Last Will and Testament

If you die instate, or without a will, the State of South Carolina and a Probate Judge will determine who gets what, and how they get it! In some scenarios, your property could actually pass to the STATE of South Carolina and never reach your intended loved ones. A Last Will and Testament is the only way to be sure this does not happen to you!

We will design your Last Will and Testament as simply or as complex as you want it. No two people are alike and we are prepared to specifically tailor your Last Will and Testament to your exact wishes and requirements.

What you tell us is strictly confidential and your privacy is tightly protected by the Attorney-Client Privilege. The information you share with us will only be passed along to others you specifically identify.

Many Law Firms do not even offer this service to their clients, but Last Will and Testament Attorney Bubba Cromer knows that your Will is often the most important legal document you will ever draw in your lifetime and Bubba Cromer won’t stop until it does exactly what you want it to!

  • A will is a legal document that disposes of all of your worldly possessions after you have died.
  • You can leave specific items to specific people to insure that your wishes are carried out.
  • A Will is a legally enforceable document, which, if executed correctly, cannot be contested by anyone, nor can it be reversed by any court of law.