‘Hillbilly Exorcism’ Featured at 2012 Indie Grits Film Festival

You say you didn’t see “Hillbilly Exorcism” at Indie Grits? You didn’t catch it on April 22 or April 27 at the Nickelodeon? For shame! Well, take a gander at the Southern-fried short with a hill flavor.

And when you’re done, don’t forget to indulge in “The Long Way Home: A Bigfoot Story” and “The Hills Have Thighs.” They’ve won awards, after all. “The Long Way Home” took home the “Best Narrative Feature” award at the New York International Film Festival and the “Best Docu-drama” award at the Charlotte International Film Festival. “The Hills Have Thighs” is the winner of “Best Cult Feature” and “Audience Award Cult Classic” at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, and “Best Southern Comedy” at the Peachtree Village International Film Festival in Atlanta.



by J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr., who served as the only true independent member of the South Carolina General Assembly from 1990-1998. Currently, he is a general practice attorney in Columbia, S.C., concentrating in probate and estate planning, criminal defense and personal injury law.

With Wes Wolfe. He wrote for 11 newspapers in five states and is the marketing coordinator for ACEC Virginia.

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8 thoughts on “‘Hillbilly Exorcism’ Featured at 2012 Indie Grits Film Festival

  1. Polly Thompson on said:

    It was great Bubba!

  2. veeder on said:

    Hillbilly Exorcism was a hoot and two-thirds!!! funny!! funny!!

  3. Tom Davies on said:

    Ha, ha…Well that was unusual. Hope it does well in the theaters. ;)

  4. Sherry Martinusen, was a Tucker on said:

    Bubba, you out did y’alls self! I is mighty proud of you! It was funny

  5. AimeeGrahamBrown on said:

    LOVE IT!!! I just keep laughing every time I watch it!

  6. Lauri Wiggins Van Deusen on said:

    OMG… that was so funny! I really enjoyed watching this. I wish I knew where you came up with this stuff.

  7. Talmadge on said:

    Wow Bubba, I know three people in this film, does that mean I am a hillbilliy?

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