Adolf Hitler be DAMNED… It’s MY Birthday too!

Yesterday, April 19, I turned 49. With 50 on the horizon, it’s best to beat y’all to the Grim Reaper jokes. Moreover, I was sincerely moved with all the email and facebook shoutouts on my big day. It was a very tangible reminder of how BLESSED I truly am to have the friends I cherish. It’s a good thing… ’cause I don’t know if you realize it, but April 19th ain’t a very “happy day” otherwise. Aside from being a day short of Adolf Hitler’s birthday (1889) and the Columbine High School tragedy (1999), the 19th of April has a rather ignominious place in history. Let’s discuss…

At 5 a.m., British troops marched into Lexington, Mass. to capture what then would have been considered leaders of the colonial rebellion, and the rebels’ cache of weapons. They were met by 77 Massachusetts minutemen who put on a valiant defense, with the belligerents firing the first shots of the Revolutionary War, more than a year before independence.

The first combat deaths in the Civil War happened not in the South, but in Baltimore. That’s where a group of secessionist Baltimoreans attacked Union troops from Massachusetts who were en route to Washington, D.C. Four soldiers and a dozen “rioters” died in the incident.


Mae West is sentenced to 10 days in jail for obscenity for her play Sex.

In response to Jewish resistance in Poland, the Waffen SS set upon the Warsaw ghetto with the full strength of the German military. The resistance held out for 28 days and suffered more than 56,000 deaths before the Nazis razed the remaining buildings and put down the uprising.

The big opening act of the Moscow Circus: clowning out about the Marshall Plan. Evidently, “one of the most famous Russian clowns, Konstantin Berman,” compared the economic recovery package to a boomerang of money for the U.S., and called the Voice of America a pack of barking dogs. Jokes, eh?



A gun turret explodes on the USS Iowa, killing 47 sailors.


South Dakota governor George Mickelson and seven others are killed when a state-owned aircraft crashes in Iowa.

Ending a 51-day siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, the FBI launched an assault using tear-gas grenades when David Koresh and his followers continued to refuse to evacuate. The basis of the standoff was an ATF investigation into illegal stockpiling of firearms and explosives. Following the tear gas incident, fires erupted within the main building, leading to the deaths of 80 cult members.

As a response to the 1993 raid, Timothy McVeigh, with the help of Terry Nichols, parked a Ryder truck filled with explosives outside the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The resulting explosion killed 168 people.

Then there was this year. The day before, pop culture legend Dick Clark passed away. As Johnny Carson was to late-night television, Clark was to New Year’s Eve. And in an era before the instant impact of the Internet,  “American Bandstand” transmitted youth culture from coast-to-coast before anyone realized what was happening.

Then on the 19th, Levon Helm of The Band lost his 14-year battle with throat cancer. The lone Southerner in a Canadian band, Helm was the pork in The Band’s green beans — giving the group that necessary flavor. In a tribute to never giving up, he won Grammys in 2008 and 2010 for his last two albums.

But the day’s not all bad. After all, this guy was born on April 19th in 1963, and I seem to be doing OK… With a little help from my friends, that is.  Thanks again folks!



by J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr., who served as the only true independent member of the South Carolina General Assembly from 1990-1998. Currently, he is a general practice attorney in Columbia, S.C., concentrating in probate and estate planning, criminal defense and personal injury law.

With Wes Wolfe. He wrote for 11 newspapers in five states and is the marketing coordinator for ACEC Virginia.

20 thoughts on “Adolf Hitler be DAMNED… It’s MY Birthday too!

  1. Polly Thompson on said:

    All your friends are glad you were born! And don’t forget Marie Antoinette marrying Louis the 16th in 1770, the first use of LSD in 1943 and The Simpson’s premiere in 1987!

  2. Kenny Harrell on said:

    Happy birthday Bubba – have a great birthday weekend!

  3. Paula Benson on said:

    Bubba, you’re always a blessing. Happy Birthday!

  4. Cooter Brown on said:

    Happie Birfday thare, yung feller!
    Frum yer ol’ buddie Cooter

  5. Lynn Seithel on said:

    HAVE AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!! I don’t know what other independent thinkers would have done without you!! You are the shining star in the sky for April 19 and your blog just proves it!

    • Walter Carr on said:


  6. Harriet Hancock on said:

    Hope you are having a great birthday weekend. Enjoyed reading your research. My oldest grand daughter, Caroline Hancock Klocko, 28, also shares your birthday. She is a Georgetown grad and also graduated from UVA Law School last May. I’m a pretty proud grand ma. I’m also proud to be your friend.

  7. Julie on said:

    I found April 19th to be a good day……discovered somebody that was actually older than me (even if only by a few months!). Happy Barrelling-Toward-AARP-Membership, Bubba! I’m not far behind.

  8. 8675309 on said:

    Yo Bubba! Happy Birthday, my dear friend!!! Hope it was a day full of whatever you wanted it to be!!! The most important occurrence on this day was your arrival here on Earth…the world is so much better with you in it….most especially due to your wit!!!

  9. Southern Belle on said:

    What a great historical chronology you’ve pulled together for “This Day in History”! But what you failed to include was the following:

    On this day in history, Lewis and Carolyn Cromer welcomed their first child, James Lewis Mann Cromer, aptly named Jamie as a result of some light-hearted competition between two expectant mothers. While the new parents could not have been prouder, no one burst a button faster than his beloved grandmother, who was soon to be called Moo-Ma.

    His younger years found him at Heathwood Hall where he quickly honed his skills at making friends and learning the fine art of spinning a yarn. By the time high school rolled around, the true devil in him came out and he found himself at Dreher. He continued to count among his greatest assets, the many friends he so easily made, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin. Political aspirations were never far from his mind and he learned that he was a natural at winning friends and influencing people. After serving as President of Cavaliers, he set his sights on hearing Hail to the Chief. Well maybe Hell to the Chief is more apropos, as he set his sights on becoming President of the Blue Devils of Dreher. Chances of winning looked slim at best, as he set out to challenge the most popular African-American student at school. In May of 1980, he stood before the predominantly African-American student body and started his campaign speech. He creatively wove into his speech quotes from many of the most popular songs of that year. And ended his remarks in a nod to Sister Sledge’s popular song, “We are Family”. By the time he finished, the entire student body was on its feet, and it was obvious he was already President.

    His political savvy and penchant for making friends followed him through college, a political and law career. He has written a book, produced and starred in a film, captured Big Foot, been a successful attorney, and a good friend to many. Having just turned 49, he is beginning the 50th year of his life … we can all sit back in amazement and watch as this next chapter unfolds. Who knows what surprises he has in store, but one thing’s for certain, he’ll continue to add to his long list of friends and his many and varied interests. Now if he could just catch the Lizard Man!

    • cromeradmin on said:

      Southern Belle I am not worthy of that, but God Bless You for reminding me of my single favorite political moment of my life. I can’t stop smiling thinking about it! You have single-handedly made my week! XXOO

      • Roger Hovis on said:

        Wow what a tribute, Southern Belle has indeed completed your bio! By the way, I did not know you actually captured a bigfoot! Let’s get it in the State Museum.

  10. Mona Pack on said:

    James, there was something about you I knew was special. It was a friendship that began the moment I met you, and has endured, and became one that will stand the test of time, without even a word being spoken between us. You will always remain in my heart, just because. God put you on earth that day to diminish the ugliness of those who offended our history. Be proud, be you, life will take care of the rest! All my love my friend. Mona

  11. Larry Reid on said:

    Reading Southern Belle’s response gave me more insight into a true man for the ages! Your bio is as impressive as your quest for righting America’s wrongs-one bigfoot at a time. Since I am on the cusp of 55, and am enjoying being a first-time Granddad, I want to welcome you to the halls of the seniors- a land where coffee is cheaper (senior discount), dinners come earlier (can you say early-bird special?), and the wine flows like Niagra Falls (Doc says it helps the heart-no guidelines as to how much or little to consume in one sitting). Only a few more years and you’re entered into this most glorious club. See you at Denny’s! (before 4:30 pm, of course!)

  12. James Hartman on said:

    BUBBA- – -


  13. Walter Carr on said:


    It has been a long time; I believe it was at Woodrow Motley’s funeral, since we last meet. I trust and hope you are doing well?

    I have heard rumors of Bubba’s mountain family, Mona his wife, Sally Lou-AKA Mountain Girl, age 18 and their oldest child, Betty Mae, AKA Bubbaett age 15 and her son James John-JJ-, age 3.

    The rumor is that all seems to going along quite well with the family. Mona runs a biker bar. Sally Lou runs a tattoo and piercing parlor out of the back of the bar and does a little out of the way farming back up in the woods. Betty Mae and her “old man” as she calls her baby daddy, live way back up in a hollow and he does cooking for a living. I don’t know what it is that he cooks. The word is that JJ is a bit advanced for his age as he already has several tattoos and piercings and a taste for moonshine.

    The highlight of their week is said to be when Big Bubba comes to visit. All claim that he is a loving and generous husband, father and grandfather. Knowing Bubba, how could anybody have any doubts? I am betting that they will treat Bubba to a special birthday party over the weekend.

    If it would be of interest I will be up in the mountains starting next weekend and would be happy to take and send photos of his family? If Sally Lou has not yet made bail we might need to settle for her booking photo. I hope Bubba can get her off this time around.


    • Bubba Cromer on said:

      Well Walter thanks for putting my bid’ nezz out on he street. had no idea u knew Lynn! She was one HELLUVA rep! We miss her. hope to see u next Weekend Brother!

  14. Paula Talley on said:

    49?? never would have thunk it!!! You my friend are loved! We all love your post (discuss) and you blogs.. and all the pictures and adventures round “Stabbin Cabbin”Keep on being you.. Love you.. and many blessings for 49 more years..Tell Mona and Sally-Lou Hey.

  15. Linda Rogers on said:

    Good grief, Bubba, are you trying to take the Happy out of your Birthday? Interesting tidbits of depressing history, though….

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