Firearm Possession

This is a very very serious offense. Make no doubt, Firearm Possession during commission of a drug offense is related charge that can eventually lead to a Federal Court hearing, leading to more severe consequences and making it more difficult to have your charges reduced. Any Federal drug conviction accompanied by a firearm possession conviction can result in an additional five to 15 years of imprisonment.

We all have a Constitutional Right to Bear Arms. That Right is as important today as it was in 1776. However, if you are in possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, even if you are not the main perpetrator of that crime, you are subjecting yourself to both State and  Federal charges, increased prison sentences, fines and penalties, not to-mention a  significantly  higher  likelihood of a loss of personal liberty.

Bubba Cromer, firearm possession lawyer, at Cromer Law Offices, LLC knows the evidence to look for to defend your case and is familiar with the laws, court procedures and strategies used by government prosecutors. As is sometimes the case when concurrent charges are brought in both Federal and State Court, multiple attorneys become necessary. When that happens, Bubba Cromer and Cromer Law Offices, LLC is positioned to associate with the finest criminal defense attorneys in the state — at no additional cost to you.

Hopefully you have realized how very serious these charges can be. Please remember that, and do not risk jeopardizing your personal freedom by making potentially incriminating statements to authorities without the advice of experienced legal counsel, like the kind Bubba Cromer offers his clients. Bubba Cromer has been protecting people’s Constitutional Rights and Freedoms for over 25 years. he is admitted to practice Law in South Carolina, California, and the District of Columbia. Don’t you deserve the top shelf  representation you can get at Cromer Law Offices, LLC?

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