Gingrich plans major speeches, “including one on space”!! Hoo boy, here it comes!!! I can’t wait for the one where he annexes Austria, claims the Sudetenland, invades Poland and Czechoslovakia and signs a peace pact with Stalin, then invades Russia!!! “The Gingrich – Man of Action!!!”

    • steve leonard on said:

      What’s in that pipe that you’re smoking? Or is all the KoolAid you drank adversely affecting your brain that much? Howz that change working for you? roflmao

    • steve leonard on said:

      Oh and BTW in1993, Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. There has been no country named Czechoslovakia since then.

      • Steve Douglas on said:

        Steve! Really! You’re all over that modern map, man!

        • Steve Douglas on said:

          Pssst. Stalin’s dead, too! Keep it under your hat.

  50. b bugswatter on said:

    The problem which we are fighting-in crisis proportion – is the GRIDLOCK in Washington. For his first two years,Omaba pushed through his agenda-Obamacare etc. In the last two, he has been thwarted at every turn by the leadership of the Republican house whose stated objective is to defeat Obama in the 2012 election.
    As a result,we cant pass any legislation to create jobs or give more favorable tax treatment to the middle class.For all of his rhetoric,Mitt is not a conservative,his record proves it-and with all his baggage,Newts credentials show that he created jobs,lowered taxes and created the “Bleprint for America” which brought about the Republican majority.
    He was able to reach across the aisles to pass sensible legislation-a habit that contributed to his demise as speaker.We needed him then and we need him NOW.As usual,South Caroluina voters have it right!

    • The Monz ... aaayyy on said:

      Sounds like you are endorsing Newt Gingrich for Speaker of the House. Too bad those sticky ethics violations will probably prevent him from that post again. I will tell John Boener to watch his back.

      • Steve Douglas on said:

        Eric Cantor won’t sit still for that kind of leapfrog!!!
        He’s already got his own meat thermometer in Boehner’s back, and Boehner’s just about assumed room temperature! Oh, the history books will be unkind!

    • cromeradmin on said:

      How dare u bring that line of rational thinking into his firepit, mr. Bugswatter!

  51. Walter Carr on said:

    Steve D,

    You apparently aren’t up to speed on the Obama Conspiricy so I am going to let you in on the info, even though by doing do I am takeing a great risk. Perhaps even being sent to meet up with Jimmy Hoffa.

    Here’s what is going on: Obama is a plant by a cabal of right wing organizations. They have invented his idenity, created his background, funded his every move all the way to the White House. They are committed to getting him reelected and they will. They control the all electronic voting machines which they had invented and retain the secret codes which determine vote counts.

    What is their purpose: They reconize that liberialism is destroying the American Republic and they want to fully expose liberialism and all its gross deficiencies so that rational, thinking people will come together and discard liberialism into the cesspool of history and Comrade Obama is the catalist they have chosen.

    Yup, you guessed it, Rush is in on the conspircy together with the Masons, Templars, Roscrusions, G Gordon Liddy, Agent Muldor, the Rockerfellers- including John D who is still alive and many others. Here’s one that will suprise you: Keith Olberman! Yes, Keith is in on it up to his eyeballs.

    • The Monz ... aaayyy on said:

      I’ll have what Walter Carr is drinking, make it a double!

      I do think your conspiracy theory needs a UFO element to it, you know, to gather in all the Trekies and those in line for Star Wars 1 in 3D.

      • Walter Carr on said:


        Tea, mushroom tea.

        Some Men in Black stopped by and made it quite clear that I was to keep a lid on all UFO info otherwise I would have revealed the summa authority behind the Obama Conspiricy.

        • The Monz ... aaayyy on said:

          Well played!

          • Steve Douglas on said:

            Walt’s testing the Brad Pitt/Twelve Monkeys gambit! But remember, at the end of it all, Pitt WAS crazy!

        • Steve Douglas on said:

          So, Right Wing, Newtonian Misfits have to…..BURN the Alpha Centaurian village to…..SAVE the Alpha Centaurian village! I think I get it now!

        • cromeradmin on said:

          Walter thank God: so YOU’Re the sonofabitch who stole my tin foil hat From Scatters! Watch yer back!

  52. The Monz ... aaayyy on said:

    King Bubba. Did you see Newt, ie the new ruler of South Carolina, and his acceptance speech? Standing right behind him was Andre Bauer. “Just how open a marriage would Newt like” asks the hardest working legislator? Prrrowwww…..

  53. Andrew Williams (GO DOGS!) on said:


    • cromeradmin on said:

      What…. Oh that’s right, bea arthur is dead.

  54. Andrew Williams (GO DOGS!) on said:


  55. Andrew Williams (GO DOGS!) on said:


  56. Steve Douglas on said:

    Bubba, this post makes more sense than anything I’ve read on your blog to date, including my own ultra-liberal tripe!!!

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      Hey! Bubba! What happened to “Horses Are Expensive!” from The Uzbek Equestrian Annual”??!

  57. Walter Carr on said:


  58. Walter Carr on said:


    I hope you stay up late this evening follow Comrade Obama’s campaign speech, err State of the Union Speech, and create a new blog so we might then comment on the too be expected load of BS.

    I am also hoping for a member of the audiance to have a Joe Wilson erruption as it would add something special to what can reasonably be expected to be a lecture on how we should all be good commited socialist and then all of our problems will vanish.

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      If there’s a Joe Wilson “Dumbo Eruption” (akin to a Bill Clinton “Bimbo Eruption”, but stupider), I hope Obama stops mid sentence, walks down to the floor of the house, calls the bitch out, and shoves his fist down that errant throat on the spot. Or, maybe brutally canes him. We know Sandlappers have done that literally, and still do it figuratively in their politics. Such would be well deserved (Wilson still deserves his, and I pray he gets it), and hell, Obama might even win over some South Carolina right wingers, for being such a “Gamecock”. That’s a deeply satisfying vision for me.

      • Walter Carr on said:


        State of the Union Speeches long ago degenerated into political theater, no matter who the Prez is: Neocon Bush or Marxist Obama. A fight on the floor of the House between Comrade Obama and a heckler, that would be worth the price of admission!

        My choice to fight the prez would be Congressman Mike Kelley from NW Penn. I would put good money on him too put a good ol Irish ass whoop’n on Basketball Barry.

        • cromeradmin on said:

          If that happens It’ll be real hard to get a blog out tonight!!! But it’ll be on Helluva Blog when I am done!

    • cromeradmin on said:

      If my worn out tired Hillbilly ass can crank out a blog tonite, you better be all over it, neighbor.

  59. cromeradmin on said:

    Steve et al….. I’m going to try to post as soon after the State Of the State address as possibe

  60. Terri Mostiller on said:

    Newt Gingrich in my opinion is a jackass. I just would like to smack him. But with that said, the rest of our GOP is not as strong a speaker or debater as he is and he probably has the best chance of beating President Obama in November.
    I will have a very difficult time voting in November if he is on the ballot, but I will exercise my right and do just that and pray for our nation for 4 more years. I don’t think he would be a horrible president, I believe he has some of what it takes to move us forward, but I would rather have someone other than a career politician in that positiion. I hope I am making sense. He has the nastiness for the job I guess is what I’m saying….we just need to pray for the right person to be elected in November

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      Here’s a post that betrays a deeply sad level of cynicism. The nastier the better?! From a state whose governor was accused of infidelity by two hacks within her own party, one of whom was obviouly gay, I guess no low is “too low”.

      • Terri Mostiller on said:

        Would you be talking about my post Steve?

  61. Steve Douglas on said:

    ^^^ As u all can see, Newt has discovered Bubba’s blog, and is quite the “scribe”!!

  62. Keisha on said:

    They stated that they had to get him to an emergency care
    facility in Paramus (Oradell Animal Hospital).
    It was just the right thing for me, and she knew it.

    Pink flags will fly from the pirate ship in Buccaneer Cove and all fans will receive a custom Buccaneers pink & red rally towel upon

  63. زيادة حجم الذكر on said:

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