About Us

Call Cromer Law Offices and hand your problem to me

As a solo practitioner with a top-shelf staff, Bubba Cromer of Cromer Law Offices can offer what most other law firms cannot : a lawyer who can come to you.

Bubba will come to you whether you or your loved one is in a hospital, nursing home, rehab facility or homebound to ensure that your legal needs are met. He makes a point to get to know each of his clients personally.

Once you hire Cromer Law Offices, you pass the responsibility and worry associated with your “problem” on to us.  Move on with your life and let us handle your legal problem. Big or small.

We pride ourselves on relationships with friends and clients. We’ll do whatever it takes to solve your problem.  Personal Injury, DUI defense, Probate Administration and Estate Planning in Columbia, S.C. are just a few areas of practice.  In addition to our great staff, Bubba has access to associate the finest attorneys in South Carolina who can handle cases of any size.

You will only pay for one attorney; however, oftentimes you will have several working for you, each with his or her unique set of skills to maximize your success.

As the only Independent Member of the South Carolina General Assembly, Bubba has gained invaluable experience in writing South Carolina state law and policy.

He has worked very closely with the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of government for over two decades, giving him a unique skill-set unlike any other attorney you will encounter.

  • He routinely defends DUI cases throughout South Carolina.
  • He provides an aggressive and effective DUI defense.
  • He strives to return all calls ASAP and he maintains a top-notch support staff, including a certified paralegal with over 25 years of experience, a former Police Officer to address your concerns when Bubba is in Court or in Legislative Session.
  • His fee includes representation through the resolution of your case regardless of whether we have to make one Court appearance or ten.