Harbaugh Bowl – Super Bowl 47

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Harbaugh BowlWith College Football finished and the New Year well underway, many folks are looking forward to the NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl.  After last year’s playoffs, we came razorblade close to seeing two brothers coach against each other in the Super Bowl; this year, the story is different.  In the upcoming Super Bowl, if you have not heard, two brothers will be coaching against each other for the supreme title of best football team in the world.  For major sports, including football, this is the first time brothers have ever coached against each other in the championship game.  This is not Madden football, and let’s try to forget the lesser, collegiate Clemson-FSU Bowden Bowls pitting father against son every year: This is the real deal.

Both brothers are very well respected and even their parents are unsure who they will be pulling for.  Jim Harbaugh coaches  the 49ers and John Harbaugh coaches  the Baltimore Ravens.  Both teams feature a great defkapernickense with top notch linebackers.  In terms of their offenses, the 49ers are continuing to invest in a newly-founded quarterback and the Ravens have had steady consistent play out of Ray Rice and Flacco.

What the brothers say about the Harbaugh Bowl

This serendipitous story has been described by Jim Harbaugh as a “blessing and a curse,” according to USA Today.

…”I think it’s a blessing and a curse. A blessing because that is my brother’s team, the curse part would be that the talk of two brothers playing in the Super Bowl and what that takes away from the players that are in the game. I just fesuper bowlel like the fighters are first.”


According to the media, the brothers are tired of everybody giving so much hype about the meeting between the two.  The message they continually provide the media is “focus on the players, not the Harbaughs.”  It needs to be noted that each team reached the Super Bowl through dedication and hard work from their players, not from the media’s wildest dream.  Regrettably,  future Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis is not getting much media coverage.  This is the last game we will ever see him playing in uniform!  As a fan of professional football, it seems much focus of late has been on coaches instead of the players; fans want to see the insflaccopiring story of different players battling adversity to reach the big show; not just a chess match between two brothers.

It’s still pretty cool though. Who’s your team this year? And why?

The Ravens hold a record of 13-6, while the 49ers hold a record of 13-4-1.  Records may give fans a sense of who is the underdog in these games, however, you can throw the records out the window because this matchup is going to be dog fight to the finish.  For my pick for the Super Bowl, the winner is the….Baltimore Ravens!  Ray Lewis will fight hard and lead his team to victory.  The Ravens are a hungry team and will not let the 49ers stand in way of Victory!

Who do you think will win the “Harbaugh Bowl” and why?  Would love to see a score prediction also!!


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10 thoughts on “Harbaugh Bowl – Super Bowl 47

  1. Jim Leventis on said:

    The Ravens, Its the Year of

    Daniel Ray Lewis

    Wins The Oscar in a couple weeks. The Only Time This Will Ever Happen

  2. Daphney "Baby Gurl" Barr on said:

    San Francisco 49ers all the way!!! But I won’t mind a bit if the Ravens pull it off. As long as they both play to win, I will be a happy football watcher! And mourn a summer of absolutely NO American football.

    • bubbadmin on said:

      Babygurl this summer is gonna be sweltering with SKY HIGH HYPE for the Gamecocks and the Tigers!

  3. Michael on said:

    Ravens 31, 49ers 28

  4. Pat Chisum on said:

    I am so sick of the Harbough’s that I will do everything in my power to abolish the game of football so this Harbowl doesn’t happen.

    But if this game happens, here are my stone cold locks:
    Alice Keys National Anthem Time: 2 minutes 15 seconds –> OVER!
    Will Beyonce’s hair be curly/crimped or straight at halftime? –> Curly
    How many times Ray Lewis will say “God/Lord” in post game interview: 3 times –> OVER ALL DAY

  5. Dave Farrell on said:

    Go Ravens!! 27-24 for the title

  6. Mary on said:

    At this point, both teams are winners, I just can’t wait to see all the cool commercials……

    • Terri Mostiller on said:

      Me either!

  7. Terri Mostiller on said:

    Ravens and Ray Lewis is my pick! Keep it on the East Coast baby

  8. Shep Headley on said:

    The Harbaugh boys were product of long-time coach, Jack Harbaugh, who was an assistant under Bo at Michigan, a Defensive Co-ordinator when Jim was in high school and later Western Michigan head coach, where he won a 1-AA championship.
    Jim, the younger, taller more successful athlete, Mich QB, 1st round draft pick, 15 year NFL veteran, successful head coach at San Diego (college not pro), then make Stanford a Top 10 team, and in 2 years as an NFL coach got the 49ers to back to back NFC Championships and now back in the Super Bowl.
    John was the older brother who came through college as a DB with Miami of Ohio and then went straight to college to coach, coaching as an assistant coach for 14 years, then on the the NFL as an assistant. In those 24 years, John was NEVER a offensive or defensive coordinator or head coach until he became the head coach at Baltimore in 2008.
    Hard to feel sorry for John with his life, but my tendency is to cheer for the underdog or person that had to work a little harder.
    I want to cheer for John (not Ray Lewis, who does lead in playoff tackles by a large margin, but has a Ring from 2000), but believe that Jim prevails with a better defense (Patrick Willis is the best MLB in the NFL) and running game (Gore, Kapernick (sp.) and company).
    The best playoff QB so far, the Ravens’ Joe Flacco, and a great RB in Ray Rice will keep Baltimore close, but come up just short.
    Hopefully a classic, SF 31, Baltimore 30.

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