It Doesn't Take A S.C. Criminal Defense Lawyer Needed To Find Best Hit By A Gamecock

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With the New Year beginning, many University of South Carolina Gamecock fans are continuously watching the unbelievable hit Clowney delivered to the unlucky, Michigan Wolverine runningWhit Merrifield's Game Winning Hit back.  While every faithful Gamecock will remember Clowney’s hit, it is still not the best hit delivered in a Gamecock uniform.  It doesn’t take a Criminal Defense Attorney in Columbia, SC to figure this out.   gamecock picIt was June 29, 2010, Whit Merrifield stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the 11th inning in a 1-1 extra inning tie at Rosenblatt Stadium.  Many previous Gamecocks baseball players had dreamed to be in Merrifield’s spot; the once in a lifetime chance to bring the National Championship home with one single hit.  With Scott Wingo on third base, Merrifield lands himself in a hitter’s count, 2-0.  As the Bruin pitcher takes the sign from the catcher, Merrifield anxiously waits to end the Bruin’s hopes and dreams of bringing home the trophy to California.  With a 92 mph fastball on the outside corner of the plate, Merrifield went with the pitch and drove a line drive to right field scoring Wingo.  As Wingo slung his helmet and crossed home plate, the dog pile began to take form as the Gamecocks won their first national championship in a major sport.

Many of my clients come to my law office in Columbia, South Carolina to write a Last Will & Testament.  A typical question they ask is “I hope I have an Estate  to plan to leave somebody when I die”.  In my opinion, the Gamecocks started building a wealthy Estate to Probate in Columbia, SC the day they won their first National Championship.  At the end of the game, Ray Tanner left us with a quote he could not use again, “I have never been in this position before.”  Speaking of clients, I hear that line a lot as a DUI Defense Attorney in Columbia, SC.  The Gamecocks won the National Championship the very next year.  This monumental hit Whit Merrifield left Gamecock fans with has proven to be one of, if not, the biggest hit in Gamecock history.  Never as a Gamecock, has a team won two national championships in a row and been to three consecutive championships.  Our baseball team has been brutal: Their victims have frequently suffered personal injury not unlike a victim of an automobile accident in South Carolina.  The hit on June 29th brought the Gamecocks to the national stage and helped bring a dynasty to the baseball program.  Much like the Crimson Tide in football, many other fans have to be getting annoyed with the Gamecock baseball team winning so much.  Good luck to the baseball program as they start the season at number 7 in the nation and return four players named to the 2013 Louisville Slugger Preseason All-America Team.  What is your thought on the biggest hit in Gamecock history?


J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr. Served as the only True Independent Member of the South Carolina General Assembly from 1990- 1998. Currently, he is serving in his 14th year as Reading Clerk for the S.C. House. Additionally, Bubba is a General Practice Attorney in Columbia, South Carolina, concentrating in Probate & Estate Planning, Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Law.


5 thoughts on “SC Criminal Defense Lawyer not needed to find Best Gamecock Hit Ever

  1. Freehawk on said:

    My brother who went to Clemson accuses me of only caring about Gamecock baseball when they won the two NCs back to back, but that’s not true. I have always enjoyed the games, especially in school days when attending them at Sarge Frye field was easier, with mostly general admission. Saw some great games, including my fraternity brother “Mu” coming in to pitch and starting a rally (after giving up a dinger to the first batter).

  2. Angel on said:

    so proud of our gamecocks!!!!

  3. Freehawk on said:

    Bubba, do you think Mark Sanford is electable now? I really might start picking off SC voters if they put him back in office. I met Jim Hodges professionally before he was Governor, and for SC voters to vote him out (he’s a great Gamecock) in favor of this cardboard phony carpetbagger from Florida just irked me from the start. Do SC voters, in your opinion, understand how poorly their elected officials make the state look to the rest of the 50?

  4. Warren Moïse on said:

    Go C

  5. Warren Moïse on said:

    Go Cocks!

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