Monthly Archives: November 2013

Recent Bigfoot Sighting in West Virginia!

How appropriate that– just in time for Thanksgiving– there’s a recent Bigfoot sighting in West Virginia from the Cranberry Wilderness! That’s right, there’s a enigmatic, geographically, topographically, climactically unique Post Ice Age region in Appalachia called The Cranberry Wilderness. See where this […]

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Pope Brings Atheists to Their Knees

A recently published photograph of Pope Francis embracing a man disfigured by tumors immediately and predictably  brought this Roman Catholic to tears. Come to find out, I was not alone. Many Catholics and non-Catholics were moved by this continuum of […]

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Lax at LAX?

Is security lax at LAX?  Our airports are not prepared for violence on the ground; they are instead charged with protecting airborne flights.  This week’s LAX shooting shed light on a woefully inadequate system of checks and balances unprepared to […]

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