Durable Power of Attorney

Reasons to have a Durable Power of Attorney

There are several reasons why you want to have a durable power of attorney. Consider the following:

  • Needed so that someone can carry on your legal affairs in the event you cannot or choose not to during your lifetime.
  • This could happen if you were to lose mental capacity after an accident, illness, or for some other reason.
  • A durable power of attorney can be tailored for a specific amount of time and we will file  it for you only when you need it.

But what if I am fine right now and I want to continue making my own decisions?

Not a problem at Cromer Law Offices, LLC. A Durable, General Power of Attorney is enforceable when it is FILED. Generally, Estate Planning Attorney Bubba Cromer will KEEP the ORIGINAL POWER OF ATTORNEY for you and you keep a copy. If, or when you need your designated agent to begin managing your affairs, Attorney Bubba will file the document for you, taking one less thing off your plate of worries.

What if My Designated Agent ends up not wanting to do the job or is not around to do the job?

Again, not a problem, Estate Planning Attorney Bubba Cromer can tailor your document so you can have an alternate Agent or Agents to back up your original designee in this instance! Just tell Bubba what you want and he will make it happen.

What if I change my mind at a later time after I sign the POA?

Once again, not a problem. Never forget, at Cromer Law Offices, LLC, you are not “married” to these Estate Planning Documents. Oftentimes, situations change and you are free to change your mind. In fact, most simple changes are completely free of charge; you just have to call Melinda and tell her the changes and come by and sign the new document.

I am married. Can’t my spouse step in and handle my legal affairs just because we are married?

No. This is a misconception that sometimes proves to be very costly. If you lose capacity and you have not completed a properly drawn Durable Power of Attorney, then your spouse will need to start the time-consuming and more costly Guardianship and Conservatorship Proceedings and a judge – not you – will be charged with making this ultimate decision. Bear in mind that Probate Attorney Bubba Cromer is fully prepared to handle these types of legal proceedings, but it is so much easier and cost-efficient to take care of this by executing a POA in advance. If you lose capacity, the last thing you want your spouse or children going through is Probate Court when you need them to be taking care of your affairs.