Possession With Intent to Distribute

To convict you for possession with intent to distribute or sell drugs in South Carolina, the prosecution must prove that you had possession of a specific quantity of drugs. You may also be charged with drug distribution if the drugs even appeared to be packaged for distribution.

This is a very complicated area of criminal defense and if you even think you are being considered for possession with intent to distribute (or PWID) in South Carolina, please contact Bubba Cromer, criminal defense lawyer before going any further.

Regardless of your level of guilt or innocence ,  It is critical that you consult an experiences criminal defense attorney from the very beginning.

Bubba Cromer has been representing people charged with all types of criminal charges, from minor traffic violations, to simple possession of marijuana to possession with intent to distribute and even drug trafficking. In the event you need multiple attorneys (such as is sometimes the case when you have concurrent charges pending in both State Court and Federal Court) Bubba Cromer is prepared to associate with the finest criminal defense attorneys in the State of South Carolina. And the good news: you never pay for multiple attorneys.

When faced with serious criminal charges like possession with intent to distribute drugs and drug trafficking, your very liberty is at stake and you should trust that freedom with an experienced criminal defense attorney like Bubba Cromer, who has been protecting people’s rights for over 25 years!

Under South Carolina law, the following amounts are sufficient to be charged with possession with intent to distribute drugs:

  • Marijuana: one or more ounces
  • Crack Cocaine: one or more grams
  • Heroin: two grains
  • Cocaine: one or more grams
As you know, these laws are ever changing, as are the fines, penalties and length of sentences. At Cromer Law Offices, LLC, we are constantly monitoring legislation that affects the criminal statues of the S.C Code of Laws.

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