Tired of the generalities, platitudes, conflicting messages and general whirling poo-storm coming with the S.C. Republican presidential primary? As another slicker, sicker and definitely richer Southern “Bubba” once said, “I feel your pain.” With the “Bubba Guide” to the S.C. Presidential Primary, you’ll get a quick snapshot of the candidates that’s no less confusing, and maybe a little more educational, than what’s spewing forth from your television ad nauseum. I have made my level-best to form conclusions, opinions and analysis dispassionately and without the agendas most folks are sportin’ ’round with these days.

As the 2012 Republican presidential nomination race left the hamlets of New Hampshire and headed to South Carolina, the race wasn’t decided, but all signs point in that direction. Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney became the first non-incumbent Republican to win both Iowa and New Hampshire, which is an important fact. In the post-Goldwater era, GOP voters tend to consolidate quickly and behind the establishment candidate. Since 1980, if New Hampshire boosted a rabble-rouser like, say, um… Pat Buchanan in 1996, the Palmetto State would be there to produce a win for the stable, predictable oatmeal-flavored Bob Dole — slamming the door on those who would challenge the powers-that-be. (Yea, I voted for him). As of today, THE EVE OF THE FINAL CHARLESTON DEBATE,  Newt Gingrich is clearly clawing his way to the top in South Carolina. As folks drop out, drop bombs and drop trou’, will history reflect that Mitt Romney was nothing more than a Pat Buchannan “rabble -rouser” if South Carolina produces a solid “W” for the NEWTSTER?

It doesn’t always hold, but it’s a good general rule that Iowa goes for the social conservative, New Hampshire picks the anti-establishment candidate and South Carolina crowns the winner. Well let’s see… Iowa was a win for Santorum, albeit only by a mere 38 votes. New Hampshire was a decisive Romney win. Before the Myrtle Beach debate, it was expected that Romney would walk away with the win. Then Newt start kicking natural ass, getting standing O’s in MID DEBATE, and the bottom-dwellers started folding up like cheap hookers. Looks like the tide is turning.  To be sure, nothing’s certain until the ballots are counted. And with our proud Palmetto State, this guy has learned to expect the unexpected. After, they don’t call us “Texas on STERIODS”  fer nuttin”!

The following listing of the candidates is in order of their average number from the last four polls conducted in South Carolina, according to Pollster. That’s Insider Advantage (Jan. 11), ARG (Jan. 11-12), Rasmussen (Jan. 12) and PPP (Jan. 11-13).  Again, as of this HOUR, Gingrich and Romney are in a DEAD HEAT! Hope this Bubba-Guide helps, informs, or–at a minimum–entertains.

27.25 percent | Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney (The Front-Runner*)
Romney would win in South Carolina by not losing, and a third victory had been expected to effectively put an end to the viability of the challengers. Between his campaigns against late U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy, for Massachusetts governor and for president last time ’round, it’s genuinely hard to pin down where Willard stands on the issues. [Remember those GIANT John Kerry flip-flop costumes at the '04 GOP Convention ? What is it with these  wishy-washy Bay-Staters?!?] Anyhoo, when assessing the efforts together, a picture emerges that shows a man of industry who is old-line conservative on economics and foreign policy, while liberal on social issues.

Whether he would govern with his personal beliefs is anyone’s guess, because Romney’s been willing to say just about whatever it takes to win the Republican nomination for president. Now before you go all Bubba- hatin’ on me, that’s not intended as an attack or slight to the former governor, not like his opponents would say it. Here, facts are simply facts, and I can’t ignore them just because they present an inconvenient narrative. MMMMMkay?!?

What motivates Romney so to become the president, and saying things he doesn’t 100 percent believe, only he knows. His naked desire for the presidency has turned off a lot of voters, but when they looked at the rest of the GOP field, our man Mitt stood confident, competent and experienced: The best of a bad crop, so to say. If the Mittster becomes the nominee, he should solidify into a more consistent candidate in message, merging a more-authentic public and private viewpoint. By the way …can ANYONE enlighten me as to why his family expatriated to Mexico two generations ago? Inquiring minds wanna know!

*Editor’s note: “Front Runner” status chosen PRIOR to Romney’s calling Bigfoot a “Hoax” in Myrtle Beach South Carolina Debate on 1/16/12

22.75 percent | Former U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (The Bully)
Newt was a man of his times. He took advantage of conditions in the political arena and the general society to seize power for him and his allies in the House in 1994. In doing so, he became a MAJOR– if not the PRINCIPAL–creator of the present aggressively vicious atmosphere in politics. In so doing, he nearly salted the earth of any presidential ambitions. Slate‘s John Dickerson, on Dec. 12, called him, “America’s Greatest Attack Politician.”

Four days earlier, Slate editor-in-chief Jacob Weisberg directly addressed Gingrich’s grandiose view of himself and came away asking if the former speaker suffered from an undiagnosed mental disorder — manic-depression or hypermania, or another malady. Whatever the situation may be, Gingrich continually becomes like the character of Richard III, turning away with his nasty persona those who were attracted by his ideas, almost excited to be the “bad guy” again. Personally, I’ll never recover from Howard Crabtree’s depiction of the guy in his hilarious Off-Broadway Show “When Pigs Fly”, where, in 1996 on Thanksgiving Night,  I sat wide-eyed and amazed  on the front row of a New York Theatre as some Drag Queen belted,

“Newt, you are so cute….You Speaker of that House of Ill-repute!

You look so ‘Newtonian’ in your Statesman Drag…like Eight pounds of Boloney in a Three pound bag….”

but I digress…
Before the Myrtle Beach Debate,  I did not believe that there could be a lasting victory in playing the villain, the man in black. It’s a supporting role, and our pal Newt seemed to realize that. It was  pissing  him off, which wasn’t helping matters any. But this week in South Carolina, he has channeled that anger into a spectacular debate performance, coupled with a pinpoint perfect “call-out” of Mitt on his tax[NON]disclosure and as of Thursday night, he’s TIED UP with Romney! At tonight’s debate, Newt had a singular goal after today’s  garbage- dump by wife#2… NEUTRALIZE THE EX-FACTOR. Ladies and gents on that  note I feel it’s safe to quote W here when I declare, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Watching the post game tonite, it’s almost comical to watch the usually smug CNN Commentator JOHN KING trying to resuscitate himself after Newt effectively “burned him a new one” when he opened the debate with a question about “open relationships.”

On the issues, Gingrich is fairly reliable mainstream conservative. He wasn’t averse to bringing home the federal bacon when he was in the House, or in general doing what’s best for Newt, himself. It’s a fair statement to say Newt’s about Newt first and foremost, and everything else falls in behind that. Some people genuinely believe that makes for a reliable, predictable and dependable public official. Maybe so, maybe not. Without a South Carolina win, Gingrich would most likely go back to where he’s most comfortable, in the academic world of history and big public policy ideas. I, for one, would regret that because despite all these not-so-nice factoids that cannot be ignored, he is clearly the smartest guy running for President from any party. [and that's coming from a guy who drove 'round with an "Elitists for Obama" bumper sticker last time around!]

16.00 percent | U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (The Crazy Old Man)
The Republican Party owes a great debt to Ron Paul and his supporters. Paul’s non-interventionist, anti-war, bring-’em-home defense stance has generated an honest-to-God debate over foreign policy within the Republican Party, which is impressive. The national parties have their messages on such lock-down that discussion, dissent and disagreement are swept out the door. Genuine intraparty policy debates create energy and dynamism within the party, which usually leads to good candidates and victorious elections. Can I get an “‘ATTABOY!!!” for the Ronster?

Take the Democratic Leadership Council, for example, which revitalized a moribund and fractured party to put Bill Clinton in the White House twice while creating a worldwide movement in center-left politics: The Third Way. Paul’s discussions about the Federal Reserve, monetary policy, foreign aid and the nature of federalism itself are also things to be welcomed. If I may beg your indulgence for a moment, during my tenure as a House Rep. In S.C. and since that time, I consider CONSISTENCY to be the “self-actualization” of the politico. That being said,  I LOVE Ron Paul for actually saying the same thing consistently throughout his career. Of anyone who has run for President in my lifetime, I sincerely believe he is the most truthful, focused and consistent in what he stands for. And he’s going to get my vote Saturday for it! Sadly, I fear Paul’s too old, and he’s been hanging out on the fringe too long to assume the aura of a mainstream GOP nominee for president.

12.75 percent | Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum (Li’l Duce)
With all due respect to my Roman Catholic Brother in Faith, this Pittsburgh-bred senator sealed his political fate in the ’90s when he used the slippery slope fallacy to suggest legalized bestiality could result from gay rights legislation. [I know... right?!?] Cubbyholed into big-government social conservatism, he rolled over a weak Democratic opponent by six points through reaping the benefits of his national popularity while mitigating its negative aspects. Booyah!

By 2006, the cat was out of the bag and Pennsylvania voters weren’t going to approve a guy who was opposed to contraception, quoted as saying the birth-control pill is, “a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.” [I know... right?!?] While that might have flown in the blue-collar eastern suburbs of the Steel City, pro-life Democrat Bob Casey trounced Santorum statewide by 17 points. Booyah!

Whilst I don’t wanna go here, I feel pressed to point out that I do not believe that the former senator is trying to legislate Catholicism or Christianity, though he acts in a way that substitutes Biblical teachings for most universal truths, putting a heavy ecumenical hand on the Enlightenment philosophy of the Founders. Rick Santorum believes the government should guide the morality of society all the way from the sidewalk to the bedroom. And the congregation said…

A working-class kid, Santorum sticks to his roots on economics and is easily the most union-friendly candidate in the bunch. Also, from the U2 frontman Bono, “While in Congress, Santorum supported efforts to fight global AIDS, provide assistance to orphans and vulnerable children in developing countries, combat genocide in Sudan, and offer third world debt relief. He also supported home-ownership tax credits, offering savings accounts to children from and rewarding savings by low-income families, funding autism research, fighting tuberculosis, and providing housing for people with AIDS. He supported increased funding for Social Services Block Grants and organizations like Healthy Start and the Children’s Aid Society, and financing community health centers.”

That class-consciousness leads Santorum to choose fiscal over social policy when the two are in conflict, as he did endorsing former U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter in his last run for office. Seemingly out of place, this campaign and its supporters are the heirs of the presidency movement for former Ala. Gov. George Wallace. Conservative, big government, pro-labor, pro-business, religious and patriotic. Not to mention White and just a little xenophobic. “Us vs. Them.” And, like Wallace, there’s a whiff of corruption and nefarious dealings. Pope Benedict doesn’t have to go all ex cathadra to convince this fish-eater that President Santorum just ain’t happenin’, folks.

 6.50 percent | Texas Gov. Rick Perry (The Cowboy)
Earlier today, Rick Perry withdrew from the Presidential race and endorsed Newt Gingrich. But not to worry: Rick Perry was nothing you have not seen  before. As a matter of fact, former Ole Miss and Arkansas football coach Houston Nutt did the tent revival minister schtick better than Perry himself. And with Houston, you could trade stories about football, whereas with Perry it was the luck of the draw. This gentleman likely chose to run for president as he would accepting a challenge in the back 40. From a distance, Perry appeared to be treating the campaign like a fraternity event. But this kegger never really got off the ground. While there didn’t seem to be a real catalyst for his effort, Perry had never lost an election until the 2012 Iowa caucuses, doubled up by the New Hampshire primary. That one-two punch had the Texas governor dazed and reeling as he tried to adapt?In the end, Perry did not have a hook with any of his issues, either, pulling back from criticism of Romney’s hostile takeovers at Bain Capital. I know a lot of my Southern Politicos  wanted to hear more about Big Tex , but I had looked and looked, and it just was not there. NOW THAT PERRY IS OUT, us Sandlappers should probably hand the Dude a Lil’ Joe BBQ sandwich from Maurice Bessinger’s and a six pack of Blenheim Ginger Ale and thank him for his time.

 4.50 percent | Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman (The Paradox)
Of the Republican field, it seemed only fitting that the candidate who represented the best chance for the GOP to win the presidency was bringing up the caboose in South Carolina. He was everything Obama was and more, except  ethnic  (Does Mormon count?) Huntsman was a good-looking, likable guy who had a good track record as governor of a Western state and a metric ton of family wealth standing on the sidelines, had it been needed. Huntsman was moderate, agreeable, and just about every quality that would have gotten him kicked out of the next S.C. Club for Growth powwow. So what happened? He DROPPED OUT  before the Myrtle Beach Presidential Debate , then threw his support to his fellow Mormon comrade Mitt Romney! The good news is that he’s only 51 years old and will be able to come back ’round in 2016 (or 2020!) should the opportunity arise. I think he is a fascinating guy and I am very grateful to his GA-zillionnaire father’s SUPERPAC for keeping him in the game  long enough to run around with the Big Dawgs in the Palmetto State alongside the rest of the pack!(Through this past week, anyways!)


I know this blog has been a bit of a WHOPPER, but the South Carolina Presidential Primary is a HUGE DEAL! I am quite sincere when I say we need to all thank the South Carolina Republican Party for keeping it the “First in the South”. Yo Flori-DUH : Can you say “Booyah“?!? Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Independent like me, you’d be hard-pressed not to say “It’s a GREAT WEEK IN SOUTH CAROLINA!” Hope the Bubba Guide helped.

 by J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr., an Attorney licensed to practice in South Carolina, California & The District of Columbia. He received his BA in 1985 from Clemson University and his JD in 1988 from the University of South Carolina School of Law.

with Wes Wolfe. He’s written for 11 publications in five states, and is the marketing coordinator for ACEC Virginia.

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80 thoughts on “THE SOUTH CAROLINA PRIMARY: Is Mitt Still Driving YOUR Car?

  1. Pat Chisum on said:

    I make my choice for president based on which family makes the best Christmas card, and that is John Huntsman. He has a smoking hot wife, two smoking hot daughters and a stumpy one. (hey, the dixie chick were 2 out of 3 as well).

    Also, he seems to be the most grounded and represents everything I like about being conservative and none of the crazy stuff that makes me hide behind Newt’s gigantic head.

    A vote for Huntsman is a vote for 4 years of smoking hot daughters!

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      Every American can get behind this kind of advanced thinking. If I were not a staunch advocate for four more years of Obama, I would definately be a “Huntsman’s smoking hot daughters” guy.

  2. Bilenda on said:

    Bubba darlin’, You are realkly impressive. You are right on with everyone except Ron Paul. You left out the part about him being nuts. My only personal encounters have been with Romney and Santorum. At the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake there was a big traffic jam and Romney got out of his car and directed traffic to fix it. Man of the people that day.
    I crossed paths with Santorum at the White House. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? He was driving out of the gate while we were walking by. He stopped to let us go in front of him. Hey- White House, crossed his path-. Counting on South Carolina to thin the field.

  3. John on said:

    I know that there are lots of people that are loving Romney, but to me the guy just seems more like a democrat than a republican. I suspect he would lead through the opinion polls rather than reaching into his limited knowledge of the real business world to fix what is truly wrong in our country. He’s a bit creepy. Newt is the biggest threat to Romney and will be a huge thorn in his side until the end. Newt is smart agreed, but will have problems with people trusting him. I believe he could fix the economic situation and our relationships with other countries and soundly defend our country and be more Reagan in his time in office..

    The rest are boobs and should be shown the door.

    I do know we can’t take 4 more years of declining manufacturing in this country which IS the real problem. The talk of “jobs” is just now a buzz word when we have people out of work because we really don’t make build, create, produce much in this country in the last few years. The employment numbers are adjusted to state a case of our economy improving and they are false. The only count numbers of new people filing for unemployment and those on it, not the people that have not found a job or are now living on the street after losing everything.

    We also have not counted or reported all of the businesses that have closed in the last 4 years and still closing daily. OR have we reported the looming debt the banks are acquiring due to commercial property they have to assume the loss on due to business closures. With all of this happening, the states, municipalities, cities and burghs across our nation do not have revenue to fight fires, catch the bad guys or deliver or improve our services or infrastructure.

    The next wave of failures in our economy will be here late 2012 early 2013. The guy we elect will have this to face early on.. who would do this best. Romney or Newt. Not Romney in my opinion. But I would just write in Bubba with me as VP and go kick some ass.

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      Republicans, with occasional Democratic help, have enthusiastically outsourced American manufacturing jobs for four decades, so the suggestion that manufacturing decline has occurred only over the last several years, since Obama’s inauguration is…um…”unfounded in fact”. This Republican attraction to slavery and near slavery as a cost-saving workforce resource says everything that needs to be said about how well-founded that ideology is in Jesus’ teachings and American principles. Think Tom Delay, Ralph Reed, Jack Abramoff, Grover Norquist, Chinese indentured servitude to American business in certain Pacific island manufacturing “havens”, forced abortions there, forced prostitution there, and the Right’s insistent advocacy thereof, indirectly if not directly, and you get the picture.

      And business has been asked directly, and repeatedly, in recent years, what role the “uncertainty” we keep hearing about from so many on the right has played in their contraction or unwillingness to invest and broaden production, and the consistent answer is that only about 2% of those asked cite “uncertainty”. By far, the biggest response is “no customers”, because nobody is buying, because nobody has any money. That human, psychological “uncertainty” about what the next day will bring, is different than the “uncertainty” on the right wing talking points list that Fred and Grover coach their wide-eyed know nothing clientele to bray about. Jobs have been gaining since the month after Obama was sworn in. There’s a promising indicator.

  4. Terri Mostiller on said:

    Well if we actually had some great choices, but since we don’t I believe Romney would be my choice, although Ron Paul has some great idea’s as well. Newt I did not like when he was Speaker although he may be the better choice of all of them. Mmmmmm, have alot to think about between now and Saturday.

    I want to see something in the paper on Friday with all the facts about these candidates, good and bad, I am oh so sick of the negative ads on TV that I could poke some eyeballs out and we have to listen to this until November….sickening… Bubba I still have to decide for 100% sure before Saturday

  5. Paul Abrams on said:

    Seems we will have Romney rammed down our throats no matter what. The old GOP guard wants it, our own gov Haley wants it. For me it will be another hold my nose and vote for the bastard, anything is better than Obummer.

    • amyess on said:

      Oh Paul, if enough people decide they don’t want Romney, then they won’t get Romney. It’s the resignation that’s killing this race. I believe in you, Paul!!! :)

      • Steve Douglas on said:

        But Paul, who are you for? Don’t leave us wondering!

        • Paul Abrams on said:

          I’m thinking Newt, he can rip Obummer a new A hole in debates.

          • Steve Douglas on said:

            Country First!!!! LOL

  6. carolyn on said:

    Your “Bubba” guide was enlightening and entertaining, If could we boil them all down and make one candidate he might be ok. God bless S. C, as we select the nominee?

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      I like Carolyn’s idea. Everyone of the Republican candidates should be thrown in a large pot and boiled down. Just boiled down. That is all.

  7. Big Al on said:

    You cannot go wrong if you follow the Buckley doctrine of voting for the most Conservative candidate THAT CAN WIN. With that in mind:

    So long as the world remains a dangerous place, Paul has no chance.

    Huntsman is a Democrat, and is delusional if he thinks he can win over Conservatives by speaking in Chinese.

    Perry is an intellectual derringer and can’t compete with the big guns at the national level…no chance.

    Santorum appears too angry to be likeable which is all that matters to the mushy middle “independents” (aka idiots)…therefore, no chance.

    Newt…the smartest guy in the country got a taste of big boy politics in Iowa and is now letting his road rage cloud his judgement into attacking capitalism…he’s done.

    That leaves us with Romney, the McDLT of candidates; something for everyone = winner.

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      At the last Correspondents’ Dinner in D. C., held the night our president had given the order to kill Bin Laden – which did kill Bin Laden – President Obama addressed Huntsman, who was in the audience, and wryly warned, “Remember, Huntsman came here to learn English, he didn’t go there to learn Chinese”. Funny guy!

      It will be an historic and unending humiliation to a broad sector of the Republican electorate that they ever thought, or still do, that Rick Perry was fit to be more than a busboy in some greasy spoon. Or that he was qualified to lead anything on the two main merits he cites – executive or theological soundness.

      Santorum is every bit as nasty as noted, which creates real problems for a leader domestically and internationally, not just problems of “appeal to moderates”. The world despises an America that greets every degree of the compass with a scowl and fists clenched. W proved that. It’s not the way to go. And in a free country, Santorum’s “Father Rick” admonitions are just ridiculously overbearing. BTW, did you know that his entire family, including his father and uncles back in Italy, were hard-core communists? True. They all think he’s nuts, too.

      Newt. Ahhhh, Newt. To have observed him over 30 years in politics is…well, not to love him. He has a heart of enriched plutonium. In the right geographic place, he would have annexed Austria and invaded Czechoslovakia. He would have signed a peace pact with Stalin and then invaded Russia. And he would have banged Stalin’s old lady. Kruschev’s too. That’s just who he is. Earnestly believing in Newt is a stain on any person’s reputation. It’s a secret best kept, dearly.

  8. Lynnster on said:

    Agree with my bubba on this one. The best candidate looks like he will finish last. And that’s why we probably won’t have a republican replacement of Obama.

  9. amyess on said:

    I really appreciate your appraisal of Huntsman. He’s the man I am pulling for. I don’t even care that he’s the “caboose”–that doesn’t change the fact that he is the best man for the job. If anyone can get our house in order, it’s the three-time ambassador/businessman/governor with a record in outstanding debt management and job creation.

  10. Ndakwah Ali on said:

    I want to hear more from Gov. Jon Huntsman. He is intelligent, qualified, electable, and has the skills to propel this country forward. He is not liberal like the media portrays him to be.

    Huntsman’s support for the budget proposal put forward by Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, his desire to privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and his condemnation of the “No Child Left Behind” law are just a few of Jon’s conservative stances.

    Erick Erickson, the founder of the Red State blog, now argues that Huntsman is a genuine conservative who has been ill-served by a staff not focused on making that point to voters.

    “I have to say I may have to seriously reconsider saying I’d never, ever, never vote for Jon Huntsman,” wrote Erickson on Wednesday. “He is more consistently conservative than either Newt or Romney, more pro-life than either, and a far more competent executive than either.”

    Gov. Jon Huntsman for President

    Jon 2012!

  11. C.J. Webster on said:

    Want to restore trust in the Office of the Presidency and Washington? Have a look at Gov. Jon Huntsman.

    As Gov. Of Utah he cut taxes and balanced the budget. In addition to doing these things, Gov. Huntsman policies also saw Utah reach the of #4 in Job Creation, #1 best managed state and #1 most business friendly state. He was reelected to his his second term in what is considered the reddest state in the U.S. with 78% of the vote. During his second term he saw approval ratings between 80% – 90%. He resigned the office with an 80% approval rating.

    After resigning the governorship he took a position as Ambassador of China. He took this position because it is his stance that service to country should always come before partisan politics. Gov. Huntsman also served as Ambassador to Singapore under President George H.W. Bush. In your research of Gov. Huntsman you’ll also see he held positions under President Reagan and President George W. Bush.

    Along with Gov. Huntsman’s domestic and foreign policy experience, he also has a vast array of private sector experience as he has held the executive position at several successful organizations.

    Gov. Huntsman has always been a staunch Pro – Life and Second Amendment supporter. (He has s 100% rating with the NRA and Pro – Life groups) Gov. Huntsman also believes in traditional marriage and states rights. ( Hence his belief that Gay marriage is a state issue and the federal Govt. should recognize individual states rights to make their own laws on the issue.

    I urge you to check out and inform yourself on Gov. Jon Huntsman. According to The New York Times predictive model of GOP candidate’s he has the best chance of beating Obama and The Wall Street Journal voted his tax plan the best of all the candidate’s running.

    Don’t let the main stream media shove Mitt Romney down our throats. We do have other options! Give Jon Huntsman a chance and I promise you’ll like what you see!

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      Oops, the only sane and grown uo GOP candidate has just dropped out! Ayayay!!

    • b bugswatter on said:

      Gimme a break,CJ!!He quit the race and endorsed Romney.
      Your guy was appointed Ambassador to China by Obama and by all accounts,not just yours,did a fine job.One of the best moments in the political debates occurred when Mitt Romney suggested that many Republicans would view that in a negative light to which Gov. Huntsman quickly responded THAT attitude is exactly what is wrong with our political system and why nothing gets accomplished in Washington!
      In referring to Mitts inconsistent record,Huntsman also opined that if Romney is elected we might change the name of “White House” to “Waffle House”.
      One can only conclude that this man has either let his Mormon religion override his political ideology or that he has a great affinity for waffles!!

  12. Derrick vinson on said:

    Agreed Jon Huntsman is the best choice! If only more people would take a second or even a first look at him.

  13. Ellie on said:

    I have to say I am really liking Ron Paul. I really love everything you have written and agree with you. I still have a lot of research to do, but I am pulling for Mr. Paul so far……..

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      Author Ayn Rand is one of the most anti-christian, anti-god thinkers (if you want to call it that) in modern culture, and Ron Paul named his son Rand after her. Think about it. He’s no friend to the little guy, in a world where corporate giants already have their power and scourge the land.

  14. Polly Thompson on said:

    EEEKKKKKKK!!! I will be hubernating until the primary is over! Huntsman is the only one with a brain, and he has a snowball’s chance in um South Carolina (a nod to out awful weather this winter). I personally am alternating dvd episodes of Downton Abbey and The Muppet Show to avoid the tv. There isnt enough Pepto to watch the commercials, or tequila.

  15. Joy Bailey Phelan on said:

    Mother of God…. Do you have a life?

    Yes, I read, listen and shake my head.

    The fodder is just ridiculous.

  16. Dennis Bolt on said:

    Although attractive to iconoclasts and those who are still fighting the Civil War, Ron Paul is just too short to be President. All the White House furniture would have to redesigned, and the taxpayers would never stand for it. GOP voters in S.C. will go to the polls scratching their heads wondering if Mormons really are Christians, but their immense hatred for the President will push them to Romney, since they view him as the candidate most likely to succeed.

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      I did love Ron Paul in his turn as “Grampa” on Hee Haw, though.

  17. Kenny on said:

    Bubba, this is as good of a summary of this race as I’ve read anywhere. I think Gingrich pulls out a squeaker in SC resulting in four more months of blood-letting in this process. I’m going to savor every moment of it.

  18. Cooter Brown on said:

    Cooter int no frien ov da uSSA, but I got t’ put my prejudice ‘gainst th’ yankee gov’mint a-side an’ suppo’t Docltor ROn Paul.

    Heeze a frien ov da South an’ undastand wut day did t’ our peoples hoo always jest wanted t’ bee left alone an’ fer da constitutshun.

    Any votes fer th’ otha rebuplicant sclalwag/carpet-bagga neocon/neoyankee basdads hoo cour us everie 4 yeers an’ then put their boot on our necks!

  19. Lewis Vaughn on said:

    Bubba: You know that I’m a “KICK-ASS-AND-TAKE-NAMES” kind of politican. I don’t try to pick winners and losers. I go with the person that I think has the intellect and the testosterone (bully is your term) to do the job. That’s Gingrich. BY MILEEEEEESSSSSSS. As I remember, you were and Independent (I think at first a Democrat with a little d). Forgive me if I’m wrong. Your comment that Huntsman is the Republicans best hope for the WH is WRONG. Huntsman is a Democrat with a BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG “D”.

    Anyway take care and Happy New Year and I hope all goes well for you in the G.A. this year.

    • cromeradmin on said:

      Lewis looks like you done gone and skeered huntsman rite outta SC! Guess he thot it was time to “get off da pot” if u kno what I mean. Miss you Bossman. COME SEE US!

  20. Cadillac Barbie on said:

    You have done a great job summarizing the candidates. Even as a gay Democrat, it Huntsman becomes the Republican nominee, I think I would vote for him based on his experience and record. I think he is what this country needs and he would have the Congressional support to get things done. Unfortunately the Republican party is too busy fighting to think rationally. Newt is NOT electable – the man is egotistical, crazy and mean. He tries to claim marriage is sacred when he has cheated on his own wives – what a hypocrit.

    Romney will probably get the nomination and be stupid enough to ask Santorum to be his VP to pull in the conservative crazies. Mitt has no real experience in business. He flip flops on all the issues and says whatever he thinks people want to hear. People want the truth. We are tired on the Washington bullshit. We want leaders who will set aside differences and compromise to make this a better country. Quit worrying about social legislation. Stay out of our personal lives and get the economy back on track and put people back to work.

    Again, great summary Bubba! Love you.

  21. Steve Douglas on said:

    Mitt Romney quotes Obama out of context, putting an ad on the air where Obama is quoting John McCain four years ago saying “If we keep talking about the economy, we’re gonna lose”, without disclosing it’s a McCain quote, and then laments how badly he’s being treated by Newt and Rick Santorum for running commercials with him saying “I like to fire people”. This tells me all I need to know about Romney. All of his competitors the last time out viscerally loathed him, and so they do again this time around. He’d get his nose punched in by a fat 8th grader in every playground in the land – and he’s the tough guy that wants to hack Obama for being insufficiently assertive on the world stage?! Please, promising a war with Iran if elected, a war none of his silk-stockinged friends or family would get any closer to than higher fuel prices per gallon for the yacht, doesn’t make him a tough guy. Propogating the lie of the “Apology Tour” straight from the talking points of Newt Gingrich and Fred Whatsis, the right’s latest polemical guru? Believe me, Romney’s kissed more ass in business than “Frances the Mule’s” banker.

    I will grant that through Romney’s veins runs blood as cold as ice though, notwithstanding the proof of it in his cadaverous self-presentation. Just ask Seamus, the family’s Irish Setter, who became incontinent after being strapped to the roof of the stationwide for a 1,200 mile journey from Boston to Ontario, Canada, at Thanksgiving tide. When the Romney boys noticed diarrhea streaming down the back window of the car, Romney pulled into a gas station, hosed the dog down with cold water, threw him back into the crate, and headed out again. Dogs’ best friend, indeed!

    To the person who wondered why his family crossed south into Mexico way back when, it was so they could have the freedom to live like they wanted, with 2, or 5, or 23 wives if they wished. They were Mexicans then, living in one of two large, gringo “colonia” settled by Mormons there, south of the border. George Romney, his father, wa born in Mexico in 1907, clearly a Mexican citizen. Years later, when the Mexican Revolution began, they illegally entered the U.S. again and headed toward Michigan, ultimately.

    That means…..

    You guessed it…….

    Mitt Romney is an “Anchor Baby”!!!

    • cromeradmin on said:

      I cannot breathe. I am streaming tears. I am not worthy!

  22. Walter Carr on said:

    On the 21st of this month South Carolinians will have their chance to go to the polls and vote for the person whom they preferred to head the Republican Party ticket come November. For those who favor a powerful statist federal government and all that comes with such a government the choice will be difficult as they have several candidates from whom to choose. If one of those people ends up being the Republican Party nominee for president then the choice come November will be between a big government statist of the right and a big government statist of the left, Obama.

    For those who believe that the federal government has metastasized into an out of control Leviathan-on-the-Potomac that must be reigned in and returned to its constitutionally prescribed limits, the choice is easy. There is but one candidate who is truly committed to doing that and he is Ron Paul.

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      Walter, President Obama has just proposed consolidating 6 federal agencies into one. Six of ‘em! He will no doubt be opposed in this, by Republicans, because three years ago, Republicans vowed to oppose him in everything he might conceive of, including choice of breakfast, no doubt. They have hewed to this “strategy” (some would say “illness”) faithfully. He has also promoted regulatory change that would lighten the burden on business that some say holds it back from greatest moral profitability, angering his own constituency. Much of this, no doubt, will be opposed by Republicans. Lastly, he proposed four trillion dollars in cuts that would have had a salutary effect on the deficit, but could not get agreement from a Republican party whose leaders, on national television, insisted that they would never agree to a plan to cut $10 in spendng if it also called for $1 in new revenue, an “M.O.” that has been decried universally by the most sound and respected economic and financial thinkers in the country.

      I’m not sure what the population of the country was when our constitution was adopted, but I’d guess it was less than 10 million people. Today, it’s 310 million people. No government of so many can be “small”. And when it is the Republicans trying to regulate your sexual behavior, your use and maintenance of your uterus, and what you can and cannot talk about with your doctor, theirs is not the party of “small government”.

      I also wonder how republicans can decry the cost of an imperial (economically if not geographically) military presence overseas, while at the same time baying like hounds for Iranian blood. I doubt there are many South Carolina conservatives who would concede the standard of living that the U.S.’s military and economic hegemony has assured to them for the last 120 years. Well, that costs money. “Big Government” money. The problem is, a model that advances that kind of spending while slashing social and domestic spending to the bone gives us…………

      North Korea.

      • Walter Carr on said:

        Steve, Obama seems to have very little if any regard for that which is contained in our republics constitution and he clearly, beyond all possible doubt, has total disregard for fiscal responsibility.
        Yes, Obama inherited a mess from his fellow statist George the Second, however, instead of repudiating the welfare/warfare state that is in the process of destroying our republic, he for all intents and purposes, became Bush on steroids. I am of the belief that our last truly great president was Grover Cleveland: “Though the people support the government; the government should not support the people.” The progressive era soon followed his presidency and it continues to date. I believe Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, and W. Bush to have been our republics five worst full term presidents and once Obama finishes his present term and wanting to keep the list to a single hand full I would substitute Obama for LBJ.
        The American Republic is the Roman Republic of this era. The Romans lost their republic to the Roman Empire and we all know how that turned out. America already has an informal empire with an extra constitutional executive branch running thing up in Leviathan-on-the-Potomac. The federal government is bankrupt and surviving on fiat currency with inflation on the rise. Eventually inflation will break loose in spite of all of the efforts that the Fed and the central government to keep it under control and once that happens, God only knows how bad things will become. History informs us that all democratic republics eventually fail followed by some form of despotic rule. Ron Paul is the only candidate who is committed to reversing the destruction wrecked by Democrat and Republican Progressives who love the welfare/warfare state, Big Brother. While it is probably already too late in the game of restore out lost republic, I will be voting for Ron Paul come Saturday as he is truly committed to giving it a go.
        Must call it a day for now as I have a large Ron Paul sign that arrived this afternoon from New Hampshire and it needs to be erected.

        • Steve Douglas on said:

          Walter, can you itemize Obama’s specific acts of disregard for our constitution. We here that from, on Fox typically, “…and Friends” specifically, with zero substantiation.

          The stimulus was pressed by the previous administration and has been greeted by all credible economists as necessary, and the most credible as being about half the size it should have been. Given the unanimous opposition to even that half measure by right wingers, any criticism of Obama for it is plainly disingenuous. In fact, his loudest detractors for the stimulus were supplicating for those funds even as they bludgeoned him about it.

          Nixon pushed for universal health care. Newt and the Heritage Institute urged the individual mandate. Romney made it happen. History will deeply condemn the American right for its subversion of Obama and their fellow citizens on this issue.

          • Patrick on said:

            Um what about the bill he recently passed that suspends the right to habeus corpus for anyone the government deems a terrorist. Great idea right because the government never oversteps or takes advantage of extra power. Big Brother is watching you so sleep easy

          • Steve Douglas on said:

            Patrick, the bill President Obama signed that you mention is the “Defense Authorization Act”, not the “Obama Hates the Constitution Like Patrick Implies” Act. You know the million essential things that bill does year after year. And you know the GOP and the constitution loving Tea Partiers were the ideological authors of the part you complain of. Obama held his nose to sign it, promising to revisit that odious part insisted on by the right. Let’s be honest.

  23. Lil Mary on said:

    Bubba you hit the nail on the head every single time!

  24. Andrew Williams (GO DOGS!) on said:

    This cycle, I at first was for fmr. Sen. Bob Dole….then was for NY Gov. Thomas Dewey’s corpse…..then for was for fmr. UT Gov. Jon Huntsman….then was for Gov. Rick Perry (HIS HAIRPIECE ONLY)….toyed with the idea of begging Angela Lansbury to run…….but, now I am 100% for Mitt Romney! GO, MITT!!

  25. Andrew Williams (GO DOGS!) on said:

    ***FOR FMR. UT Gov Jon Huntsman (sorry….not a friendly site to fix typos, Bubba…..I will blame CAMPAIGN COMMERCIAL SHOCK on said typing error.)

  26. Sherry Shealy Martschink on said:

    Good job, Bubba, as usual. You left out the most intellectual of the candidates, Colbert. :) Seriously, it seems there is a lot of apathy and that many who will vote on Saturday remain undecided.

  27. David Campbell on said:

    At this point my full support is behind your native “sun” of SC, who offers us a ray of hope– Stephen Colbert.

    However, I am withholding my final support until I hear what Herman Cain, your Georgia native neighbor has to allow on Thursday in Charleston. Herman is the only entry who has exhibited any sense of humor in this folly, and I cannot imagine any other location than Charleston than him to show us that he is not a slave to our economy.

  28. William Smyth on said:

    Mitt and Santorum will end of being the pair. They’re electable and will bring the party together. Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman will get Cabinet positions such as Commerce Secretary and Interior Secretary. Newt will get a professorship somewhere — like Sabato at UVA. Perry will remain Texas’ Governor and be the happiest of them all — being much beloved in his home state. Mitt and Santorum will defeat Obama and Biden by 5 points only because America wants to see if someone else can get the economy on track (and really booming) again. Period.

  29. Fancy Pants on said:

    Good Job with the Bubba Guide! You were objective with your details of each one. I still think they are all blowing a bunch of fancy hot air at this point but hey, I’ve learned most politicians are full of it come election time! Keep up the good work Bubba!

  30. Theo F "Buck" Cromer on said:

    So You Don’t Like Perry ?

    Well, I guess for me that’s a GOOD thing. As a life-long Texas Resident, I guess the worst thing for us would be to lose our Governer. While the rest of the Country laments over the dismal economy, high unemployment, and out-of-control spending, us Texan’s continue to look on with mild amusement while we enjoy our Steaks.

    It always amazes me when on one hand folks say “We don’t want any more slick politicians “, then criticize Rick Perry for his awkward style and less than stellar debate performances. My Grandma told me to never judge a book by it’s cover, well here’s a case of don’t judge a Candidate by his goofy laugh. Let’s examine what the man has done for us…

    A Few Texas Facts: From Wikipedia

    The economy of Texas is one of the largest and most rapidly growing economies in the United States. In 2011, Texas is home to six of the top 50 companies on the Fortune 500 list and 51 overall, (third in line after New York with 57 Fortune 500 and then California with 53).[9] Texas has an economy that was the second largest in the nation and the 15th largest in the world based on GDP (nominal) figures. As the largest exporter of goods in the United States, Texas currently grosses more than $100 billion a year in trade with other nations.

    In 2011, Texas had a gross state product of $1.332 trillion,[10] the second highest in the U.S.[11][12] Texas’s Household income was $48,259 in 2010 ranking 25th in the nation, which is below the national average, but balances higher, in respect to the lower cost-of-living expenses.


    Now , with this in mind, plus the fact that Texas is the 5TH LARGEST ECONOMY on the planet, it makes it all the more remarkable that in these ( or should I say Y’alls ) dire times , Texas has ADDED a Million jobs since June 2009 when the rest of the country lost over 2 million?
    Yes, it’s true. 40% of the jobs gained have been Here.

    As for Government Spending ?

    While Obama spent an additional ( yes, that means post-Bush ) 1.7 TRILLION dollars and increased our size of the Federal Government by 25%, Texas actually REDUCED it’s Budget by a Billion dollars and cut it’s future obligations by 25%.

    I guess I’m a little biased being a Texan, maybe call it Pride. Call it what you will, I remember a time when everyone was biased and proud to be Americans. So y’all keep on looking for the “Right” Candidate that looks just like all the others that screwed up this Country, we’ll keep on watching, and smiling.

    • Patrick on said:

      Despite what Gov. Perry may have done for Texas and his appeal to said state he’s screwed in any national race. As far as running a national race and winning which is the most important thing, I’m pretty sure his campaign manager is retarded. You might be able to come in with all that God and christian stuff in Iowa and here in the deep south but head out to states like Florida, Ohio, New York, California, and some of the other big states and hes going nowhere with it. Sorry but the states that have these early primaries don’t matter in the grand scheme of things (coming from a South Carolinian by the way). What would really help the Republican party in terms of these primaries is going to more populous states to hold them and not have the candidates fighting to win in states that are always going to be republican. As weve already seen in Iowa theyre saying this ridiculous stuff to win the primary in an irrelevant state at the expense of the national election. This sort of nonsense is why I guarantee you Obama will win this next election. History is on the side of the incumbent and all he has to do is let these idiots do the bloodletting for him. They’ll snipe each other until the one that wins the nomination is crippled beyond repair and Obama’s PR team can go in for the kill with no problem

  31. Robin Chappell on said:

    Bubba, Don’t really matter which one wins. They all crazy as shhhhh……. Like the Holidays behind us, I can’t wait for this eight hundred pounds of baloney to be behind us, too.

  32. b bugswatter on said:

    About this Mexico thing-As is known,the Romneys belong to the Mormon Church and have for generations been prominent in Mormon heritage.(There is nothing wrong with that except that Mormonism is not main stream Christianity but neither is Judaism,Islam and many other religions)
    Toward the end of the nineteenth century, the Mormon Church and the United States government had a parting of the ways. When the practice of polygamy was made unlawful by the Congress, many Mormons left the US and went to Mexico where it was condoned.I believe that Mitts great grandfather was one of them and according to news reports,he had four wives.
    Many Mormons,including the Romneys remained there until the Mormon Church repudiated the practice early after the turn of the century andf then returned home.
    Romneys father was not a polygamist and became a well respected entrepreneur,governor of the state of Michigan and a presidential contender himself.It is likely that Mitt still has relatives in Mexico and that probably explains the Mexican connection.
    Again,other than stated,there is nothing wrong with the Mormon Church which stands for family values and ethical behavior and continues to grow in numbers each year.

  33. Randy on said:

    Great column Bubba. This right leaning independant agreeing with you, going with Ron P. I do not like establishment anything especially politics as usual characters of which all of them with the exception of Paul are. Is it a wasted vote? *&^%*^ NO The only wasted ones are the ones sitting on their butts when the time comes.

  34. autumn/butterfly reese on said:

    i am not so much into politics but i would nominate and vote for you mr.bubba/drip,or a hillbilly that can tell the truth lol!!!

  35. Redneck Riviera Royalty on said:

    Great job, Mr. B. I wish, more than anything, that I could be sitting in MB for the debate and could be pulling the lever with the rest of you next week. I think your assessments are all great – minor disagreements here and there – but the conclusion is the same, What the “h – e – double hockey sticks” are we going to do? Maybe if they all ran as a group – somone could be Pres and the rest the Cabinet…They’ve all got something to offer – but who can really lead?

    Anyway, as a citizen of one of the bluest states below the Mason-Dixon Line, all I can say is I’m counting on you SC conservatives to show the rest of us the way. I’d rather keep hashing it all out now, ugly as it is, until the cream rises to the top – so I’m hoping that Mr. Massachusetts DOES NOT take the SC primary. Don’t let me down, South Carolina.

  36. Robert Holmes on said:

    Non of this matters! I will vote for anyone including Elmer Fudd if they are running against B.H. O’Bama!

  37. Spivey on said:

    I think you got it pretty well summed up. I am not sure that Obama is enough of a uniter to bring the Repub.’s back together. The party seems so split up right now.

    Have a good one Bubba

  38. Dawn Rumney on said:

    Educational, entertaining and spot-on! Love ya, Bubba!

  39. Jay on said:

    Death to the status quo… Ron Paul 2012.

  40. Lib Tucker on said:

    All five (now four) of the contenders have plusses and minuses – I liked Huntsman, even though he’s gone now. Looks like it’s gonna be Romney – that’s ok, just hope that he can beat Obama. We cannot afford another four years with this utter failure of a President. He has to be defeated.

  41. JUNE-BUG SHISSIAS on said:

    Bubba-roo, for a Democrat, you did pretty well in your expose’ I kinda fell in love with Dr. Paul. I agree with many of his tenets however, too many are ”way out there” He’s old but cute. I like Huntsman alot but Romney is one I can accept in just about every way. If he can do for America what his financial expertise has done for himself, I’m onboard. From my gatherings he’s honest & decent, kind & intelligent, and very hard working. He could keep making more money for his own coffers but I’m mighty pleased and proud that he wants to do it for our country. And since I’m a moderate GOPer, his centrist views really appeal to me. He is considered to be reasonable, rational, fair minded , smart. He’s my guy!

  42. Steve Douglas on said:

    Condervative Andrew Sullivan, regarding the imminent crop of Republican “Peking Man-idates”, remarks that “The reelection of Obama is essential.” I couldn’t agree more. He will be a giant, in the top rank of presidents. This neo-agrarian mirage of a distant and pure America is lunacy. This country is wealthier and more powerful than it has ever been. It’s the incessent bawling for our racist, classist, and monopolized past, and those who act to take us back to that, who blur the picture. Obama is the only one on the scene to take us forward. The rest couldn’t manage a McDs, except Romney, more morally suited for “Queen Anne’s Revenge”, or a chop shop.

  43. BW on said:

    Bubba needs to run. At least he has the sense of humor to make us laugh .

  44. Lisa Jones on said:

    I watched last night’s debate, as I have all of the others. If I were voting for someone closest to my principles, I would vote for Rick Santorum. I believe in his family-first approach, because I do believe that as the family unit has degraded, so has our once-great nation. Do I believe he has the wherewithal to win? No. He does not have the money, and he cannot pull in the Independent vote.

    I think Newt is a great debater, but we are not electing a Great Debater. We are electing a President. I heard a good line on FNC this morning: Are we wanting someone who can win the argument or the election? Newt cannot win the election, no matter how many Lincoln-Douglas debates there are. He has alienated people in our party – the people he led – and I don’t see his management style differing much from when he was Speaker.

    I wouldn’t vote for Ron Paul if my life depended on it. His foreign policies would do more to neuter America than Obama’s has.

    Rick Perry? Not a chance. It is painful listening to him talk. He may have some good ideas, but trying to listen to them despite his delivery approach will only get him so far.

    So who does that leave us with? Mitt Romney. He has the coffers to win. He has the business experience I believe we need to bring on a better American economy post-2012. Do I “like” the man? No. I believe he has said whatever is politically expedient at the time to get himself elected. I hope that will not continue. I do believe he has a strong family unit, and that will serve him well. I think Ann will be a wonderful First Lady. I do feel uncomfortable with the Mormon thing, because Mormonism is not Christianity in any form or fashion. I do want to feel that our national leader shares our Christian values, and I do not know whether Mitt does or not. He might. In my mind, that is far better than Obama’s Muslim-cuddling approach.

  45. Steve Douglas on said:

    You can tell alot about how a man thinks about a woman by the words he chooses to seduce her. He can woo her with sweet attention, compliments, respect and kindness, or he can sneer at her, grab her by the hair, talk to her like she has no morals, and treat her as a pimp would. Both approaches work with different women. Sometimes, one with pretenses of respectability responds to the rough, nasty stuff. Last night in the debate, Newt talked to his audience about race like a pimp talks to whores, and they couldn’t give it up fast enough.

  46. Steve Douglas on said:

    Perry’s OUT!! The Peter Principle HOLDS!!!

  47. TruthBeTold2U on said:

    Has this discussion ended?

  48. TruthBeTold2U on said:

    I guess it’s a gonner that Romney wins SC. But I still believe in Newt. He’ll take it because he appeals to the baser instincts of man.

  49. TruthBeTold2U on said:

    I guess it’s a gonner that Romney wins SC. But I still believe in Newt. He’ll take it because he appeals to the baser instincts of man. What say you Rominites?

  50. Buford Pusser on said:

    Please ask Newt about how he feels about open marriages…What a bunch of ass clowns…Whomever is for legalizing marijuana I’m voting for.

    • Mary on said:

      That would fix the economy problems!!!

  51. Wonder Woman on said:

    I don’t like or trust any of them – too bad we don’t have a good candidate running who will represent who they were elected to represent – the American citizens – and not themselves!

  52. TruthBeTold2U on said:

    Unfortunately, no such animal in politics, never has been, never will be. They are all selfish beings. Only someone with a huge ego would ever run in this country.

  53. John on said:

    No comment, I’m afraid of Steve Douglas. LOL

    • cromeradmin on said:

      Me too John! Have been since law school ! He’s one helluva cartoonist to boot!

  54. Mary on said:

    Here I go, gonna shake things up a bit!! I really like posting on Bubba’s blogs, but will it be a problem if I am a Democrat and am appalled at all the shenanigans going on with the republicans? :)

  55. Bonnie on said:

    I have never understood how “potential”candidates for either party can rip each other to shreds, call each other everything but the obvious w/out using profanity, and then, when the “countin’s done, shake hands and “support” each other at the polls. Talk about “serial hypocrisy.”

  56. Jean Tollerud on said:

    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..extra wait .. …

  57. Wes Wolfe on said:

    If Gingrich pulls off the upset, it’ll throw 30 years of history and conventional wisdom out the door — Republicans just don’t do this sort of thing. Fitting that it would be South Carolina’s fault, eh? Ha.

  58. David Campbell on said:

    You might not like Newt’s view of women, but I would love to see him on a one-on-one with Nancy Pelosi.

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