Mental Health Court

The Mental Health Court, a division of the Probate Court, handles and deals with individuals who either have a mental health problem or a drug or alcohol problem. If an individual needs help with either of these issues, he or she can be ordered to receive evaluations and treatment. It is highly recommended that you have a Mental Health Court attorney like Bubba Cromer assist with this process, as there are hospitals, whether private or under the jurisdiction of the state, that are also involved.

Things to expect in Mental Health Court

There is much discussion about “voluntary commitment” and “involuntary commitment” On most occasions, when Mental Health Court and an Attorney are involved, we are dealing with “involuntary commitment”. The individual has reached a point where they are not in a position to help themselves and often they pose a clear and present threat to themselves.

When this process commences, there is a requirement that the protected be subjected to an examination of two independent physicians is also required Alongside the legal documents prepared and drafted by Cromer Law Offices,LLC. Even if a loved one will not seek help on his or her own, the court can intervene and have him or her evaluated to see if a problem exists. Further determination and treatment of said problem will be handled by the Court and the treating physicians.

On more rare occasions, the Sheriffs Department gets involved. if due cause is shown, the  Mental Health Court is empowered to issue an Order so the Sheriff can physically pick the protected person up and haul them in for treatment and rehabilitation.

Bubba prides himself on both his legal experience and personal skills he has gained through life to assist families and their loved ones during the complicated times that accompany this process.  Call him at 803-254-7900 for immediate, caring assistance with this delicate situation.