Day Care Injuries & School Injuries

Parents trust schools and day care providers to care for and protect children while they are working. Unfortunately, the very people with whom we trust our children are sometimes the ones responsible for harming them. Day Care Injury Attorney Bubba Cromer will represent clients in cases involving the following day care injuries:

  • Playground accidents and other school accidents.
  • Failure to supervise children.
  • Unsafe premises.
  • Inadequate security.
  • Sexual abuse or molestation.
  • Assault.
  • Shaken baby syndrome.
  • Defective products that harm children.
  • Exposure to lead paint and/or other toxins.

If your child has suffered from any day care injuries, please contact Bubba Cromer’s office in Columbia, South Carolina, for experienced legal advice and representation. We all know the horror stories that spring from situations when the Day Care Operator fails to conduct critical background checks on employees. While he served as a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, Bubba Cromer sponsored and passed legislation that required all day care centers to conduct strong background checks on all employees. So, when this does not happen,the day care operator is breaking state law on state regulation.

If your child has suffered physical or emotional damages from day care or school injuries in Columbia, or anywhere else in South Carolina, please place your first call to Columbia, S.C. Day Care and School Injury Attorney Bubba Cromer. If you need to go through an administrative hearing before the School Board prior to bringing any lawsuit against the school district, Cromer Law Offices, LLC will see that you  have quality representation throughout the entire painful process.

Conversely, if you do not have a case that is strong enough to pursue, Bubba Cromer will honestly and thoroughly evaluate your facts and render a sound legal opinion. At Cromer Law Offices, LLC, we believe that you are not looking for an answer you want to hear inasmuch as you are looking for a sound legal opinion on which to chart your best course of action. In any event, call Bubba Cromer in Columbia, S.C. today if you think you have a lawsuit based on day care or school injuries in South Carolina.