Product Liability and Dangerous Products

Manufacturers cannot sell products that pose a threat of harm to the people who purchase and use them. If they do, they are liable for the damages they cause. When it comes to product liability for harm caused by dangerous or defective products, manufacturers are not the only responsible parties. Everyone in the supply chain, from the retailer and distributor to the parts vendors can be held accountable when a dangerous or defective product causes injury or wrongful death.

We will see that your Product Liability & Dangerous Product Case gets the Immediate attention it deserves

At Cromer Law Offices, LLC., we help people who have been injured by defective products obtain the financial compensation they deserve. We are experienced and not afraid to stand up to large, powerful corporations on behalf of injury victims and achieve our goals.

Product Liability and Dangerous Products Attorney Bubba Cromer will pursue financial compensation for people injured by a wide range of dangerous and defective products, including:

  • Air bags
  • Seat belts
  • Gas tanks
  • Seat backs
  • Vehicles
  • Power tools
  • Machinery that lacks safety guards
  • Toys, cribs and other products for children

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