The odds-on favorite from the beginning, former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney keeps winning  ugly and is lacking style points, which hurts him in the polls. Still, it looks like he’ll secure a spot in the BCS National Championship Game. Yuks aside, the GOP presidential primary talk has all the trappings of BCS debates, including some saying that the whole mess should be scrapped and redone, because this is no way to pick a winner.

Defending national champion Barack Obama brings in a loaded and well-financed team, and Romney’s tight victory in Ohio has done nothing to erase doubts about his ability to win in November. Plodding and methodical, the Michigan native’s campaign has all the trappings of a Big Ten team winning week-by-week, only to be exposed by Obama’s Hawaiian high-scoring air attack. You know, we’d rather just talk about football instead. Is it spring practice yet?

Moving on.

The takeaway from Tuesday is that nothing much changed. Mitt had the opportunity to put away at least one, and maybe both of his major rivals, leaving U.S. Rep. Ron Paul as the lone holdout. Perhaps the worst news for Team Romney is with Georgia going for former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, that was enough to keep his massive ego in the game — or at least, until the money holds out. Gingrich called himself “a survivor,” which conjures up images of Newt singing Beyoncé with his gal-pals on karaoke night.

Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum is in no hurry to leave, either, picking up wins in North Dakota, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Ohio was decided by a percentage point. Speaking in Ohio, Santorum said, “We have won in the West, the Midwest and the South and we’re ready to win across this country,” and, “We’re in this race, and we’re in it to stay.”

Li’l Duce lost the Ohio Catholic vote, which doesn’t exactly look good for a Pennsylvania Catholic who uses his faith as a campaign issue. A bright spot for Romney, there: at least his opponents keep imploding in their own unique ways.

And with only Paul to beat in Virginia, a whopping five percent of voters turned out. Of those, slightly more than 40 percent went to Paul. Newly a swing state, the Old Dominion’s enthusiasm level doesn’t bode well for Romney in the general election.

So, Romney keeps moving, because averaging four yards per rush will still get you a first down. Problem is, Obama’s looking to hang more than 300 — electoral votes — on him, and slow and steady will not be a winning strategy in the end.



by J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr., who served as the only true independent member of the South Carolina General Assembly from 1990-1998. Currently, he is a general practice attorney in Columbia, S.C., concentrating in probate and estate planning, criminal defense and personal injury law.

With Wes Wolfe. He wrote for 11 newspapers in five states and is the marketing coordinator for ACEC Virginia.

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19 thoughts on “Mittevitable?

  1. Jason Krone on said:

    No way I Vote for Romney or anyone else except RON PAUL !

  2. Jay on said:

    It’s depressing to me that people care so little about the future of this country. So little that they don’t do the requisite background checks on candidates or they just choose to hear what they want to hear. Restore Liberty NOW!

  3. Pat Chisum on said:

    I am really glad that Ohio Catholic’s are progressive enough to vote for a Rich White Guy who doesn’t drink…..

    When you have a choice between a turd sandwich, a giant douche and Ron Paul…….

  4. Walter Carr on said:

    There are but two choices in the Republican Party presidential nomination race. One choice is one, it doesn’t matter which one, of the three statist lovers of Leviathan-on-the-Potomac and the other is Ron Paul. The Republicans will end up choosing one of the despicable three and come November the choice will be between one of them and Comrade Obama, the committed Marxist statist lover of Leviathan-on- the-Potomac.
    The big winner come November will be the welfare/warfare/regulatory state and the American Republic will continue its death spiral. If you are interested in what the future holds pick up a copy of George Orwell’s 1984. Maybe the Mayan Calendar thing is not so bad after all?

  5. Cal Harrelson on said:

    There is but one choice in this Presidential race and it is not the current White House resident.

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      President Obama will crush any of the four mangy nags that New American Corporo-Fascism is trying to spur back to life. Their common ideology is the exact opposite of the religious “ideals” they can’t shut up about, and they ain’t foolin’ anybody. Their deity is “Kochism”. Their supporters can’t ALL be stupid enough to believe in their religious sincerity, and their anemic “ideas” are a tissue of falsehoods, so there has to be something much more black hearted in their motives and those of their base, and we know what it is. The president’s supporters are going to throw that ill mindedness back in their faces in November by a landslide, and America is going to move forward and progress, whether they like it or not.

      • Walter Carr on said:

        Steve, I enjoy reading your rants and as a token of that appreciation am going to offer some free medical advice: Good high quality transplants are difficult to come by and they are made even more problematic owing to blood typing requirements and with this in mind and recognizing that you are in dire need of a transplant I would recommend that you get your name on the National Brain Transplant Registry ASAP.
        Ps: Obama was born in Kenya, is a Muslim who is waging jihad against the USA and Michele is actually from…..I will leave that little tidbit for another time.

        • Steve Douglas on said:

          I read “BlahblahblahblahI’mproofdoltscan’tbefunnyorironicblahblahblahblah.”. Walter, just one word of advice for you, and it ain’t “plastics”, because it’s entirely unclear you’ve graduated from anything. The word is “Lithium”, and it’s the most important advice anyone’s given you in your life.

          • Patrick on said:

            Walter I think Steve burned you on that one, the whole Obama citizenship question is as pointless as it is stupid and I’m certain that you’re smarter than that. While I have no love for Obama I can’t see him losing to any of the current presidential candidates for the GOP due to their sniping of each other and quite frankly their wildly conflicting viewpoints which Obama’s better funded and top notch political team will have no trouble dismantling. Secondly I am deeply saddened by America’s inability to understand that the Leviathan-on-the-Potomac as you put it is should not be concerned with people’s personal lives and decisions for who knows your situation better than you do. The only candidate however that takes this view however is unfortunately not the “establishment” choice so whichever candidates win the one thing we can be certain of is more years of misery as populist politics and plastic solutions continue to dominate in the American mainstream.

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  7. Andrew Williams (GO DOGS!!!!) on said:

    Not sure if Romney’s new slogan, “I’m inevitable and you’re powerless to stop me,” will resonate with voters. (Hard to say at this early stage.)

    PS: I just heard this weird rumor that Rick Santorum isn’t kidding.

  8. James Hartman on said:

    No, Mitt cannot beat Obama, nor can Sanctum Santorum. Too bad for the Republicans that they handed the President another 4 years in office by their choice of do-do candidates. Romney has the warmth of a clam’s ass on a Februaury morning in Maine. How can the Republican leadership be so damn dumb?

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      Their party prefers candidates no smarter than the base. It’s a self-esteem issue.

  9. Joy Bailey Phelan on said:

    I am defecting.

  10. Patrick on said:

    Also Bubba great blog, as usual it was informative with a nice splash of humor thrown in as well, keep it up.

  11. John on said:

    I buy a lottery ticket every week and when I win will move to the US virgin islands and become sovereign to that nation. This country is becoming too screwed up to live in.

  12. Ellen Duffy Cleary on said:

    There ain’t no cheezy grits; just cheezy candidates and their cheezy spouses.

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  14. Rincon Peak on said:

    This tournament is insane! North Carolina is the best but this broken wrist might do us in!

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