The 2012 Presidential Election: Are We Better Off? An HONEST Answer.

I have physically restrained myself from blogging about the November 6th Presidential Election. For good reason, turns out. What are the latest Presidential Projections? Will Romney win the Election? Will Obama win the election? Who should I vote for President? So much change over the past few months!

By most accounts, Before the first debate, Obama “had it in the bag”. Afterwards, Romney was “headed for a landslide”. After the second debate, Obama “woke up and shored up his base”, but Romney was still headed for a “sure win”. After the third and final debate, Obama commanded it, Romney basically praised him, and the result: it’s “anybody’s game”. What are the latest presidential projections? I’ve lost track.

Then today, Lindsey Graham, South Carolina’s Senior Senator who I really like personally, and who is usually a pillar of “reason” and “soundness”, had an ad on Facebook that really caught my eye:

” ‘like’  you think Obama’s Hope & Change of 2008 has turned into fear & despair in 2012″

FEAR and DESPAIR? Really? (And that’s correct, I did say Lindsey Graham, NOT Jim DeMint.) Insofar as Presidential elections are concerned, South Carolina is a beet RED state and always will be. I get that. Senator Graham is a Loyal Republican and always will be. I get that too. But I am not a Republican and never will be. Neither am I a Democrat , nor will I ever be.

You ask, “and that makes you special because…”

Well, I’m nothing special and I’ll be the first to admit that. In addition to being a personal injury, criminal defense and dui defense lawyer in Columbia, S.C.,  I do have a unique political history, though. You see,  I am the only person who has served as a TRUE independent in the History of the South Carolina General Assembly. By “true” I mean originally elected independent, served their entire tenure as an independent, and retired as an independent.  When they go to the polls, a lot of folks consider themselves “independent” –which is cool– but I have actually had to pound pavement to beat republicans and democrats and THEN work both sides of the aisle to succeed in order to “officially” wear that badge. And rest assured, I am proud of it. Enough about me, though. My point is that this is not penned from a purely partisan perspective.

So let’s return to the trigger that finally prompted me to write this.

” ‘LIKE’ if you think Obama’s hope and change of 2008 has turned into fear and despair in 2012″.

Merriam-Webster FEAR (transitive verb)

: to be afraid of : expect with alarm <fear the worst>

Personally, in 2008 I feared terrorists – specifically Osama bin Laden. I feared another attack on our soil like on 9-11. I feared that the full-fledged recession was going to lapse into a new Great Depression. I feared traveling  abroad – anywhere– unless I put Canadian Flags on my luggage like some of my friends (NOT to be un-patriotic, mind you, but to keep from being physically harmed). I feared that we would remain indefinitely in two wars and possible push for a third in Iran. And I feared that my country was going to continue to be a self-anointed “World Policeman” while we neglected problems within our own boundaries.

Merriam-Webster DESPAIR (intransitive verb)

: to lose all hope or confidence <despair of winning>

Personally, in 2008 I had lost all hope that the Great American Automobile Industry was going to ever get back on its feet. I had lost all confidence that the powerful Wall Street Titans could ever be held in check. I had lost hope that our soldiers would ever get to come home alive from two wars in which I believed we had no business fighting the first place.

Since my Retirement from The General Assembly, I have been a bit of a Presidential Election-year Political junky. Maybe too much so. My current position requires that I be completely apolitical on the State Level, so maybe in Federal Presidential  Elections I’m like that alcoholic who “only gets to drink egg nog at the Christmas Party” so please understand that whilst reading this blog. If you do, I promise I’ll cut myself off Wednesday Morning.

Being that aforementioned Junky, I was hooked on this year’s GOP Convention in Tampa. When the question was posited: “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” I was taken aback: literally back in time to 1980 when Ronald Reagan asked the same question of Jimmy Carter, and, figuratively, to what I thought was a fairly rhetorical question to present. In my head, I was thinking that I (as in me, me, me I,I,me) certainly am better off than I was in 2008. But the crucial query should be is the United States of America better off today than it was in 2008? And, if you have read piece this far, based on the fears and despair I held in 2008, you sense that I feel as though we are.

Apparently, this are-you-better-off -than-you-were-in-2008 phrase appears to resonate within the GOP faithful, or at least serve, to them, as sufficient justification for their views. “I can’t take another four years like this.” But those who say they are not better off today than four years ago seem to have completely forgotten what 2008 was actually like.

Do you have a retirement account invested at all in equities? Is it (are you) better off now than 2008? Do you remember how bad 2008 felt? If you retired in 2008, your country owes you thanks and Wall Street owes you an apology. And Money. Fortunately,medicare and  Social Security were not privatized, and hopefully never will be. Fortunately, the financial community was not de-regulated (“trust us!”)

Are  we better off now than we were four years ago?

In an attempt to make this a positive presentation, and in my Heart of Hearts, I believe that the question presented can be  answered  without a harsh critique of Mitt Romney: A man whose work ethic in business, dedication to his Faith and Family and love of Country is clear. At least to me.

Just about this time every four years, one of my best lifetime friends, who must go unnamed, is always my “reality-checker”.He’s the guy who –at may own request– throws a bucket of ice water on me as I lay passed out on the floor having drunk myself into an MSNBC “stupor”. God love him for it. This year, he is convinced that Romney will win by a near-landslide. He thinks all or most every “swing state” will break for Romney and turn RED Tuesday. That turned me BLUE, as in triste.  Until I read Lindsey Graham’s  Dark & Dire Facebook ad and actually thought about it.

*we are adding  jobs every single month, and it’s only getting better (5.5 Million since 2008)

*we have ended the Historical Mistake that was the Iraq War

*we now have the cooperation of the major WORLD POWERS behind us in international affairs

*we have successfully located and KILLED Osama Bin Ladin

*No attacks on our mainland have taken place

*There have been no major political or ethical  scandals

*Wall Street has been called into check

*we are HALTING the longest US War in History in Afghanistan

*When a devastating calamity like SANDY hits, we have a Federal Govt. that springs into action IMMEDIATELY

*Al Qaeda is a shadow of it’s former self

*interest rates are still at historical lows, while home sales are increasing

*More people have access to affordable healthcare

*Women now have a right to equal pay for equal work

*The US Auto Industry is not only back on its feet, but standing tall once again

*Oil production WITHIN the USA is at an all-time HIGH

*We are collectively trying to reduce our carbon footprint

*home construction is finally increasing, and

*The Consumer Confidence Index continues to consistently rise

Sorry Senator Graham, but  a dog named “fear and despair”  just won’t hunt right now.

Is the USA better off today than it was fours years ago? Absolutely.

The truth works.

And if it works Tuesday, Barack Obama should get  re-elected by well-over 300 electoral votes.



by J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr., who served as the only true independent member of the South Carolina General Assembly from 1990-1998. Currently, he is a general practice attorney in Columbia, S.C., concentrating in probate and estate planning, criminal defense and personal injury law. Additionally. 25 years experience in DUI defense law and DUI attorney in columbia, s.c. simple possession of marijuana and related criminal defense in columbia, s.c.



*Special thanks to USC Lawschool Classmates Charley Beans & Steve Douglas for your advice!




54 thoughts on “The 2012 Presidential Election: Are We Better Off? An HONEST Answer.

  1. cromeradmin on said:

    I realize that conspicuously absent from this discussion is one of the most critical matters facing the Nation: The Deficit. While I feel The President has articulated a plan for reduction, it is not aggressive enough. And Gov. Romney has totally failed to provide us with the details of how he plans to reduce it and that–coupled with his countless changes of positions over his career–raise serious trust issues, and do not connote an ability to deal with this problem.

  2. Jim Murphy on said:

    We will not be voting for a non american who wants to give our social security away to people who have not a dime for it. We want an American will take up for us, get these gas prices lower as they should be, & get rid of that crap health care that is being shoved at us. This country will not last another 4 years as it is going !!!

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      “I HATE that nigger!!!”, Jim stage-whispered.

      • Boss Scaggs on said:

        And the Congregation said…

        • cromeradmin on said:

          Amen! I think the hate factor was the scariest part of the entire equation.

  3. pat johnson on said:

    I thunk we’re better off and getting better. This country was on the brink of a full scale depression era and worse than most Americans think. Two unfunded wars and haphazard spending by Bush had decimated our budget. Obama had a steep mountain to climb and needed a stiff backbone. Fortunately, he had it. The Republicans are more than willing to see this country go right down the drain so they can blame it on him. I’ve actually had some tell me that. That can’t be good for anyone, especially people who are already struggling. To get us out if this Bush created hole, will take awhile, but we already see housing coming back, new small business owners are starting up again, restaurants are not hurting for customers, and the employment numbers are looking more positive. People are looking for places to spend their money. A recent trip to Edisto showed me that year ago that there were so many homes for sale. Now, only a few. We ride this wave out with Obama, and change the party of “NO” in Congress and we’ll back on our feet without destroying the middle class, which is where most of us really are. As a Nurse who has worked with the under served for over 40vyears, we need “Obama Care” as it has come to be known. Otherwise we already pay for the poor to be served and cared for but we pay what the Insurance Company tells us we have to will increase if Mittens gets in.

  4. May May on said:

    I am sooooo ready for this election to be over! It has turned friends against friends we have defriended friends and are now bashing our friends for their opinions. Soooo over it. That being said I am voting for the big “O” on Tuesday because I trust him to lead our country I respect him for what he has done for our country economically and socially plus he doesn’t remind me of a greasy car salesman! And who wouldnt be for a big “O” anyway!!!!!

  5. Walter Carr on said:

    Bubba Got Man Love for Comrade Obama?

    ****************************************and millions of Americans will cast ballots for that proven failure come Tuesday.

    The issue at hand is the self same issue that has eventually brought down all democracies throughout history: more people are voting for a living than are working for a living. If the moocher voters reelect the present looter administration then I am afraid that America’s days as a constitutional republic are limited, so limited that we could suffer to witness its demise.

    This election is the most important election in over 150 years. It will determine the fate of the American Republic.


    • Steve Douglas on said:

      In your guts, you know Walt’s nuts.

  6. Linda on said:

    Yes… we are better off… unemployment stabilized… its not great but it took a lot longer than eight years to get here.. why do folks think it will take less to get out… and Romney has no plan. and Healthcare… many think because Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck say its a bad deal it must be… they are so far from truth… if you are poor its a good thing…. if you have any existing condition.. like heart, cancer, age, ingrown toe nails, you can be insured.. yes.. all those have been used to take folks off insurance with no recourse… if your child has autism, anything… and we are out of Iraq and getting out of Afganistan.. so Go President Obama… you have really done an overall good job.. not great but what President has had the chance to do great … with a horrible congress.. and yes… we have a horrible, awful congress.. both sides just really suck….want to be mad and have change.. vote out congress…

  7. Warren Moise on said:

    Bubba, you left “award-winning film producer” off your list.

    OK, I’m a Republican and have tried to stay out of the political discussion, except by privately wishing that we could get rid of Gov. Haley. This is my one and only step into the fray. Here goes.

    You’ve listed a number of points for the President which can be debated word-for-word by Romney. For example, of course the President didn’t cause the recession, which takes years to cycle up and down fueled by mostly greed and speculation. (Read “You Can’t Go Home Again” by T. Wolfe for this proposition.) But the Democratic Party had a majority in both houses of Congress for two years before he was elected and two years afterwards. The operation to find Osama was started under Bush who surely would’ve killed him when the undercover work had the right information. It takes time to find these guys. On the other hand, I’m happy as a clam the President got the job done. My point is this. Most of this stuff is just rhetoric. The stuff that isn’t rhetoric, like the President’s stance on abortion, is what makes me want to vote for Romney. I can’t help but think that after all this stagnation and high unemployment, public confidence would rise if a new party were sworn in. I agree that those who are trapped by unemployment (and who are trying hard to find a job) or disabilities need help. I don’t particularly like the idea that just because someone works hard and makes money, those who are too lazy to work hard or study have a right to it.

    In a final note, there’s a stoplight by my office at which I have to stop every morning. For eight years, it was a quite typical morning tonic to see virulently rude bumper stickers about President Bush, for example “W = Idiot,” “Bush – Not My President,” Bush was a liar, etc. Eight years of that! I see the same thing about the President now and don’t approve of the disrespect. It takes both sides to calm things down. The only thing I’m sure of is that this post will make absolutely no difference in anyone’s minds. Go Gamecocks!

    Your buddy, Warren

    • cromeradmin on said:

      Sorry about all the rhetoric. I was trying to keep it Pro-Obama positive and not anti-Romney negative — which a piece of this type really cannot be — and I realize that in hindsight. thanks for the thoughtful response and GO COCKS!

    • Ben Moise on said:

      Go Rooster !

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      A few comments in response to Warren’s points -

      If Obama doesn’t get “credit” for taking OBL because he “wasn’t there”, does OBL still “get the blame” for 9/11? He wasn’t there, either.

      The first two years of Obama’s administration, the Dem majority in the house was populated with a considerable number of DINOs, as was the Senate, Ted Kennedy got sick and couldn’t vote for part of that time, and Senate Republicans filibustered everything, eliminating the advantage and power of a majority.

      The president’s “stance on abortion” is this: free and easily available contraceptive care for women will cut the abortion rate by between 40 and 70% according to a recent and credible Washington University study, so let’s make that care available. The pro life crowd’s stance on abortion is: “We won’t say it but this is really about being holier than thou. We hate sex, and we don’t want you to have it. If contraceptives are readily available, more people will have sex, and we don’t want that. So, better we attack sex by attacking contraceptives, and the hell with that huge increment of abortions that could have been prevented/avoided.”

      Public confidence boost with a new party. Well, maybe if the new party wasn’t the same old GOP, but worse, and on steroids.

      Those too lazy to work: Most welfare recipients are white. The states of the deep south, and Idaho, have the highest percentage of citizens on welfare. Many, possibly the majority of those who receive welfare, do work, and work two or more jobs. $8.00 an hour for forty hours is $320 a week. By four weeks in a month, that’s $1,280. a month, or $15,360 a year. These people are human. They have the joys and heartaches you do, Warren. They want love and human companionship. They get lonely. If poorly educated, they make bad choices. Maybe they get terribly lonely, lay down with somebody for comfort and companionship, and a baby results. These things happen because they are human, not because they are “too lazy to work”. Shall we legislate against the right to comfort, emotional and human companionship and empathy, and compassion, for those earning less than $15,360 a year? And attach criminal penalties to violations. That’d be great for the private prison industry so many Republicans in state legislatures are advocating. Don’t pretend you’d never go so far as to legislate against another human being’s right to human companionship, empathy and comfort. If you’re behind privatized prisons, you’re already on the record in support of such deprivation.

  8. Sunny James on said:

    Hey Buba thanks for the great post I agree with your thnking & will look forward to the election on tuesdays & celebrating Obamas victory
    His heart & soul is in the right place.

  9. Paul on said:

    Please take me off your email list, I have unfriended you on FB and I want nothing to do with an Obama Lover. Color me done.

    • cromeradmin on said:

      Oh Wow. I sure am sorry to hear that,Paul. I removed you. No worries. Best of luck to you in all your future endeavors. Have a Blessed Day.

      • Jason B. on said:

        talk about fingers in your ears politics

      • Steve Douglas on said:

        Paul’s a hard boiled southern Republican.

    • Mike Johnson on said:

      I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.
      Thomas Jefferson

      • cromeradmin on said:


      • pat johnson on said:

        Me either. That’s what democracy is about isn’t it. We can have different opinions and still live on the same planet.

  10. David Foster on said:

    It is to easy to list soft facts. It is not the responsibility of the tax payer to provide tarp. When I lost my business – there was no assistance. When I lost my home, car and job – I did not qualify for any assistance programs. Must be too male. Osama Bin Laden has been dead for some time or there would have been no need to rush to bury. The country is 16 trillion in the hole – 5 trillion in the last 4 years alone. No one in power addresses it. Obama called Bush unpatriotic for debt – yet hypocritically adds more to it than any other President. Obamacare will ruin our health care system. Our doctors will all be foreigners. Rationing is the only way it can work. And the President and Reid have not produced a budget in 48 months. I am sure the proud offices of COMER LLC utilizes a budget which allows it to operate successfully. And where ar Czars found in the Constitution. Ron Paul had the answers – Americans lack the courage to hear them.

    • cromeradmin on said:

      I Know the facts are soft. I Just bent over backwards to be positive and not stream a litany of reasons NOT to vote for Romney (you know keep it positive). That was a mistake in hindsight. Thanks for your comments and sorry about your business.

      • cromeradmin on said:

        On yea, and I DID vote for Ron Paul in the Primary! hang in there.

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      A few comments in reply to Mr. Foster-

      TARP was an unpleasant and forced choice in an extremely dangerous economic moment. It’s utility in getting us out of that moment is more relevant than its palatability. It was a spoonful of castor oil. That doesn’t make it a mistake. It was a solution presented to macro scale problems. Your beef seems to be that it didn’t help you with your micro scale problems, although it may, in fact, have in some way that requires more time and energy to divine than you’ve taken. In a broad sense, a rescued global economy was better for you than had it not been. It’s also true that the president tried to pass other stimulus to create individual jobs, and to pass other spending to boost private sector jobs, but was blocked by the Teabaggers and their hostages in the House. Even as the Teabaggers like Paul Ryan skulked in the back door of the White House to get checks for their cronies in their districts. Small business tax cuts, 19 of them, were passed to try and help.

      Don’t knw what to make of the OBL reference, except that it sounds funny……smelly.

      No one likes 4 trillion more in debt, but it’s a lot easier to swallow if it’s to pay for Obamacare than if it’s to pay for another tax cut for millionaires, and another bloody war for no good reason. Funny, I heard no complaints from right wingers about the 11 trillion dollars in debt the Bush administration racked up, specifically because, as Cheney said, “Deficits don’t matter”. Hard not to ignore their exquisite sensitivity about spending now. Obamacare will not ruin medicine, it will devote more of the annual national expenditure on medical costs TO medicine. Just like his reform of student loans stopped funnelling so many millions of “lagnappe” to the banks whose lobbies won them the privilege of unnecessary and useless middleman in the student loan system. Obama’s Medicare cuts come not from the benefit side, but from the bureaucracy and insurer side. So a few less CEOs can take a round the world cruise each Christmas. Boo hoo.

  11. Ed on said:

    Thanks for a thoughtful column.

    But we live in a culture where thoughtful and civil commentary usually doesn’t stand a chance –at least online.

  12. James Hartman on said:

    NO!!! we are not better off. But that does not mean that Romney will be better than Obama at cleaning up the mess. BUT i am willing to give Mitt a shot at it. Barack has had 4 years to do something otjer than repeat that he inherited the problem. If that is true he was responsible to do something about his inheritance. Things are worse and the buck stops with Obama. How he could have wastedall that time and effort on Obama care is inexplicable when the economy is stalled. Thesingle most pressing prob;em is the national debt- – - -to which the president has added about 6 trillion dollars in just 4 years or moe than half again.

    Understand that debt is the the single most dangerous element of our many current problems. Just look at Greece, Spain, Portugal etc. I for one have no interesti in being a colony of China. We need someone who can build our industry at home, cause investment here, ignore the whining for more entitlements, reduce the bureaucracy, return matters such as education to the states, cease substituting executive fiat for legislation

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      This is ridiculous. There has been no slowing of the world’s investment in U.S. Treasury bonds, even with them paying maybe the lowest interest in history. In effect, the world is sending its money here, which should tell you all you need to know about the merit of these “The sky is falling” pronouncements from Right Wingers. We still have by far the most powerful, able military in human history.

      Greece and Spain are having their upheaval because of their and their patron states in the Eurozone’s insistence on American Republican style austerity measures as a solution to their problems, and the difficulty of working out an accomodation between them, and their banker Germany, a country with a very low opinion of “Mediterranean Types”. If you WANT to see the streets of the U.S. light up like those in Greece and Spain, try to put the Ryan plan into effect. No gated communities will save the rich then.

      Reduce the bureaucracy? Obama’s ratee of federal spending growth is the lowest since Eisenhower. Build industry at home? What gives you faith that a guy who sends his money to Switzerland, the Caymans, Berumuda and the Netherlands, the Isle of Jersey and China, gives a damn about doing that? Romney is the fox that loves to talk about the time he “saved that one chicken” as proof of his bona fides. Reduce “entitlements”? What’s an “entitlement”? People who get social security and medicare paid into those programs over a lifetime. They’re “investments”. Romney has made between 15 and 100 million dollars off of the auto bailout deal, an investment in Delphi that may have profeted him by 3000 %, in just a couple of months, by blackmailing GM. It’s the cover story in The Nation magazine this month. You wouldn’t begrudge your mom, your dad, your brother and sister, the fruit of their lil ole investment in social security and medicare, would you?

      Return education to the states? We have a national, no….an international economy now. We need education that meets international standards, and we are falling behind because of state legislatures that insist on teaching that Jesus hid the fossils to test our faith, the earth is 6,000 years old, Jesus rode a dinosaur to the first Country Music Awards ceremony in Nashville, etc. etc. etc. Simply put, the states cannot be trusted to do the job. Period.

      It must be awful to be completely incapable of seeing the world as others see it, even by adulthood. Obama ended the Iraq folly, and is ending the Afghan adventure. Tens of thousands of our armed service men and women are home from war. I’m sure they know we’re better off today than we were four years ago.

  13. Paul Kevin Fallaw on said:

    All things considered, the overwhelming issue to me is the economy.That is where I feel Obama failed.Knowing the state of the economy , why did he focus on the Affordable Health Care Act the first 2 1/2 years of his first term ? Then they rushed it through the back door ( reconcilliation vote ? ) circumventing the system. Nancy Pelosi ” let’s pass it and then read what’s in it”….Really ? Obama lies and says it’s not a tax. The Supreme Court then passes ( with the help of his appointees…one of which should have recused herself entirely ) as guess what ? A tax.Over 40% of americans don’t pay income tax yet.Oonce they receive health care and don’t pay for it ,do you honestly think they will be assessed a penalty ? And if they are, do you really think they will pay ? I can easily see where this will overwhelm the system especially when you consider there exists a shortage of doctors as things stand now.But, back to the job situation.I think if there is one thing that the polls all have in common is that the majority of them feel Romney is easily more qualified to create jobs and get this economy back on track. I could not agree more. I could go point for point on Obama’s many failures but I digress. I will vote for job creation not redistribution. And another thing, the situation in Benghazi certainly didn’t help matters and the fact that MSM is aiding Obama in his deception of the american people on not only this , but many fronts is troubling to put it mildly…

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      Paul, he signed the stimulus bill before pursuing the Affordable Health Care Act. Before. Also read about all of our embassy personnel killed in the last 30 years under Republican adminstrations, whose deaths were greeted with a yawn as a ‘cost of doing business” by that party. (In fact, such deaths ARE a cost of empire dong empire’s business in the world).

      All Americans pay taxes. All. Some who don’t pay income tax because of their income level DO PAY alot of other kinds of taxes. Romney really grilled himself when in the video he sneered at 47% of Americans, because the insinuation he was making was dead wrong about those people, as is yours in referring again to the “40%” Your feeling of superiority over those people, and the conclusions you errantly jump to about them that serve your feeling of superiority, are just as fatheaded as Romney’s.

      Romney is no businessman. No more than the Devil that takes the hindmost. No more than Jesse James was, or the jackal that catches the wounded deer. And in his practice of fattening up mortally ill companies with private debt connived under false pretenses from investors, only to be bled out by Romney and Bain in exorbitant “management fees” and other manner of artifice, he was in a time of firmer moral grounding and insight, to be known as “a thief”, pure and simple. If you take something from another, convert it to your own use and claim it as your own, you’ve stolen it. That’s Romney’s “business”.

  14. Paul Kevin Fallaw on said:

    Paul Kevin Fallaw Now that college football Saturday is over I felt compelled to re-visit this and offer a few more thoughts. As anyone that knows me will tell you, you will be hard pressed to pull me away from college football on a Saturday and especially so if it is to discuss politics. Although I am more than happy to discuss both simultaneously over a few beers ,lol. I think it is worth mentioning a couple of areas I think South Carolinians should take issue with as they relate to the presidents position on these matters.Unions. This came to mind as I got word that various utility crews from around the country were being turned around from disaster stricken areas affected by hurricane Sandy last week simply because they had no affiliation with the union workforce that largely comprise these areas.I find this appalling and in no way can it be justified. But it is just one of a myriad of problems that unions present. And yes, I know they have done some good things in the past and they are to be commended for this.It has been well established that President Obama is a union man. How does this affect South Carolinians ? When Boeing wished to locate to our state ( a right to work state ) and was met with opposition by the unions of Boeing and the NLRB , the president sided with them. The union claim was that they were locating in SC to avoid paying higher wages and avoid the threat of future strikes by the workforce of Boeing and also drummed up the idea that Boeing would eventually close the plant in Washington (St). This couldn’t be further from the truth as Boeing had just increased the workforce in the Washington plant and had no plans whatsoever to do so.The economy in the state of SC is in great need of a boost. I think on that note we can all agree.The addition of big name like Boeing to our state would provide a huge shot in the arm.On multiple occasions, Nikki Haley reached out to president Obama repeatedly trying to meet with him to discuss the matter personally to express the importance it meant to our state.She was never welcomed. In fact , the president wouldn’t even take her phone call or return it.We all know that Boeing is here now after an agreement was reached but the presidents attitude toward Haley and most importantly South Carolinians should not be lost on the folks of SC.The Charleston Harbor. This was an earmark of our great senator Jim Demint. The Charleston harbor was in great need of dredging to better accomodate the larger cargo containers that are now being built that ship our goods and services. We desperately needed this money to begin this project to maintain our harbor and its surrounding businesses. Otherwise , these ships would port in Savannah.President Obama would have none of it and opposed it at every turn. It wasn’t until Jim Clyburn spoke up on behalf of senator Demint that we finally received the funding necessary to proceed. I found this curious.As you noted in your piece, South Carolina is a red state and the voting outcome of Tuesdays election is not in doubt in this state. It is obvious to me that President Obama is unwilling to help our state because it would serve him no purpose.These are but a couple of items that I take issue with and feel represent a much broader problem that Obama faces as our President. It displays that he is unwilling to reach across the aisle and help to resolve issues that he may not necessarily wish to address simply because ther is no upside for him.A flaw so large that it renders a commander in chief helpless in my opinion.To your point about whether or not people are in better shape now than they were four years ago.While it may be true that most are, most could make the arguement that had he focused on jobs like he did the Affordable Care Act we would all be a lot BETTER off now than we are. Put simply, he is impeding the growth at which we could be growing.Romney with the aid of Paul Ryan, will light a fuse to our economy and have us growing at much more accelerated rate.As Tuesday approaches , this shoud be first and foremost in everyones mind.Once we get this monster moving like it should , the other issues we face as a nation become much easier to tackle…….

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      Seattle had the Boeing plant, for years. It was a union shop. Boeing cooked up the South Carolina temptation to extract a better deal in union negotiations, just like the Colts being moved to Indianapolis. There are laws about this kind of thing, to give heft to union bargaining power. They exist because of the historic exploitation of American workers by business. This isn’t news. There was an investigatiion about Boeing’s proposal, its effects, and its adherence to federal law. Obama is not the president of South Carolina, but rather the entire U.S. He has to worry about citizen workers in Washington State, too. Being only human, he probably did consider the unending flow of hateful, partisan bile flowing his way from the great state of South Carolina, and being human, he was probably justified in ignoring Nikki Haley. Who’s kind of nuts and uncredible, let’s face it.

      You sound so disappointed, and so…innocent….when you complain that Obama ignored Haley, and ignored South Carolina’s interests in the Boeing deal, like you’re suprised. Hell, the SC GOP would be cackling with glee at his foolishness had he done everything else. You can’t criticize a guy for refusing to reach accross the table and stick his arm into the mouth of a salt water crocodile. South Carolina made its intentions toward this black president clear miles away and months (years) ahead of time. Obama did the right, proper and astute thing. Want to be treated differently? Change your lousy attitudes.

      • Steve Douglas on said:

        “had he done anything else….”

  15. Mary on said:

    Starting to agree with the little girl whose video went viral on the ‘net..Listening to Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney makes me want to cry too!!! I am never gonna be rich, not really in the “poor” status, just middle ground, so praying that one of ‘em has a REALLY workable plan for those of use who are considered middle class, I can barely pay my own way, I can’t take care of the poor people. And I don’t want to have to pay more taxes for them because the rich people have found loopholes to keep them from helping those folks, so they just take it from me and my kind….middle class, hardworking, had a job forever folks. SMH!!

    • cromeradmin on said:


  16. Terri Mostiller on said:

    NO! We still have high unemployment, the worst forclosure rate in forever, banks failing, Sally Mae and Freddie Mac, Corruption with major corporations, Corporations taking stimulus money and giving themselves raises with it…..there’s more, somebody finish

    • Steve Douglas on said:


  17. Tom Smith on said:

    We are much worse off.
    Real unemployment is closer to 11% (a lot of my clients have held off hiring). Many people have given up or have taken much lesser jobs (under-employed).
    People are still struggling with lost values in their homes (of course some speculated, but many didn’t).
    I don’t believe the spin on Obama…I feel he has no real substance, just rhetoric. I guess even Obama gave up Hope since it is not in his slogans anymore. Re-distribution of wealth has NEVER EVER WORKED in the history of mankind! I could go on and on.
    Why doesn’t the Media talk about all the anti-Christian bashing going on? I am fed up with it.

  18. Tom Smith on said:

    Also, the DEFICIT is out-of-control. Obama just can’t spend enough of Other Peoples’ Money. Why constantly punish the ones that are working? Where does he think his money is coming from? Keep printing money and it will be de-valued and worthless. (This is what happened in France in the 1950/1960s).

  19. Pat Chisum on said:

    As the election draws near, I still am not quite sure who I am going to vote for when I step into the booth. I don’t trust or like Romney and I haven’t figured out if Obama pointing the country in the right direction. in 2008, I voted for Nader because I couldn’t vote for McCain yet I wasn’t drinking the Obama Kool aid. I think I may just got with Gary Johnson or Big Bird so that I rest easy at night, no matter who wins, and say, “It’s not my fault, I didn’t vote for [insert winner name here]!”

  20. Ben Moise on said:

    I’ll just bet that the outcome of the election will be determined by those who vote from the political center as opposed to those who are motivated by the ideological left or right whose views are enough to scare any reasonable person. The fallout Wednesday morning should cause both parties to take stock of what the country wants and to get on with the business of governing instead of the insane and extreme posturing which has characterized political discourse.

  21. Ed on said:

    Bubba, you summed it up pretty well.

  22. Cornbread on said:

    Bub – my 2 cents:

    Websters defines another word as well – Progression n. 1. the act of progressing; forward or onward movement.

    Neither time, life or politics is static. All things change, and always will. The only thing that remains static for many people is our own personal world view. My thoughts about politics don’t match those of my father’s, nor are they anywhere akin to those of my grandfather’s (who was a public employee per his connections to the political machines of the oild south, and a ‘yellow-dog’ democrat of the highest order).

    The political discourse of this age is certain less ‘refined’ than that of 50 years ago, but that was when our Media had an ironclad rule that politician’s private lives were off limits, and political discussion was to be more erudite and, well, . . .dry. Then came Watergate, the 8 billion stories about it, and the gloves came off, and have remained off, per the Media’s coverage of the polital spectrum. Politician may only be responding to a system that none created, but all gladly play with, in exchange for a chance to be in office. Don’t misunderstand, I do think there are many really good people in office, on both sides of the aisle, but they tend to get lost in the din that is emitted from practically any political body. This is probably what our common view is of the current political realm – I think most would agree with that assessment. However, should we able (and willing) to exchange our world view with, say, a gent living in 1845, things now would look extremely tame. Or, perhaps we could bring back the days of Pitchfork Ben Tillman, patron saint of my (and your) alma mater Clemson U. Now THAT was some interesting and ‘meaty’ politics. The same type of politics played out in different versions all over the US at that time – remember, we all studied this stuff back in middle school, but most either forgot it or never really cared about it.

    My point is this – the things that we all see now that we don’t like in the political world are based on OUR personal perception, per our own world experiences. When viewed by our grandchilden’s kids, in their middle school social studies class, the current world will seem quaint. There will be those teachers who romanticize the “politics of the early 21st century, or those who demonize the 2012 version of ole Pitchfork Ben (fill in the blank, whomever you think is a ‘bad’ politician, machine runner, empire builder, etc…). Regardless, the world will have changed by then, and there is little that we can do to stop that from happening.

    I don’t care for Obama, nor am I particualarly enthralled by Romney. I have voted for both Dems and Rebubs for President in the past, but consider myself to be a Republican. I know who I am voting for tomorrow, but that is between me and the nice little electronic machine on which I will cast my vote in the morning. I don’t know if my guy will win, but I do know one thing – time will progress forward, politics will progress forward, and, unfortunately, I will progress forward in my relentless path toward old age. I will support whomever is the victor, and hope that the progression we get will be one that smiles on me, my family and my country.

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      Some thoughts on Cornbread’s thougthful comments-

      Don’t write off the ongoing merit of your grandpap’s point of view. The social dynamic remains pretty consistent through time, between the interests of the accumulators of wealth, and those they extract it from. My brother in law is a Delta pilot, making good money, holding the safety of thousands of people in his hands. But within the dynamic, he is no more nor less than a city bus driver. You should see the crestfallen look that sweeps his face when he has to contemplate that truth at contract time. It’s also true that as ex Navy, ROTC scholarship student, his entire life has been taxpayer funded through college and his navy career, until he retired and took the Delta job we taxpayers trained him for. And he is the most ardent of right wing, “anti 47%-ers”. It’s not pretty, or surprising. We are imperfect beings.

      We’re not so unrefined these days. A burned body of a black man hanging from a tree is a political statement, and not at all refined, if still infinitely effective. Today, Republican legislators eliminate early voting days, put up false but threatening billboards in black and latino neighborhoods, send out letters and robocalls giving the wrong voting day, jimmy around with ballot forms, hack voting machines, stack as many initiatives as possible onto ballots to consume excessive time to vote, so lines move slower, and more minority voters get disgusted and leave the line. Same goal as the lynching, but infinitely more refined.

      The one static truth is that since time began, and forever, those who have the power, or believe they should and have the wealth to sieze it, will try to sieze it, and these will always be a tiny, tiny fraction of the population, ever putting the principles of democracy to the test.

  23. David Foster on said:

    Every person under the age of 18 has now a personal debt of over $218,000 they have inheirted. 16 trillion in debt with 6 trillion coming under Obamarule. Obamacare will only inflate these numbers. This is not forward, nor progress only modern day enslavement. Just enough left over to buy your golf, cigs or whatever your vice. Just enough to keep you from bridge jumping and just enough to get you to get up and do it again. If Obama is willing to keep 5 million dollars away from charity (Trump) and 4 million dollars to keep his record sealed. I no longer wish to see the record of mysterious man and his rise fro virtual obscurity to King of the Czars.

  24. Tracie Broom on said:

    I have to say I agree with you! I’m doing great. I’ve been able to start a thriving new company here in Columbia in the last 2 years, and I’m very proud of our President.

  25. Thomas Dawkins on said:

    Excellent and well reasoned piece. Many of us already know this, but it is good to see it so eloquently stated. Thank you.

  26. mike johnson on said:

    Even with the positives that are mentioned for Obama, I have to give extra weight to two things…The middle east and the character of Obama and his staff. CBS just aired the 60 minute’s interview (filmed before the debate) with President Obama this weekend. Obama confirmed in this interview that he did not mention the attack as a terror attack (Candy and Obama were wrong). We knew the attack never had anything to do with a video. We knew that Ambassador Stevens, also a CIA operative, was working with Turkey running guns to jihadist “freedom fighters” in Syria. Obama’s affection and arms support for the muslim brotherhood in Egypt, Libya and Syria is creating instability in the region that looks to be irreversible regardless of who wins the election. Jordan and Saudi Arabia will be next. Yes, Bush started the mess with the invasion of Iraq, but Obama has continued to destabilize the region by taking out Gaddafi and supplying arms to the jihadist. Regardless of which candidate wins, the next president is going to need our prayers.

    • Steve Douglas on said:

      Mike, Ghadafy had heavy weapons. Those that fell into the hands of Libyan jihadis were already there.

      Despite the keening and damnation from the Right including McCain and now doubt Aunty Lindsay, the Obama administration has REFUSED to send heavy weapons to the Syrian rebels because of our ongoing uncertainty about the presence of jihadis in their uprising. Still, we are providing humanitarian and other types of logistical support, and the gulf states are providing small arms.

  27. Dancing Spirit on said:

    I’m voting for Bronco Bama!

  28. John on said:

    I just wish that there was a vote to legalize marijuana on the SC ballot and if it would have passed it would have made the next 4 years a little more tolerable.

    I’m sure the debt collectors and lawyers will continue to do well in the next 4 years.

  29. Stephen Roberts on said:

    surely u mean to say that Lindsey Graham is usually a pillar of treason…

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