Workers’ Compensation & Social Security


South Carolina Workers’ Compensation

South Carolina requires most employers to provide Workers’ Compensation insurance. Work-related accidents happen and Workers’ Compensation insurance is intended to cover treatment, medical expenses and lost wages that result. We are prepared at Cromer Law Offices, LLC to see that you are adequately compensated if you have experienced a work-related injury. Contact Workers’ Compensation Attorney Bubba Cromer immediately following any work-related accident and we will schedule a free consultation to see if we can assist you.

The field of Worker’s Compensation is not what one would consider a  typical “jury trial” setting. Your facts are evaluated by a Worker’s Compensation Commissioner, or Hearing Officer, who uses objective standards to evaluate your condition . “Impairment ratings” are terms one often hears. In plain English, the impairment ratings estimate how mush less usage you will have from a physical standpoint after your injury than you had before your injury . Impairment Ratings can be temporary or permanent. this is a highly specialized area and you wold be well-advised to seek legal counsel prior to navigating these choppy waters.

Social Security Disability

If you are disabled by illness, injury, or another cause, you may be eligible to collect Social Security Disability. There are many factors that affect these benefits and whether you qualify to collect. Cromer Law Offices, LLC can assist you in determining if you qualify, sorting out the details, and helping you apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Contact Social Security Disability Attorney Bubba Cromer for a free consultation to see if we can assist you in collecting Social Security Disability benefits.

Whether  you contact Cromer Law Offices, LLC or another firm, please understand and realize that this is a highly specialized area of the law . There are literally thousands of pages of regulations and rules that govern Social Security Disability. Don’t you deserve the quality representation that an attorney like Bubba Cromer brings to table? Call us today at 803-254-7900.