Right of Survivorship Deed

Reasons to have a Right of Survivorship Deed Attorney

There are several reasons to have a right of survivorship deed. Consider the following:

  • Grants a person of your choice 100% share in your home after your death.
  • Allows you to let your real estate pass directly to a loved one and BYPASS the Probate Process entirely.
  • Allows a surviving spouse to have absolute unrestricted title to the family home immediately upon the death of his or her partner.

A remarkable number of folks are all guilty of a  common  Misconception : “Both my name and  my  spouse’s  Name are on the deed. So if one of us dies, then the other automatically gets the remaining half”. Unfortunately, that is not how the  law operates. If your name and your spouses name are on a deed, but the required survivorship language is not, then you lose  your spouse, you will need to “inherit” their half before you own the property outright.

“So what’s the problem with that?” You ask. Nothing. Unless you want to sell the property. mortgage the property. Or otherwise alter the title. Additionally, if you want to keep as much of your estate “out of the Probate Process” as you can, you need to seriously consider having Estate Planning Attorney Bubba Cromer re-draw your deed as a Joint Tenancy, with Right of Survivorship

The discussion thus far has addressed married couples. Please realize that the Right of Survivorship Deed is not limited to husband and wife. Many people decide to draw survivorship deeds between themselves and a child, a business partner, a life partner or friend.

Once you have your survivorship deed drawn at Cromer Law Offices, LLC, we will file it at the appropriate Courthouse for you and we will forward it to you once it is recorded.

Right of Survivorship Deed Attorney Bubba Cromer can create these documents to protect your home, loved ones, and property. Call us today at 803-254-7900.