Reducing a DUI Charge

Reducing a Drinking and Driving Charge to Reckless Driving

We will treat each case individually and will expose any and all weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

  • Did the officer have a legitimate reason, known as reasonable suspicion, to pull you over in the first place?
  • Did the officer read you your Miranda rights in the breathalyzer room?
  • Did the officer inform you of implied consent?

DUI defense lawyer, Bubba Cromer, will work to establish a strong defense against your drinking and driving charge. The stronger the defense, the more likely the prosecution will be willing to reduce your charge to reckless driving. Although a reckless driving conviction may require you to enroll in DUI classes or participate in an alcohol treatment program, this option may preserve your future.

Bubba Cromer,  is dedicated to protecting the rights of his clients, providing aggressive representation grounded in his 26 years of experience building, writing and interpreting the laws of South Carolina. In fact, Bubba Cromer served on the House Judiciary Committee, whose job it was to address many of the drug laws on the books today. He has also worked in the Richland County Solicitor’s Office.  Contact him today if you have been arrested.