Ravenel or Rugrat: T-Rav Running for Congress?!?

Is it just after New Year’s  or April Fool’s ? That’s the question I asked myself when I read a story  in today’s fitsnews.  Then I was half-sleeping when WIS TV’s Ben Hoover just popped on my screen and confirmed:


Former State Treasurer Contemplating run for Congress; details at 11!


It hasn’t been that long ago. Remember when disgraced former State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel said he was renouncing his American citizenship to go live in another country,where he could  “be free”, though he was ” keeping his property and investments.”  Ravenel said it was because he was getting railroaded with respect to laws barring felons from possessing firearms. T-Rav’: Seriously?…Seriously?!?
Having the financial viability to tell an entire nation to “take this citizenship and shove it”– because of the consequences of his own actions– must have been nice. Then again, this wasn’t the first time T-Rav’ had run into problems in the “Barring Felon…” Department.
Forget owning a firearm, now T-Rav is contemplating heading to Washington to replace (Now) Senator Tim Scott– Gov. Haley’s recent replacement for Senator Jim DeMint who retired prematurely last month! Hold your horses, Angelica!

Let’s traipse back in time a minute. Before he headed off to prison, a 2008 story in The Post and Courier read, “Ravenel wants to get back into politics again some day. ‘I didn’t steal any money, there was no public corruption,” he said. ‘I just hurt myself.’”

Poor T-Rav’! I guess he didn’t take the time to notice a law I ushered through the General Assembly barring convicted felons from running for public office again (or at least for 15 years after I agreed to that compromise to my absolute bar!).

The passion driving this piece of Legislation sprang from my being elected on the heels of Operation Lost Trust. When I initially introduced what would be known as the “Bubba’s Ban”, former lawmakers, fresh out of jail, were eying their old jobs. Predictably, I got my Fresh buns sliced (and toasted) the first few times I pushed for this reform.  I doggedly pursued it for the next SIX (6) years because it just seemed like a good idea.

It’s really simple: A felony is a felony for a reason, and those seeking public office, (including US CONGRESS, T-Rav) or wanting to tote handguns, teach children, manage daycare centers, and a wealth of other PRIVILEGES should understand that.

In the words of one of my favorite former Statesmen  Senator Kay Patterson, “to boil it down to a low gravy”, when living with others in civilized nations, one MUST follow the rules or accept the consequences.

Cindi Ross Scoppe, writing for The State, quoted me in an April 16, 1996 story, “The primary responsibility in the job description for a Senator or a House Representative is to make laws, so the underlying prerequisite to that job is to abide by them. And to be a convicted felon, you flunked the first prerequisite to hold the seat, and you don’t belong there.” 

The next day, the paper endorsed my bill and constitutional amendment legislation, saying, “If a majority approves the amendment in November, voters could no longer send their favorite felon right back to the State House. But more important, the change would send a message to those who commit major crimes or violate election laws: There are no quick round trips between the State House and the hoosegow.”

From a strictly purist legal standpoint, The Preemption Doctrine provides that  State Law has to take a constitutional back seat to Federal Law. Nevertheless,  South Carolina Law is clear and to the point: If you are a Felon, you ain’t running for office for 15 years. Deal with it! The Legislature passed it– the PEOPLE VOTED FOR THE CONSTITUTIONAL CHANGE!

Getting back to T-Rav’, perhaps no one acquainted this guy with the concept of CONSEQUENCES prior to his felony conviction for cocaine possession with intent to distribute. Gee, the rest of us all knew that it was illegal and if caught and convicted, we would go to prison…(most of us for a long, long time) And most likely, NOT serve out our time in a “Club Fed”!

Mr. Ravenel is a prime example of the generation of the “entitled”, and the story about his renouncing his citizenship to the very Country whose freedoms and principles had enabled his family to prosper both financially and politically just drove that point home…And now, Thomas Ravenel wants to run for CONGRESS?!? Heavens to Betsy!

After I finally passed the “Bubba’s Ban” Bill, a lot of former legislators-jailbirds weren’t happy (with the Bill & Bubba). But, you have to take responsibility for your actions, either by choice or by law. Ravenel is showing again that while forced to abide by the latter, he won’t act in accordance with the former.

And Yo, T-Rav,  if you somehow find a way to slip by the “Bubba Ban” and actually run for Congress, Here’s a pic you might want to utilize for your campaign materials!

J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr. Served as the only True Independent Member of the South Carolina General Assembly from 1990- 1998. Currently, he is a General Practice Attorney in Columbia, South Carolina, concentrating in Probate & Estate Planning, Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Law.


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36 thoughts on “Ravenel or Rugrat: T-Rav Running for Congress?!?

  1. Robert Holmes on said:

    Leave, please, and take the Wallstreeters with you!

  2. Ted Newsom on said:

    Good on you, Bubba, for fighting for a bill which should have been obvious on its face. The gall of this crook — scratch that, make it “these crooks”– amazes me.

  3. Andrew Williams on said:

    (Can we send Cindi Scoppe somewhere? She is a little scary.) As for Ravenel, I wish him well. I care a lot about his dad, and I can understand how people can fall prey to “being human, as Thomas did.” I hope he has a second act in SC!

  4. Jay on said:

    If I may be as so frank as to say, Thomas Ravenel is a class A moron, and a crybaby, and did I say moron? I mean really?!?! You hold a public office and you associate yourself with street level drug dealers. You get busted with an illicit drug, not just simple possession of an illicit drug… but intent to distribute an illicit drug and you feel violated by the stigma of a felony. Take your silver spoon and move on T-Rav. You lay with dogs, you get fleas. Simpletons really get under my skin.

  5. Paul Abrams on said:

    He’s just one of the ones who got caught. Many more are still seated that are worse than Thomas.

    • Kim Watson on said:

      Amen Brother….

    • Terri Mostiller on said:


  6. Polly on said:

    First of all, YOU were right on the “Bubba’s Bill” Frankly, I think it doesn’t go far enough. If you have been convicted of a felony, you have no business in a law making body ever again.

    Now on to Tommy, T-Rav… No disrespect to his Mama and Daddy, whom I respect enourmously. Ms R should not have had to go through the crap her child put her through. T-Rav somehow ended up believing he was above the law, vastly different from how they raised him.

    If Tommy wants to move somewhere where he can own a gun, let me say this, I will help you pack JERK! You and Rush can move to Costa Rica (remind me to call my friend there first) and live happily ever after. The fact is T-Rav you BROKE the law. Period. You are no better than the ‘ho on the street or Bernie Madoff!

  7. Walter Carr on said:

    Bubba, why be so hard on Thomas, chill out a bit. Ok, so he is a convicted felon and upset over lingering consequences and being a bit vocal. He will eventually chill and in the meantime his venting can be entertaining.

    As an attorney you are well aware that most of us committe misdmeanors on an almost daily basis and have quite likely committed felony level offences whitout being aware of having done so. A little forgiveness goes a long ways.

    The Feds have on the books a “relief of dissibilities” statute that is a path to restore gun ownership RIGHTS to convicted felons. However, no money has been allocated for that program in many decades. If that program was funded, as well it should be, and Thomas could qualify for the restoration of his Second Ammendment RIGHT to Keep and Bear Arms then much of his upset with the system would apparently go away.

    My upset with Thomas is that he could have unseated the Neocon, war monger, statist, lover of the federal Leviathan Lindsey Graham had he keep his nose clean-empty. That is a class A felony.


  8. Sue Branham on said:

    He really needs to put on his “big boy” pants and suck it up. He could have and should have gotten more time for what he did especially as being an elected official of our State government–I voted for him BTW. Having a family member that served their full time for a felony dui, I can only say that at this point, it has taught them a lesson and made them a better person. Ravenel needs to atone for his transgressions and moving to another country will only prolong him coming to terms with the felony he committed. It is his wagon–he can push or pull it.

  9. Chuck Enlow on said:

    One more rich politician thinking he is above the law whose mad because his special powers wore off. Now he wants to cry foul because Daddy’s name and wealth can’t help him any more If you don’t like the rules Tommy Too bad! I think you should still be locked up in a real prison like your dealer is He too thought he was above the law but he got treated differently because he did not have the old family name you carry or the wealth. If your a corrupt politician and get caught you should lose that tax payer pension you receive after leaving office,You should have to be subject to the same fines and penalties as everyone else. You should not be able to hold a seat in office until a Yea or Nay vote is taken during a regular election. then he/she can run in the next election if the people vote Yay. But I doubt they will ever hold a seat in office again ,The American public is tired of crooked politics and the dirty rich boys antics,Throw all the bums out !

  10. Cooter Brown on said:

    Dat yung feller is rite t’ bee mad.

    Heeze a bein’ perse-cuted by th’ evil yankee gobmint fer a victomless krime.

    I reckon he ought t’ renounce da yankee gobmint, pledge hiz fidelity to South Carolinie, and run fer governor.

    Dat’s my advice fer ‘im.

    Fite da powa!

  11. dan on said:

    What a crybaby b**ch! ii am so tired of hearing how these people with money are treated as compared to a NORMAL person..The average joe would STILL be UNDER the prison, so he needs to quit his cryin,grow up,and take his punches….HE made the choice to run with common street criminals,HE made the choice to do illicit drugs..WE all make mistakes and have to learn to live with the consequences so deal with it..He’s just another in a long line of Lindsey Lohan’s that get away with this behavior because of MONEY..

  12. Pat Chisum on said:

    If he leaves, how much do you want to bet he ends up in Columbia?

  13. Dr. Sturran on said:

    Hmmmmmmm, why hasn’t he left yet ? and should we give him a ride to the airport….and tell him to stick it where the sun don’t shine ? jus sayinn

  14. Janie Bailey on said:

    It dosen’t matter where he’s going he’s still taking himself with him!!

  15. Tom Smith on said:

    It really is a shame when we have to pass legislation on what should be common sense. We as a nation constantly complain about how things are run and convicted felons and other disreputable persons want elected office! Maybe we are a “not-so-smart” nation and really need to do some soul-searching and only vote for people that will do what is right, not “politically-correct”.

  16. b.bugswatter on said:

    I couldnt be prouder. You have devoted a lotr of your public (and private)life standing for the right thing and telling it like it is.
    Tom represents not the American Dream but if FITZNEWS is correct the American nightmare.Another case of a young man with a bright future whose biggest enemy was himself. What a shame!

  17. carolyn on said:

    The Bubba Ban was a great law. Goes back to the old goose and gander story our mothers told us years ago.

  18. Thomas on said:

    How can someone make laws if he can’t even follow the ones that are already in place?

  19. Buford Pusser on said:

    can someone tell me if our blacks are better then their blacks?

  20. Lil' Mary on said:

    Thomas Ravenel has always been too smug for his own good. If you or I had been faced with the same circumstance we would be ruined for life. This should be no different for Mr. Ravenel. While Curtis Loftis’ parties are NO WHERE near as fun as a Ravenel throw down, (or should I say Blow down) I’m glad he’s gone. To add the icing to the cake would be to have him out of our state and our country!!

  21. John on said:

    I think he should divest himself in all things, surrender his passport and get on the next plane to anywhere.

  22. bubbadmin on said:

    It’s about to be the lead news story ob WIS. I feel like I am dreaming. How can he feel qualified to run for CONGRESS. How delusional can you be?

  23. BA on said:

    Well said Bubba! T-Rav will never be rehabilitated in the eyes of the voters. It’s over for him, but he just doesn’t get it. Sad and delusional.

    He was never cut out for the political life anyway. Back to polo and pontificating on Facebook for T-Rav.

  24. Ray on said:

    AW shucks Bubba let him run. It would be interesting to see how many people would vote for him. Let’s see what kind of voters we have
    in the low-country.

  25. Ben Moise on said:

    It would appear the political field is dominated by felons, philanderers and the feckless. Most are such lightweights they would not leave footprints on newly driven snow. One thing they do have in common is their ability to strut even whi;le, sitting down. Good Grief !

  26. j,shissias on said:


  27. Lib Tucker on said:

    The only thing more outrageous than Ravenel running for Congress (hell, this is South Carolina – he may get away with it), is the way the “behind-closed-door” politicians created a new position for Lillian McBride making $74,000 per year. Now the enraged Richland County tax payers are stuck with paying two peoople now for the same job.

  28. Walter Carr on said:

    Bubba,chill out my friend,you are being as bit hard on Thomas. Please consider that in South Carolina we have a long standing tradition of indicted,soon to be,should be, never will be indicted and let’s not forget convicted politicians and given our affinity for upholding traditions it might not be appropriate to go against Thomas running for office. The entertainment value of him throwing his hat in the ring would be well worth the price of admission. Instead of discouraging him you could do political theater a great service by encouraging him to jump in, with both feet.

    • bubbadmin on said:

      you make a good point Walter! So noted.

  29. Steve Douglas on said:

    “Bubba, as I have stated publicly and repeatedly, theyuh nevah was any cocaine, but rathuh I was confronted aftuh simpleh mishandlin’ several dozens of Krispy Kreme powduhed doughnuts, leaving me in an apparuntly compromised position when ovuhtaken bah thuh uhthawities.

    If you remain unwillin’ to accept the truth of my assetion, then I will simply point out to you that my foot man, Rahru, volunteered to the po leese that the contraband was his own, that he had simply mislaied it on mah propitty, and he has since repeatedly apollgized for the indiscriminate fate that fell upon me as a result of his bad behaveyuh and carelessness. I would thank him in person for the steadfastness of this exculpatory account he has given repeatedly, but it seems he cannot be located.

    Alternately, I would suggest to you that the substance found in my posession was powdered cocaine, and not crack, clearly indicating my superior character and distinction from that hooligan class whose personal bad habits endanger decent folk so routinely.

    Lastly, I would offer that I have never banged my wife on the steps of the U.S. capitol building, and if I am to be in a position to do so, I must have mah rahts restawed to me eemeedjitly. Thank you fo yaw suppawt.


  30. Terri Mostiller on said:

    Some people just think the law doesn’t apply to them! I mean really. But IF he were able to run, you would have even more morons voting for him so go figure!

  31. Jamie on said:

    I’m sick of T-Rav. He was just a shiny, good-looking politician who out sat one of the most honorable, longest serving officials in SC state history. I wish the federal government would push legislation that would prevent felons from holding office. BC, you’ve always had the best interest of the Palmetto State at heart. At least we know T-Rav won’t have an office at the State House!!

  32. Buford Pusser on said:

    Please let the rumors be true and Kathryn be with child.

  33. busted sleeping with on said:

    United States Senate elections, 2014 – Wikipedia, the …

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