Health Care Power of Attorney

Reasons to have a Health Care Power of Attorney

There are several reasons to have health care power of attorney. Consider the following:

  • Grants a person the ability to make medical decisions for you in case you are unable to do so or just don’t want to.
  • Crucial if you do not have a spouse to make those medical decisions for you.
  • Grants your agent power over which doctors treat you, what type of treatments you receive, where you are hospitalized, etc.

Do you have more than one person whom you would like to be involved in this
decision-making process? Not a problem. Estate Planning Attorney Bubba Cromer can designate one or more “alternate agents” who can help you make medical decisions when you do not want to or cannot make them for yourself.

Please note that this document does not force you to “give up” your own ability to make your own decisions; rather, it merely provides you the ability to name someone to help you if you cannot or simply do not want to make these medical decisions.

But, what if I want all my children involved in this decision-making process?

Again, you can have as many people contributing to this process as you like, but it is important that every person has a separate opinion and, while well-intentioned, it is definitely in YOUR best interests to empower one person to make a “final decision” that is in your best interests.