Drunk Driving Victims

As a drunk driving victim, you are most likely facing emotional damage much different from an ordinary fender bender. The psychological effects of a drunk driving accident go beyond the fear of seeing someone barrel down at you at the intersection or on the highway — they also include the trauma of being a crime victim.

Attorney Bubba Cromer will Address All Your Injuries — Physical and Psychological

Our law firm is dedicated to getting our personal injury clients the best compensation and medical support possible for their physical and psychological injuries. For example, we can refer you to:

  • Physicians: Over our many years of representing personal injury clients, we have come to know many experienced physicians and specialists on a professional level.
  • Psychologists: We also have professional relationships with psychologists who can help you work through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or other psychological impacts of the drunk driving accident.
  • Victims’ assistance programs: We can refer you to drunk driver victims’ assistance programs throughout your area that will support you during and after your possible court battles (criminal drunk driving trial and civil personal injury case).

Cromer Law Offices is dedicated to the Recovery for Your Financial Injuries

Victim of Drunk Driving Attorney Bubba Cromer and his knowledgeable staff know how to stand up and fight for you against insurance companies. If necessary, we will send an accident reconstruction expert to the car accident scene to take pictures and interview witnesses. We will also evaluate the extent of your injuries so we can settle an injury claim for its full value. If an insurer plays hardball, we are fully prepared to take your case to trial.

Cromer Law Offices will address Catastrophic Injuries Caused by Drunk Drivers

Drunk driving accidents are often catastrophic, leading to life-altering results such as paralysis or even death. If you were disabled by a drunk driving accident, you may receive compensation for future medical support or loss of income caused by your disability. If a drunk driving accident killed your family member, Attorney Bubba Cromer can help you bring a claim for wrongful death.