Repetitive Trauma Injuries

There are two types of injuries, those that happen in one traumatic incident and those that occur over a period of time. Back injuries are a good example of the type of severe, disabling injury that can occur either all at once or due to repetitive trauma or stress.
Repetitive trauma injuries occur over time. In the workplace, these injuries are most often caused by the stress of repetitive motion (bending, lifting, climbing, typing) or repeated injury caused by the operation of heavy equipment or machinery. Examples include:

  • Back injury due to repetitive motion such as bending or lifting goods
  • Spine trauma resulting from driving a forklift or operating equipment
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by repetitive stress, such as typing at a computer keyboard
  • Damage to the knees or other joints through repetitive activities such as climbing ladders or stairs

The treatment of repetitive trauma injuries may require multiple surgeries, long-term medical care and rehabilitation. Those who suffer repetitive trauma injuries or repetitive stress disorders may have more complicated medical needs than some who suffer traumatic injury. Repetitive Trauma Injury Attorney Bubba Cromer. and the experienced lawyers with whom we associate are particularly adept at recognizing the long-term implications of these repetitive trauma injuries and obtaining the full compensation and benefits that sufferers deserve.