Living Will

Reasons to have a Living Will

There are several reasons to have a living will. Consider the following:

  • Allows someone to make his/her own decision as to whether or not s/he wants to be sustained by nutrition and hydration tubes.
  • Removes the burden of making this specific difficult choice from your loved ones.

Or, if you prefer, you can designate an agent with the power to enforce or revoke this document.

Please note that a living will is certainly nothing like “Dr. Kevorkian, come hither;” moreover, it requires that your treating physician and an independent physician agree that you are either

  1.  terminally ill and death is imminent, or
  2.  in a state of permanent unconsciousness with no measurable brain activity.

Do you want MAXIMUM medical treatment in this scenario?

No problem, Estate Planning Attorney Bubba Cromer can tailor your Living Will to ensure that you receive the Maximum Medical treatment available and that you will be sustained as long as nature and science and the Good Lord allow.

Do you want a combination of any of these alternatives?

Again, not a problem with Living Will Attorney Bubba Cromer. You absolutely will not walk out of our offices until you are comfortable and pleased with all your arrangements.