Gun Control – Guns Gone Wild!

Gun Control - ObamaHave you or someone you know lost a family member or friend in a shooting?  Throughout the past couple decades, we have become familiar with hearing news that someone has been shot and killed.  Flip a news channel on and see how much of the news has centered around informing the public on matters concerning to crime! The topic of gun control is unavoidable.

Along with the recent shootings, those including Sandy Hook Elementary, Columbine, and the movie theater catastrophe in Aurora, Colorado, our country is wanting to implement some new policies in hopes of reducing a drastic portion of the gun violence.

On December 12, 2012, Adam Lanza, a 20 year old male, fatally shot 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary. This is one of the more recent tragedies to take place.  The gun used was a  Bushmaster XM15-E2S rifle.

Gun Control - Sandy HookApril 20th, 1999, seemed like a normal day for students at Columbine High School until Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold stepped foot in the school and opened fire.  The two killed a total of 13 students and teachers and injured 21.  Harris was equipped with a 12-gauge Savage-
Springfield 67H pump-action shotgun and a Hi-Point 995 Carbine 9 mm carbine.  Klebold was equipped with a 9 mm Intratec TEC-9 semi-automatic handgun and a 12-gauge Stevens 311D double-barreled sawed-off shotgun.

In Aurora, Colorado, on July 20th, 2012, another shooting occurred from 24-year-old, James Holmes. This killing spree occurred in a movie theater for the newly released Batman movie. Twelve Batman enthusiasts were killed and at least seventy were injured. Choice of guns, an AR-15 rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun and at least one of two .40-caliber handguns police recovered at the scene.

In response to these tragic times and choice of guns, the national government is attempting to enact some kind of new law implementing a stricter gun policy.  Even though I support the Constitution and the Right to Bear Arms–I am licensed and packing most of the time– I feel a stricter policy on the ownership and purchase of guns needs to be implemented in order to prevent more future tragedies.

Gun Control ColumbinePresident Obama spoke in “Murderapolis” on February 4th, 2013, to back his push for tougher national gun laws.  In Minneapolis, in the 1990s, homicide rates were so high that the city picked up the nickname “Murderapolis.”  The city, at the time, was begging for change and desperate for a more peaceful nickname.  In response, Minneapolis enforced successful gun to violence prevention efforts and the city saw much change.  Obama was so intrigued with the positive response from the efforts that he has chosen to use Minneapolis as a main example in moving forward with tougher national gun laws.

“The only way we can reduce gun violence in this country is if the American people decide it’s important,” President Obama said.  Not only does Obama want support from the public, but he also has come up with a plan to action.  As seen recently in many gun stores, like Sportsman’s Warehouse, assault rifles have been removed temporarily.  According to the New York Times, President Obama ” renewed his call for Congress to pass a series of measures, including a ban on the manufacture and sale of new assault weapons, limits on high-capacity magazines and an expansion of the criminal background check system that currently covers only about 60 percent of gun sales.”  Obama wants universal background checks that are supported by the majority of Americans.  President Obama keeps reassuring people that weapons of war have no place on our streets and guns like the AR should be taken away if our country wants to help prevent future massacres.Gun Control -  James Holmes

Gun Control - Harry ReidNew York Times/CBS News Survey, a whopping 93% of respondents favored better background checks.  Like the M.A.I.G., the NRA has been quoted on already wanting a push for better background checks.  Although it may seem expected for a group that loves guns, the NRA has been pushing that message well before the President has brought all of this to light.

As for our local government, Mia McLeod, South Carolina House of Representatives, is pushing for a stricter background check that makes sure people with mental illnesses are without the possession of guns.  McLeod stated that, “With all the talk about gun control these days, it seems too many of us are “up in arms” about the slightest possible infringement upon our 2nd amendment rights, but not nearly as concerned about the mental health of those who are exercising their right to bear arms.”  McLeod hopes that the push for a stricter background check will keep mentally ill individuals from taking the lives of another human being; they are not in the right state of mind to own a gun.

Gun Control - Mia McLeod

Regardless of the NRA’s support for better background checks, we all know the NRA still loves their guns and will not let someone take them from them.  They will oppose the elimination of assault rifles and will argue against this idea, but they will not disagree still with the background checks. Our country is in a dire need for change in preventing gun violence.

Gun violence has taken more lives than anyone would want to count.  While our country will always push for stricter rules and laws regarding the background check, there will always be others going against taking guns out of our hands.

In response to this article, do you feel that the background checks need to be reformed?  Or, do you feel assault rifles need to be eliminated like the President desires?  What role do assault rifles play in the average citizen?

J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr. Served as the only True Independent Member of the South Carolina General Assembly from 1990- 1998. Currently, he is serving in his 14th year as Reading Clerk for the S.C. House. Additionally, Bubba is a General Practice Attorney in Columbia, South Carolina, concentrating in Probate & Estate Planning, Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Law.

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17 thoughts on “Gun Control – Guns Gone Wild!

  1. tommy marsha on said:

    Guns dont kill people, Gun free zones allow people to kill many people…..

  2. Jay on said:

    With all due respect to Senator Feinstein, she’s a repugnant fear monger that is desperately trying to push this libtard agenda before her crusty communist ass kicks the bucket. If every female’s face in America looked like hers, we wouldn’t have to worry about rape statistics. In leu of possessing a gun we should all be lucky enough to look like a baboons ass flipped inside out as an effective means of warding off impending danger.

  3. Joseph Maxberry on said:

    I do understand the slippery slope theory regarding government gun control, which is very real. Having said that, I would not oppose a ban on assault weapons except for the military and law enforcement. Such a ban is unlikely to reduce all gun crime, just crime involving assault weapons.

  4. Ed on said:

    I am not a legal expert. I have read the constitution and many papers written by those who prepared it. Illustrating how every amendment included in the “Bill of Rights” has been made invalid is far too easy!

    As for gun control, when boy on an elementary school playground cannot act out being a hero with his imagination and destroy a paper box full of imaginary evil threats gets expelled or suspended from school we have taken gun control to a ridiculous extreme.

    The facts of Sandy Hook’s tragedy are so distorted. The pictured long rifle was reported as the weapon used and even described as hundreds of rounds being fired. Now it comes out that only two pistols were used. The guy was so medicated with drugs whose side effects are suicidal tendencies and depression.

    Let’s talk about restricting medication with such strong emotional side effects. All three tragedies you mentioned were executed by users of these medications.

    Let’s discuss how to return to the governing principles of our founding fathers. Or if we even should.
    Today our president has not even requested a meeting to lead the process of settling the debt ceiling issue. What CEO would still have his position without preparing a budget and coming real close to keeping it?

    If laws would have prevented theses events, then they would have never happened since each involved the disregard of gun control laws. No amount of new laws will stop another tragedy. Individual responsibility could. I am not sure social engineering can. Just knowing the “agenda” of the gun control proponents has caused the wild increase of sales of these targeted weapons.

    The school in Newtown just updated their security. But was it a pacifier? Where are the videos? Why was a so heavily armed person allow though? If he indeed forced his way, how? School room doors should have one way locks. Locking out the uninvited. Glass should have wire within to prevent breaking and entering. And trained responsible people (like pilots) should have a gun (just in case.)

  5. Junebug Shissias on said:

    Second Amendment all the way, man

  6. Mary on said:

    distorted biased news reports are not a true indication of what really happens anywhere…..okay, I really don’t need an “assault” weapon, but if I want to buy a cute pink pistol for home protection, I should be able to do so with minimum problems…..I don’t even have a problem with having to have a background check, but….background checks would not have made a difference in the Sandy Hook tragedy or any of the others mentioned. I quote from this post: “McLeod hopes that the push for a stricter background check will keep mentally ill individuals from taking the lives of another human being; they are not in the right state of mind to own a gun.” A background check is NOT going to determine someones mental status!!!!

  7. Buford T Justice on said:

    I really have no idea what the answer is. If you can outlaw dumbasses and mentally ill that would be the answer. Obviously, that isn’t possible. The moral fiber of this country is eroding in front of our eyes. It all starts at home. Raise your kids the right way and you can probably avoid a large part of these mass murders. Many of these folks are medicated because they are mentally ill or depressed or stressed out. They are I’m this condition a lot of times because of a terrible home life or in a single parent situation. No matter what happens at my house I will do everything on my power to be a leader in the house for my family. Only in a severe situation would I abandon my rights and responsibilities as a husband and father. I am as silly as one can be at times but we have to fix our Spirit and Soul.

  8. Patrick Chisum on said:

    An assault rifle ban may mean fewer gun inflated deaths. Which allows them to die in automobile accidents or from heart disease.

    Yea’ ‘Merica!

  9. Taylor Martinez on said:

    It seems pretty apparent that regardless of the gun laws we enact, our society will still be full of gun violence. In my opinion, we need to stop focusing our attention on the quick go to fixes and attempt to formulate some other options for gun control. Taking away the guns from people is a simple, quick option that is not even proven to be effective. People will still own guns, whether it be legally or illegally, and will stil commit crimes. So, instead of people killing each other with guns, now we are going to have to worry about the chainsaws and baseball bats. It did not take Grand Theft Auto much difficulty to find other weapons to kill besides guns.

  10. John on said:

    Gun Free Zones = Target Rich Environments

    Remove the gun free zones and let them take their chances with equally armed people.

    How about moving to the real root cause which is the erosion of family values, the mentally ill and drugs. The government has been trying to control the drug war for years – how is that going? The government cuts funding annually for mental health programs – is that helping? The ACLU has taken God and a good ass whooping out of the schools and working on the home situations – this only adds to the No Consiquense attitude of the youth of this country. Try focusing on educating our current youth and re-instate the draft so those that do not pursue further education can be taught a trade and respect weapons = less worthless douches on the street looking for trouble. Serve a few years serving your country and there will be a new found respect for others after they strip the gang mentality from them.

    Gun control is a stupid ploy to disarm the innocent and will never stop those that create harm to others by obtaining them from other sources.

  11. Wade Lancaster on said:

    I am opposed to any infringement to our right to bear arms. The Second Amendment was designed to protect us from a government, maybe even our own. To even whisper a word that would limit citizens rights is treason when it is spoken by a President. We fail, as a nation, to realize that even though the acts of a few are horrendous, it is still only a few. Each day people are killed by other human beings in this world. Controlling guns is not a solution. Certainly if someone wants to kill one, or a multitude, they will find a way to do this.

    I am a firm believer that we will have to have a better method in screening anyone who wants to purchase a weapon. In addition to, society must become more involved in teaching what is unacceptable. This should be something that parents are completely responsible for. Social Graces has been forgotten or does not deem as important as it once was. Therefore, young people have lost basic consideration for other persons. We have become a country without morality.

    In conclusion, Controlling guns/weapons is not going to solve or stop murderous acts by the few. A serial killers favorite weapon is usually a knife. So shall we outlaw them to? Or maybe we need to outlaw smart phones so people can’t text and drive? How many people are killed each year from this act? Certainly more then have been killed in the last incident shooting. Perhaps we shall outlaw rope too. Then no one can hang someone.

    • bubbadmin on said:

      thanks wade for this very thoughtful response!

  12. Tom Smith on said:

    Bad People will always get any gun they want.
    Stop them, not people trying to protect themselves or their property.

  13. Terri Mostiller on said:

    I am all for our right to bear arms with training.I just feel there needs to be training so we don’t all try to be hero’s and some wind up in jail because they didn’t follow the law. I carry a concealed weapon. I feel like if the crooks can get their guns so freely, I want to be able to defend myself and others if things get out of hand. If they’re shooting at me or an innocent victim I want to be able to protect others from harm.

  14. John on said:

    Something happens to me every morning that never happened before, I wake up and wonder WTF is going to happen today to our country and it’s not just gun control.

    When I was growing up in the 50′s there was no welfare and very limited unemployment. There was only a program by the government called “relief” that would keep food on your table while you got over the hump. If you were to collect any unemployment benefits you had to prove weekly that you had visited employers and they refused you a position “any position” that would provide for your family. No proof you got your butt out of bed and looked for work… no money. The relief system provided powdered milk, flour, dried beans, canned meat and some awesome government cheese. Not the best situation but it kept you from starving. You as a child were expected to go to school daily and try your best so you could go into college. The thing looming over your head constantly was the draft, if you did not go to college you were drafted into the military for a minimum of two years where they would teach you a trade and/or provide training on how to be mature, then you were cast out into the system to find a job. There were incentives for people to be active and responsible at all levels, something there is not in today’s society.

    We are becoming a society controlled by the greedy needy. We elect people that do not go to washington with our concerns but only those of themselves and those that truly get them elected with campaign financing from special interest groups, such as green, gay, oil and protecting the very wealthy in our nation. Also those that service these groups are very well involved. It made my head spin when I found that these groups only comprise 30% of the population = 5% Gay+ 13.6% Black + 11.3% Hispanic. How does 30% of the total population of our country control the other 70%—————> FEAR and Intimidation and our elected officials are expert at spin and denial.

    Another recent statistic that I found interesting was 57% of households in which immigrants live are collecting at least one welfare check. This number refers to both legal and illegal aliens living in the United States. The report found that the majority of people on welfare are not even residents or citizens of the country. Only 39 percent of Americans are receiving welfare compared to the totals for immigrants. Why does this happen? Because we allow it to happen.

    We sheep have allowed the wolves to make the rules and regulations that allow such behavior and control by the minority of the population, when this is threatened they start scaring the crap out of the elderly and the groups that control and benefit from programs they administer.
    It’s time to lead, follow or stand aside for the 70% of the population of our country, put prayer back in school along with a few ass whippings to get our youth back in line and if they don’t graduate put them humping it somewhere protecting our country and learning some discipline. Pass regulations eliminating unemployment benefits to those that sit on their proverbial fat asses unless they can prove that McDonalds refused them work (any job) and if you are not a citizen of our country, no drivers license, no federal or state welfare should be paid. We should also stop paying people to give birth into poverty……. beans and canned meat is good enough provided they can prove they are looking for work.

    It’s time to put our fingers in our ears and stop listening to the threats and fear mongering our government spews daily from the hill and send our message to stop. The 70% must rise and take back our country.

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