Whitney Houston’s Cause of Death: It’s not right. It’s definitely Not OK.

Before I heard the devastating news this past weekend, I was already pissed off about Whitney Houston. Pissed off that every time I thought she had turned the corner, whipped her demons, beat the odds,  all I had to do was tune in to an episode of Bravo’s bottom-feeding Broadcast: Being Bobby Brown. [LIKE anyone would want to do that, right?!?]  A horrendous Video Clip or vulgar voice soundbite of the once-untouchable, glorious DIVA was just a click away on your remote! B-r-a-v-o guys.[sarcasm very much intended].

Once I worked through that rant, I came to realize that, with the death of Whitney Houston, we — the collective world society influenced by Western music — don’t quite know how to feel yet. A lot hangs on how she died. She was discovered in her hotel room bathroom, presumably drowned in her tub. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office released a report Sunday evening that an autopsy revealed Houston was not a victim of foul play. As for everything else, only those people directly involved have an informed guess. Deputy Coroner Ed Winter said that the results of Houston’s toxicology tests wouldn’t be ready for six-to-eight weeks.

TMZ seems to think Houston’s partying and the Xanax found in her room could have been to blame: “We’re told Whitney had been drinking the night before and authorities believe a combination of Xanax and alcohol could have fatally sedated her — although our sources say it is simply too early to draw any firm conclusions.”

Maybe it was something worse. Coming off the pinnacle of her career, with a voice and talent universally lauded, she naturally had trouble dealing with a fame and notoriety that human beings simply aren’t built to endure. Some do it better than others. Many turn to drugs, alcohol, or both. In an attempt to rehab her image with an interview with Diane Sawyer, any recovering addict can tell Houston was still using and in denial — with others, if not herself as well.Painful as it is to watch, it’s pivotal in any analysis of this complicated Star-Spangled  Story.

The British papers are all over a story that says Houston was still in the grips of substance abuse issues shortly before she passed. Alison Boshoff writes in the Daily Mail, “Leaving a Hollywood nightclub two days before her death, she was drenched in sweat and disoriented, a wad of mint chewing gum visible in her gaping mouth. Blood from a cut trickled down her leg. But the lady herself, surrounded by party-loving hangers-on, didn’t seem to notice. Alternately waving and cursing, this was not the Whitney who conquered the world – a church-going supermodel with a once-in-a-generation voice of exceptional power and sweetness.”

The Sun‘s sensationalist headline says it all: “£100million diva Whitney Houston blew fortune on crack.”I think I’ll PASS on this viewpoint. In fact, I think the editor watched one-too-many episodes of Being Bobby Brown!

A lot of us would like to remember Houston as she was when she was at her best. Beyoncé met her in 1997, and it made a lasting impact.

“The loss of Whitney Houston is painful,” she said to MTV. “I remember meeting Whitney for the first time when I was 15. She was the ultimate legend. The ultimate woman. Not only was she confident, poised, stunningly beautiful and intelligent, but she was sincere and kind. She took the time to make everyone feel like they were very important to her.

“I, like every singer, always wanted to be just like her. Her voice was perfect. Strong but soothing. Soulful and classic. Her vibrato, her cadence, her control. So many of my life’s memories are attached to a Whitney Houston song. She is our queen and she opened doors and provided a blueprint for all of us. God bless her.” I say God bless YOU Beyonce’ Knowles for saying that.

Back home in New Jersey, those who knew Lil’ ” Nippie” Houston as a teen filled with potential recalled who she was before the life-changing touch of fame.

“Outside the Whitney E. Houston Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, the flag flew at half-staff in the icy wind as Principal Henry W. Hamilton remembered the gangly 15-year-old who lived up the road, and who excitedly showed off her modeling portfolio one afternoon in 1978.

“Back then, before the red brick school had been renamed for the future pop queen, Hamilton didn’t expect Whitney Houston to become a star.

“Houston died Saturday in Beverly Hills of undetermined causes.

“‘She was in the choir and the chorus. She used to sing at church. But I didn’t expect she’d become a great singer –- the greatest singer in the world,’ said Hamilton, who acknowledges he missed the explosive talent that developed in the young girl as she made her way through the halls of this school in suburban New Jersey, where her first classroom, No. 6, is just to the right of the main entrance.” Such humble roots for the woman who, once she appeared in a little music video titled “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” in 1985, single-handedly created a new ICON in Modern Culture: The Pop Diva!

Sunday evening at the Grammys, there were many tributes to the deceased Diva. But even Whitney’s tragedy couldn’t overshadow the “Belle of this Ball.” Did anyone watch this show?!? There was an unprecedented and protracted emotional standing ovation for Adele after performing her single of the year, “Rollin in the Deep.”

Until I moved off to College, I was a classical pianist. I am still a vocalist when given the opportunity, and in my humble opinion, Adele had a voice and a power that America has not seen since the likes Of Whitney Houston. Her haunting, pitch-perfect voice is amazing. If Whitney had a torch to pass from her prime years, the clear recipient of it this night was Adele. And with her age and vocal promise after surgery this year, we have just seen the tip of the iceberg with this talent juggernaut!  The audience was so completely overwhelmed they would not sit down after her performance. The network  had to cut to commercial just to gather themselves. Unreal. So sad as we are, there is life after Whitney folks!

In the end, it’s my hope that we’ll all remember Whitney Houston not for her tragic battles with drugs, but rather in the individual way she made an impact on our lives. Please feel free to comment about what YOU think about when you hear the name Whitney Houston. As always, thanks for your time.



by J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr., who served as the only true independent member of the South Carolina General Assembly from 1990-1998. Currently, he is a general practice attorney in Columbia, S.C., concentrating in probate and estate planning, criminal defense and personal injury law.

With Wes Wolfe. He wrote for 11 newspapers in five states and is the marketing coordinator for ACEC Virginia.

54 thoughts on “Whitney Houston’s Cause of Death: It’s not right. It’s definitely Not OK.

  1. Buford Pusser on said:

    i have no idea what to say about this other than, crack is cheap, she makes too much money for that.

    as far her mouth “gaping”, could that have been from meth perhaps? i hope she finds that huge opium field in the sky. have a dance with the king of pop, together, you’ll finally make the record we’ve wanted fo years.

    • Jim Morgan on said:

      When did she die?

      • Jim Morgan on said:

        I think my favorite song that she did was New York, New York.

  2. CherieAnne on said:

    My favorite is “I Will Always Love You”. I hate that folks couldn’t save her even if they tried. But there are times that someone can’t be reached.

  3. carolynCAROLYN on said:

    What a talent and such an unecessary lost at such an early age.

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  5. 8675309 on said:

    Awful waste of a good life…addiction is terrible and we know that addicts are people with illnesses but it doesn’t make it any easier for loved ones to deal with tragedies such as this. Prayers for all involved and for our culture that too often glorifies hard, fast, risky living.

  6. BW on said:

    Such a tragedy and senseless way for such a life to end. Very talented and beautiful person. If this is the price a person has to pay for fame and fortune, is it really worth it.? You are given a talent, why waste it on simple acts of stupidity. All of it could be avoided if only they would say no. I so hate this for her family. May she be at peace now.

  7. Alexandria Skinner on said:

    Addiction destroys and kills. None of us would ever voluntarily become a crack (or alcohol, or sex, cigarettes, whatever) dependent addict, but that’s not how the path looks when we first start out. The path starts off looking like a cool drink with a friend on a hot day or just a quick diversion we can easily put down. The trick is knowing when to say no. Is there something you obsess about if you can’t get it? Bad sign. A good friend will give honest feedback and won’t enable. A wise person says no to obsessions, and also listens to their friends when those friends express concern.

  8. Dan Scheel on said:

    Being a Jersey native, as Whitney was, it was cool to know that a woman with such talent was from only a couple towns away. My 21st birthday was on superbowl sunday in 1991. As you may or may not know, I am a huge giants fan. The stage was set as Whitney brought the house down with her version of the Star Spangled Banner. I went out and bought the cassette single. The flipside: America The Beautiful. Still have it. Giants won 20-19.

  9. Isabelle Blanco on said:

    First and foremost, Whitney Houston had the most incredible voice I have ever heard. When she was on her game, her music reached inside of your chest and whether you smiled, cried or were just in awe, it touched you. However, this was back in the 80′s and 90′s when she ruled the music world. Like Michael Jackson who was a true legend, their stars died long before they did.
    The average person wonders how someone with such a true gift of talent, beauty and pedigree could become such a mess. We wonder why if you have all of this and billions of dollar, why you choose to delve into a life of scum and drugs. Of course the handlers will enable since the stars are never told no, but with Whitney, you kept hoping that her Christian upbringing and faith would deter her from becoming the average drug addicted celebrity.
    Whitney Houston has not and could not sing a note of any value for at least the last 5 years. Bobby Brown is a scum but not to blame for her drugs. He helped her get there faster, but he didn’t make her choose to be an addict. I mourned the loss of Whitney years ago when the Whitney Houston the world adored became just another drug addict. Why is anyone surprised she is dead so young? I guess my only surprise is that Lindsay Lohan didn’t die first.
    I don’t have high expectations for her daughter, Bobby Christine. Not to sound cynical, but look at the two parents the girl had. She is beyond weathly (especially now), but reports have her either doing drugs or being her mother’s keeper all these years.
    Until it becomes uncool or looked down on to party and do drugs in the big ole Hollywood world, this is just another story that will be replaced when the next celebrity crashes and burns.
    Rest in Peace Whitney Elizabeth Houston. You deserve it.

  10. Aisha Staggers on said:

    Like most women my age, I grew up listening to Whitney Houston. Unlike a lot of people, I also had the blessing of having a parent to played music on the radio part-time while growing up and who also played in a band as a teen and taught me so much about the history and the process of making music that audiences are not privy to. That said, I have to say the lack of compassion for the loss of a life, however tragic the circumstances, floors me. People forget that beyond being a singer of her caliber and struggling with addictions and other issues, Whitney was a mother, a daughter, sister, ex-wife, and friend.

    I am currently nearing the completion of a book on soul music legend Marvin Gaye and his duet partner of three years, Tammi Terrell. I have spoken with their family members and friends. I can say that what troubles them most is how people have seized upon the negative without knowing these artists, these human beings, had other issues that manifested themselves in the form of addiction. We know Marvin struggled for years and met a very tragic end, but no one really knows what he went through in his personal life, in his marriages, working for his brother-in-law or even the struggle it took for him to record and perform after his duet partner died of a brain tumor in 1970. She was more than a sining partner, she was a close friend. So believe me when I say to hear how disrespected his family felt upon hearing Big Sean’s “Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay”, knowing he struggled with an addiction hurts them in ways that are unimaginable to us. The same holds true for other artists, no one knows what MJ went through, imagine from age 10 to age 50 never being able to leave your home to go get a cup of coffe at Starbucks because of the mob scene, to know that just being in public causes a commotion such that people have on ocassion been stampeded. How would any of us feel about ourselves knowing that in trying to make people feel good through our musoc that we ultimately caused them pain and trauma? And that it was unnecessary pain?

    We forget that celebrity is the one job, apart from parenting, that is a 24-hour job. And even as parents we get a break when our kids are at school or sleeping. As a celebrity, you never get away from being you, really. And let’s be clear, juding Ms. Houston by today’s standards, where artists like Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson have more control over their brand, Whitney Houston is of an era where artists were artists alone, not artists and business men or women. The labels controlled every aspect and add to it the fact that apart from the Motown sound of the 60s, R&B was a genre label execs didn’t put a whole lot of money or promotion into, so to have an artist like Whitney crossover and sell records the way she did to audiences of every age and every color, you can best believe the Arista Records machine went into overdrive and worked her to death. She began her professional career at age 12, made her first album at age 18. She was a kid being paraded around like a grown woman and expected to be perfect all the time, a standard to which we ALL fall short of.

    So, I ask each of us to be a bit more considerate, those of us in the media, especially because what we put out there about the loss of this amazing talent, this life, this mother, will be there longer than we will and her child, grandchildren, and our own will see it. Just as she left behind a wonderful legacy, what do we, with our words, want our legacy and documentation of this experience this loss to be for our children to read?


  11. Walter Carr on said:

    Ok, let me see if I understand the situation at hand: A very talented, albeit troubled person spirals down and ends up, quite expectedly, dying at a relatively early age. Her death comes at a time when our national economy is in its worst condition since The Great Depression; our nation’s official national debt is $15.25 trillion dollars-more than our annual gross domestic product-our nation’s unfunded liabilities, Medicare, Social Security, Pensions ect. are more than $100 trillion dollars, nobody actually has a good handle on that figure, we are presently admittedly engaged in warfare in Afghanistan, unadmittedly still in Iraq together with Pakistan, Angola, Libya and God only knows where else. War with Iran could come at any moment. The Presidential election is nine months in the future and it presently appears that our choices will be either a statist of the left or a statist of the right.
    Our world is going to Hell in a hand basket and I/we are supposed to get all teary over somebody checking out early as a direct result of her bad choices? I am not interested in hopping aboard this sympathy train. R.I.P. Whitney

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      Ugh. Walter will show us the way. Smh

  12. Debbie on said:

    Such a sad and tragic way for a life to end. It is too bad with all the friends, money and fame that she could not be helped. Even the best of us sometimes fall victim to such horrible vices. Just like we have to strive to achieve successful lives, ones must strive and sincerely want help to overcome addictions…because only “you” have the power and desire within.

    I have always loved her music and her powerful, soulful voice. She truly could bring tears with just her voice alone. She will be missed.

  13. Patty Russell on said:

    There will never be a pop diva whose voice is as pure as Whitney Houston’s. She is an icon…and will be loved forever.

    I just wish someone was there for her, other than Bad Bobby!

  14. Aisha Staggers on said:

    Walter, why do these things have to be mutually exclusive? Why can’t we mourn the loss of an icon and be equally or more disturbed about the economy? Are we selling ourselves short as human beings by saying we “focus” on only one thing? I will ask this, suppose it was another artist we know who has had the same struggles and equally iconic, would we even be having this discussion? Suppose it were Keith Richards?

    I think a lot of people will never understand what that means to someone of my generation. I was 7 when MTV first aired, Whitney Houston was the first female artist I saw on MTV who looked like me, and that was several years after the channel premiered. So few people I admire get remembered this way. Whatever her issues, and I think they run a whole lot deeper than we all know, her talent alone is worthy of this. And let’s remember, addiction is the manifestation of a deeper issue, it is often what people use to dull the pain of trauma when they don’t have the coping skills to do so otherwise. Over 10 years ago, I had an addiction to food and wore that addiction. It wasn’t until I had a life-changing event happen and I couldn’t physical feed that addiction into a smaller stomach and had to deal with what really happened to me to start the food addiction did I understand it was how I was coping with pain. And I suspect the same holds true in this case.

    • Walter Carr on said:

      Aisha, Whitney is an icon for you and you are entitled to have a different reaction to her passing than me. When the shooting stars, Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis, Stevie Ray Vaughn died I took note and immediately moved on. What I/we can’t move on from is the apparent death spiral of the American Republic. That is where my attention is focused, not on self indulgent, self loathing, self destructive entertainers.
      Ok, I admit it; I failed compassion 101, at lease in so far as it applies to “shooting stars.” However, I do have an abundance of compassion for the generations who will inherit the political and financial disaster we seem intent on passing on too them.

  15. Buford Pusser on said:

    lip synching the national anthem, feather in her weave..

  16. Alex Smith on said:

    There’s no point speculating about the whys and wherefores of Ms. Houston’s death. The thing to remember about the entertainment industry in this country is that it is an INDUSTRY, and, however much the artists who become cogs in the fiendish machinery of this industry claim to love it, beyond a certain point, they cease to be treated like human beings and become, willingly or not, parts of the machine that is the entertainment industry, whose outcome is not meant to be art but product (though some art manages to slip out occasionally). Somewhere, at some point, to a greater or lesser degree, they have all mortgaged some part of their body or mind or soul to get where they are. Some get swallowed up by the heartbreak inherent in giving up one or all of those parts of yourself. Whitney Houston was a very talented example of such a person. She will be sorely missed.

  17. Andrew Williams (GO DOGS!) on said:

    I could say a lot here. Addiction is nothing to toy around with. As a recovering alcohlic, I have to work every single day and take it all seriously” PEOPLE PLACES AND THINGS. She said many times on TV interviews in recent years, that she still drank, and would NOT stop that part of it….. by reports, she was drinking at a party heavily and was “dissheveled” and acting in a bizarre fashion aka DRUNK, the noght before she even died. Alcohol is the worst drug of all, and it leads people many times to do other things and to TAKE other things…to me, she never wanted to get better. Like Heath Ledger and others before her, she just did what she wanted at all times. If she had wanted to get better and recover, she’d have left all of the substances behind. This sort of thing happens to families all over the world every single day….it is not just something that happens to superstars. Tragic, yes, but the addict HAS TO WANT TO CHANGE!!! She was out of control, and had been dying before our eyes for over a decade.

  18. Chad Hunt on said:

    I bet her and the king of pop are arranging the music right now for a duet. I would suggest working titles but I don’t want to offend the sanctimonious folk on the blog.

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      Sanctimony and compassion, or sorrow, are not the same thing.

  19. Andy on said:

    RIP Whitney!

    My question is this….Did her marriage to badboy Bobby Brown cause her downward spiral into alcohol and drugs? Some have said she was into drugs before Borwn but I recall her fall AFTER the marriage. Thoughts?

  20. Pat Chisum on said:

    I can’t believe that she beat bobby brown to death…….

    I’ve had more life moments associated with Whitney Houston than any other singer. The first Super Bowl I can remember she sang the national anthem. She was the first CD I ever bought. My first kiss was at the roller rink with “I wanna dance with somebody.” She was there when I lost my virginity, and she was there the first time I told someone I loved them.

    No matter how crazy and drugged up she may of been, she will always have a special place in my life.

    So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, adieu sweet Whitney…….

    rewell, She

  21. Fred Baughman, MD on said:


    In letting them drug the Whitney’s among us to death they are taking our lives too, and we are letting them, we don’t even point a finger at them. They remain respected members of society (such as it is). God! 6-7 million with the fictitious ‘disease’ ADHD we believe all of their made-ups, their fictions, we turn around and make our inconvenient children take their poisons.

    Fred Baughman, MD

    • Lu-Wow on said:

      Amen Brother…

  22. Rob Holmes on said:

    Thank you Bobby Brown..A@# Hole!

  23. Buford Pusser on said:

    Don’t know what killed her, but I know what didn’t, weed.

    if I had to guess it would benzo’s, x, lorcet and oxy…now, all of this is fine in small amounts but mix it colt 45 or any malt liquor she enjoyed and it’s goodnight sista!

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      You know, in 2012, when referencing a black woman, you sneer about her weave, “Colt 45″, and “Malt liquor”, you reveal yourself to be a degenerate racist. Not funny, not ironic. Not knowing, not funny. Not part of the solution in America, but more in tune with the Final Solution in Germany. Part of the problem. Lower than the lowest, filthy, toothless beggar – who keeps an open heart to his fellow man, and they’re out there. When all you have to console yourself and condemn others each morning is the purest accident of the color of your hide, and that makes you feel you are superior to others every bit as human as you and moreso, you – Sad Sack – have nothing.

  24. lucius on said:

    she was before my time but my mom loves her. all i really think is about the drugs first.. then the talent

  25. Mary on said:

    I really liked Whitney Houston, for her music…the other stuff was just gossip to sell magazines, I won’t remember any of that stuff but I bet I will always be able to sing the lyrics to “I will always Love you” and “I wanna Dance with Somebody”, just to name two….I thought LL Cool Jay was classy in the way he handled a tribute to her that she would have appreciated and I am sure all her relatives did. He showed what a class act he is. And I could never say enough here about Adele, I have been really impressed with her talent, She too, has some history…..let’s not talk about others if we don’t have anything nice to say…….

  26. Polly Thompson on said:

    I grew up in a home being raised by a classically trained, New York Met vetted Mother. I was in voice lessons at 3. At 6 I found my saviors, The Beatles. Until Whitney, my Mom did not approve of another musical choice I made. YES, she had issues, but Ms Diva had one of the most perfect, clear, pitch perfect voices ever. She was the heiress of the greats, of Diana, of Aretha and of Chaka. But there was one disctinction. Whitney was better. My heart broke when she married Bobby, he always creeped me out. Many will say she had probs before him. I do and always will ADORE Whitney, I have been repeating one line over and over since she died. Learning to love your self is the greatest love of all. I wish she had learned that lesson. And yes, crack is whack!!

  27. Chris on said:

    They are all famous and they all die the same way..drugs and alcohol. When will these big shot celebrities get it through there thick heads that while on drugs and booze its only going to lead to deaths door faster that they want. They have the money and the life but yet turn to other ways to completely destroy it, and yet there piers never catch on and then they fall in with them..RIP W. Houston may the angels rejoice with you.

  28. Keith on said:

    As I talked with a good friend this weekend after hearing the news….For Whitney:… I can’t judge anyone.., addiction is a terrible disease and it is a disease… many forms:.alcohol, drugs, food,denial, people, bad experiences and memories, addictive caustic relationships,power, sex, acceptance, fame,.the inability to let go, the inability for intimacy….it is all addiction…..maybe we all have our own form of some type of addiction, but it is on a different level and the types of addictions we have are sometime accepted in society as normal…:… many people have come into my life with addictive personalities and I have watched them crash and burn and sometimes never recover… and some really good people who have lost the love of their life from addiction…..my heart goes out to anyone who suffers with it….some, you can tell they are suffering….some hide and hid it in silence….RIP Whitney and all the other Whitneys out there…I have been there….and still I rise and I pray you will as well….

  29. Steve Douglas on said:

    Bubba, you’re killin’ me with this random shyte!!! Lol

  30. BeHappy on said:

    A sad time. After beautiful Whitney’s glory years in the 1980′s and early 1990′s, her life became cringe-worthy with Bobby Brown and beyond. I feel the most sadness for her young daughter who has lost her mother and has a train wreck for a father.

  31. Ms. Barr on said:

    I remember when I got Whitney Houston’s tape (yes, tape), Whitney, for Christmas. I was so excited, I put into my lavender Pansonic mini-boom box that I also got for Christmas and played it almost every day after. That’s one of my favorite childhood memories actually. I believe I still have that tape somewhere.

    What a shame for such a talented person to have fallen so far. When she couldn’t follow through on her last concert tour, the writing was on the wall– it was slim to none she’d stage a career comeback. But death is so final. There is no coming back from that.

  32. Bubba Cromer on said:


  33. Lu-Wow on said:

    I am sorry for her and her family, addiction hurts everyone.
    But You should never drink alcoholic beverages before, during, and/or after soaking in a tub if hot water . Alcohol expands your blood vessels and increases your body temperature. The combined effect may raise your body temperature too much, leading to a stroke or heart attack. Also certain medications/narcotics that raise blood pressure of body temperature can lead to a hot toxic dunk in the tub.

    And sometimes we just ware outselves out and we try to do the right thing but its just too late and your body says its time to rest.

  34. Amanda on said:

    Drug and Alcohol abuse is a disease… The human body physically becomes dependent on the effects of the drugs/alcohol… Unfortunately those same chemicals devastate the body, destroying it drink by drink, smoke by smoke, pill by pill, snort by snort. Whitney Houston was no different than any of us who have battled those demons…. Save for the fact her body gave out…. Whether it was the drugs them selves or the aftereffects of them, they took someones mother, daughter, sister, and friend. No matter who it was, it is a sad thing.

  35. Buford Pusser on said:

    Hey Steve Smugless, sticks and stones.

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      You are what you are, Twit.

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      And “smugless”?! A three year old could do better than that, Witless.

  36. Terri Mostiller on said:

    She was a one of the greatest singers of our time. I never thought she would turn to drugs though to chase away her demons. I feel bad for her daughter. This is a tragic loss

  37. Freehawk on said:

    She was once the Halle Berry, the Holly Robinson Peete of her time, a beautiful woman who transcended race. Also a good singer. Then the total decline into drugs, bad marriage, tabloids and reality TV, making the sordid death inevitable. (Memory check – was Jim Morrison also found in the bathtub — Bubba, google that for me please, celebs found dead in bathtub. I want to be found fully clothed, thank you very much). Was the Body Guard also Kevin Costner’s last good film? Did WH curse him too.

  38. Spencer Hill on said:

    I have never mourned the loss of any entertainer or athlete who blows their talent over addictions, trappings of fame, or just stupidity.

    Whitney Houston, a long time ago …(to paraphrase Kurt Cobain’s mom after his misuse of a shotgun) …”joined the stupid club!”

    She had the resources to leave an abusive relationship; she had the resources to become clean and sober. Ms. Houston created her own problems and failed to rectify them. Many people do not have her advantages and still escape addiction and abuse.

    She was not cog in the entertainment industry. She was a viable, participating member in that industry making more in one night than most people make in a year. It doesn’t matter what business you are in,capitalism is a tough sport.

    The only thing that is truly sad is that would be “divas” think this is the way to live versus learning what it is to waste your talent!

  39. John on said:

    In life you always have choices and we all take our paths in life by choice the trick is always to learn to live with them, change them or die by them.

  40. Stanley N. Lozowski on said:

    I could not believe the news.
    We have lost a wonderful voice and a great talent.
    I also found it hard to believe that she had so much money and died a pauper. How could she have let that happen?
    Life is precious.
    All the money in the world is worthless if we do not have good health and common sense.
    These are the best things we can possess.

  41. Adriana on said:

    thanks for share!

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    Prepared to choose a profession within building. Just like the different models, the initial step needs to be selecting a company. However how can you determine the actual agent? There are many the different on the web companies supply various building and also style various. The primary procedure begins from your levels. Simply understanding precisely what stage are you currently? They may only a beginning product or perhaps design arriving? For each boy or girl who not really learn about building sector it really is small challenging to locate a building company. The fundamentals you need to know is the fact building companies are usually broken into several classes: Organizations connected with designs to learn and have interaction young ladies and also have an extensive encounters Rota, skill organizations that may be known as intermediaries, so they look like recruiting firms as well as special firms, that focus on building industry particularly, being an appealing design, body system portion building, teenager versions, building, runway along with other. The initial step for you personally would be to determine what exactly is effectively for you. Your decision from the building company is considered the most essential job to start his or her profession because his / her profession from your period. The actual company you choose will end up the second household. Remember that you need to certainly not spend in order to approve having an organization, and it is rarely actually free of charge, particularly in the starting of the profession. After you have selected your current firm, you need to concentrate on the particular types of each kind involving is broken into: Company almost all, standard or perhaps little. The primary organizations operating with each other regarding main style creative designers and also versions appearing regarding catalogues as well as journal handles. Doing work for this kind of company is the greatest choice with the approaching versions that are prepared to cave in the majority of his or her coming back the particular competition as well as who is going to vacation in another country. Regular on-line organizations acquire standard clients, if you aren’t longing to behold being a popular product and also building much more just like a trend an individual — choose mass media firm. Little organizations usually don’t have numerous tasks great ensemble is continually modifying. They are certainly for individuals who wish to design typically. Following choosing which kind of organization is the most suitable for you personally and when you might have collected whenever possible regarding the organization, when you go to the business that you want ideal. Additionally have a look at any office, the folks that may use, and developing a discussion using the market leaders from the functioning circumstances. Lastly draw up a list connected with product companies working in london take a look at and the actual amenities available after which it is simple to resolve building business which is suitable for. Selecting a building firm is considered the most essential job of most types of contest since the just right option can make your job as being a product just as you actually dreamed. It really is terminated but not approve any kind of agreement with all the initial company. It might occur which in spite of an additional business is just not essentially the most well known offers appear, however it might be much better. There are lots of on the internet building companies working in london. However anything you choose perform study very first to begin your transporter like a design.

    Are you currently or if your business searching for types which are based on the actual individuals involving The us, rather than dimension no style product? Be it to have an ad, advertising in an occasion or even regarding exercising your own cosmetics or even hairdessing abilities, Products Primary just the particular industrial versions you are considering! Keep reading to learn more regarding the various kinds of designs available.

    • Plus-size types. Not really we all want to find out small dimension absolutely nothing products. Designs Immediate avoid discriminate towards dimension and for that reason is a superb spot to proceed if you are searching for a plus-size design.

    • Tresses products. Designs Immediate frequently obtain demands through employees searching for designs to exhibit away their own abilities upon. Tresses designs have got wonderful, healthful hair and therefore are pleased to possess a brand-new design for any photoshoot.

    • Small products. Smaller versions might not possess very much fortune within the higher style entire world, however you will still find plenty of possibilities regarding tiny products with Products Immediate. If you want a little or even cut design (male or perhaps female), get in contact.

    • Installation products. If you are searching for types by using particular proportions, start here! Installing building is much less regarding appearance and much more regarding sustaining a regular entire physique. Closing versions may design clothing with regard to customers or perhaps possible consumers to show the way they feel and look whenever getting used.

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