Breathalyzer Tests in South Carolina

Breathalyzer tests in South Carolina are also known as DataMaster tests

A Breathalyzer test is breath alcohol testing device that estimates blood alcohol content by calculating the percentage of alcohol exhaled from the lungs. If the blood alcohol measurement is .08 or above, in a field breathalyzer test, a police officer in South Carolina has enough probable cause to make a drunk driving arrest. If blood alcohol measures .08 or higher at an approved breath testing site, you can be charged with driving under the influence (DUI). See the complete listing of DUI penalties according to blood alcohol levels.Remember Emma’s Law is brand new and requires ignition interlock devices now, so be sure to read my blog on this major change in South Carolina DUI law

How Can a Breathalyzer Measure Blood Alcohol?

The blood releases alcohol through your breath. When you drink alcohol, your body absorbs it quite literally. Alcohol literally saturates tissue lining in yout mouth, throat, stomach and your intestines, and enters your bloodstream. When that blood circulates through your lungs, alcohol evaporates out through air sacs in your lungs. A breathalyzer measures the alcohol in your breath when you exhale.