Estate Planning


Life can be unpredictable, and circumstances beyond your control, such as accidents and illness, can happen at any time! Estate Planning is a type of law practiced to protect you, your loved ones, and your intentions in the face of the unknown. Documents are created to your specifications to protect your finances, your health, and your legacy.

Don’t let tragedy catch you off guard. Plan ahead with Estate Planning and protect yourself. Contact Estate Planning Attorney Bubba Cromer today!

The legal process that follows after a person’s death is called the Probate process. Probate laws are very intricate and confusing, and many times, if a person has not adequately defined his/her final wishes, then his/her family can be left fighting extensive and costly legal battles that can last long periods of time, leaving families drained, in financial trouble, and sometimes even homeless.

Estate Planning is a very important type of law that allows people to protect themselves from potential legal difficulties after their passing. By having a few simple documents created, you can insure that your financial and personal legacy is protected. When enacted correctly, Estate Planning documents are legally enforceable, serving as a permanent solution to the stresses that can follow after the death of a loved one.

Estate Planning can also be used to protect the living, granting security in the event of debilitating illness, severe or crippling accidents, or other such tragic circumstances. Don’t leave your family’s future to chance.

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