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Ignition Interlock Device: SC’s New DUI Law

South Carolina’s New DUI Ignition Interlock Device Welcome to the second edition of my series of articles on understanding the new DUI Laws in South Carolina. My last blog anticipated that the final step enacting South Carolina’s New DUI Law, […]

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South Carolina DUI Changes with Emma’s Law

South Carolina DUI Changes with Emma’s Law On Wednesday afternoon around 4 O’clock, I received a message from the Senate: They had agreed with the House’s Amendments to Senator Lourie’s Bill #137. I immediately brought it to the attention of […]

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DUI In Columbia, S.C. Doesn’t Look Like This!

If you plan on taking in the Russian winter olympics, you may find their DUI laws are far more lax than are the DUI Penalties here in Columbia, South Carolina.  While Russia may be known for its quintessential Russian vodka created […]

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